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  1. Tom McLaughlin on

    On my way home from Tannadice. Delighted with result, score and performance.



    Disgusted with the constant sectarian singing and chanting from the support.



    Nothing more to say.

  2. Brilliant performance by everyone bar David Turnbull



    Wastes to much, he is a fantastic player but needs a rest.



    But great football today and should have been 6 or 7.



    Motherwell next week might just take a hammering off us.



    D :)

  3. Songbook is cringeworthy, No worse than the Huns running about covered in poppies to show how staunch they are without the slightest clue of the damage they are doing to the credibility of the cause.



    Roamn in the gloam..jezus, you wonder what the Jewish, muslim, proestant etc, playerrs and fans make of that nonsense

  4. TB163 @ 2.26



    Too many in the away support buy a ticket to sing songs / indulge in their own little fantasies — not watch the football.



    Some great play today / some incredible play that was a joy to watch and be associated with.


    And all you hear in the background is songs about big hats / Dublin / sub machine guns / religion aka hypocrisy.



    Is that who we are?



    The away support is turning into a total embarrassment.


    Unfortunately very few among them can see it.



    Self awareness / self policing is not strong in that group.

  5. Cork Celt- it was interesting that sky weren’t showing many of the offside calls I the first half. They showed a couple where we were offside. Hmmmmm



    Was monster munch calling for var today after the clear amd obvious reckless leg breaking tackle on DT?

  6. Re Forrest’s hamstring injury ( and many other Celtic player similar injuries over the years ):



    Many athletes in many sports keep their hamstrings warm by wearing tight bicycle undershorts, particularly in cold weather. Only a few Celtic players wear them, notable exceptions being Kyogo and Scales.



    Forrest does not, and it is inexplicable to me, with his hamstring history, why Celtic medical and sports science staff do not insist on their use. Their absence, combined with Baltic Scottish weather, will virtually guarantee hamstring injuries.

  7. A good win and a good performance. You can tell this Celtic side are worrying some people when the media starts screaming blue murder about us getting the rub of the green. Let’s rest some players for Thursday.

  8. GDT @ 2.33



    LA has time to learn / improve his game.


    He is young with a lot of talent and an ability to get on the end of chances / passes.


    Consequently needs support and coaching.



    MJ is similar but carrying the weight of two wasted years.


    He showed a lot of promise today — worked well with GT / less so with LS.



    JF is just shot / totally shot — he needed a new environment 3 years ago.


    Staying at CP means he is the wee boy who will never grow up.


    Huge waste of a great talent.

  9. Hearts manager Robbie Neilson was left smarting by Celtic’s winning goal, which Scottish FA head of referee operations Crawford Allan admitted on BBC Radio Scotland yesterday was probably offside.


    Responding on Sportsound, Neilson says: “I was surprised yesterday because I tried to get in contact with Crawford Allan on Friday and was told he hadn’t seen the game and wouldn’t be available because of annual leave until 10 December.


    “And then I heard him explain on the radio having watched the game and having spoken to the referee, so that was pretty disappointing. I would have liked a bit of clarification before I listened to the radio.”

  10. ERNIE LYNCH on 5TH DECEMBER 2021 2:09 PM


    Songbook is fine. Keeps it real. If it causes Daphne Broon et all to be clutching their pearls I aint bothered.







    Good to hear Piling on the Agony as well.




    Dreadful stuff. Songbook not acceptable to any reasonable person. Long out of date, sectarian and needs to be binned. Supporting this sort of pond life stuff indicates a total lack of social awareness. That goes for 31003 and the other unreconcilables on here. Let’s just scroll by. No more oxygen.

  11. The Roamin’ Catholic songs don’t only alienate the protestant supporters, but also the vastly more numerous “not interested in religion” fanbase.

  12. An dun- I’d rest the entire first team on Thursday.



    Are there still5 subs allowed in Europe?



    There is little in it for us other than getting scales and others game time/ match fitness.



    Looking at the fixture list the next few weeks could be interesting. I’m making no bold predictions but the way we are playing I’m confident we will keep picking up the points.



    The best team wins the league 99 times out of 100. We have become the best team since a ropey start. Strengthen in January, keep progressing and there’s only one outcome in May. The job at the start of october was to ve in touch come January. That’s still the game but I feel we may well do better than just staying in touch come January. The evidence is there for those with eyes.

  13. Ernie


    It’s a shame that my high opinion of you has dropped so dramatically.


    How on earth you can condone such vile singing is, frankly, beyond me and to think that is acceptable is plainly wrong.


    Keep the good stuff coming but please, no more stupid posts, please.




  14. AZ Alkmaar steadily climbing the Dutch Eredivisie. They have moved from 16th up to 7th and now only 3 points off the Euro placings.

  15. PARTIZAN on 5TH DECEMBER 2021 2:49 PM


    The Roamin’ Catholic songs don’t only alienate the protestant supporters, but also the vastly more numerous “not interested in religion” fanbase.



    Partizan – They also alienate me as a Catholic too…..don’t go to Celtic games to hear people sing about my religion or any other for that matter.

  16. Ironic that Paul had an article on the Aberdeen fans songs recently.


    Wonder if he’ll turn the guns inwards this week?


    On the field, we are dangerous from every angle.


    Can only hope that the board support Ange and that Michael the accountant is a worthy interim CEO

  17. Great performance today and another clean sheet. Squad players all did well and Liam Scales never put a foot wrong when introduced capping his performance with a cracking goal to seal the match. Shocking tackles on Turnbull and Jamsie and young David very lucky to escape serious injury.



    By my reckoning Celtic must have won close on 30 corner kicks in last two matches and of course the opposition just know the Hoops just don’t score from set pieces. Dreadful statistic.



    Rog’s and David’s goals were superb with the team missing a bagful of considerably easier chances.

  18. AN DÚN on 5TH DECEMBER 2021 2:39 PM


    A good win and a good performance.



    I hope you took my advice last night and got a good sleep. :)



    We’re excellent defensively at the moment, we don’t concede in the latter stages of games anymore. Get ahead and we win.

  19. I wrote about the singing about 12 years ago for Kerp the Faith. That was about rebel songs. My point then was to leave most of them for the bus and the pub. It’s too simplistic to say stop singing them. The ones that mention the IRA in particular.



    What’s quite depressing though is hearing ‘Roamin in the gloamin’ after years of its absence. I’m not to fond of papal flags and ‘popes 11’ banners either.



    I wrote on here on Thursday about watching out for the people throwing things or encouraging throwing things. Same goes with those starting the roamin in the gloamin crap. They are fir the watching. People in the police want to discredit us and justify their activities against young football fans with genuine ledt wing views (which are directly contradictory to sectarianism). The cops and others are smarting from having their criminalisation bill beaten back. If you’re engaged in discrediting celtic this way you are dancing to the tune of dafties who are having their strings pulled by spooks.



    You think this is conspiracy theory? Go read up on the types of activity the police and intelligence agencies monitor and infiltrate and their fixation on young left leaning groups. They have quite the back catalogue.



    So don’t sing stupid songs. And we need to sort thus out ourselves. The board have no credibility with fans at present. The 90s style Fergus McCann campaign worked then but it won’t now.



    Fan blogs, social media and in match fan intervention is required.




    AZ Alkmaar steadily climbing the Dutch Eredivisie. They have moved from 16th up to 7th and now only 3 points off the Euro placings






    Leverkusen and Deportivo also doing well in their leagues.



    We have had some tough opponents in Europe.



    Same last season.



    Orcs have the luck of the devil in their groups and knockouts. As soon as they play anyone having a decent season they get humped

  21. And another thing, Celtic fans using the word HUN.



    Not acceptable.



    Causes offence.



    Ban it now.

  22. Also constant song and chant references to Christmas (Xmas).



    Offensive to soooooo many people.



    Pagans, Druids etc. (not so much Protestants nowadays that they’ve got with the programme).



    Ban it now.

  23. Let’s get behind the silent majority and stop all the singing and chanting.



    Ban the GB from CP. Job done.

  24. Against the fourth placed team at their bit that was a really dominant performance.



    You could see Ange’s tactics working at the end – United didnt have a clue how to get out and were reduced to defending in numbers and kicking the ball out for corners to keep the score down. It was the most effective defensive performance of the season against half-decent opposition. All the fannyiny aboot has still to cost us a goal in recent games, the players are all completely comfortable taking the ball in any position. An excellent team defensive performance.



    To have been that good going forward, without our best attacker recently was also very reassuring. More to come, hopefully.



    Taylor looked like he’d never been away and was pretty much faultless, I even thought Johnston and Abada got better as the game went on. Confidence is key for young players who haven’t played much, they both looked like it was coming. Shame Abada didnt get the goal.



    10 wins and 2 draws in 12 games now against Scottish opposition, conceding 6 goals. 1 goal in the last 4.



    Days like today breed total confidence in the managers methods. The players are clearly enjoying it.

  25. Don’t think anyone’s mention banning anything Ernie.



    Just wish they had more self awareness of what they were doing.