Doncaster beats No Surrender Longmuir


The appointment of Neil Doncaster as chief executive of the newly formed Scottish Professional (sic) Football League was a forgone conclusion, No Surrender Longmuir was interviewed out of professional courtesy, and the clubs realised that the calibre of external candidates they would attract at the moment would be from the bottom of the corporate pile.  Frankly, a heavy hitter would not apply.

Now that Doncaster is freed from his previous preoccupation – trying to parachute a new club into top flight football – he can worry about his key performance indicators, bringing commercial income into the league.  If he can’t deliver a good deal, or scams a ‘Homecoming’-type deal, by pulling money already committed by a benefactor, like his pal along the corridor, we’re better off without him.

My thanks to Billy No’well for inviting me onto his podcast show, Desert Island Tims, available here.  I had great fun choosing material for the show and even more fun talking about Celtic, and life, with Billy.
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  1. Natknow



    10 out of 10



    Turned it off then on…….now working……cheers

  2. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on



    15:29 on


    6 July, 2013





    10 out of 10



    Turned it off then on…….now working……cheers



    Feck me! That was a bit of luck!

  3. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    On this day in 1957 Paul McCartney first met John Lennon at a church fete in Liverpool. Paul had just turned 15 – Paul’s mum had died 9 months earlier.



    Of all the words that have been written about the Beatles, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard about his dad’s reaction on that day.



    Imagine you’d lost your wife less than a year ago, your 15 year old son comes home on a sunny Saturday and says “dad – I want to join a skiffle group” – who amongst us would have the bottle to say “you go for it son, that’s fine by me”?



    Well done Jim McCartney.

  4. FourGreenFields , i was many years ago during the “celtic tiger” , then Dublin, now back in sunny lanarkshire . Are you over on holiday ?

  5. paolosboots



    Yes , was going to go up to the GAA park for the game against Buncrana tonight but if I can find a pub with the Celtic game on I will go there .


    Some change in the town since the recession hit .



  6. FourGreenFields, its sad to see the way things have gone, its like tumbleweed in the winter. The whole thing was based on housing boom. Is it Four Masters playing Buncrana? Used to go to GAA matches & Finn Harps as part of my job, good days they were. I would struggle as to where to watch matches in Ballyshannon, used to go to Marine1888 Bar but didn’t like it, then Railway was good.

  7. WeefratheTim on

    Afternoon all



    Sorry if already posted, the Celtic game from other night is on Premier Sports follow by the game against the lavvies, sorry clugjie.



    Weefra HH

  8. In Finlaystone Estate today, near Langbank. Zombie free. Just walked doon a wee route called Paradise Way, lovely so it was. Wee BBQ shortly before heading out for a few drinks with the missus as it’s our 12th anniversary today.



    Hope everyone having a chilled day today! HH

  9. Was just reading about Harold Brattbakk , looked up his stats on wikipedia and it got me thinking. Are we too hard on new strikers when they don’t make an immediate impact? It will be interesting to see how lassad, bangura etc get on this season away from the pressures of playing for Celtic. I have sympathy for Balde as the expectation levels are very high, so i wonder is it better to gamble with Hooper if he shoots us into CL group stage then going at end of his contract will mean we got our moneys worth. Also its true how many players leave celtic to go on to greatness else where, apart from Henrik who else?

  10. paolosboots



    Was also over last October , it was empty . A bit busier now but not much , even the main supermarket across from Slevins has shut and the pubs only open later on .


    Was in Donegal town yesterday , it was very busy .



  11. Four Green Fields, that would be good particularly if the weather is nice there, used to watch Devenish they would be closest club to me. Can’t beat North West when summer is shining, reminds me of every summer when we were growing up , heading over for 6-8 weeks, great days.

  12. FGF, Bundoran should be getting busy coming up to the 12th with people travelling from the North to get away from it. We used to enjoy going there for the “puggies” gaming machines and had a buzz about it, my brothers found their drinking boots there!

  13. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Who’d be a striker eh?



    Strikers usually get less of a chance than any other position bar goalkeepers.


    First job is to score, everything else in their game is a bonus.


    Defenders/midfielders can reasonably argue that they were part of a unit that failed.



    There are many ex Celtic players who couldn’t quite make it here, but who did fine elsewhere.



    Strikers playing in Scotland need to contend with the defender friendly refereeing that comes as a culture shock to many of them. Still remember Robbie Keane on his erchie having been blootered, looking vainly at the referee while holding his arms out in supplication.



    The pitch on Wednesday looked spongy to me & the grass was longer than we would expect. Tony Watt looked clumsy when he failed to control the ball inside their 6 yd box. To me that was the surface & I hope that the surface today is more up to standard.


    Balde to score please.




  14. paolosboots



    Yes there’s a few in Bundoran from the North , quite a few of the kids with Celtic strips on.


    Had some good sessions round there and in Tullaghan ( Diamond Bar) .


    Family’s from Tullaghan but most stay in Ballyshannon and Bundoran .



  15. Should be a good work out against Cluj today, they have should up well in Europe in the last few years and have had some great results, can’t wait to see who Neil selects today…



    Mon the Hoops..

  16. phyllis dietrichson.



    Not sure if they’re marching in toryglen.



    It’s more the dregs that stagger along with them that I worry about. HH

  17. Cheers Paolosboots- inspired idea to get out of Glasgow today! 1st beer opened and toasting Tims everywhere.




  18. good morning fellow cqners it is now one minute to six and you will see by the posts time setting how long it has taken for me to type this….it is the first and only testimonial tae ma wee da,and I am pretty sure you will have gathered im onto my second bottle wee CB was born into the family in 1921 his dad was irish and his mum Scottish Charlie and Isabella, wee CB grew up in the rough and tumble of the gorbals in the days of johnny stark and the immortal ,no mean city…he never told me of his childhood except to say it was hard. He found it difficult to get work at the age of fourteen,mainly because of his name, Corrigan was so obviously irish and catholic.His diminutive height didn’t help either 5′ 0″ he had a few jobs, milkboy bread delivery but nothing of any manly status until he became an optical technician in 1938 (he made up the lenses for glasses)….this all came to a halt in 1939 when he was called up to the RAF. He failed the medical (flat feet) and so was confined to serve out the war as a cook,in leuchars fife. After the war in which he met and married my mother(1942) he went back to his making glasses job.Mother worked in the Remington rhand factory,hillington(making more money than him,i quote) in his wisdom he decided to go to night school to train to become an ophthalmic optician, no less in 1953 he qualified and started his new career as an optician again bigotry rose it ugly head cowdenbeath was where he got his first start(I know )but the wee man was even forced out of that,next stop wales, aye Cardiff that’s what he/they had to endure he eventually made it back up to Glasgow and applied for a council house in the newly built estates and circa 1957 mr &mrs got offered a house in the new scheme of easterhouse in the east end of Glasgow mrs c couldn’t have kids so they applied to adopt and a few months later they were awarded (not my wording) a baby daughter .three years later a similar award was made in the shape of yours truly and so the family was complete we attended blessed john Ogilvie primary and st benedicts school for mass (the church wasn’t built yet) wee Charlie stayed true to his catholic and socialist beliefs and became a member of the parish council, distributing we blue envelopes for the building fund st benedicts opened circa 1965/6. I in my wisdom decided on every other Saturday(cos that’s when football was played) to cycle to parkhead (being an optician dad worked on a Saturday) I parked up on the seventh floor (jinky) of the London road flats and got a lift over the turnstiles dad eventually got me into the john Ogilvie csc (jimmy Maxwell convenor) at the same time as Frankie Vaughan moved in to help easterhouse we moved out to the south side and thus my days of seeing the bhoys were limited to midweek evening games with dad taking me then in 1979 we moved to banknock Stirlingshire big sis had flown the coop so it was me and my parents I was 17 and they were in there late fifties as far as I was concerned life was great.i got a motorbike and the world was my oyster 13 may 1981 (google it) crashed bike resulting in 5 brain operations when asked about turning the ventilator off wee Charlie steadfastly said no regardless of how poor a quality of life his son will have his argument ,even to fr senus -bader (the priest that gave me extreme-unction) life is life so thanks to that wee wonderful man I am still here he then went on to become the best grandfather ever too my youngest son Christian (20)has one tattoo gran and grandpa ….he was 3 when my dad died. the best person that I have ever known it has taken me nearl 90 minutes and a few haufs to write this but wee Charlie who had cannon mcginn (st benedicts first pp later of st marys larkhall) fr clarke (st luke first pp in banknock) and the current incumbent of that position at the time (I don’t know his name cos I wasn’t a parishioner) conducted his funeral wee Charlie was buried in st peters London rd and we all as a family went to the jock stein suit for the purvey. Four years later we did the same for my mum 2000 wonderful people and as my fathers day ends I hope and pray that , wee Charlie I’ve done you proud…….x

  19. RalphWE , Yet if they can hit the net they become legends, what a position Hooper is in! has the chance to go on to greatness. Surely his advisors are saying if he goes to a lower EPL club then the chances he will get will be much fewer and chances of Brazil are ziltch. If he stays and hits the goal trail again then how many EPL englishmen will be scoring in the CL which is a higher level imo, so i’d say if its not a top 6 club then he’s staying. He’s not short of a few bob and is friends with cc & jl and their partners plus the fans are behind him , i know what i’d do in his shoes.

  20. I posted the above on fathers day,and I have been asked to repost so apologies to all for my indulgence

  21. Joe Ledley is correct when he says that Vic Wanyama would slot comfortably into the EPL and perhaps he could have added that so would most of the current Celtic first team squad.



    Good results for LOI clubs in the early rounds of the Europa in particular the result against Malmo. Well done Drogheda and St Patricks.



    Hope Hibernian man, Andy Murray, does the business tomorrow but the Serb will be a huge task for Andy.

  22. Tony Watt.. No Playin’?






    Oan the Bench.. eethur??






    Tut, Tut,







  23. Paolosboots……….Gary Hooper hit 30 goals last season in all competitions and Neil will have a difficult task on his hands to find a replacement striker as prolific as Gary. The lad is on a good salary and with the prospect of showing what he can do on the European stage which he will never achieve with some of the EPL suitors mentioned to date, Neil is the man who can make him progress with Celtic.

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