FA PL unloads unwanted broadcast package on Amazon


It has been four months since the FA Premier League announced the results of its tender for three year broadcast rights starting next summer.  Five of the packages were sold (four to Sky, one to BT), but two were withdrawn as they did not attract sufficiently high bids (one subsequently went to BT).

The two unsold packages were to simultaneously broadcast all league games across two match days each.  BT increased their per-game bid for one package but allowed Sky to drop their per-game price and still win a larger share of the spoils than they currently hold.  Amazon were today awarded one of these packages, although no revenue information has (yet) been published.

Those of us who watch our football in a league which was disenfranchised by wealthy cartels, such as the one English and Welsh clubs enjoy, have been loitering in the wings looking for signs that the broadcast revenue bubble was set to burst.

With BT reigning their spend back and Sky soon to be sold, the FA Premier League need to attract competition from new media players like Amazon.  Two competitors is enough if both are highly motivated to win substantial rights, but, as we know in Scotland, two is not sufficient is one loses interest.

We can hope the Premier League took a bath for the rights sold to Amazon as they continue to tart the remaining package around tech media players.  The worst-case scenario (for those of us on the outside) is that the England and Wales broadcast rights have plateaued.  Even a modest reversal in the next auction, due early 2021, would bring about am unprecedented, and unaffordable, revenue drop.

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  1. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    What is the Stars on 8th June 2018 12:13 am



    That is incredibly powerful and very dignified.






    First of all thanks again for all your hard work re the One Night in Lisbon Dinner – you atre a star and a half and I owe you something. Check your e-mails.



    You asked about my night with Peter Stringfellow and whether there was succulent lamb?



    Interestingly, I had no idea who the Motherwell born Billionaire was at all. He was introduced to me though as Scotland’s youngest millionaire by one of our company who I always thought was far too easily impressed by bullshit. Sadly, the chap concerned developed a very bad drug problem a few years later and met far too early an end in poor circumstances.



    The night before I had been a guest in the Old East India Club on St James’ Square where my host was a man of serious wealth (A McG if you are tuning in you will know exactly who I mean as you were there and introduced me to the guy concerned) and the contrasts between one night and the next were startling.



    The night at Stringfellows was at the behest of a client of mine and CW was his guest for the evening. There were four of us in total and I was there to discuss certain business matters with Stringfellow.



    Craig Whyte was just a wee guy in a powder blue safari suit type thing and I honestly don’t remember much of what he said. He was mostly engaged in conversartion with the other two about this and that which didn’t interest me much and is why I ended up speaking to Peter Stringfellow who I got on pretty well with because I was fairly blunt in what I told him which he liked.



    At the time, Stringfellow was operating the Cabaret of Angels Lap Dancing Club and the chat was about the business sense of opening a similar club in Glasgow, the practicalities of licensing such a place and the economics of opening in Glasgow as opposed to another site altogether.



    I am pretty sure that I talked myself out of a job when I heavily favoured the business thinking behind the alternative site



    It was an interesting night with one or two very surreal and funny moments including a very funny conversation with a glamorous stripper who came from Arrochar whose previous job had been in the Arrochar fish and chip shop.



    But that is another story altogether.



    As far as I can recall Craig Whyte never once mentioned football let alone Rangers and don’t recall him saying anything of interest other than what he was soing with all the old Komatsu plant which he had recently bought from the receiver.



    The meal was nice and the drinks flowed but after a while I made my excuses and left as I am not the biggest fan of nightclubs of any kind though, God help me, I have found myself in more than a few both here and in London back in the day.



    I do know that I was the only Celtic fan there.



    Right — Celtic Charity Foundation Golf Day so a couple of hours of work before heading to Renfrew.



    Thanks to all who have supported my fundraising for Malawi and an especially big thanks to Hebcelt for his kind words and support.



    It is greatly appreciated.



    You can still support by sponsoring my 10 days of work here:






    And One Night in Lisbon Polos and T shirts still availabe.



    Drop me a line jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk







  2. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Interesting discussion last night about media rights and broadcasting deals.



    I was told sometime ago that UEFA are looking to significantly expand the reach, wealth and pull of the Europa League and redress the imbalance between the UEFA money which goes to the Champion’s and the Europa Leagues.



    The wealth of the EPL via its media deals means that the EPL can and will thwart certain UEFA ambitions including the playing of European games at the weekend as opposed to mid week.



    That plan, in particular, would encourage greater travel across Europe to watch live football and perhaps reduce the reliance on TV money.



    If that were to happen I could see Celtic working on the south stand and increasing capacity and the match day experience.



    Long way off yet but what is certain is that things will not standstill.




  3. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning from an overcast but brightening Dalmuir. As Jobo would say,”One sleep till Belfast.”



  4. Good morning good ghuys and ghirls from a dry Garngad



    I hope everyone enjoys the Hoot in Belfast over the weekend. ???



    I hope we get French Eddie signed up soon.⚽️







  5. Word of The Day



    Reave (reev)


    verb reaves, reaving, reaved or reft (rɛft) archaic


    1. to carry off (property, prisoners, etc) by force


    2. to take away by or as by force; plunder; rob


    3. to deprive; strip


    4. to break or tear (something) apart; cleave



    Word Origin and History for reave




    Old English reafian “to rob (something from someone), plunder, pillage,” from Proto-Germanic *raubjon (cf. Old Frisian ravia, Middle Dutch roven, Dutch rooven, Old High German roubon, German rauben), from PIE *reup- “to snatch” (see rip (v.)). Related: Reaved; reaving






  6. traditionalist88 on

    GER57 on 7TH JUNE 2018 5:46 PM






    Sorry if I came over a bit aggressively.



    I really have an issue with this. Celtic are a massive force in my life because I can identify with the club. If we are paying film star wages, the players will become as remote to the fans as film stars. I struggle to get my head round paying circa £35/40k per week for our top stars at the moment.



    Our greatest ever moment was achieved by ordinary men being paid decent money, compared to ordinary workers at the time. Those men were able to mix socially with the fans. The superstars of today more often show disdain for the fans. It’s a fine line we have to draw. I’d rather we were a small provincial club, in European terms, than a behemoth like Real Madrid. Im happy if we bloody their nose once in a while.





    No worries chief. I tend to agree but the practicalities are hard. We’re expected to compete at a certain level anyway above all other Scottish clubs. If the club got into a Euro league of some form we all know the potential of the club is global and we’d be expected to make a fist of it. And we’d have the infrastructure to do so.



    Pro athletes from various sports are compensated for the dedication, travel, time away from families etc, not to mention the fact that millions are paying to watch them in some form. Its a different world to when Celtic were founded. The main thing is we retain a charitable focus at home and abroad and that can come from the club and fans in equal measure. That said I would be in favour of some sort of wage cap because as a Celtic fan but also a football fan generally you are correct about a certain disconnect from fans and in any case, its not good for the image of the game for wages for top stars to be approaching 1m per week. Football should be looking to attract new fans and obscene wages, playacting and gamesmanship are issues that are a barrier to this.




  7. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    UEFA Champions League player registration dates …


    VII – Player Registration



    44.07  List A has to be submitted online by the following fixed deadlines: 


    * 21 June 2018 (24.00CET) for all matches in the preliminary round;


    * 5 July 2018 (24.00CET) for all matches in the first qualifying round;


    * 9 July 2018 (24.00CET) for all matches in the second qualifying round;


    * 2 August 2018 (24.00CET) for all matches in the third qualifying round;


    * 16 August 2018 (24.00CET) for all matches in the play-offs;


    * 3 September 2018 (24.00CET) for all further matches from the first match in 
the group stage up to and including the final.



    44.08  For the qualifying phase and the play-offs, a club may register a maximum of two new eligible players on List A after the above-mentioned deadlines, provided the quota of locally trained players is respected. Such registration must be completed by 24.00CET on the day before the relevant first-leg match and the club’s association must confirm in writing that the new player is eligible to play at domestic level at this time. 

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    James- from last night, my info was re Barrowfield, 2 new pitches, a dome for winter training, new dressing rooms , fitness area, cost estimate was £2-2.5 mil.A lot of the younger age group teams,and girls teams to be re-located there on completion.HH

  9. fieldofdrams on

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!



    If anyone is suffering from a bit of Resolution 12/cheating bassas fatigue, have a wee read at sfm.scot yesterday. Chapeau to Auldheid and Barcabhoy. These are great times to be Celtic, but it’s good to be reminded why you’re angry sometimes.

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    My thoughts on TV money and true competition within Europe.


    It seems illogical to me that any given competition (SPFhelL, PL, UEFA CL etc.) may have only one, two, or four “big” clubs, that is big clubs in the sense of fan base and revenue generation, but the entire competition share in the spoils. The well marketed EPL (and however you dice it, it is well marketed, the money paid by broadcasters for the rights is testament to that) is really about the Manchester clubs, two London clubs and Liverpool. Yet, the team that finished 17th in that league last season, Huddersfield, were paid an equal share of TV money as the winners, £75.5m. Prize money and facilities fees mean the higher you are placed in the league, the more money you receive, but the actual TV income is divided equally between the twenty clubs.


    This means that the income of teams like Huddersfield, dwarfs the income of historically big clubs, such as Ajax and ourselves. That income though is really generated on behalf of the smaller EPL clubs by Manure etc. and creates an artificial power base within the big leagues.


    So to the future of European competition. It follows that the “big four” countries, who have an advantage in funding, and advantages in representation in the CL, are only going to get stronger under the current system. A system that sees the aforementioned historically big clubs, including Celtic, increasingly marginalised in a European Context.


    This situation means that big clubs in smaller leagues are disadvantaged, and this can’t be right in a sporting competition (I know, I know).


    As I am unwaged, I have made the decision this week, that I will no longer pay any subscription to watch football (I dumped Sky years ago, but had retained BT as part of my broadband). I do not want to watch EPL football. I want to watch Celtic. Both Sky and BT have lost me as a customer.


    I would however pay to watch Celtic games, and to me that seems to be logical way to distribute European TV money. If customers only paid for a subscription for their own club’s games, or at least had that as an option, I suspect the broadcasters would have more subscribers, I know that they would have at least one more, me. If we subscribed this way, each club’s pulling power could be accurately measured, and payment of TV money could be distributed using this information, that way the distribution of money will favour the bigger clubs (I include Celtic here) and not just the nations with bigger TV audiences.


    Under such a system, teams like Leicester would not earn more money than Benfica or Celtic just for turning up.


    Problems? It is hard to get turkeys to vote for Christmas.



  11. Aboard Stenaline ship for Belfast, looking forward to meeting up


    With old and new friends over the weekend




  12. BSR……



    Congrats buddy – delighted for you and the family.






    LaPlumeDeMaTante CSC


    Congratulations to Miss BSR,an outstanding achievement.

  14. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    thanks magwai – I thought it was south lotts roadish but got shot down by friends at home – I knew it – this is where me met after me uncle gerry’s funeral – knew it.



    Big thanks and southside love (me dad was haddington road/south lotts and tritonville, me mam was pearse square).

  15. TheLurkinTim on

    Thoughts and prayers for those that need them



    Not been on nearly enuff to know what’s s’appenin….and I’ve picked the wrong time to log on….







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