Fans Against Criminalisation


I know we have Hibs in the League Cup on our mind today but would like to look ahead to Saturday.  The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, have organised a rally in GEORGE SQUARE before our home league game against Hibs.  I asked the group who they were, what their objectives are and why we should go along on Saturday, and was very impressed with their answers:

“Fans Against Criminalisation is a campaign group founded by five fan organisations (Green Brigade, Celtic Trust, Celtic Supporters Association, Affiliation of Celtic Supporters, Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs). The campaign was formed on the back of the Green Brigade’s well-received protest at the Inverness game and after many previous discussions between the organisations about the Bill. We decided to come together to campaign against the Bill.

“Our objective is to ‘Kill the Bill’, the first part which deals with ‘offensive behaviour at football’ anyway. We have no problem with the government trying to tackle societal problems like sectarianism but these are not football’s problems alone and where sectarian crimes are committed then existing laws can be used to arrest and prosecute offenders. The new law goes far beyond sectarianism and captures anything that may offend or may cause disorder. This is only applied to football fans and it is ludicrous given that there is little or no disorder in Scottish football grounds and that routine aspects of football rivalry and tribalism will now be criminal offences. Government ministers have said fans who do anything from blessing yourself to singing a national anthem could fall foul of the proposes new law.

“The Government has shown little interest in fans’ views on the Bill. F.A.C. will be campaigning vigorously over the coming weeks and months and will be making our views heard. If the Bill passes then we will continue to protest against it, and challenge it legally and politically. The Celtic support is a very powerful potential constituency and the Scottish Government should be mindful of that.

“The rally is the starting point for the campaign. We need Celtic fans to get along and show their support for the campaign and add weight to our voice. We’ve asked people to assemble at 12.00 and the demo will start at 12.30 with speakers from the campaign. There’s no headline acts – Saturday is simply a time for ordinary Celtic fans to come together and unite against the Bill; a time to come together and send a message to the politicians that we will fight them all the way. Everyone should be doing their best to get along to George Square on Saturday and say no to the Bill.”

If at all possible, get along on Saturday and register your support.

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  1. cadizzy – Re: Tejas.



    I’ve never been to Texas, but I have seen Sharleen Spiteri on MTV, and I also ate at the Texas Steakhouse near RDU a couple of times, so I think I can fairly claim to be an expert on the Lone Star State.



    And it’s an awesome place. I would quite like to live there if it weren’t for the fact that I carry the ginger gene and would die of heat.



    BTW, did you know Sharleen Spiteri is from Bellshill?



    I don’t normally go for Scottish women, but she was one spicy meatball back in the 90’s. (thumbsup)

  2. .



    When ALL the Usual Suspects were on Here Blaming Sammi’s Penalty Miss for Losing the Title last Year..



    I Pointed Out it was Out 2 Top Scorers (Snigger) Last Season with 17 and 16 ..That Caused Us to Lose the League..Some were Naming Hooper as Potential POTY..FFS..



    I Think Now the Penny is Finally Starting to Drop with Most Posters..



    Hooper is the New Moaning Marsupial (Skippy) and Stokes is the New Krissie Boyd (Has he Ever Scored against a Big Team) and l Don’t mean Tall..



    Get Sammi Back in the Team..When he is We Rarely Lose.. Do the Math..



    Summa ft StrikersWhoAlwaysStartButDon’tAlwaysSCORECSC

  3. .






    Sharleen is Defo Not fae Bellshill..Although a Texan was But he Liked Buckie better than Fame..



    I Think Personally You are a Closet Sheena Easton Fan..From 9 to 5 Anyway..






    Summa ft ML4AllStarsCSC

  4. philvis



    you wouldn’t love Houston. Even the Renfrewshire one has more character



    Only saving grace is that it’s the home to Knox Oil and Gas

  5. partizan



    thats a bummer re the full time contract, however it just means that god has something better for you :>) por cierto.

  6. Summa , Philvis , Sharleen is from , I believe , the ancient capital of strathclyde , Dumbarton – although to might actually be the Rantan she hails from .



    Sanna (Bhoy of the Rock csc)

  7. ibleed , I also asked on RTC – looks like it’s been pulled. there are still some comments on the side-bar .



    Legal pressure ? Incorrect story ? Dunno




  8. Bit of a character is o;e andre our trialist but well rated funnilly enough




    Leicester land bad boy Andre Blackman


    Published 23:00 20/10/09 By By James Nursey




    .Leicester City have finalised a deal to sign out-of-contract bad boy Andre Blackman following his controversial release from Bristol City.



    Mirrorfootball revealed last month Robins boss Gary Johnson was axing defender Blackman, 18, just three months after signing him on a free from Portsmouth.



    Johnson ditched Blackman after a string of incidents, including allegedly discovering he had driven without insurance.



    But the former Arsenal, Tottenham and Pompey left-back is still rated as one of the best talents outside the Premier League.

  9. Cadizzy



    young reserve side (Development Squad – reserves no longer exist) drew 0-0 with the huns reserves. (Incidentally the same huns who apparently wanted to end reserve football, as they didn’t want to run a team!)

  10. sannabhoy says:


    26 October, 2011 at 13:37


    ibleed , I also asked on RTC – looks like it’s been pulled. there are still some comments on the side-bar .



    Legal pressure ? Incorrect story ? Dunno







    I read some of the comments also,,,and one of them was from Phil himself,and he is positive that his story is 100% true,,,to be honest he has been right about everything so far??



    Hail hail

  11. Summa LuxCelt



    thanks for that….doesn’t it have a wee tinge of co-operation about it? Maybe there is something to this OF collaboration thing after all.



    3 posts in a row answering me(even though one was about E Lites). Is that a first? Can I have £5?

  12. South Of Tunis on

    Andre Blackman ? —-.



    In chronological order—



    Released by Arsenal .



    Released by Spurs.



    Released by Portsmouth..



    Released by Bristol City



    Unsuccessful trial at Leicester.



    Released by AFC Wimbledon.



    Unsuccessful trial at Oldham..



    He is reported /described as having ” behavior issues / lifestyle issues/ discipline issues and an attitude problem “

  13. Por Cierto


    Thanks for kind thought.


    Situation at work means I’m down about £250 a month.


    But I could easily have been sacked a couple of times the past year, so not in position to make much of a fuss.



    And it may be the anti-depressants talking but I’m strangely optimistic about 2012 :0

  14. Partizan – It’s so tempting to say ‘the Bhoy George’ :-) , thankfully I resisted.



    I don’t believe in not blurting out whatever comes to mind, it’s psychologically unhealthy.



    Unleash your inner Larry David! (thumbsup)



    Summa of Sammi…. – Sheena was quite the little minx in the 80’s.



    I also like her accent. (thumbsup)



    cadizzy – “Character” is overrated.



    For example: Airdrie has “character”, if by “character” you mean the fact that the local gene pool is so shallow, a fly couldn’t drown in it. (thumbsup)



    sannabhoy – Is Dumbarton a real place?



    I always assumed Dumbarton Rock was a made-up place for the purposes of hilarious limericks.



    Like Nantucket.



    Or Limerick. (thumbsup)

  15. Strange but true from the last thread subject:



    Cressex Business Park is where Biffa Waste Services have their head office; Biffa are owned by a consortium which includes Global Infrastructure Partners (owners of Gatwick Airport, amongst other things); Global Infrastructure Partners top man is one Bill Woodward; Bill Woodburn is a yank, but I remember him telling me that his Grandfather used to play football professionally in Glasgow. Only guy of that name that I can think of is one Willie Woodburn, who played for the dark side before getting sine die’d for belting someone on the pitch.




  16. Brown and lawell bashers are missing an important detail, one which our manager has been quoted on;


    Brown agreed the terms laid out by the CEO. He has not declined the offer. It’s an agent fee that has caused the hold up. I guess we’ll see what happens, but, on the face of it Brown is going to sign.


    I’d be seriously worried if he didn’t. Let’s assume Lawell can’t tie him down within our planned wage structure and a long term parting of the ways was inevitable, it would still be wise to push the boat out to sign him in the short term (assuming he is willing to agree a deal, which he appears to be) because for the sake of a few months where we lose maybe £3-5k a week we’d be ensuring a return on our investment of at least £4m.


    It doesn’t really matter what the Brown bashers think, there are certainly EPL managers who’d jump at the chance.


    Any failure to tie down a willing Scott Brown would be a black mark against Lawell of greater significance than fantasy transfers we’ve not made.




    I’m looking forward to tonights game… but, I hate the League Cup. Said it before, saying it again; this is not a tournament Celtic get anything positive from, almost ever. Yet again this tournament is conspiring against us – we could clearly do with resting some first teamers, if only to avoid injury, but form dictates that we need a win so will play a strong team. We’ll get through tonight, then face a First division team… and then there is nothing, whatsoever, to be gained. No credit, little valubale experience, and frankly little potential glory.


    I hate the League Cup. I think we should always treat this as an opportunity to blood the fringe and youth players – no exceptions. If it means we rarely win the thing, then nothing is really changing. If we get the odd embarrassing result, well nothing really changes. If our youngsters and fringe players get an opportunity to play at a high level and put down a marker…

  17. South of Tunis



    behavior issues / lifestyle issues/ discipline issues and an attitude problem



    are listed as +’s on my cv

  18. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    South of Tunis



    He sounds perfect for us.



    It’s the market we are in.

  19. Summa of Sammi 13.28



    “Stokes is the New Krissie Boyd (Has he Ever Scored against a Big Team) and l Don’t mean Tall..”



    Stokes won goal of the season for a strike against the Gers, we on the other hand give him 10 minute cameos against Rangers as we don’t trust his ability, however 49 appearances with 24 goals and 22 assists suggest we should.

  20. BontyBhoy



    Generally I would agree with you re League Cup, but finances as they are dictate that we have to play in it. Although the rewards are not substantial, in the PLC world, every penny counts.



    Maybe if they put the Europa League place up for grabs it would make it more potent por cierto.

  21. philvisreturns says:


    26 October, 2011 at 12:41


    RobertTressell – Vote Yes for Strike Action on 30th November – What are you striking for? (thumbsup)





    You really don’t know?



    The main reason is the theft of the pensions of millions of Public Sector workers. (Cue accusations of ‘Gold Plates’ – in fact the average public sector pension is less than £7K a year…….)



    I am pretty sure many are going out to lay down a marker over other cuts as well. But the actual ballot itself for all Public Sector Union members states the attack on Pensions as the reason.



    If you want more detail about this then just ask. But to save you the most obvious question that right wingers like yourself like to ask – what about the ‘black hole in pensions funding?’ – here’s an interesting little fact or two. 1. Lord Hutton who reviewed the pension schemes says there isn’t one and that the changes pushed through in 2007 have addressed the issue. 2. The extra contribution being asked for from the workers -3.4% – is the exact same amount as the government will no longer be paying in. So there is no more money being paid in to the pension scheme which would lead one to assume that (a) there is no ‘black hole’ and (b) the Billions saved will be going somewhere else ie the deficit caused by the bank bailout. Once more we pay for others mistakes.



    Which side are you on?

  22. cadizzy says:


    26 October, 2011 at 13:23


    Can you smoke E Lites in an indoor public place?



    My sister in law used one on both flights on her recent holiday.




  23. Every penny the government wants to save, be it a any political party, is to cure an ill, that was not the fault of the General Public por cierto.

  24. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    South Of Tunis



    You missed the main point



    He will cost the usual defender rate of ZERO




  25. Sharleen Spiteri is from Balloch.



    You will have El Diego Bhoy and Thismancraig [ long time no post?] protesting at the theft of Loch Lomond’s greatest gift to music since the ole Jacobite was locked up in Carlisle Castle, licking the moisture out the walls of his cell.

  26. .






    Re; The New Krissie Boyd.. Has he Ever Scored 3 Goals Collecting the Ball in His Own Half.. No Thought Not..



    Okay Yir Right he Has Scored ONE in FIFTY Games..



    Summa ft SammiTheHunSkelperCSC