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  1. Well done Celtic. If we were more clinical, it could have been a much much bigger score. 3 points in the bag so all good.

  2. What is the Starz on

    Mikey is rubbish, should never play for Celtic again.Peter Lawwell needs to go and take that over rated snake Rodgers with him.


    We are hopeless..The Mighty Gers remain unbeaten all season (another astonishing World record)

  3. I know there was much angst …but looking at it realistically…over the 90 mins …very comfortable 3 0 going on 7 or 8 …some team going to get a battering

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Well done Celts. Dominant. Unrecognisable from the anaemic performances against Motherwell, Killie and Hearts. A bit of momentum going into the derby. Back to back clean sheets and will go into the huns game top of the league. Congrats to MJ.

  5. Ideal time for Brendan to call out the cheating, when we win,ask why CCV wasn’t a penalty, when they are basic penalties for the huns

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Well done Celtic. Going into old Glasgow Town for a beer on Friday about 12, Crystal Palace for starters. All welcome but bring cash.

  7. AIPPLE on 26TH DECEMBER 2023 4:37 PM


    To make today even better I just saw a mouse in the kitchen.




    Thanks for that….. it made me laugh and lightened the tension whilst still at 1-0.


    As it happens, my daughter texted me the exact same message just a short time earlier. Told her to call it Minnie and feed the poor wee thing.

  8. Well done bhoys – a dour struggle but we have seen it all before- three goals always take the Ref out of it.

  9. Last two games, I’ve seen players putting the runs and tackles in. Not at our free flowing best yet but talk of players downing tools are way wide of the mark.



    CCV obviously a big concern. He won’t be playing on Saturday. The games have caught up with him over the festive schedule. Given the form, there’s no way we could have rested him today.



    Still though, Saturday is there to be won. I feel confident. Bring our CL home form into the game and we’ll be win comfortably.

  10. Enjoyed the game today. Always liked shootie in.



    Some good chat about the game today. One thing. Is it mandatory to play a goalkeeper?



    HH, the journey continues.

  11. 🎶 Mike, Mike, Supa’ Mike


    🎶 Mike, Mike, Supa’ Mike


    🎶 Mike, Mike, Supa’ Mikey Johnston 🎶



    Hail Hail

  12. Just read back!



    Dundee are the poorest side I’ve seen this season.



    We were not good enough to give them a hammering.



    The only positive was that Taylor won a few aerial challenges.



    We lack creativity.


    We lack physicality.


    And we lack height.



    Apart from that……………..



    Bring on the huns………………gulp.

  13. Anyone still want to argue with me about Maeda?.By the way,that was not his worse performance,that’s 80% of his displays.Some are worse.Has been getting away with this rubbish far too long,not with me.


    If he is in the team for Saturday,well,we will see.Well done Tic.Another blanket defence to play through.


    If Lois Palma cant be a number 10,I am a Hun.That pass through to Bernardo,exquisite,and not for the first time.Forever putting passes about.A touch of velvet in a mad world.


    CCV ,h,mm.We won at Ibrox with new CH Scales,and Gustav a day off the plane.


    High crosses the problem,off which there will be many.

  14. I would like to see us go with 3 centre backs on Saturday and put Meada where he should be on the left of a midfield 5. Give Kyogo someone to work with. He is quality and will come good. Sadly , it won’t happen. As TB says if Maeda is on the right on Saturday we will struggle.

  15. TB


    Agree about Maeda but we might need him for Saturday….he is at best a CF where he plays for Japan.



    Now to the game…..all the stats mean nothing if we don’t put the ball in the net.We are great to watch but we have to start scoring. MJ a pleasant surprise well done young man and well done Celtic.

  16. Anybody want to argue about Maeda the striker being played as a winger?



    Maeda`s cracking goal on the break at ibrox a wee while back should`ve confirmed him as a play on the break golden ace card.



    But we rarely play on the break hence the reason why we look such easy mugs in Europe.



    PS Any manager who cant be cute and utilise James McCarthy here and there has to be questioned!

  17. Markiebhoy,



    The only place Maeda can play,is straight through the middle.Balls over the top to him.On the shoulder.


    Only trouble is,if we can’t get balls through to Kyogo,with better movement,it aint gonna happen.We don’t play that way.I did put it on the line saying tell me honestly what you thought tonight of him.Everyone scared?Why?.


    By the way,not happy to say this,but the boy is not too good.

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    Tidy result for Celtic Glasgow, on the feast of Stephen.



    No favours in the first half of total domination and another team would have been awarded any dodgy penalty, never mind the plain sight assault on Cameron Carter Vickers.



    Low block torturous to watch stuff at times, but you always felt we would score like we did against Livi in these two recovery games, before “ Oor Baw FC “ arrive in Parkhead.



    Good value from Luis Palma who helped create some of the record twenty one corners. One reason for Celtic’s record number, is the amount of crosses that are blocked and stopped because we don’t have an aerial threat, and distribution comes in low.



    Paulo Bernardo was outstanding and at last got on the end of something by going to ground to get in a toe poke opener. Third sub Mikey Johnston at last caught a break he couldn’t previously buy, Dundee couldn’t prevent Johnston’s dipped shoulder with shot, not once but twice.



    Some outstanding performances Alistair Johnston included in non stop action. Much ‘staunch’ Dens defending, but on the big playing surface there was no panic in this very happy Celtic hunting ground.



    MOM Paulo Bernardo

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Well done 👏 I had an ominous feeling at HT.



    We have some very, very average players in this team.



    Unfortunately a couple of them I once thought were quite good, but I’m now thinking it’s chicken and egg: were they good or did they appear good because those around them (since sold or injured were good).



    Hopefully the weekend “takes care of itself”; the average raise their game and the Japanese bhoys use it as a shop window.



    January is a very, very important window.

  20. 418 @ 5:52 PM,



    The Japanese Manager obviously knows his stuff.



    Why Ange bought Meada in as a winger I’ve no idea.



    BTW: Didn’t mean to upset you with the National Socialist stuff – some of my pals are National Socialists:)



    Hail Hail

  21. glendalystonsils on

    I think Brendan will go with the same starting line up on Saturday ( Welsh for CCV apart) despite Maeda contributing next to nothing on the right . Delighted for Mikey today but he doesn’t seem to be the same player when he starts games, so for me his role has to be impact sub if he has any kind of future with us .



    In an ideal world we would use the January window to bring in the players to improve our goals to possession/attempts ratio . We can but dream .


    Big plus today was the energy and intent of the team . Nothing at all like Killie or Hertz .

  22. lets all do the huddle on

    Maeda`s cracking goal on the break at ibrox a wee while back should`ve confirmed him as a play on the break golden ace card.




    on the break?



    well it wasnt was it.



    the hun defence made an arse of it.

  23. JINKYREDSTAR on 26TH DECEMBER 2023 5:14 PM



    Well done bhoys – a dour struggle but we have seen it all before- three goals always take the Ref out of it.



    *you opened your mouth there and the Big Mhan’s voice came out, he also used tae say when we had a bit of a goal scoring drought that as long as we were makin chances then they would eventually go in.

  24. yous are no listening I told you weeks ago that DM is NEVER a outside right , honestly don’t know what value he is to the team stuck on the right wing.

  25. Sorry to be negative, but that was poor. Cheating aside, we are not fast enough. Paper over the cracks.



    MOM Taylor, closely followed by Bernardo.



    Cannot see us win on Saturday sadly.


    Rodgers style of play is way, way too passive, compare yo last season.


    Get rid of Br , I say




  26. well into the season now, but players look like they are still getting used to the slower possession based system used by BR , imo some of the current starting players will never adapt to it and are more used to the high press and high tempo game, imo some of the players aren’t enjoying the system as are lots of supporters .

  27. KINGLUBO on 26TH DECEMBER 2023 6:45 PM


    Sorry to be negative, but that was poor. Cheating aside, we are not fast enough. Paper over the cracks.



    TBH i cannae argue wi that..BR return was not for me!

  28. Maeda a cert for Saturday. He like MJ and Yang can be limited in end product but what Maeda never does, is hide. If he’s having a tough afternoon, he’ll continue to close down and put tackles in – he limits the opponents playing out and launching attacks.



    The only question for me is whether you start Maeda on the left or right. Start on the left and he pushes back tavpen (which as we seen repeatedly is the key to beating them) but then you’re shifting Palma onto his less favoured side. Can Palma be trusted to do the same job ? Will he put the hard yards in ?



    It’s a big call for BR to make but either way, Maeda starts.