Error in positions. Racism in spate


Just as a year ago, we lost the first game of the season against Newco, but the similarities end with the result.  Celtic bossed the first half and created the better chances in an even second period.  Goals change games and when Kyogo Furuhashi centred a cross for Odsonne Edouard, the game should have changed.  Instead, Odsonne took his eye off the ball, which bounced off his heel and ran to safety.

One week ago today, despite scoring six against St Mirren, I urged Ange Postecoglou to play Kyogo through the middle, if necessary moving Odsonne to the left.  He started Kyogo on the left yesterday and although Celtic enjoyed the bulk of possession, they were blunt in front of goal; Odsonne’s miss starkly demonstrating the point.  It was a foreseeable error from Ange, which he later accepted.

Although Newco were unable to keep possession throughout the first half, at home, exclusively in front of their own fans, news of their demise was exaggerated.  They survived the torrent when required and adjusted their game plan at halftime.  From that point, Celtic were no more than equal in the contest until Kyogo moved into the middle on 70 minutes.

After Kygo shot from a tight angle, Ryan Christie reacted animatedly towards his teammate, presumably complaining that the Japanese striker did not square the ball for him to finish in front of goal.

I’m never keen on Celtic players shouting at each other and suspect this show of agitation contributed to Kyogo passing instead of shooting moments later, when the clear shot at goal was on.  Our Imperious Icon could be forgiven for wondering why bother laying chances on a plate for others after Edouard’s earlier miss.

Just like the first goal we lost to Newco last season, yesterday’s goal was lost from a set piece but I’m not pressing the panic button on this one.  Last year we were unable to form a straight defensive line, it was largely the central defenders who were causing the problems.  The defenders were correctly marshalled yesterday, the goal was lost because none of the others picked up a late runner.

The transformation in Celtic in such a short period has been beyond any of our expectations.  We will continue to improve and I expect will top the table after Newco’s visit on 2 January.  In losing twice so early, however, we have put ourselves under unwelcome pressure.  Playing the beautiful stuff is not always rewarded.

Last week they came after the Japanese, yesterday, they came after the Irish.  Racism in Scotland is in spate, it was even given a police escort post-match in Glasgow yesterday.  It is not the responsibility of Celtic to win so often that the mob have no opportunity to wreak havoc on the city.

Our political leaders and police cannot ignore this problem away.  Scotland is home to many cultures, creeds and ethnicities.  All will suffer unless the laws of the land are enforced.

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  1. I also think we’ll go top when we beat them in the new year. They’re a team on the downside of a cycle, they look short on form and inspiration. Winning the second title is going to put them under a different set of pressures



    We are a bit over-reliant on kyogo already. Hopefully all the travel to and from Asia over the next couple of weeks won’t take too much out of him and he’ll manage to stay injury free

  2. Another thing that was absolutely clear from yesterday was that with kyogo through the middle we can’t go long from the keeper.



    He didn’t even try to get his head to the kicks out

  3. Anyone else interested in purchasing Kristjian Lovric,please contact his agent,Turkeybhoy,address,the house with the big Arra in the sand pointing at it.


    Job done.

  4. Tbf my eyesight must be going as official sources say Welsh is 6’3, wouldn’t have guessed anytmwhere near that



    Celtic40me, my main concern re kyogo is he already has half a season under his belt

  5. Paul67



    Same ole Celtic always signing, going right down to the wire on deadline day.



    Joe Hart🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


    Josip Juranovic🇵🇾


    Carl Starfelt 🇸🇪


    Liam Scales 🇮🇪


    James McCarthy 🇮🇪


    Liel Abada 🇮🇱


    Kyogo Furuashi 🇯🇵


    Geo Giakoumakis 🇬🇷



    Imagine taking pelters for renewing Tony Ralston’s contract ? ( after watching JohnJo Kenny )



    Eight in,excluding more to come before tomorrow at midnight, massive progress by Celtic since Eddie Howe baulked at his only big club. No point in taking it out on Odsonne, he is what he is, and has never been a clinical finisher. I agree we should have switched him with Kyogo, and put Eddy in the channel, after last season we need to hope the suitors watch French under 21’s any fee, is now based on memories.



    Succombed to Sevco’s brand of Wattenachio but the window is open for a finishing touch , and any Celtic will scud that team at Celtic Park as sure as night follows day.



    M.O.M Anthony Ralston

  6. BELFASTBHOY0 on 30TH AUGUST 2021 1:39 PM



    That was twenty years ago, though and a manager with a very different philosophy and some top players to carry it out

  7. We were very nice at getting up to the 18yrd box, but, pretty powder puff from there. All things considered, we could have won it and really deserved a draw. We can only get better, can’t say that about them, por cierto.

  8. Celtic40me, I’m not saying it’s the be all and end all, but against teams capable of taking advantage of it, having 5-6 players in the box who could have a clear head advantage, combined with a rehearsed plan/delivery gives extra advatage

  9. Bourne, too me if the club announces the signing on fb etc they are saying this guy is in our first team plans in the near future, maybe that’s too old school thinking

  10. I understand t& share the sense of disappointment after yesterday’s result.


    We have had 4 decent European outings, 2 big SPFL wins & a League Cup win that was a lot more emphatic than the score line, that raised hopes so yesterday was a kick in the goolies.


    However yesterday we were just unlucky, I reckon overall it was a 50/50 game, we possibly created more clear cut chances then them, you cannot legislate for Eddie’s miss, I reckon if he scores there we win the game.



    I agree with some about defenders, I like big strong men, like Bobo, Mjalby, Valgarren, Lustig etc, I hope we do move in that direction, however tomorrow is close of window & we go then with what we have.



    I said pre game that I felt confident that we were building something special but there would be bumps on the road,



    Yesterday was one of those bumps, disappointing yes but we are just at the very start of a long season.


    So far, despite yesterday, I’m loving the Season and looking forward to the games ahead.



    Will we win the League ?.


    Who knows, I believe we have a good chance but a lot will depend on whether the Huns drop points to other teams. That side of things is outside our control, we just need to be the best we can be & what will be will be.

  11. Shaw & Urhoghide are not playing for the Colts, neither are Luca Connell, McInroy, Ewan Henderson, Lee O’Connor, Dane Murray or Scott Robertson.


    Whether some of these will be loaned out next day or so remains to be seen.

  12. Weebobbycollins on

    I agree with Turkeybhoy…better a battle hardened player than a Portuguese light-weight. I know nothing of Jota other than what I have seen on YouTube. Unconvincing!

  13. Weebobbycollins on

    I agree Ryan Christie put Kyogo off from taking a shot at that second chance. RC’s protest was a wee bit ott.

  14. Which all begs the question; do we have a rule that says we only buy to a certain price point, and won’t pay this fee or that fee to agents or clubs or what…? Guess in any business you have to follow the money.



    Generally, I think we have recruited pretty well so far – hat tip to Dom and whoever else is doing the talent-spotting – but still find myself wondering how many are Ange’s picks…?


    Kyogo and





    And how many are presented as options on a list? Carl, Joe, Liel, McCarthy, the Sheffield starlets…?



    Wish to God we could move some players on too and recoup proper dosh.

  15. Helander(sp) ran a long way to get in a great jump who was supposed to pick him up……..what was Eddie doing.



    Surely Kyogo needs to not be intimidated by Ryan C (of all guys) demanding things on a plate.


    Most good strickers are greedy Bs anyway and will always back themselves at the sniff of a chance.


    Truth is Kyogo is awesome but was largely well-policed and set about yesterday; Goldson was at the verbals.


    He will toughen up. He needs to.

  17. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Zombie Huns signing Troy Deeney? Agent posting videos of them driving past the zombie dome.

  18. Injured Celtic pair James Forrest and Greg Taylor have withdrawn from the Scotland squad for September’s World Cup qualifiers.

  19. Nesbitt ain’t worth £5m and a great deal for Hibs…



    Wonder if they want to spend it on any of our lot ?




  20. Wish I had the confidence of others on where we will be by early Jan 2022


    So far in 4 away games, that have mattered this season


    A poor Mjittyland team – lost


    A newly promoted SPFL team – lost


    A decent Dutch team, playing their 3rd game of season – lost


    A team that won SPFL last year by 25pts – lost



    I willrepeat, we have had one decent result this season so far


    A win against AZ Alkmaar ( their 2nd game of season)



    Anyone expect us to not win our home games to St Mirren, Hearts in Cup or Dundee ??



    Sorry for me still a huge amount of work required



    PS – on size of squad


    We have already moved on Frimpong, Elhamed, Klimala, Bayo, Hendrie, Shved & Ajer, plus Kenny, Duffy, Laxalt & Elyanousi were returned to parent clubs


    And not to forget, Scott Brown, chose to move onto Aberdeen


    We will still potentially lose, Edouard, Christie, Griffiths, and with a bit of luck, either Barkas or Bain? And Ajeti


    How do we have a bigger squad than last season????

  21. Barry Anderson








    Hearts fans now officially own their club. Foundation of Hearts become majority shareholders on one of the biggest days in Tynecastle history.


    #HMFC #Football

  22. TIMHORTON on 30TH AUGUST 2021 2:26 PM


    Helander(sp) ran a long way to get in a great jump who was supposed to pick him up……..what was Eddie doing




    We had 9v6 in the box at the corner. I think Welsh is looking back at Helander but then turns to face the corner. It’s not just defenders that need to defend. That said, our defending as a team has been much better this season. Italy proved you don’t need a team of giants, just a few at the back and willing combatants all over the park. Wee Verratti was brilliant at the Euros, all 5’6″ of him.

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    That’d be lost in extra time


    That’d be two dubious set pieces and a perfectly good goal chocked off by MIB


    That’d be a good team that didn’t manufacture any of the goals we gave them


    That’d be a game that couldve went either way



    Still lots to do indeed but it’s not as gloomy as some want to make out, maybe they’re just miserable ………..

  24. It pisses me off that we seem to be fully focused on spending less than we bring in on transfer fees every single year, everything we do is geared towards building up money for a rainy day. At the same time sevco and just about every football club on the planet see manageable debt as normal.



    Someone needs to tell the celtic board that the perennail profit strategy will not work when up against a club that accepts a financial hit based on potential reward. The gamble worked and if they win the league they are in breakeven territory for the first time in a decade because of champions league income. It may not improve their squad but it sure as hell will keep them competitive, if we dont change our position.



    PL got away with if for 10 years cause ranger over speculated and went bust and sevco were shite for a long time after that. They knew they had to invest/ spend more in order to compete with us. A blind man can see we need to respond, but it looks like our strategy has not changed at all.



    If you kept falling off your bike how long would it take you to say ok am gonna buy a helmet. Now the helmet is expensive and a cost you would rather not have but the cost is clearly better than just putting the bike in the hut.



    Sort it out you bunch of cheap bastards

  25. “!!BADA BING!! on 30TH AUGUST 2021 9:50 AM


    If Taylor did like that Tweet,”



    What Tweet is that?

  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    The way Eddie has been playing past 18 months we would be lucky to get our money back😵

  27. NORRIEM on 30TH AUGUST 2021 2:50 PM



    Early days and we dont have a bigger squad folk are just including young players like henderson, robertson, Montgomery, o’connor, connell etc. Into the count to make it sound worse than it actually is.

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