FA PL unloads unwanted broadcast package on Amazon


It has been four months since the FA Premier League announced the results of its tender for three year broadcast rights starting next summer.  Five of the packages were sold (four to Sky, one to BT), but two were withdrawn as they did not attract sufficiently high bids (one subsequently went to BT).

The two unsold packages were to simultaneously broadcast all league games across two match days each.  BT increased their per-game bid for one package but allowed Sky to drop their per-game price and still win a larger share of the spoils than they currently hold.  Amazon were today awarded one of these packages, although no revenue information has (yet) been published.

Those of us who watch our football in a league which was disenfranchised by wealthy cartels, such as the one English and Welsh clubs enjoy, have been loitering in the wings looking for signs that the broadcast revenue bubble was set to burst.

With BT reigning their spend back and Sky soon to be sold, the FA Premier League need to attract competition from new media players like Amazon.  Two competitors is enough if both are highly motivated to win substantial rights, but, as we know in Scotland, two is not sufficient is one loses interest.

We can hope the Premier League took a bath for the rights sold to Amazon as they continue to tart the remaining package around tech media players.  The worst-case scenario (for those of us on the outside) is that the England and Wales broadcast rights have plateaued.  Even a modest reversal in the next auction, due early 2021, would bring about am unprecedented, and unaffordable, revenue drop.

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  1. With the inexorable progress of communication technology we should prepare for the day we get invited to the hologram league. We should not take these developments lightly. In the hollowdeck we could win the European cup again , 29iar, Seville and resolution12 would be know as revelation 12 . Canny wait.




  2. I would like to give special mention to one of our top posters/bloggers. Take a bow BRTH, Jim has been behind many of the charitable events at Celtic — as have many other excellent CQNers. His current trip to Malawi deserves our support and donations. Good luck Jim on this and future ventures. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  3. weebobbycollins on

    Tontinetim…you are correct. Pat McMahon went from KR to Celtic. He was a fine, silky type forward, maybe a bit too nice for the league. How he survived in the juniors…?? Btw, I was at that final supporting Glencairn…about 70,000 others were there as well… :-)

  4. weebobbycollins on

    Just trying to check…I think 70,000 is more than a bit over the top………anyway, who cares??

  5. Scoddish football in the holodeck since 2012.



    At which point I would now, oh so predictably, put up the link to SPFL clubs, Rangers (sic), founded 1872! And over 100 honours attributed to a 6 year old club.



    But wait……. . . . it’s safe today. No club lists! No Alice Through The Looking Glass pish!



    I’m going back in for a double revel.

  6. BSR



    Yip, and don’t forget Real’s four outta six Champions League wins.





    I just l-u-r-v-e the way you patronise anyone who disagrees with you even slightly.

  8. weebobbycollins on 7th June 2018 4:54 pm




    Tontinetim…you are correct. Pat McMahon went from KR to Celtic. He was a fine, silky type forward, maybe a bit too nice for the league. How he survived in the juniors…?? Btw, I was at that final supporting Glencairn…about 70,000 others were there as well… :-)




    Pat had a temporary job in the Springburn National Assistance Board in 1964/65.



    We played kick about in the outside yard , after 10 minutes I thought this guy is quite good.



    The overhead bicycle kick on concrete did it.

  9. Traditionalist88


    Sorry if I came over a bit aggressively.


    I really have an issue with this. Celtic are a massive force in my life because I can identify with the club. If we are paying film star wages, the players will become as remote to the fans as film stars. I struggle to get my head round paying circa £35/40k per week for our top stars at the moment.


    Our greatest ever moment was achieved by ordinary men being paid decent money, compared to ordinary workers at the time. Those men were able to mix socially with the fans. The superstars of today more often show disdain for the fans. It’s a fine line we have to draw. I’d rather we were a small provincial club, in European terms, than a behemoth like Real Madrid. Im happy if we bloody their nose once in a while.

  10. Matt Stewart on

    Was passing Celtic Park today when the rumour that we will only be offering the Ibrox club ONE ticket for the next derby match appeared to be confirmed. Installation of the seat is now complete.



    By all accounts access to toilets is limited but the view is great. If the ticket holder wishes to leave early it can be arranged to drop him in the centre of Bridgeton.






    Hail Hail




  11. Guys we already have 2 season tickets and I put 2 names on waiting list for this season, when I Came home from work today there was a letter about purchasing the extra 2.


    It says go onto eticketing.co.uk/celtic and purchase from 8th June.


    When I do this there is nothing about purchasing season tickets, nightmare.



    Anyone else having issues with this??



    Thanks in advance






    D. :)

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    D66 the function on the site will probably only go live on the 8th June.

  13. TBB I never thought of that, I will try it at work tomorrow , if not I will pop down to the Ticket office early next week.






    D. :)

  14. A true story



    A good few years back now I know, but a very close friend of mine , who happened to be a real hun, had a very very bad stroke. He loved his team, didn’t have much going for him but nonetheless, he was a real decent guy.


    Anyway, knowing how much he loved his team, and with his birthday coming up, I thought it would be a great idea to send his birthday card to Alex McLeish to ask him if his players would sign the card and send it on to my friend. Not only did he get the the entire team to sign the card, but he sent him a signed football, a club tie, and tonnes of photographs. When my friend received them it really did give him a huge boost, massive.


    Being the decent fellow that I am, I wrote to said Alex McLeish to thank him , telling him I was from ” The dark Side” and he wrote to me and sent hospitality tickets fro my friend and me, (yuch) to attend a game. We duly did and the way my friend was treated was fantastic. Even I was treated well would you believe!!


    So, there are a few decent people about for sure.



    Great story.


    Sadly my pal died a few months later but he was so pleased with all that had been done for him.




  15. Just found out that today is ‘World Gin Day.’



    Never knew that.



    Just off to pour myself a large wan!



    Does OLDTIM know?!




  16. 50 shades of green on




    PLEASE note that due to essential updates, the club’s ticketing system will be unavailable from 3:45pm today (Thursday, June 7) with no tickets available to buy in-person, online or by phone for a short period from this time.



    Ticket services will resume as normal on Friday, June 8:….






    Got this message today from Celtic mate..




  17. BRTH, aye nice story, but wiz it “succulent lamb” steak, with exquisite red wine? We need tae know 

  18. Neustadt-Braw on

    After a public vote Tory brexit policy is now officially known as Shambley McShamblesface.



    smiley saor alba thing





    KINGLUBO 644



    Sorry to hear about your friend. Lots of us know that some right good guys support the other lot.



    Glad to hear that his club put a smile on his face in his latter days. I’d expect no less,and they deserve the kudos for doing so.

  20. Aston Villa agree a settlement with HMRC. Do they not realise they can just liquidate the company? The Club will be ok and they can keep their history….

  21. weebobbycollins on

    BMCUW…” Lots of us know that some right good guys support the other lot.”


    Met one in Seville, season ticket holder, who took his son to see his favourite team in the final…guy even told me he was sorry we lost…”only fur ma boay, ye ken?”…

  22. Goooooood Evening CQN – ???????



    BSR, Eden Mill (Burnley78) now doing a Double Treble exclusive Gin ??



    Bigbhoy from earlier, for info – Man Utd did Not recently build a new hotel at Old Trafford


    The Nevilles & Butt, have built Hotel Football, right next to Old Trafford



    So FtSFA





    Aye. Sounds about right.



    Jock Tamson’s bairns,no matter how you cut it.



    Btw,I wish his lad had seen a victory!!!

  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just had a look at the YouTube highlights of the VERY BEST of The International Raiunjurz Group of Companies’ latest SOOOPERSTAR – Ejaria.



    He looks pish.






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