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And, they, gave us………. Davie Hay.  Enormous thanks to Davie Hay for coming onto the blog this morning.  It was great to read his responses on playing for and managing Celtic.  If you missed him, catch up from 09:44 here, you’ll enjoy it.

At the risk of commenting on Roy Keane when few of us know much about what happened last night….  I remain pleased we didn’t appoint him manager in the summer.  Very pleased.

Really disappointed at the outcome of the Fifa investigation into the awarding of the Fifa World Cups for 2018 1nd 2022, although, as I type that sentence, the reasons perhaps become clear.  As with all of these things, I’m specifically thinking about the Lord Nimmo Smith SPL inquiry here, football governing bodies ask the questions they want answered.  It’s not the independence of the investigator which is important, it’s who sets the scope of investigation.

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, here.

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  1. Hamilton – fence sitter – Tim strikes again!






    So like the 80s but without the stickies. I could handle that!






    HH jamesgang

  2. They’re not FFin’ giving up:



    “Well, I’ve used the information in the email responses above to send one back to them (quoting their own), asking how “observations” from “UK authorities” can possibly be grounds to stop any investigation.



    Especially when there’s clearly so much verfiable evidence.


    And especially when some of those very “authorities” may themselves be implicated.



    I’ve asked what these “observations” were, and made by whom ?”

  3. TurkeyBhoy



    If you’re a Hunterloper then fair play.


    You’re the best placed sleeper agent in the history of counter espionage…..or philbhoy’s a wee bu88er like you say!!!



    Away to finish some work.





    HH jamesgang

  4. The Louden Tavern


    #morethanapub #OneRangersNoFactions



    True Blue



    1,273 posts




    Location:111 Copland Road


    Posted Yesterday, 04:12 PM


    Last night our pub was broken into and 60 1.5l spirits were stolen from us.



    If anyone has any info could they please let us know.



    Hopefully the Rangers family will help us uncover who would stoop to such an act.






    Edit – thanks admin



    Right Lhads,the first 60 names up,you know what you are getting for Xmas.


    Ha Ha Ha.Oh my sides.

  5. David Hay made a huge impression on me when i first saw him playing on a starstudded Celtic side against against a highly regarded Waterford FC in the first round of the European Cup in 1970. Celtic were magnificent in the now Aviva Stadium winning 7 – 0.



    In the days when Scotland were regular qualifiers for World Cups it was the team every soccer fan in the ROI would support, this was before the arrival of Jack Charlton. I quote from an article in Ireland’s Sunday Independent. ” A recent picture of the Scotland team that beat Zaire 2-0 in the 1974 World Cup in Germany and actually were unbeaten in the group unluckilly failing to qualify for the knockout stage. the front row was made up of Denis Law, David Hay, Billy Bremner, Peter Lorimer, Sandy Jardine and Kenny Dalglish. one of these men alone would electrify modern Scotland. Not in picture but in the squad was Jimmy Johnstone, who would have electrified the modern world”

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Enjoyed reading DH’s replies to all the questions today being old enough to ‘see’ him in both roles. One of the most committed Celtic players in my ‘limited’ experience and definitely ill-done by the then Board. Belated thanks for his appearance on CQN but in middle of a fancy dress fiesta in Benidorm (no ME) and cannae believe my eyes:-) :-)

  7. Hamiltontim



    Davie didn’t reckon he’d make the grade these days for the CQN 5s. I thought I’d better say nothing after last night’s defeat!



    At least there scoring one more than the opposition gets you a win. Shocking that successive Celtic managers had to stress the importance of needing two goals more to get the win.



    Makes you wonder how many trophies we would have won with a level playing field.

  8. So does that mean the unseen fenian hand is a myth.


    A little disappointed to be honest. ;-)




  9. skyisalandfill




    16:40 on 13 November, 2014




    So does that mean the unseen fenian hand is a myth.


    A little disappointed to be honest. ;-)







    Well, the UFH is so cunning that, frankly, we will never know…!

  10. Skyisalandfill



    “it’s not a tiger, it’s a tigre”



    Must’ve had an escape claws in its contract!

  11. Russia are well ahead of schedule with their World Cup preparations. Many new stadiums are almost ready now.


    I would think as the biggest country in the world they are way over-due to host the event.


    The recent winter olympics were a success and their new formula one race track is up with the best in the world. It should be a great and well-run tournament.


    Objections are probably originate from the cold war hysteria thats been whipped up by the US with the UK and EU poodles following obediently.

  12. BT



    Next they’ll be telling us there’s no tunnel from CP to City chambers.



    A good trick.




  13. Nae luck desperadoes.



    16:53: Celtic ruling More on that story about Celtic and Glasgow City Council.



    The European Commission (EC) has dismissed claims that the Scottish champions broke EU rules in land deals involving the city council.



    Officials in Brussels had asked the club and council for information after receiving complaints earlier this year.



    The council has now confirmed that it has been informed by the EC that no action will be taken. The complaints were never taken as far as a formal investigation.





  14. Mr David Hay




    Sorry I missed you this morning sir – stuff to do, places to go, fholk to see etc.


    If you are a reader of this sight then, you’ll know that one of the heroes from my own wee Celtic world is the peerless Celtic Historian – Mr Gerry McNee.


    Gerry was describing you – immediately after the the old ‘bored’ dismissed you – and informed his readers and listeners that – “Since being dismissed by Celtic, David Hay and, Tommy Burns were both at the house of striker – Brian McLair tonight – pleading with him to stay at Celtic Park and snub the overtures of Swalex at Old Trafford!”


    McNee went on – “You’ll be hard pushed to find two greater Celtic minds than those of, David Hay and, Tommy Burns…anywhere on this planet!”


    David – There is a poster on here whom, I don’t like and…he disny like me back. But….he said the other day that – “If David Hay didn’t go to Chelsea and stayed with us then Mr Stein’s Celtic would have won 10 in a row.”


    I totally agree with that, even though I still don’t like ‘that’ poster.


    So, Hail Hail to you for being on here at a time when I wasn’t here to coz carnage during your guest spot:)


    Well done to Winning Captains and his team for capturing you.



  15. The Herald reported


    “It is thought the complaints came from individual Rangers fans”


    Invetigative journalism,or what.

  16. jamesgang


    16:25 on


    13 November, 2014





    Gin please!



    HH jamesgang



    Tanquery or Gordons?.Roll up,59 bottles left.

  17. Although I want Scotland to win, half of me wishes we were not playing the Republic of Ireland.


    Hope it’s a good game with good football.


    Let’s just leave it at that.

  18. Wee song for The Louden,


    “There were 60 full bottles,sitting on the shelf,


    60 full bottles,sitting on the shelf



    Join in,you all know the tune.

  19. jamesgang


    16:25 on


    13 November, 2014





    Gin please!



    HH jamesgang



    Tanquery or Gordons?.Roll up,59 bottles left.



    Surely they’d have Blue Sapphire!!

  20. BRTH



    Sorry to hear about the ole knee’s playing up. Iv’e suffered for probably twenty years and was offered 1/2 knee operation 12 years ago. Decided to wait, no 69 and both knees giving me gip. Wife went to Chinese Medicine shop and came back with “TUNG SHUEH PILLS” Cow’s Head Brand made in Taiwan. I’ve been taking 4 a day (12 recommended) and for first time in years my knees are relatively pain free. If you can buy in UK I would recommend giving them a try.


    Don’t know long term effects but as Mrs Fess quotes ” Chinese say, if pills work take until you die. If you die stop taking pills”. Cannae get any fairer than that

  21. Sorry to go about the Louden story,but one trumpet said to the owner,


    “You should get an alarm fitted”


    He answered him,


    “We have got one but it doesnt work”



    Oh my aching sides

  22. turkeybhoy



    17:09 on 13 November, 2014


    Sorry to go about the Louden story,but one trumpet said to the owner,


    “You should get an alarm fitted”


    He answered him,


    “We have got one but it doesnt work”



    Oh my aching sides




    Feel free to keep going on – you’re not the only one enjoying this! :-)

  23. Tictawin………… this could be the game of the year really, looking forward to it. Is the game a sellout? an awful lot of disappointed Irish fans could not get tickets.

  24. Paul67 et al



    Does the latest EC ruling on state aid mean that we get to keep all that coal under Parkhead?




  25. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    paolosboots has had to pick up tickets for a couple of his mates for Scotland end.


    the guys have travelled all over with the team and didn’t get tickets.



    don’t get them started on fai president, nearly as bad as ogivie..

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