Error in positions. Racism in spate


Just as a year ago, we lost the first game of the season against Newco, but the similarities end with the result.  Celtic bossed the first half and created the better chances in an even second period.  Goals change games and when Kyogo Furuhashi centred a cross for Odsonne Edouard, the game should have changed.  Instead, Odsonne took his eye off the ball, which bounced off his heel and ran to safety.

One week ago today, despite scoring six against St Mirren, I urged Ange Postecoglou to play Kyogo through the middle, if necessary moving Odsonne to the left.  He started Kyogo on the left yesterday and although Celtic enjoyed the bulk of possession, they were blunt in front of goal; Odsonne’s miss starkly demonstrating the point.  It was a foreseeable error from Ange, which he later accepted.

Although Newco were unable to keep possession throughout the first half, at home, exclusively in front of their own fans, news of their demise was exaggerated.  They survived the torrent when required and adjusted their game plan at halftime.  From that point, Celtic were no more than equal in the contest until Kyogo moved into the middle on 70 minutes.

After Kygo shot from a tight angle, Ryan Christie reacted animatedly towards his teammate, presumably complaining that the Japanese striker did not square the ball for him to finish in front of goal.

I’m never keen on Celtic players shouting at each other and suspect this show of agitation contributed to Kyogo passing instead of shooting moments later, when the clear shot at goal was on.  Our Imperious Icon could be forgiven for wondering why bother laying chances on a plate for others after Edouard’s earlier miss.

Just like the first goal we lost to Newco last season, yesterday’s goal was lost from a set piece but I’m not pressing the panic button on this one.  Last year we were unable to form a straight defensive line, it was largely the central defenders who were causing the problems.  The defenders were correctly marshalled yesterday, the goal was lost because none of the others picked up a late runner.

The transformation in Celtic in such a short period has been beyond any of our expectations.  We will continue to improve and I expect will top the table after Newco’s visit on 2 January.  In losing twice so early, however, we have put ourselves under unwelcome pressure.  Playing the beautiful stuff is not always rewarded.

Last week they came after the Japanese, yesterday, they came after the Irish.  Racism in Scotland is in spate, it was even given a police escort post-match in Glasgow yesterday.  It is not the responsibility of Celtic to win so often that the mob have no opportunity to wreak havoc on the city.

Our political leaders and police cannot ignore this problem away.  Scotland is home to many cultures, creeds and ethnicities.  All will suffer unless the laws of the land are enforced.

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  1. I think we need to avoid summoning the villagers and lighting torches every time someone scores a goal against us. Otherwise we are doing a job for those who despise us. We will lose goals from set-pieces this season – everyone does.

  2. They cant even bring themselves to report it accurately – from the record. maybe it was Partick or Queens Park supporters.





    A group of football fans have been videoed walking through Glasgow city centre singing “the famine is over, why don’t you go home”.



    The group – believed to be Rangers fans – have been slammed after footage emerged of the “racist anti-Irish march”.

  3. Linked with Ali McCann from St Johnstone, i think he would be a good addition to the MF,very fit,likes the physical side,which we lacked yesterday IMO

  4. It is not that the laws of the land are enforced, it is who is going to do the enforcing? We have Police Scotland marching alongside or marshalling, a bunch of racists signing racists songs, we have political leaders commenting on said march, commenting! and alas some, The leader of the opposition in Scotland, not saying one word of condemnation on ANY racial activities in the last few months, nor any of his party, which means they have been ordered not to comment far less do anything, for the fear of losing their core support at elections. This will continue until someone in authority, I think it should be the First Minister of Scotland, who comes out and forces Police Scotland and Procurator Fiscals to take the decisions to arrest everyone and charge those who make racist comments aimed at Irish and Catholic communities, as it seems these are the communities who are being omitted from the racist policy of both these law enforcing organisations, por cierto

  5. Hi Paul



    Accurate summation of things on and off the field. Believe in Ange.



    I noticed from a still of the goal that Starfelt was marking Goldson but at the last minute saw Helander coming in and tried to get to the ball first.



    Our new temporary left back did well on his debut despite having no left foot.



    Hope you & yours are all well



  6. is there no a big no nonsence hard as nails centre half playing for a team in the south of eng. that we could get.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If you have a Twitter account ….



    ….. tweet it everywhere and often



    “Police Scotland provide escort for racist march”



    with a link to the video.



    Let’s put it UK wide, Europe wide, worldwide.



    Missed the game yesterday traveling.



    Obviously gutted by result but it’s one of the bumps we all expected.



    I’ve watched us lose 5-1 to Dundee FC, Neuchetal Xamax and the old incarnation of the bigots.



    I’ll get over this.



    Am not convinced we’ll be top of the league on 02 January like you say Pablo …



    … but I believe we have a decent chance of being top at the end of the season.

  8. Apparently Police Scotland “have been made aware” of the racist singing by a crowd on their way to Ibrox.




    who made them aware ,was it them escorting and marching beside them or just because someone posted it on line.

  9. Bada,



    Ali McCann (who may be a good un. No idea about him) is 5ft 8in and Jota is 5ft 9in. I’d really like us to target some big athletes for our system but I suspect our scouting model is so poor we are still making it up as we go along.



    Interesting 24 hours coming up. I suspect we’ll look like an episode of Dale Winton’s supermarket sweep :)






    The colonial governess currently has PS & one David Harvie the Crown Agent of mfi fame on speed dial but only for certain dissidents.



  11. Oh yeah, and no further predictions Paul67 :) . Our build is far too fragile to make bold statements.



    All we ask for is progress from a low base. A support for Ange to introduce and maintain fitness levels is a must (as well as recruitment) in the next few months. We need to get cracking on a poor infrastructure.




  12. Big W- hopefully get a few off the wage bill as well, maybe a Swiss team will come for Ajeti

  13. Here’s the thing, given that formation and given the current team, most teams that are capable of a decent set piece will cause us issues, apart from Starfelt is anyone else over 6 ft? WoO doesn’t really count, so u will regularly be back to 8 JCVD’s trying to defend against 8 Tong Po’s.


    Then we are back to Wanyama era discussions, about how we essentially need a ECL level CB/DM for 1/3 of the games but the rest of the time our “unbalanced” formation will in essence be necessary to get past the back buses….

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The result could have gone any of three ways yesterday. The good thing is we have a manager who knows that it’s about following a process and the results will follow (mostly!). The improvement from six months ago is crystal clear.


    The opposition looked like they saw it as a big win. Good to know that despite last season’s shambles we are still seen as a big scalp for the smaller clubs in the league.


    Not good to have lost two games this early in the season, although I suspect the winning points total will be a bit less than it has been in recent seasons. Just need to keep the improvement going.

  15. Pretty sad to read the loss of love for Big Eddie on the Celtic blogsphere. It was a pleasure to see him at his pomp and he was for a long time a hunskelper.



    Now being pimped around at helping us look for a few bob….




  16. No problem with the striker signing,but once again,I am bewildered at the signing of the Portugese boy.A left winger,who seems to have lost his way a bit,from the Superstar path that was forecast in his teens.Like a great many others.I goal in 19 appearances,h,mmm.At 6.5 million,a big outlay for us.Now to my point,


    As anyone who reads my posts will know,I have been banging on for weeks about Lovric.He has made no doubt about his wish to join us.A Croatian International,proven goalscorer,flying left winger.19 goals,and 16 assists last season.The icing on the cake,at least 2 million cheaper,which could go towards Mc Cann from Saints.


    Anyone agree.I cannot fathom out this move.

  17. Re the big CB we want, albeit on very tightly held purse strings.


    Is Carl really worth 10 times more than a Declan Gallacher or Cedric Kipre type/


    OR A Mr Simunovic. If HE passes a medical, a basic wage plus pay-as-you-play bonus.

  18. UNCLE JIMMY on 30TH AUGUST 2021 12:33 PM


    All it takes for evil to succeed is for Police Scotland to do nothing



    Luv it.

  19. TB- Not seen much of Lovren,but his stats are excellent ,i also think we will get some loans from EPL,after squads are submitted

  20. Turkey, I think most of us at the minute are quite willing to give ange benefit of doubt when it comes to signings at this early stage, but like any manager there will be gaps in scouting, recommendations from people he knows vs people he doesn’t etc…

  21. Still think we missed out ot going for Gary Cahill.


    Great experienced centre half who would have brought on Welsh and Murray

  22. Quadrofenian,



    I said about Declan in the Winter.Just a CH that could win balls into our box.My comment was met with loads of derision.One tactician even said,


    “How low have we gone,when all we want in a CH,is someone who can head the ball”


    I kid you not.

  23. By the by, I’m not saying we have to go full MON and have 2 6’4 St’s and cb’s, but if u can’t really compete at any area in the box it makes it easier for the oppo

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