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  1. AIPPLE on 26TH DECEMBER 2023 7:05 PM


    CANIEL re: moose about the hoose


    Cat is 18 years old now. Mousing no longer his game it seems!




    We’ve got 5 cats and only the sphynx one would recognise a moose and not be scared of it!


    Festive Greetings to You’all.

  2. I think where we are in our season that results like today have to be taken as the glass half full



    Grind out those results



    We have had a lot of problems in 2023



    Injuries, manager changes, bad signings



    It can only trend up from here



    The huns have reached a pinnacle, ie it can only go down – I cant see them getting much better



    Historically they struggle in Jand and feb as they dont have a squad capable of taking them thru it



    When we beat them on saturday, we beat them at their zenith



    And its downhill for them from there



    Grind that result out Celtic

  3. Really good performance and result today. Great energy from fans and players around the stadium. Really good football. Just lacking anti of belief in final 3rd. Irony that the much maligned Mikey shows it. One thing he has never lacked mind you. Anyone at Lennox town would concur.



    So good to see Bernardo step up. Really good Brendan has backed him 3 games in a row. Not sure he had much choice but it has worked.



    The burden didn’t sit with MOR and Cal which is great to see.



    Happy tonight though.



    Saturday selection is a conundrum. These games bring the best out in Maeda when played on left. He neutralises Tav pen before he starts. He also worries their whole back 4. Playing him on right won’t be as effective. The problem is Yang and Palma and even Mikey all seem to work best off of the left.



    The other challenge is at center back. I am not sure what is happening. 2 rated young international center backs from decent countries are now behind Liam Scales and Welsh. If that really is how Brendan sees it and Ccv is not fit then we will need to go with that. Welsh has not done much wrong to be fair. Hopefully Ccv can make it. We will need to be clever though. Starfelt pace was an asset which really helped in these games. They do break well and with pace on the diagonals. Sima especially. A Johnston and Taylor will need to have defensive wits about them as well as the center backs imo. Likewise the forward players cutting off counters at source. Water to flow under the bridge and wine to flow in my house before then.



    MOM for me today Bernardo then Palma and Taylor (who never stopped supporting).

  4. And on the point of them getting worse due to injuries and shit pitches



    The cheating will get worse

  5. Bada Bing



    Totally agree with you that today was the day Brendan really should have changed his habit of a lifetime and asked about VAR in a very pointed manner post match. This is becoming crazy.



    Latch does said it that none of these were penalties and he is right by old way of working. He is also right that when only 2 teams are given These type of pens in the leagues (rangers and whoever is playing Celtic) then something is seriously wrong and needs asked before a huge game on Saturday against the biggest blockers at corners in the league.



    Hopefully Brendan mentions it in press conf this week. Not holding my breath though.

  6. KINGLUBO on 26TH DECEMBER 2023 6:46 PM


    RC, it’s not Daizens fault he is played out of position. Listen to yourself man



    read my effin post , I never said he picked himself at outside right , what I said was imo DM is never a RIGHT WINGER .

  7. Interesting to see the real, really, real Celtic supporters:))



    Celtic40me, Kinglubo, Burnley78 excetera, excetera, excetera….



    Was looking at the Livingstone “GG Live Updates ” and after Kyogo scored, KingLubo’s brain exploded



    Now Burnley78 is telling us Scottish VAR is Brendan Rodgers’ fault



    Trying too hard bhoys






    Take it easy



    Your team won:((



    Brendan Rodgers is here for three in a row:)))



    Hail Hail

  8. Surely I and my Celtic suppoting buddies cannot be the only fans that see this is the worst celtic team in years.?



    Ffs open your eyes players are not good enough



    Thank goodness for 3 points but my god,



    D. :)

  9. Thank you, Celtic. Always good to win, especially away from home.



    I still can’t even login on my computer. Tried everything suggested to me on CQN.



    A belated happy Christmas to everyone who posts on here and particularly to Paul67 and his family.

  10. Chairbhoy



    Not sure I have a clue what you are talking about.



    If you are happy that VAR is being properly administered then it’s your view and I can’t argue.



    My own view is it seems to give advantage to one team.



    Brendan is loathe to call this kind of thing out and by his own admission he rarely criticizes officials.



    Personally I think it is getting worse not better and for me the VAR has every chance of negating our home advantage this weekend.



    You obviously think differently but for me applying Ferguson or Mourinho type tactics and drawing attention to it after a game like today could be of help in the lead up to Saturday. I would like to see Brendan do this.

  11. Tontine Tim – I’m sure you’re correct about Jock and taking the Refs out of the game. My mantra is always ‘we need the third’. In Bob Kelly’s book the ere is a chapter called The First Disallowed Goal – he says there was a time when Celtic needed to score three to get one – he might have deserved criticism but he got that right.


    Three goals should be our target in every game.

  12. 74% possession


    Shots 38


    Shots on Target 7


    Corners 23


    Fouls 9



    Aye David66 looked like a real struggle today



    We won!!!

  13. Chairbhoy



    As for trying too hard ?



    No idea what you mean but my team won and seems to be playing decent football. That’s all that matters to me.



    The energy in my world is pretty good.



    I get you might not feel that good about stuff though and feel the need to call folks out for whatever wee reason you have.

  14. Evening all



    Happy that we won, however, it seems like we don’t score early then we become nervous.



    Still, we’ve enough in the tank to beat that mob next week, IMHO.



    Any body else getting this heavy cold and ripping sore throat stuff?


    Normally I’m fortunate enough dodge this Ertha Kitt.



    A wee tune for everyone, in particular BIG JIMMY and BRRB’s



    Blue Man Group – Baba O’Riley (The Who Cover)





    Nite y’all



    Stay classy.



    Tell your friends, they’ll like it.



    It’s good to be a Tim.







  15. Brian



    3 weeks now with the cold and throat stuff



    Gies away for a day and then comes back with a vengance

  16. When we went to Ayebrokes earlier in the season .


    I was convinced that we would lose .


    On the day we had a very fortuitous hun goal reversal by VAR .


    A clear match turning event .



    I feel that we will need Lady Luck on our side to take any points in the upcoming derby .




  17. BURNLEY78 @ 9:12, 9:16 PM,



    As it’s the festive period I’ll be nice



    As you know, I’m all over your M.O.



    So, let’s do it your way…



    Where was it stated that I was “happy that VAR is being properly administered



    I’ll wait!?



    BRENDAN Rodgers last night told a meeting of Ladbrokes Premiership managers and referees’ representatives that Scottish match officials must turn professional to reduce the number of mistakes being made.






    That’s four years ago, not long after that summit Andrew Dallas awarded Steven Gerrard’s Sevco Rangers four penalties in one match.



    So apologies for your miscomprehension



    Let me try to explain…



    Brendan Rodgers is not to blame for Scottish officials being amateurs



    Brendan Rodgers is not to blame for Scottish officials cheating.



    You and I are Scotsman, we should be embarrassed about folk coming to our Country and draling with this crap



    Not blaming them for it



    As for your jibe about my wee sad world



    I’m Buddhist



    Your ways and means are known to me



    Plant the seed



    Attack fholks mental health



    The wrong livelihood



    You are transparent…



    We call it fundamental darkness



    Hail Hail

  18. SCANIEL re: Seasons greetings and cats!



    The dog has stepped up into mousing duties these days. Kind of funny watching him act like a cat!



    Off to a cabin in the hills for the next four nights. No work until next Tuesday.







  19. Refs should be full time …they call themselves professional …do they not !?🤔…the sooner the better …problem the status quo suits the cheats ..easier to hide in the long grass

  20. CLUNKS



    That’s fair cheered me up. :)



    I’m near the end of week one.



    Any suggestions how to relive it?



    I’ve tried Jameson and Guinness combo, however the fecker keeps returning. :)




  21. Brian



    When you find the correct combo, please let me know!



    I put it down to dark nights and dark mornings



    I don’t get out and about nearly enough in the winter



    The central heating dries up my sinuses and stops my body from fighting it effectively



    However a 3-0 win must help



    And on saturday I expect the same!

  22. When you stand in solidarity with your comrades…..


    It’s hard not to bite …!!” when an aerosole continues to bait……”


    So in this season of 2023…. 2024……….I send this message to Paul.


    From the 1st of Jan ..Open the blog to all Paul and allow real cqner’s to post.


    There are times we post pish. Times we reply to a call for help .


    Times we hurt for fellow Celts….Times we rejoice….


    All the best Clunks .Have a good 2024……

  23. CLUNKS



    Central heating !!!!!



    In a Monty Python style. LUXURY.



    However , I’m not a great lover of the dark nights and mornings.



    Off to ‘ma cot.







  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Take a look if you will.



    BBC Football Home Page.



    It has links to more than FIFTY featured articles about football.



    The champions and league leaders of Scotland winning a game JUST EIGHT HOURS AGO isn’t one of them.



    Fran Alonso’s departure (a four day old story) remains.



    Quite deliberate editorial bias.



    No positive story about Celtic has a shelf life.



    Ditto any negative story about Sevco.



    Do your worst Wilson.



    It won’t be enough.

  25. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Rather dreich this morning in my demesne. Wellies, deerstalker and souwester required.

  26. Good morning all from a rain soaked Garngad.



    Off back to bed for a couple of ours.



    D. :)

  27. DAVID66 on 26TH DECEMBER 2023 8:53 PM



    Many fans will agree with your views. A bit harsh, but it is a valid view.



    This is where I feel there is a disconnection between those who actually watched the game and those who just see the bottom line score and associated stastictics.



    I know you watched the game in the boozers so your mates and yourself are only commentating on what you saw.



    As you mention, a valued 3 points but I agree we have watched much, much better.



    However I feel we are getting there.