Energising offensively


I’ve spoken to many Celtic fans over the last couple of days but I’ve not met one who would have preferred Roy Keane to be our manager instead of Ronny Deila.  Despite some impeccable references, Ronny is a largely unknown character, but there is an appreciation among the support that we need to come up with a plan to enable the club to over-achieve in Europe.

The man’s performance at the media conference was faultless.  It’s not important to quick-witted but his use of words like “energise” and “offensive” is promising.  Football is in the entertainment business and Ronny appears to appreciate the link between the way his team perform, not just their results, and the ultimate satisfaction supporters’ leave the ground with.

Our thanks to the Greenock Celtic Supporters Club for hosting last night’s CQN Lions fundraiser for the Celtic FC Foundation.  We were fortunate to be entertained by Willie Wallace, John Hughes and Bertie Auld, it was a fantastic night, full of laughs.

Special thanks to those who attended and helped raise over £2000 for the Foundation, and to those who promised to get involved with the Foundation.  The club is in good hands with supporters like those in Greenock last night.  Big shout to Joe and Mick for bringing a familiar old friend along.

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best.

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  1. Behaving as you say like catholics !”





    Here was me believing all these years I went to a Catholic school must have been a non


    non-demon inational :O(

  2. Lefty



    Caught it VG ,didn’t realise that was a Sam n Dave…..should have taught more music at above school .hh

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy


    12:37 on


    9 June, 2014




    “Wallace went to a Rangers convention thousands of miles away. He’s like Cesar. Rome is burning and he refuses to acknowledge that he can smell burning.”






    God love him. If he’d gone to a Kafflik school maybe he wouldn’t have confused Cesar (sic) with Nero.





    He also left oot the fiddling bit. hh




    A European theme again for today’s instalment of the only Qhuizshow in town.



    Name the three teams that Celtic have played competitively against in European competition four or more times, without the Hoops recording a victory.



    ***The rules of the game are always the same.


    No search engines please, you’re only cheating yourself***

  5. Twittersphere saying Butcher was sacked by Hibs 2 weeks ago. Apparently, it was one of the 1st things that the new MD did on her appointment. Meeting later this week for “official” announcement, and new man appointed within a week!


    Onwards and upwards for the Hibees?






    End London rule. YES.

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    There’s been a lot of spivs at the fiddle over at Ipox in recent years. Maybe it was too painful for him to mention :-))

  7. Monaghan1900 on



    12:48 on


    9 June, 2014



    “Cesar” wisnae as good as Nero on th’oul fiddle.