Edouard objectives, the road to Milan


It was only Azerbaijan, but Odsonne Edouard made another big impression on those watching the conveyor belt of French talent in their under-21 game last night.  He has now scored six in three under-21 games, which is the kind of form that would take him beyond Celtic’s reach were he not already at the club.

The objective should be to hold him for another year.  Beyond that seems unrealistically optimistic.

Cycle Glasgow to Milan – 23April to 6 May 2020

On 6 May 1970 the famous Glasgow Celtic played Feyenoord in the final of the European Cup in Milan.  Sadly, the heroic victory in Lisbon in 1967 could net be repeated against a team who were part of the golden era of Dutch football.

In 2017, our own Mouldy67 organised a group of 30 Celtic supporters for a cycle trip from Glasgow to Lisbon.  They arrived at their destination in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our first European Cup Final, while raising an incredible £85k for charity.

A bit like the Lions, one European Cup Final was not enough, so the cyclists are back, planning to travel from Glasgow to Milan to commemorate our second Final, in order to raise funds for the Celtic FC Foundation.

The route goes through Antwerp, Flanders, Brussels, Champagne, Dijon, and Turin before reaching Milan.  It is a professionally run event, planned by Greenrock, an experienced events agency.  If this is something you could participate in, get in touch with the team at theroadtomilan2020@gmail.com for more information.

The trip will take 13 days, but there are opportunities to cycle 2 and 3 day-only parts of the course.  I’m not saying this is your last chance to cycle across Europe with a group of Celtic fans, but the corresponding anniversary of our third European final will not be until 2053!

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  1. INIQUITOUSIV on 11TH OCTOBER 2019 12:32 AM


    !!BADA BING!!








    Sorry, logged off mate,2 of Giuliani’s associates charged with campaign funds violation, and linked with introducing him to Russian PM’s inside guy re Biden

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Takeover panel wait for King to be removed from power before taking action is the real story here




    One of the reasons for the reduction in activity on the site is that there are no (or greatly fewer) battles left to be fought.




    CQN was in its pomp in the years leading up to and following the demise of Rangers. The quality of observation from posters, and the lead given to them by Paul67, was utterly compelling over a considerable number of years. This site, along with RangersTaxCase and the blogs by (sorely missed) Paul McConville were the touchstones for virtually everyone with an interest in what was a defining period for the Game in Scotland.




    This site was read and quoted by all of the talking heads and scribblers in the game, it’s influence reaching further than most contributors might have grasped.




    Along with the observations, analyses and discussions, was a quite remarkable sense of humour. There were times when the blog was pure comedy, and goodness knows how many workplace monitors were splattered with tea and coffee by skiving posters and lurkers alike, doubtless causing startled bewilderment amongst their more diligent but CQN-oblivious colleagues.




    All of that, plus the friendships that were formed, the good causes that were supported, and goodness knows what else.




    The friendships grow stronger offsite, and the instinct to do good remains and has spread to other channels too, but there are very many fewer football causes to rally around, and the humour has followed Dick Byrne and NeilR and EdwardUrsus and Zbyszek and so many others out the virtual door.




    What we’re left with are the legacies and artefacts of that period, together with whatever occurs match to match, week to week, season to season.




    The (relative) vacuum has been filled with – let’s say – somewhat less engaging material, so much ad hominem and invective, and so little informed discussion and mischief making.




    That’s a shame, but it’s also the way it is. Perhaps things might change as the mania of *inarow deepens this season and (hopefully) next, when hitherto inexplicable decisions on and off the pitch become compellingly explicable, precipitating another cause to rally to, another campaign to fight. We’ll see.




    Until then, I’ll continue to love this site for what is was, what it gave me, and what it still stands for. And if I post less often than previously, and if it takes less time to read through the posts, that’s just the way it is.




    Hat tipped to Paul67 and those who continue to value what he has created here.





  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 11th October 2019 12:20 pm


    ‘Takeover panel wait for King to be removed from power before taking action is the real story here’






    Does seem odd.



    Though not as odd as taking action against only one member of a concert party.

  5. Yep. Marspapa played vert well. Tidy & efficient and kept going like a human dynamo for the full game.


    Ireland have as good an Under 21 team as I’ve seen in my time following Irish Football.


    Last night they were short probably their best player Connolly who Mick McCarthy took to Georgia with Senior Squad, & of course Abolafi missed out with a tight hamstring. Troy Parrott another outstanding project was unjustly sent off and misses trip to Iceland.


    In contrast Italy released 2 of their Senior squad to play last night.


    Game ended nil all, draw a fair enough result but if anything I felt Ireland shaded it as the better team.


    Coming in to Tournament Italy were top seeds & Ireland 4th seeds,


    If Ireland win away to Iceland next Tuesday they will be in a great position to either win Group or progress as best 2nd placed team.i

  6. When Paul 67 originated CQN, tattoos were taboo in some quarters and an indication of a somewhat rebellious attitude.



    Now they are sooooo mainstream, in fact many would now say they are a sign of conformity.



    Time and tide wait for no man. ( or 2019 person )



    HH to all.

  7. Regarding the future of CQN, quite obviously many people are experiencing major difficulties in accessing the site. Paul must surely be aware of that at this stage. Why is it not been addressed is a big question.


    I installed Ad Blocker & don’t have any real problems in that regard, my only problem is that sometimes I get logged off & am unable to log back in again. If I leave it for an hour or two and try again it’s usually OK. Once I’m logged in I have no problems whatever with Adds etc.

  8. Get Eddy to sign a year’s extension with a release clause that starts after the 10.



    Keep both parties happy.

  9. !!BADA BING!! @ 12:12


    Thank you. That is true, but you are anticipating something that may well happen but has not occurred. Drumpf has not yet tossed Giuliani under a bus.



  10. CORKCELT @ 1:01 pm


    Re the website issues, I have had a slightly different experience. I have given up trying to use CQN on my IPhone – it is impossible. On the IPad, Ad-Blocker veiled most ads, except 2, a women’s fashion site, and Turkish Airlines. I installed Ad-Blocker Pro, which removed the former, but the Turkish Airline ad stubbornly obliterated every page. I installed AdBlocker Ultimate, which removed it.



    Then I couldn’t access the latest posts without logging on. That was irritating enough, but now it takes me 4 or 5 attempts just to log on. I am pretty patient, but if others are experiencing this, I can see why some contributors are falling by the wayside.






    I watched the Irish lads play a while ago and they had a player in midfield, might have been the captain, powerful with plenty ability and a fair bit of dig about him can’t remember his name but was hoping Celtic maybe looking at him, do you know whom I’m talking of.




    Young lad Knight is highly rated. Possibly him. Spoke to Derby fan on holiday, says he is similar in style to Roy Keane. I haven’t seen him myself. Just what I hear.

  13. Rangers chief Dave King explains why he has ended £1m fight with Takeover Panel after ‘cold-shoulder’ ruling



    The Hun headline…..making a serial criminal into a hero for the hun hordes

  14. That ole Takeover Panel Ruling looks all a bit damp squibbish to me. Even they seemed keen to say it didn’t reflect any Sevco matters.



    I was led to believe that every company in their stratosphere would be running for the hills when this was announced.



    Anybody know what’s the scoop?

  15. Dave King “does not impact upon my personal or business activities – including RIFC”



    Let him explain why 1m has been spent fighting it even hun logic must be able to work that one out !

  16. !!BADABING!! That would be a major headline in the U.S. and it is not. Drumpf said, “You’ll have to ask Rudy that.” I know he said the same thing about Cohen, but Giuliani is still representing Drumpf as his personal attorney on U.S. talk shows.


    All I’m saying is that you may well be right, eventually. It just hasn’t happened yet.






    It was in a foreign language the commentary so I turned the sound off.



    All I remember was he was solid in the tackle and never shirked any challenge so you may well be right in the Roy Keane comparison , cheers.



    I’ll look out for the next game they play.



    From previous article.



    A staggering fact re Brexit!


    “It is not widely known that it costs the UK more to support Northern Ireland than it does to be in the EU!”


    From David.Green in The Telegraph on 10 October 2019.


    Hail! Hail!



  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Me and Wee BGFC were having a chat about some matters of an Irish-history persuasion recently.



    Led us to wonder what the general opinion / feeling is down in Cork about old Mick Collins, and about his killing ?



    Is he well thought of, regarded as a Free Stater or a traitor to his former comrades, thought of as a lion lead by a donkey or maybe just a good man in a tough position / are his killers regarded as faithful soldiers of the republic doing their duty, as assassins, good or bad.



    Or is it perhaps too complicated / long ago to generalise?



    We’d be interested to get the perspective of native of that part of Ireland – i.e., your own good self – no rush, just curious ;-))



    (We also had a brief chat about Roy Keane too – but quickly came to the conclusion that he’s just a balloon).



    Cheers pal






  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    One of the reasons perhaps the blog popularity has gone backwards is because there is a good chance that if you post a view of any kind then you may end up in a spat with another poster who for whatever reason will not only disagree with you but go on to insult you,



    Most people don’t like being insulted so why bother taking the chance by posting a view on here? Like most folks I don’t like it either but will post and exchange views with anyone on anything as long as we are polite to one another,



    When an invitation to a mud slinging match is offered I’m gone, other than that I still really like the blog.

  21. INIQUITOUSIV – On the iphone the site becomes ad free and easy to use if you switch off javascript in Safari.


    Go to Settings > Safari > scroll down to “Advanced” > disable JavaScript.



    The site works like a dream after that.

  22. INIQUITOUSIV – to save me going into settings each time I use CQN, I leave Safari with JavaScript switched off for CQN and use Chrome for all other browsing.

  23. With regards to the number of users/posts on CQN these days, it is indeed a dramatic fall from a few years back when it wasn’t unusual to see 800-1000 posts per article.


    It was (is) quite common to see people slagging off the Record, the Sun, the ET, the Scotsman and the Herald for their dwindling readership and sales while online readership was booming. Looks like CQN could be joining them. Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media . . .



    Maybe those of us who are left here missed the boat or the invitation to the party where all the in-crowd are:)

  24. BGFC. At this stage I reckon Collins is very well thought of but at the same time there would be no antipathy to the ambush party that killed him.


    Civil war was the most painful part of our History. The Free Staters were totally ruthless in their reprisals against Republicans, In some cases as a reprisal for an attack they just took Prisoners who had been in prison at the time of attack so had no involvement, & executed them


    In March 1923 9 young Republicans were rounded up in Tralee Co. they were tortured, had their bones broken with hammers, then they were taken to Ballyseedy near Tralee & bound to a Land Mine with barbed wire & blown to bits.


    The plan was to put out a story that they were planting a mine & blew themselves up, a bit like the Miami Massacre plan many years later.


    However in Ballyseedy one man miraculously survived, he was blown into a nearby field, and the bits of bodies were so scattered that the Free Staters didn’t realise they had 8 bodies instead of 9.


    That man was the reason the truth came out, I am a very close friend of his nephew,


    I am also a very close friend of the son of one of the men in the ambush party that shot Collins. He is a big Celtic Supporter and we have gone on trips to Paradise together.


    Most of the Civil War atrocities took part after Collins was killed. So whether things would have been different if he had lived we will never know. However Collins himself was totally ruthless so there is no reason to believe it might have been different.


    I grew up a Republican & hated Collins for many years, by the way I also hated De Valera , However now in the fullness of time I acknowledge his greatness but I still find it difficult to reconcile what happened almost 25 years before I was born.


    Even writing this reply aroused feelings I’d rather not have.


    Anyhow you probably got more than you bargained for with your wee question.


    Now I have to respond to questions about Lee O’Connor.

  25. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    DENIABHOY on 11TH OCTOBER 2019 4:17 PM


    Case in point, I’m talking to myself.





    Hello :-))






    ROCK TREE BHOY on 11TH OCTOBER 2019 3:39 PM



    I completely agree with what you said there, I try not to get involved in arguments on here – have enough of that at work and in real life. Hate seeing people jump down each others’ necks.



    I avoid posting in the middle of someone else’s argument because you get accused of being a gang or clique, and also avoid some posters entirely because you just know they will quickly turn to abusive, agressive or just smart-arsed comments.



    You do, indeed, end up talking to yourself – at least you avoid an argument that way (shut up – no ye don’t, don’t talk rubbish !!!)






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