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  1. He has scored a cracking goal ….but …DT is awful, passing is terrible. The weak link in midfield….

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Really really poor. We’ll ay the price for profligacy one day if it’s not sorted.

  3. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Sky apologise for the language in the Celtic songbook.



    “Merry Christmas, f**k the Huns”



    I mean, people shouldn’t have to listen to “Huns”

  4. This is now a full on attack all things Celtic.


    I’ve NEVER heard a sky commentator apologise for the Sevco song book

  5. Really good today. Loads of positives.


    Still can’t figure why we can’t take corners or free kicks effectively. But a good day, and great to see Scales given a chance.

  6. Great result.


    Some super performances


    We should invite Alan crawford to comment on the butcher non red card


    But, dear God, we need to update the song book!

  7. A very good composed performance, classy players showed their skill and the game management was excellent in a very difficult venue to go and play like this, a joy tro watch Celtic. Brilliant, could have been any score today.

  8. Brilliant, brilliant result and performance. Could have been 10-0. Very happy to get a win by three supposed goals (K. Boyd) to nil. A huge result from a depleted squad. So many good performances today. Happy, happy, happy.

  9. Top performance again . Well done Ange and the bhoys .


    The Turnbull tackle was disgraceful and got worse after every replay .

  10. Great away performance, full marks all round.


    Only blot was our stupid fans on about the IRA, time to give that rubbish up and defaming our great club.




  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Aberdeen, Hearts, Dundee United dispatched.



    9 points.



    Only one goal conceded.



    Ange building something very good, and still with limited tools at his disposal.



    Off out for a bit.



    No doubt some “ah, but ….” posts will start to appear an hour after full time.

  12. Great composed, brilliant performance. 3-0 going on 10.


    Now Celtic time to call out the really poor officiating; 4 offsides given when they weren’t and another assualt on a Celtic player gets a yellow.


    The call out has to come from an Executive level don’t leave it to Ange.

  13. Notthebus 8 9,10 more like. Double figures wouldn’t have been too far of the real gap between the teams.

  14. Dazzling stuff innit? That Angeball malarkey.


    Well done every player for a v productive shift.



    Thought our away choir was doing a lustily magnificent job, until the songs got neddishly ‘blue’.



    Just feeds the ‘Wan’s as bad as the ither arguments’. And gie’s the meeja another stick to beat us with and take the gloss over a 5star perf. Night night fholks.

  15. Well done Ange and his Bhoys, someone is going to take a real sore one off us soon.



    Till later all thank you for updates