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I know we have Hibs in the League Cup on our mind today but would like to look ahead to Saturday.  The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, have organised a rally in GEORGE SQUARE before our home league game against Hibs.  I asked the group who they were, what their objectives are and why we should go along on Saturday, and was very impressed with their answers:

“Fans Against Criminalisation is a campaign group founded by five fan organisations (Green Brigade, Celtic Trust, Celtic Supporters Association, Affiliation of Celtic Supporters, Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs). The campaign was formed on the back of the Green Brigade’s well-received protest at the Inverness game and after many previous discussions between the organisations about the Bill. We decided to come together to campaign against the Bill.

“Our objective is to ‘Kill the Bill’, the first part which deals with ‘offensive behaviour at football’ anyway. We have no problem with the government trying to tackle societal problems like sectarianism but these are not football’s problems alone and where sectarian crimes are committed then existing laws can be used to arrest and prosecute offenders. The new law goes far beyond sectarianism and captures anything that may offend or may cause disorder. This is only applied to football fans and it is ludicrous given that there is little or no disorder in Scottish football grounds and that routine aspects of football rivalry and tribalism will now be criminal offences. Government ministers have said fans who do anything from blessing yourself to singing a national anthem could fall foul of the proposes new law.

“The Government has shown little interest in fans’ views on the Bill. F.A.C. will be campaigning vigorously over the coming weeks and months and will be making our views heard. If the Bill passes then we will continue to protest against it, and challenge it legally and politically. The Celtic support is a very powerful potential constituency and the Scottish Government should be mindful of that.

“The rally is the starting point for the campaign. We need Celtic fans to get along and show their support for the campaign and add weight to our voice. We’ve asked people to assemble at 12.00 and the demo will start at 12.30 with speakers from the campaign. There’s no headline acts – Saturday is simply a time for ordinary Celtic fans to come together and unite against the Bill; a time to come together and send a message to the politicians that we will fight them all the way. Everyone should be doing their best to get along to George Square on Saturday and say no to the Bill.”

If at all possible, get along on Saturday and register your support.

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  1. hailhailplc says:


    26 October, 2011 at 14:28



    From memory Phil’s article stated Steven Davis’ agent is owed money and it could lead to a winding up petition in 21 days if he isn’t paid. I think! I did read it, but it was early ;-)




  2. I wonder if the ole phone hacking gig ever found its way north,to high profile figures in Scottish Football? Duffield,Myth,Dallas,Peat etc? Would be dynamite.


    just thinkin like.

  3. hailhailplc


    It was Davis’s agent …£90,000 bill outstanding….lodged with court sometime today…21 days to pay or winding up order.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! says:


    26 October, 2011 at 14:56



    All conversation would begin with’are you gone


    tae the ludge the night?

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Glad you are back!



    No problem tonight!



    Trust me!



    (Paul67 – Please delete so they canny hit me with this tomorrow if we get pumped.)

  6. bjmac/greenjedi



    Thanks…the screensaver reminded me of the other element…Jelavic fee outstanding….as you say, it as early!




  7. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Scottish Cup third-round draw:



    Airdrie United v Gala Fairydean



    Auchinleck Talbot v Vale of Leithen



    Ayr United v Montrose



    Bo’ness United v Cowdenbeath



    Brechin City v Dumbarton



    Clachnacuddin or Inverurie Locos v Peterhead



    East Fife v East Stirlingshire or Buckie Thistle



    Fraserburgh or Elgin City v Queen’s Park



    Irvine Meadow v Livingston



    Keith v Arbroath



    Morton v Deveronvale



    Ross County v Albion Rovers



    Spartans v Partick Thistle



    Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic or Annan Athletic



    Stirling Albion v Dundee



    Stranraer v Forfar Athletic



    Ties to be played over the weekend of Saturday 19 November

  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    The answer to your question rather depends on the definition given to ‘fit’ and ‘defender’…..

  9. regarding sharlene.mother and father live in my street in Balloch.my name whitecrook tim is when i lived in clydebank.came down as a missionary 37 years ago told i would be home christmas still here in THE VALE (met a vale girl and married her)

  10. ‘Stephanie Flanders discusses the global financial crisis with top economic thinkers’ -Stephanomics on BBCR4 just now.



    So far no contribution from either Philvisreturns , or Mark Hateley ;/)

  11. .



    Lennon has exposed the Brown situation & we don’t need the player’s attitude!


    After 4 months of negotiation with Scott Brown’s contract, Neil Lennon has sounds somewhat frustrated being diplomatic when stating. “Until they (Scott & his agent) adapt a different approach it’s stalemate.” Are we missing something here? Because being made clear that Celtic are expected to pick up the agents fee? So Scott doesn’t pay his agent for getting him a new deal? But Celtic have to sign another cheque, and until we do then he isn’t for signing the new deal! Are we some kind of soft touch here? It’s ludicrous to say the least. Neil added… “I haven’t had the chance to speak to Scott because he’s been in London”. Okay, I suppose when you’re being paid £21,000 per week but are out injured then your Club Captain can go to London for whatever, pick up your wages while the fight goes on up here to claw back League points, and dictate to Celtic that before you will sign a new contract, then you’ll need to square up my agent first! Really? What part of get-a-life does Scott and his agent not understand? Celtic are sounding more like a charity organisation by the day instead of demanding & expecting more commitment & desire from their player & captain. What an example! What is going on in that building? Move on Celtic, this affair is leaving a very bad taste in many supporters’ mouths with regards to a Captain who hasn’t convinced a great deal over 4 years, who bought some time & favour with his gesture to Diouf last year. Celtic first at all times. Selfish demands from non-convincing invalids are not on!



    (Alternative View)








    Similar to myself. I was brought up in Kilwinning. Always considered it missionary work.



    That particular line has started a fair few arguments in the local boozers with the unamused unwashed.



    Just wait till Friday when I walk in for the first time in nearly a year.



    Wearing my Ivory Coast change strip…….

  13. So are we going with Rogne tonight?



    I liked the look of him apart from the LC final.



    Although considering how bad our defense has been this season and he has not had a look in would suggest he is not highly thought of by our management.

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I hope he does go with Rogne tonight.



    Wee Wilson at cb gives me the total collywobbles.

  15. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    Took yer survey bawheid..



    Keep up the good work…whatever the Board do .. The results will be useful. It help prove how much fan’s voice is valued.



    I have a good idea already…!

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’m guessing Simon Jenkins isn’t going to be invited to parade on the Ayebrokes pitch anytime soon:



    Myth: Britain won World War II



    World War II devastated half the globe, killing an estimated 20 million soldiers and 40 million civilians.



    Instant histories of the war – not least Winston Churchill’s own – depicted it as Britain isolated and alone against the might of Germany.



    This was true only for a period in 1940-1941, when little fighting was done. By the time of the Yalta Conference in February 1945, it was Roosevelt and Stalin who divided the world.



    Compared with the global total, British losses were comparatively modest. Some 375,000 service personnel were killed, just over half the number lost in World War I, and 60,000 civilians had died in air raids.



    Some 2% of the total war deaths were British, against 65% that were Soviet. The USSR and America won the war with Britain as something of an also-ran.



    A Short History of England by Simon Jenkins is published by Profile books.

  17. Philbhoy



    He had a decent run in the team last season and we seemed fairly solid.



    I had big hopes for him but as I said he appears to be nowhere near the 1st team this season.

  18. If Rogne plays the night, wonder what odds the bookies would give for hobbling off within the first 20 mins?

  19. TBB -typical begrudging revisionist nonsense from ole Simon Jenkins.



    From the defeat of France until the beginning of Barbarossa ole Britain and the Empire were on their own.



    Britain might not have won the war, but in 1940-41 they made sure it wasn’t lost.

  20. I’m with lennie on the broonie thing, though I would like to see him on a contract: wanyama,him , ledley, kayal could give us a good run

  21. The Battered Bunnet



    Something in addition to your post.


    I read yesterday that last Polish pilot who fought in Battle of Britain died in Canada one week ago.


    General Tadeusz Sawicz was 97 years old.

  22. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    During the second world war Laetare, in the grounds of St Michaels RC Church in Linlithgow was used to house Polish Soldiers.



    By way of thanks the soldiers paid for and erected a beautiful shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary.



    Although the Laetare buildings were demolished last year, the shrine still stands and is tended with love and care.

  23. DBBIA,



    Did the bold Stephanie Flanders move on to discuss the RTC, or is she more of a fix-the-elevenist?

  24. ole Johnny -she discussed most things, but not the RTC, as that gets covered pretty fully elsewhere.



    It was the view of David Roche, President of Independent Strategy, a global investment research firm, Nicola Horlick, Chief Executive of Bramdean Asset Management and Will Hutton, Chair of the Big Innovation Centre, that we needed to sign a centre half.



    You will not be surprised to hear that no consensus could be reached on the merits of Giorgios Samaras.



    Next week it’s George Soros, and possibly Mark Hateley.