Doors closing across Europe


I watched as passageway surfaces were wiped down at Celtic Park ahead of kick-off on Saturday, an early visible sign that a public health alert is on the horizon.  Actions will not stop at a bucket, cloth and a dash of Dettol.

Games are already being played behind closed doors in Italy and France.  Today’s total of confirmed cases in the UK is 285, France surpassed that figure five days ago, it is possible public events will face similar restrictions here within a week.  If Germany and Spain take similar restrictive measures in the next few days, the UK will inevitably follow.

Celtic have one home game between now and when the league resumes after the split on the weekend of 18/19 April, so there will be little commercial impact if games here are played behind closed doors, but there is a crucial Scottish Cup semi-final on 12 April.  We would all rather be there than watching on TV.

The issue is more likely to see complications for our players who travel across Europe and beyond on international duty this month.  France under-21s travel to Liechtenstein in two weeks, which is 160 miles from northern Italy.  We have more than a passing interest in that game.  The principality is served by air from Zurich; it is impossible to tell what travel arrangements will be like in central Europe at that time.

We should also spare a thought for those with the burden of financing community clubs, where survival worries will be very real right now.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on










    you should just have booked paul elliot



    VG- the huns realised he was a big player for us, the bookings he got from the compliant MIBs,were absolutely laughable

  2. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bada Bing , I was never watched Curb your enthusiasm until 5 years ago., friends were raving about it.



    Larry David is an incredibly funny writer and comedian.



    In my opinion it’s unmissable . Enjoy it .



    The second episode of the first series is so funny where a printer’s mistake with one letter in an obituary Larry wrote , causes him so many problems.



    Regarding Novo and him hitting a fellow sev fan, I’m hoping my son can update me on what happened . I won’t see him until tomorrow . He normally has all info on what happens at the weekend in the Village.



    We are all wondering if this season’s fixtures will be concluded. If these figures you quote are correct, there will be no fitba at all next season.


    What does “flounced” mean? This a Scottish expression?



    Sounds like something rude …..this is not acceptable on the blog.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dallas-will check back on the older stuff of Curb,Ratcho got sorted, and I believe another guy in the video is under P,

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    My own opinion on Coronavirus, is it’s a flu type virus, the overreaction worldwide is total nonsense, 6 unfortunately have died from a population in the UK of 56 million


    More have died from flu/pneumonia, since first case in this country was diagnosed. Where does it end? 20 at a time in a supermarket or a train carriage? We are still passing money over,is there not more contamination there? Total Snowflake overkill. It will take someone like that prk Trump, to make a stand, and tell everyone to stand down, and carry on….


    .obviously after he’s plundered the Stock Market.

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    What does “flounced” mean? This a Scottish expression?



    Sounds like something rude …..this is not acceptable on the blog.








    its a brilliant phrase



    not rude at all though

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bada bing, , you won’t regret watching Curb your enthusiasm from the start ,



    Novo and the guy with him , going by the footage , don’t have leg to stand on , if they are charged.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 9TH MARCH 2020 11:25 PM



    God willing , nobody on this blog is naive enough to listen to this harmful misinformation .

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The issue with posting here,is the difficulty of a reply from you,I said in my opinion, just scroll by…

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 9TH MARCH 2020 11:42 PM



    And some may be naive enough to respect your opinion.

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 9TH MARCH 2020 10:33 PM


    Just started Curb Your Enthusiasm new series, never seen it before, outrageously funny.




    Oh you have to start from series 1, I’m enjoying the latest episodes but it’s not a patch on the early seasons

  13. And I didn’t think Gerry said anything offensive last night, poor to get a red for that

  14. bada bing



    what per cent of the uk population do you think will contract the virus, and of them what per cent do think will die of it?

  15. Ernie- probably reasonably high,30%? The unfortunate fatalities are elderly, as in flu/pneumonia cases,. We are all guessing, was Pig Flu or Mad Cow Disease similar, or the symptoms much more severe? I think the UK has had 5 deaths out of 56 million, I think the percentage will be very low,and consummate to the current figures.

  16. BB



    I agree that the elderly and weak have a new thing to contend with but the severity of this thing will not play out as currently reported.



    Wash your hands, don’t touch above the neck and I think we will be alright.



    Let’s not be sheep, the good lord forbid.

  17. Aipple- thanks for your reply, if it takes something as simple as washing your hands,to repel it to a certain degree,is it seriously that bad?

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    NEVER in the past have global authorities reacted in the way we are currently experiencing .


    CQN ers , of course , know better .



    Please don`t ignore the reality .

  19. MACJAY



    Isn’t what folks are saying it is.



    If all health bodies, councils, experts etc would have agreed at the same time we wouldn’t be here. All these subject matter experts. It’s a band wagon effect of the highest order.



    Wash your hands, take regular washings into your schedule. If you touch communal doors wash your hands a little more often.



    We take greater precautions when we surf the net!



    I am not trying or pretending to be a subject matter on all things coronavirus just live a little cleaner and you may well be alright.



    Context matters.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AIPPLE on 10TH MARCH 2020 12:42 AM



    If you feel comfortable with that , that`s fine for you and yours.


    Different matter when you express your thoughts on a public forum where you may influence others .



    I urge caution because my instincts insist that I do .


    I will be delighted to be proved wrong.



    Hail Hail , my fellow Tim .

  21. I have posted a couple of times in the last week or so on hand washing and taking the simple precautions I have used over the last 20 years.


    After Vigil Mass on Saturday the priest laughed at me as he knows I don’t shake hands and why.


    Now the diocese has emptied the holy water fonts, stopped the sign of peace and no longer offering the chalice at communion.


    Common sense approaches.


    I was in my local supermarket and it had run out of hand sanitizer, tissues and toilet rolls.


    They had Purell dispensers at all entrances and checkouts for customer use, but no one apart from myself was using them.


    I’m more concerned with cold and flu at this time of year, as last flu season I contracted a flu and ended up in hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure.


    They reckon more than 50k here die from flu here every year.


    Scarier than John Greig on a dark night.

  22. Two things concern me about Sunday’s match with the Huns.


    The park is in a mess and not suited to our quick passing games.


    The pressure on the ref to manufacture a result which will keep the title race on life support.




    I hear you. That’s why I say wash hands and follow regular good practices. Many of us don’t and that in turn helps these things spread, as spread they do.



    I will say, that was the first time I have watched a Man U game and be happy to see them win. The weekend I mean of course.



    Weird feelings about the game this weekend. Don’t like them, never have but looking forward to this one.



    CQN&AIPPLE&MACJAY1 say wash your hands CSC.

  24. ‘GG


    That’s awful, sorry.



    Always thought the flu was a joke until it smacked me last year. Nasty.



    John Greig indeed.

  25. If Slippy loses badly on Thursday and it is compounded by a hat trick from both Eddie and Leigh, will he resign or be mutually consented?

  26. !!BADABING!!


    Check out coronaworldometer on Google. 97 people died in Italy yesterday. That’s no flu. I think there must be strains with varying virulence, or it is mutating.



    Videos of the ‘wet market’ in Wuhan are absolutely disgusting. It has been said that the measure of humanity is how we treat animals. Wild animals, including snakes, bears, foxes, pangolin and a myriad others are being caught, bred, stacked in cages and crowded together in disgusting, unsanitary, inhumane conditions, and slaughtered for human consumption. Viruses are transmitted from species to species, and eventually to humans. Why is there no outcry from WHO to the Chinese Government for foisting this plague on humankind?

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AIPPLE on 10TH MARCH 2020 12:59 AM



    Happy to see Man. U . win too .


    Matt Busby and Paddy Crerand. Friends of Celtic .



    The hun game takes place in a backdrop of Tim superiority………….something the aforementioned probably could never have imagined .


    A win would be lovely. A loss acceptable .


    We have bigger fish to fry .

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 10TH MARCH 2020 12:50 AM




    Kudos on your continuing observance .




    Keep safe , my fellow Tim.

  29. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 10TH MARCH 2020 1:13 AM



    In answer to your question.



    Political correctness.


    The antithesis of honesty .