Doncaster beats No Surrender Longmuir


The appointment of Neil Doncaster as chief executive of the newly formed Scottish Professional (sic) Football League was a forgone conclusion, No Surrender Longmuir was interviewed out of professional courtesy, and the clubs realised that the calibre of external candidates they would attract at the moment would be from the bottom of the corporate pile.  Frankly, a heavy hitter would not apply.

Now that Doncaster is freed from his previous preoccupation – trying to parachute a new club into top flight football – he can worry about his key performance indicators, bringing commercial income into the league.  If he can’t deliver a good deal, or scams a ‘Homecoming’-type deal, by pulling money already committed by a benefactor, like his pal along the corridor, we’re better off without him.

My thanks to Billy No’well for inviting me onto his podcast show, Desert Island Tims, available here.  I had great fun choosing material for the show and even more fun talking about Celtic, and life, with Billy.
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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:07 on 5 July, 2013



    Hahahahahaha …..king susser





    Always a pleasure,bud.



    Not a pleasant scenario though….

  3. The smell of freshly cut grass…


    She better not miss a bit.. o))





    G_ J knows thats a compliment from me..

  4. Rowzthanks for tupe info.


    Thought as it was a new organisation both jobs would have been redundant and the new post should have been advertised.



    67 heaven..


    Just passing on my theory. .





    Aye-and from me also.



    I couldnae get a book accepted by a charity shop,much less a publisher!



    (Seems that once the dots are joined up,there’s not much use for it)

  6. paolosboots – Celtic have announced the opening of the Kerrydale Pub open to all holds 800 hopefully that will suit those arriving early!



    BT – you my friend are very brave I hope Mrs BT is lurking later :-)

  7. Minx.


    Brave man indeed,now that she has discovered candy crush she no longer lurks… ;-)

  8. BT – Knew there had to be a reason!! I am impressed she cut the grass before her Candy Crush fix!

  9. Gordon_j , funny you said that, if the club was for sale minus the debt it would be a good buy from a business perspective, when i saw how clubs like Shamrock Rovers are run by their members and wages strictly controlled there is a business there. The problem is that after Murray went chasing his moonbeams everyone else followed suit. There is now more realism in the game, you look at the free transfers available in the game you could put up some team with those players. What players are looking for now is longer contracts and more security (a bird in the hand) , in the League of Ireland 2year contracts are hard to get and most players just get the season not the break inbetween they say no player in that league earns more than €50k!. Hearts 13,000 fans @ £300 on average thats £4m before advertising, sponsorship, merchandising, league bonuses , Europe etc if you had a squad of 15 players on £75k and 5 on £50k + bonuses thats good money in these austere times.



    In terms of liquidation the lower league clubs wouldn’t know what hit them, 2 games last year against Sevo and another 2 against Hearts. Look at Queens Park their 2 games at Hampden brought in nearly 40,000 fans thats x2 what Hamilton Accies had in Division1 or 50% of Motherwell’s home gate for the season!!! Whatever way you look at it, the lower clubs have seen unprecedented income from Sevco, hope they put it to good use in terms of stadia modernization, youth football for the long term benefit of our game.

  10. My missus works with the Forestry Commision, today she and her team are at ibrox using one of the function suites and of course they got a tour, they’re all wearing their FC attire, she just texted me saying ‘I think we’re the only people to have worn green in the blue room!’ Good lass!

  11. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Not sure JP2 has forgiven me for going to see Queen at Ingliston, instead of himself at Bellahouston.



    Sure I d seen him the day before at Murrayfield



    ” …. Young people of Scotland….” Cue chaos …



    I’m certain Freddie and JP2 will be discussing the good times up in heaven..



    JP…. ” you ever play the Vatican Mr Bulsara? ”



    FM…. ” you ever sing at the Glasgow Apollo, JP ? Now THAT was a venue.”



    Cue joint heavenly chorus of We Will Rock You…



    Ahh the good times…




  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Was the job even advertised ?



    Did he obtain a wage increase from his previous position ?



    If so why ? What has he or the New league setup done to be able to justify that ?



    Why were only two candidates interviewed ?



    Why were these candidates even considered for interview ?



    Why is a big corporate hitter even necessary ?



    Why is Scottish football such a closed shop ?



    Why does Celtic FC agree with this appointment ?



    Why has Paul67 embraced downright dumbass lazy journalism ?



    As I predicted WWF football and Celtic at the core. It looks like Reagan and Doncaster have been doing Celtics bidding ever since they came to Scotland.



    He has certainly been trained in what to say regarding Old Firm within a Celtic context.



    Quite frankly they know we would be repulsed by them if we were to find out the truth.



    Out with the Old Firm regime in with the new. Very sad what we have become and how we behave.



    The silence is deafening.



    The misinformation appallling.



    Not in my name Celtic.




  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Lookin’ at the contents of my Amazon [gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!] Cloud player.



    A soberin’ thought; I barely recognise 50% of the stuff I’ve bought over the years.

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Why has Paul67 embraced downright dumbass lazy journalism ?



    – well to annoy the likes of your good self for starters ;/)

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    paolosboots-spot on ,the lack of kids facilities will hopefully be addressed asap





    Was that the night The Teardrop Explodes supported? Or the other one?



    Brilliant night,crap venue.



    Lass I was with said it was a great light show,but she could see eff all…

  17. Snake Plissken on




    It’s always the way. I see everyone talking about it, I write something and then there’s a new article (in between me making Lunch and washing dishes).



    You may disagree with me and that is fine. Where I am sick and tired is with the constant misrepresentation and fear mongering.



    They’re not called Project Fear in Private for nothing.





    To give SNAKE PLISSKEN his due,he wrote an excellent post-and put it on the previous article!



    I think it has dampened his fire.



    Or,as we say in these parts,right royally p….d him off….

  19. mearns 2 milton on




    Best avoid the city all day where possible.

  20. ..




    13:07 on


    5 July, 2013


    ‘Why has Paul67 embraced downright dumbass lazy journalism ?



    – well to annoy the likes of your good self for starters ;/)






    Well He has removed the Lazy Journo Quote from the Header..



    Probably Feels Guilty posting Articles fae his Li-Lo..



    Summa of LassieJournalistsAreTopsCSC

  21. South Of Tunis on

    AWE NAW @ 13 05 .



    The Old Firm .



    An early 1900s fitba fanzine called The Scottish Referee made sarcastic reference to ” The Old Firm of Rangers and Celtic Ltd .”

  22. Snake Plissken on

    Gordon J



    I think I just did. It entirely describes the MO.



    The only positive case we hear about staying in the Union is about defense, the UN security council and our alleged place in the world being better because of it.



    Well how’s this for a stat.



    Scotland exported 550 million quid worth of Whisky in the last year



    England exported 2.6 Billion



    HMRC count it from point of departure and that’s before you count the couple of Billion in tax the government gets a year from the industry.



    Better together for who exactly?

  23. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on







    The very gig.. I d forgotten that.. First time I d ever seen a drink launched at the stage DURING a song when Julian Cope copped one on his face..



    Freddie n Julian mmm? That only dawned on me a few yrs later..



    My abiding memory of the gig BMCUW, was not just the adventure of bus thru to Ingliston , but the all day smell of the chunky chicken factory near by as we waited all day to get in.. In hindsight not sure why.. Youthful exuberance..



    Could ve left at 5..



    Queen at Glasgow Apollo in 79 , my first ever concert, was better IMO than Ingliston …



    Were you at either of these?








    There are many aspects of what you say that are correct. However,England cannot cast us adrift without our agreement. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong.



    Apart from what I discussed with SOT,my real problem is on the economic side.



    We cannot support our current welfare bill without the help of England-which I hold responsible for causing most if it.



    On another day,I will be delighted to discuss this in more detail,but this wuss has had a bad few days and needs his bed before his next nightshift.



    But I’ll leave you with a wee thought-to whom does Rockall belong?

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