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    Evening all







    Happy that we won, however, it seems like we don’t score early then we become nervous.







    Still, we’ve enough in the tank to beat that mob next week, IMHO.







    Any body else getting this heavy cold and ripping sore throat stuff?





    Normally I’m fortunate enough dodge this Ertha Kitt.




    You are NOT ALONE Brian.


    Ive had this Chest Infection/FLU Bug since December 3rd. I havent been able to go out anywhere.


    NO BEERS since our last meet up on December 1st.



    ive had a Christmas ” BY PASS”….New year may be the same unless I somehow feel better ?


    HH Mate.

  2. Well done EVENTUALLY Celtic.



    A frustrating afternoon for long periods.



    MAEDA in particular was a waste of a Jersey. But I understand that he CAN be effective against the Huns most times.


    It MAY be true that the Huns are FEART of DIAZEN ?



    KYOGO’s shooting boots WILL be back on come Saturday….Hopefully ?



    Hopefully, the 60,000 Celtic supporters will help install real Desire and drive The Celts onto VICTORY against the Huns ?



    Apologises, to anyone who has MAYBE texted me in the last few days, but my Phone has been turned OFF….as I am NOT having a good Christmas because of this Chest Infection/FLU BUG.




  3. Its been POURING down for hours this morning in The CALTON…


    I hope that 40,000 HUNS get soaked today going to Ipox…..and catch the FU BUG thats going around.


    Even better, would be some of their Players getting the FLU BUG after Today and they miss out on Saturday.



    Does the above make me a bad person ?






    I hope that 40,000 HUNS get soaked today going to Ipox…..and catch the FU BUG thats going around.



    Keep on hoping JAMES and speedy recovery.

  5. We need Neil Lennon back to sort the corrupt SFA right out, bring in foreign referees.



    If only our board would’ve sorted them out in 2012 eh but no they like to screw their own fans over like they did with the GB

  6. GP – I don’t know if some of the current squad are up to playing any better.



    We need an injection of quality ASAP imo.



    But I do understand at times we just need to get 3 points anyway we can.



    Someone mentioned stats about possession, but stats are only good if broken down as I bet we had 70% out of 80 along our back line. Dull and boring.



    We need midfielders/wingbacks to carry the ball forward and drive not turn constantly and pass ball backward.


    If the 2 banks of 5 defenders are covering space then we need said midfielders to carry the ball and let opposition commit players forward to allow us to pass through them or wide men who actually go past defenders.


    This is where we need some real quality imo.



    But of course I will take the 3 points all day.



    It’s just that we are letting in a huns team who we should be so far in front of as of last year we needed probably 3 good quality players but now I would say at least a GK, LB, Winger, Striker and maybe a CB if Brendan does not fancy Lagerbeilke or Narowski.



    D. :)

  7. Looking at the posts today, thank goodness we had a good victory yesterday.


    Dreadful day in Arbroath and, if it is the same in Glasgow, I feel for those going to Ibrox :-)))

  8. `…It’s just that we are letting in a huns team…`



    I think Officialdom in Scotland plays a big part in letting them in .

  9. What is the Starz on

    God Bless Peter Lawwell,Keeping the green flag flying despite the malcontents,naysayers and begrudgers

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic on the precipice as Hamdump fix sets.



    For EBT read VAR and an officialdom bent that has gripped the Scottish game. Celtic’s own goals have scored the equaliser, video assisted Rainjurz go from strength to strength, and hit peak Covid form. It’s eleven clubs being cheated, and we’re off in the handicapped hurdle versus ‘ Oor baw FC ‘



    Connect the Scottish dimension of VAR and it could soon be game set and match for BR before he makes a signing of his original choice. One or two meaningful contributions from nine summer signings, has turned into to a very poor batting average for showdown time, in Parkhead.



    The bad idea boardroom brigade and their middle name of compliance, declared we’re with UEFA and the fastest Super league statement in the west. Like buses, you wait ages then two come along at once, another about the straw that breaks me the camel’s IBrokes back with ‘ tickets for fenians ’



    A bit beleaguered Brendan ‘ has gone from super confident millionaire speaker to a new carriage in around six easy pressers, from great recruitment, to we need quality, to more intensity, finishing up for Christmas with a reminder of who we are, and our eternal state of gratitude to Brother Walfrid.



    It may have been easier for Brendan to arrange his audience with the Holy Father than it is to zoom in on any of the board bluffer’s and their now near £100M ‘buffer’ Target four, or see who’s available, get two over the line in the hard window, made all the harder by new club, with new welded on unsporting disadvantage.



    Hail Hail

  11. glendalystonsils on




    Spot – on post .



    11 clubs being cheated with meek acceptance , unfortunately .



    Aberdeen and Motherwell show slight signs of uneasiness ,which is more than can be said for us .

  12. Chair boy



    Not sure where Buddhism fits in. Other than my wife is coaching a 3 day mindfulness program today. She also spends time at Sam ye ling, Holy isle and in Nepal. I do know a wee bit about it and have a lot of respect for it but struggling to see the Celtic connection.



    As for Brendan mentioning VAR I would stand by my comment despite your odd insults. I was endorsing bada bings point. He should speak out this week. Yesterday was typical. We need every break going this weekend. Any pressure on VaR would be a help imo.



    As for the rest of the unconnected stuff you posted I am maybe not best placed to reply as I didn’t really understand it.

  13. Hot Smoked



    Agree 100%



    Great win yesterday.



    Hope that comment doesn’t upset to many folks on here.

  14. Guys,



    I don’t think I’ve seen one comment that stated it was not a welcome and valued win.



    But it was not a great, inventive or entertaining performance. Anybody who attended the game or watched it on TV will know that.



    Dundee were an absolute disgrace for a ream playing at home. It was only shocking misses and general ineptness in front of goal that prevented a deserved eight goal to nil defeat.



    We can only play who is in front of us, but Dundee would get football stopped as a spectator sport. They deserved hammered.



    One thing we did learn, we now know what goalkeeper we will not be signing.