Energising offensively


I’ve spoken to many Celtic fans over the last couple of days but I’ve not met one who would have preferred Roy Keane to be our manager instead of Ronny Deila.  Despite some impeccable references, Ronny is a largely unknown character, but there is an appreciation among the support that we need to come up with a plan to enable the club to over-achieve in Europe.

The man’s performance at the media conference was faultless.  It’s not important to quick-witted but his use of words like “energise” and “offensive” is promising.  Football is in the entertainment business and Ronny appears to appreciate the link between the way his team perform, not just their results, and the ultimate satisfaction supporters’ leave the ground with.

Our thanks to the Greenock Celtic Supporters Club for hosting last night’s CQN Lions fundraiser for the Celtic FC Foundation.  We were fortunate to be entertained by Willie Wallace, John Hughes and Bertie Auld, it was a fantastic night, full of laughs.

Special thanks to those who attended and helped raise over £2000 for the Foundation, and to those who promised to get involved with the Foundation.  The club is in good hands with supporters like those in Greenock last night.  Big shout to Joe and Mick for bringing a familiar old friend along.

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best.

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  1. I wonder how many calls and texts Stefan Johansen has had from team manes asking about the new boss.



    The talk seems to be of good discipline, very fit players, quick passing and movement and attacking football. I hope that some will be very excited by this. But I think there might be one or two wondering whether they should pick up the phone to their agent.

  2. Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but I am looking forward to he new season. Develop our youth players and it sounds like he will be looking for players with pace as well.



    Could be exciting times ahead.



    It’s good that Celtic have shaken things up with an appointment like yesterday.

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    What I am looking for now is a fresh evaluation of all our squad with the slate wiped clean.



    Regardless of reputation and who cost what : If they are not good enough, ship them out, take the hit if necessary and start afresh.




  4. His frequent use of the word “we” was also impressive. It’s all about Celtic. … good start Ronny

  5. It’s Ronny, not Ronnie or Ronie.



    Don’t you just hate it when your own name is written down wrongly?



    Ronny….it’s very simple.



    Keep smiling.





    Roy Keane, Why ? Not a Safe pair of hands, in fact a gamble, and for what.



    I’d just posted my thoughts on the new man on the last thread. He is a gamble too, no doubt but at least it shows innovation, the unexpected boils down to some excitement.



    My last post from before:



    I know we are all a little in the dark about Mr Deila.



    The main piece of evidence we have is probably Stefan Johansen.



    Remember when he first arrived ? He’d clearly came from a environment that demanded passion, effort and athleticism.



    If I’m honest I’m not too sure if we had that in the camp at Celtic Park.



    I watched Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich’s success in the CL the season before last. Both had that passion, effort and athleticism, allied to their obvious skill. It blew Barcelona and Real Madrid away. Innovation sometimes succeeds.



    Let’s hope we have an innovator in Ronny Deila, it seems that way.


    And that we, the support, have the patience and fortitude to try a new approach.



    It may be exciting and who knows maybe even successful ?

  7. West End of East End on

    Just listened to BBC Shortbread and was surprised at the positivity from Mark Birchall, Billy Dodds and especially Richard Wilson. I thought Dodds & Wilson would have been looking for a Keane appointment but all 3 are buying into what Celtic are doing with the appointment of Ronny.



    Great night in the Greenock CSC last night, Yogi’s description of the Scotland set up in his day was priceless. I wasn’t sure what to expect last night but a great night. When Bertie walked in singing with the Big Cup the hall just loved it. Again, priceless…

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    I think Ronny needs someone on his management team with an extensive knowledge of Scottish football



    Apart from the teams we will play .. The stadia we will visit .. The hatred we receive from some opponents and the Sfa bias against us .



    And obviously he might need a wee bit clarification on the death of the govan team so he can correct the SMSM when they set him up with questions about them

  9. When the hun died most of us on here were calling for an overhall of the whole club



    It was a chance to start developing the players from the bottom up without the pressure to compete with our main rivals



    Hopefully the appointment of Deila is the start of this



    Hail Hail Ronny



    Welcome to Paradise




  10. mickbhoy1888 on

    I suspect that Deila’s No2 at Stromgodset David Neilsen will not be getting considered for the No2 position at Celtic Park



    Nielsen has attracted controversy at various times in his career for falling into serious gambling debt, assaulting a team mate and then, in November 2008, admitting matchfixing in a Danish game played in 2004.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TBB is right about luck( not the only trait he shares with the Emperor)



    Davie Hay wasn’t the worst manager in Celtic history, but he must have been the unluckiest.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Mickbhoy, the ole hunguffers weren’t slow to dig up those little nuggets.



    Runny looks like he has the smarts to see through them.

  13. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I’m on record as saying I’m delighted with the new appointment it’s just what I was hoping for.



    I do however have a slight concern over this attacking style of football that Ronny is so fond of.



    In the SPFL that’s fine but 4-3-3 in Europe is a recipe for disaster, we don’t and won’t, as far as I can see, have players technically good enough to compete at CL level with this formation.



    I’m now hoping that the next step is a No2 with an old head or at the very least someone with experience of European football.



    Tony Mowbray wanted to bring ‘sexy back’ look how that turned out.



    Cautiously optimistic but very excited.

  14. West Wales Celt on

    Keane was a doubled edged sword for me.


    His record was questionable but his arrival would have implied investment in the squad.


    I like what I’m hearing about Ronny and a manager in tune with the club’s philosophy is a bonus.


    I hope he gets some of the investment that would have been granted to Roy.


    I suspect he may use it more wisely…

  15. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I blame those kafflick schools you were referring to earlier on :-)

  16. Didn’t have time to reply yesterday, but I see that Agent Le Guen was mentioned. I was genuinely fearful when he signed for “thems”, as I could see an improvement in the way he had them playing in Europe. Had he stayed, I think “thems” could have done well.



    Thank God for Bazza! As it turned out, he was our man in their camp!







  17. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on

    Good article Paul.



    Ronny also used another word , culture.



    A culture of improvement.



    A mindset that looks at every aspect from the mundane an seemingly trivial to the 90 mins on the day.



    Its hard tae define an is open tae interpretation but for me it will be improvement at every opportunity.



    Wit does that look like ?



    It looks like a consistant starting pace in gemmes.



    It looks like a strive tae cut out sloppiness regardless of the standard of opposition



    It looks like a ball played into someones stride instead of behind him



    It looks like finding a teamate from a shy .



    It looks like identifying the freekick taker corner kick taker instead of it being an ad hoc force of personality deal.



    Example,for me Griffiths freekicks at Hibs should have saw him become our free kick specialist.



    It looked tae me that Griifiths joost in the door would step back from a more forceful personality eg Charlie or Stokes an defer tae them.



    That kind of ad hoc on the hoof strength of personality decision would be far less likely if there was a culture of improvement.



    A culture that established the team above everything else.



    Ronny is gonnae be special

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    If we had more mobile players than, say Commons, Stokes, in the team, then surely the 4-3-3 formation would be adaptable in defence and attack.



    It is/was a sorry sight to see the attempts of those lads, plus Mulgrew, trying to track back.



    Would it be a step to far if hose players were surplus to the requirements of a new system?

  19. Syd Negakev.



    Point taken, suitably chastised and will remember the name of the one and only Ronny.



    The two Ronnies was only for Telly.




  20. West End of East End


    You stole my thunder, felt as though we were, on the terraces of Paradise, Big Yogi didnae miss with his comment,fell oaf ma chair, many a true word spoken in jest, fantastic evening, and Celtic Foundation a winner as well.


    Awerabest PJ

  21. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Having spoken with the tiny enclave of Tims in the office regarding the appointment of Ronny as manager the overwhelming reaction was ‘underwhelmed’ and ‘not an inspired choice’. All would have rather had Roy K in place over Ronny and some even had their doubts over RK’s ability. But to a man all state now Ronny is ‘enthroned’ he will get their full support.


    Let us all hope that the all the spin emanating from CP is warranted and that the emperor is indeed fully clothed.



    Anywho ‘C’ead Mile Failte’ Ronny & HH.

  22. mickbhoy1888 on




    15:23 on 7 June, 2014



    I’ve not been out to buy a paper yet and unlike some I am not in the habit of frequenting Hun sites. I carry out my own research


    If a a man is prepared to work with a man for 7 months who admits to being involved in match-fixing I have to question and consider his judgement either that or he is to weak to stand up to the people who made the appointment





    Davie Hay assembled the finest side since The Lions IMO.



    Unlucky disnae do it justice.



    We were fantastic to watch then.



    Most of the time,admittedly!

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    TerryONeill Neil ah love yae




    Good post.



    I like the “culture” aspect.



    That should extend to fitness and lifestyle.



    These are highly paid professional athletes and we should demand that they are in the best condition they can possibly be.

  25. Ah Fully Expect



    Forster, tae Leave Après The Euro Prelims get under way.



    The Writing is oan the Wall.



    Celtic,urnae Hustling tae bring in …Gordon ,fur Nuttin’!



    We wull Miss Forster..he is a Very Valuable Member of oor Defensive set -Up.



    Hate tae see him Leave.



    Gordon ,wiz a fine Keeper ,when he was with Hearts..



    Ah hope he Still Has “It”.






  26. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Mick bhoy, or you could give Ronny a chance.



    As far as I know he’s not appointed the coaching staff he’ll be working with at Celtic.


    MICKYBHOY 1888



    With the greatest respect,your profession is not squeaky clean. And the fella in question had cleaned up his act by the time he joined up with RD.



    He did wrong,no doubt. But he seems to have learned from it.



    Most of us have.

  28. Popping back in for a wee word about our new manager. Hope all are well :)



    News of the appointment of Ronny Deila came to me at the same pace as the rest of us. The shortlist of the names was a closely guarded secret, even moreso than any transfer target I’ve seen. What WAS palpable when digging for information around people inside Celtic was the strategy. A strategy not just for this season, but for seasons to come and beyond the reign of this new regime.



    The desire to find someone young, with ambition to build not just players of skill but men of character within our club. The desire to aspire to perform to the highest standard and make Celtic games “must-see” entertainment every week. Not just for victory, but the manner of it.



    I truly believe that it is in this way that we will finally bury the old firm tag beneath the soil of irrelevance. The strategy espoused in the Club’s recruitment of Ronny Deila was one that recognised an ambition to build something from the ground up. To appoint a man of intelligence and vision who can get the very best out of players. With a strong commitment to the scientific approach to improvement held at the core of a Celtic coaching system that is beginning to strengthen and grow and learn new ways to improve our talent at all levels.



    Some deride this appointment as a cheap option (it was undoubtedly cheap given what some managerial appointments seem to cost) or a demonstration of a lack of ambition. I say that ambition is not shown through numbers alone. This young man is one of the most highly touted young coaches in the world for building a provincial nonentity into national champions within a few seasons. The equivalent of winning our league with Motherwell against much stronger and better financed clubs. But that is not the only achievement. All reports and comment in Norway use words like legacy when discussing the systems put in place to take that small club forward with confidence.



    Now, on a larger platform, with vastly increased resources and a solid infrastructure already in place, Ronny Deila has an unmissable opportunity. If he is the man that Celtic’s recruitment process believes him to be and the reports from Scandinavia suggest, he could build a legacy at our club that, if maintained, could last for generations.



    Or, he could fade into relative obscurity. No appointment is a given guarantee of success. What matters is the underlying aims and plans that put the man in place.



    Ours are both exciting to me and challenging to Ronny Deila in the best possible way. I wish him every success.

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