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And, they, gave us………. Davie Hay.  Enormous thanks to Davie Hay for coming onto the blog this morning.  It was great to read his responses on playing for and managing Celtic.  If you missed him, catch up from 09:44 here, you’ll enjoy it.

At the risk of commenting on Roy Keane when few of us know much about what happened last night….  I remain pleased we didn’t appoint him manager in the summer.  Very pleased.

Really disappointed at the outcome of the Fifa investigation into the awarding of the Fifa World Cups for 2018 1nd 2022, although, as I type that sentence, the reasons perhaps become clear.  As with all of these things, I’m specifically thinking about the Lord Nimmo Smith SPL inquiry here, football governing bodies ask the questions they want answered.  It’s not the independence of the investigator which is important, it’s who sets the scope of investigation.

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, here.

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  1. Had a great morning with Davie Hay – hope you all enjoyed it. Going to grab a coffee and read back to see how it reads on CQN.



    The book officially launches at the Greenock CSC next Friday 21st November – come and meet Davie and well some other special guests. See this not being allowed to say…



    We have now had Willie Wallace, John Hughes, Tommy Gemmell, Bertie Auld and now Davie Hay on the blog – hopefully with another BiG name very soon!



    Each of these legends have been lovely guys, humble, proud of Celtic and as Davie said to me today it isn’t playing for the club that means most to him it is the warmth and respect he receives from the Celtic support that means most to him.



    Since we have been working on this book he has started to lurk – when he saw names on the blog today he was saying – I know him, he’s on here all the time!

  2. Great to see the straight talking Davie Hay on here this morning.


    Seen Canamalars COYBIG earlier and got me wondering.


    How do think the Scotland/Celtic supporters will feel if this is belted out by the away fans at Paradise on Friday night.


    Gonna be a strange night

  3. SFA seem to be struggling with this Tonev appeal me thinks, you would think if it was that cut and dried the case would be tossed oot on its arse? You don’t think they are waiting on the headlines all over the papers tomorrow regarding the big game that night, or even tossing in a wee report about how solvent this Sevco Co. Are running on a sweep sweep article? Naaaa yi think?

  4. I just YouTubed the 1985 cup final there and the advert on YouTube was for Assassins Creed Unity!



    Coincidence? Csc

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I expect to uphold the decision they will need to forward their evidence to the Bulgarian FA :)

  6. Unfortunately I missed Dave Hay on the blog today-


    when i got lifted at a Celtic game my ma shouted at me ” will Davie Hay pay yer fines eh?”


    so my belated question would have been……





    my maw wants to know if you have 50 quid to give me?

  7. Winning captains,



    A big well done and even bigger thanks to all involved for these ‘q&a’ blogs.




  8. My friends in Celtic,



    What would we give for a Davie Hay now.



    Marrakesh Express ; “There is none so blind as those who will not see.”



    However its just possible they may have to wake up and smell the coffee.



    Apologies for mentioning MA again, but its been annoying me thinking; what could a hard nosed unpredictable, yet successful businessman gain by voluntary giving up the naming rights to Greyskull. It was widely regarded as a coup for him.



    Hypothetically, What if ( as we mentioned yesterday ) Greyskull was indeed turned into a Tesco superstore. The naming rights are then immaterial.



    Tesco shares bounce back and his £43 million bet comes off. He could then negotiate with Queens Park to buy and refurbish Hampden with all its commercial non footballing money spinning activities. Build a new “Lesser Hampden” which would be ideal for Queens Park and renegotiate the contract with the SFA which is due to expire in 2020.



    In essence the SFA would be paying for his new ground and he would be quid’s in by selling Greyskull and the Albion .



    Ok, so maybe that is slightly far fetched but MA is no fool and does not give anything away without something in return, or a plan.



    Watch this space.



    HH to all and especially Davie Hay.

  9. Philbhoy




    12:30 on 13 November, 2014




    Funny how all the guys we call trolls and huns on here did not show for the Q and A session with a Celtic Legend!







    me tae and efter that we post at 5 a.m. grrrrr

  10. Tonydonnelly67



    12:42 on 13 November, 2014



    Some might find this an interesting article.



    Rise of Sinn Fein is unnerving Dublin’s political establishment


    Cahir O’Doherty @randomirish November 12,2014 03:03 PM




    Sinn Fein is certainly on the rise, but I would suggest that what is really unnerving the political establishment is the comparable support for Independents & parties of the left, as many view SF as now being part of that political establishment. That was certainly the case when SF lost a by-election in Dublin to a more radical candidate after the party leaders declared their intention to pay the controversial water charges (a position they hastily reversed).



    The problems SF now has in explaining the legacy of how the republican movement dealt with rape, sex abuse, punishment beatings & shootings of children are undoubtedly being exploited by eager opponents, but the party has not helped itself by a policy of deflection and denial.

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    What I find unusual is the Irish are bucking the trend of moving to the left while most other nations are moving to the right.

  12. The problems SF now has in explaining the legacy of how the republican movement dealt with rape, sex abuse, punishment beatings & shootings of children are undoubtedly being exploited by eager opponents, but the party has not helped itself by a policy of deflection and denial.




    I would say that most country’s are going through this with governments department cover ups all over the world, including certain members of family’s connected with royalty around the global world, although what it has to do with that post I put on, I have no idea? Or did I miss something?

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    seems the author of the fifa investigation will appeal their ending of the process..

  14. The likes of the FIFA farce and our won sfa issues, it seems that the fitba authorities across the world are answerable to no one!



    liquidated not relegated!

  15. Winning Captains – If yer aboot?




    I’ve received a landline phone call from


    Pinocchio & Jiminey – saying thanks for the


    grand ole DVD’s received from you and yer


    grand ole team – which will be forwarded to a


    guid Tim for a Christmas pressie.


    Thanks fae the both of them – Hail Hail

  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    They’re part of the over class above the law, banksters, corporations, governments and now Mexican mayors

  17. James McCarthy ruled out of game with hamstring problem, big loss to Ireland but now the Boo Boys have only one man to concentrate on.



  18. Keane has my full support – O’Neill


    13 November 2014 Updated 12:01


    Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill says assistant Roy Keane has his “full support” following an incident with a member of the public at the team hotel.


    Keane “asked for the Garda to be called” and the team are now “focused on the game in hand” and will not be saying anything more on this issue.


    Police were called to the incident and an ambulance also attended the Portmarnock Hotel, near Dublin.


    Pictures courtesy of the FIA.


    Appols if already posted.

  19. canamalar





    You calling SFTB a hun troll :oD)))”




    I am gutted to have missed Davie this morning but I was at the Dentists having pain inflicted on me. Wonder if Davie would tackle the dentist on my behalf?



    I told Tiny Tim a few years back that Davie was my favourite Celt. Everybody knew that Kenny D was the best player at Celtic but I always argued for Davie because he did all his work in such an unflashy way. He was Scotland’s star performer in the 74 WC and he was badly treated by Celtic at a time when we could have afforded to spend a bit more cash. Losing McClair, McInally and Judas all at once was the biggest single loss ever to hit a Celtic team- mindblowing.

  20. Here’s a good article.





    By Angela Haggerty


    For Scottish-born Ireland internationals Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy, tomorrow night will feel little like a welcome homecoming.



    Throughout their playing careers in Scotland, both players suffered sustained racist abuse as a result of their Irish heritage and choice to play for Ireland at an international level, and tensions are rising ahead of the game this week.



    But it’s not only McGeady and McCarthy who have experienced the problem. Perhaps the most high profile victim in recent times in Scotland of anti-Irish abuse is former Celtic manager, now at Bolton Wanderers, Neil Lennon, who on top of dealing with particularly vicious hate lived a life with his family under heavy security protection.



    Lennon’s life was seriously threatened when he was sent viable explosive devices in the post by two Rangers fans in 2011.



    Several people were jailed during his time at Celtic for a range of offences including beating him unconscious on a Glasgow street, sending explosive materials in the post, physically attacking him on the touchline during a live television broadcast of a Celtic game, and threatening and abusing him on social media channels.



    And Lennon was not the only victim of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic hate in Scotland during that time.



    The late Paul McBride QC was also sent explosives in the post alongside former MSP Trish Godman, who was targeted for wearing a Celtic top — the strip of the club formed by Irish Famine immigrants and considered by many of its fans as their only big connection to their Irish roots in Scotland — to the Scottish parliament.



    But are the problems so prominent in the football arena representative of wider attitudes in Scotland towards the Irish, or do these incidents represent the death throes of historic discrimination?



    According to the historian Professor Tom Devine, an authority on the Irish community’s history in Scotland, there has been a “revolutionary” change in the Scottish landscape in recent decades, although there is a residual attitudinal problem towards the Irish community played out particularly in the tribal football culture, where it can still lead to violence.



    “If you look back over the last century, there’s obviously been quite a massive change,” he says.



    “We’ve moved on from the sectarian crisis of the 1920s and 1930s when the Church of Scotland not only wished to prohibit Irish immigration, but wished to deport migrants.



    “From that to the present day there’s been a revolutionary change. First of all, the descendants of the Irish Catholic immigrant class are now in the condition of occupational parity in Scotland.



    “Discrimination against them is long gone. My own belief, and this is controversial, is that sectarianism is one of the least of Scotland’s social problems.



    “Obviously what we do still have is tribalism and sporting symbolism, and the divide between Celtic and Rangers is even more newsworthy because of the gap since the two clubs last played.



    “You could get some of that bile channelled into the event on Friday.



    “The problem experienced by the two Scottish players who play for the Republic of Ireland (McGeady and McCarthy) wouldn’t be an issue if the country they’d chosen was Brazil or somewhere else.



    “So there is still a lingering issue but it’s nothing like it would be 30 or 40 years ago.”



    Author and journalist Phil Mac Giolla Bháin — a Glasgow-born Irishman who now resides in Donegal — argues that while life for the Irish in Scotland has improved, there are still discriminatory attitudes towards the Irish buried in the culture of Scotland and they must be properly addressed if the country can ever move on.



    “There is a failure at the level of official Scotland and in the media to accept what is aimed at Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy as racism, it hides within the ‘sectarian’ word,” he says.



    “It’s failing to recognise the ethnic, the national element. It’s the country of choice that’s the issue, it’s the Irish part that’s the issue.



    “The reason it is such a stubborn problem is the failure to properly recognise it in the first place. There needs to be a national conversation led by major stakeholders to first acknowledge the problem and then to allow cultural space for an expression of Irishness that would bring Scotland into line with other societies and allow Scotland to have some veracity in the claim that it is the best small country in the world.



    “At the moment when it comes to Irishness, it looks like the best small minded country in the world.”



    Mac Giolla Bháin’s claims about lack of teeth in the media to call the problem out is underlined by some articles published ahead of the game in Scotland which caused a degree of controversy. In the Daily Record, a comment piece titled ‘I hope James McCarthy and Aiden McGeady get pelters from Scotland fans at Parkhead’ by former Scotland legend Gordon McQueen prompted a reaction from Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given, who described the comments as “unfair” and “over the top”.



    While Scotland is undoubtedly a changed place for the descendants of desperate Irish immigrants who for decades suffered inequality and racism, the culture still has dangerous traces — particularly in football — and McGeady and McCarthy may this week feel the brunt of it.



    * Angela Haggerty is a Glasgow-based journalist and editor of the Common Space

  21. philbhoy



    12:30 on 13 November, 2014


    Funny how all the guys we call trolls and huns on here did not show for the Q and A session with a Celtic Legend!








    Dear Sir,


    Please excuse iki for being absent this morning , he had the runs during the night and for by that it did not seem right to send him out in this weather when he had a hole in his sannies as well.


    Please oblidge,


    iki’s mammy

  22. Paul67



    I have a bit more hope that the FIFA corruption report will unravel quicker than the LNS enquiry did. The report’s author and major contributors are disputing the spin and interpretation that is coming from FIFA in their condensed version of the report. They are coming as close as they can to calling them liars. The English FA will not lie down to being portrayed as the only guilty party either.



    None of the insiders to the lies given as evidence by the SFA, and accepted without any forensic examination by Lord Dimmo himself, have broken ranks yet to turn over the conclusions. I guess the Omerta Code of The Brotherhood is stronger than that of those involved in more straightforward financial corruption.

  23. Paul,


    A long held complaint with the request that goes with it re the match updates. Why on earth does the result have to appear sometime later on the main caption. There must be many like myself who read these after the event but still like to keep the suspense of them being “live”. If I wanted the match report I can go to the following blog.


    Take the Scotland v Ireland game, which I hope there will be updates for, I will watch these on saturday morning , my time, and try to shield my eyes from that bottom right hand corner.





  24. Paul67



    I am aware that you were not in favour of Roy Keane’s invitation to be Celtic manager. However, despite your caveat about not knowing the facts about last night, I think the timing of your reminder about not wanting Roy at CP smacks of trying to link the events. When Neil was attacked in the street we did not take the line (Kojo’s regular cornerbhoy jibe being the exception) that Neil brought this on himself. Neither did we sack Zaluska when he was attacked.



    With the FAI giving Roy full support, it would be wise to heed their hint that Roy may have been the innocent party in last night’s event. They should play no part in determining your attitude to his suitability as Celtic manager.

  25. C’MO’N the Irish.




    Big Mark McGhee aside – I hope that the football team which represents an anti-Celtic establishment of a football association which was follow followed wi huns or, anti-Celtic peepil till Rangers FC signed – Butcher, Woods and Roberts and since then…Britannia has ruled at ibrox but that disny change the fact that a culture exists and is roundly promoted and backed by a colluding Celtic ‘bored’ who have sold their souls to the hun anti-Celtic etablishment which the team in navy blue represents or the fools who chose to influence the ballot-box by ensuring that the blue in the butchers apron remained intact and that the ways of the empire will continue get turned over by the guid fholk who’ll be carrying the torch of jolly Jack’s Mighty Greens in the shape of the blessed Martin O’Neill’s present day hopefuls oh yeah.


    Away for a lie doon, bye.

  26. Charliebhoy



    Your story deserved a wider audience! I hope you don’t mind me reposting.



    A wonderful post!



    And God bless your Mammy!






    05:03 on 13 November, 2014



    there are few things in life that have left me totally lost for words, but as rememberance day is also the anniversary of my wee mammys passing (14th) I thought I would tell you lads a wee bit about her first. Helen McBride was born on 6th of june 1921 in Ibrox (cousin to joe of our parish RIP) and like most working class families she never attained further education but went to work in the Remington rand in hillington she met my father at the start of the war and although he was in the RAF they married in 1942


    settling down with a council flat in the paisley rd west my dad was a gorbals lad but served out the rest of the war in leuchars,fife war ended they settled together and he started as an optical technician (basically the only job he could get with his timmy name) he didn’t really enjoy the job,and suggested to mum that if they budgeted with her wages from the Remington he could go part time and study to become an optician.she supported him through this and in the early fifties wee Charlie got his deploma that he was a member of the fellowship of Scottish ophthalmic opticians. however with his timmy name he couldn’t get work in the west so he started in Cardiff for two years then cowdenbeath (thank god its all changed now!! ahem)


    they applied for a new council house,and in 1957 were offered a new flat away out in the country inside loo and all mod cons a big wrench away from my mothers family in Ibrox but away they went to their brand new tenement in the new estate of Easterhouse in the east end of Glasgow. they found out that they couldn’t have kids so at the start of the next year they were awarded my elder sis Geraldine, by this time my dads reputation and experience meant that he now had a full time job in partic and three years later they were awarded another baby a beautiful platinum blonde, bundle of joy that yours truly can only be described as.


    my wee mammy gave up work and became a devoted wife and mother (eventually granny to my four,and geris two tae) wonderfull memories of their total devotion to each other, their family and their church we moved out of Esterhouse the same week Frankie (give me the moonlight) Vaughan moved in but they kept in touch with their roots attending rome for cannonisation of blessed john Ogilvie (my school and csc bus I attended games in the late sixties (because opticians work on a Saturday) they also had their golden wedding party in st Benedicts ..Which brings me to my speechless moment (at long last I hear you say)


    father mcginn was st benedicts first ever parish priest way back before the chapel was built he then moved on to st marys in larkhall where I brought up my kids so he was delighted to welcome us to the parish but shunned visiting us because of a certain foul mouthed parrot we as a family owned he greated with great pleasure my parents attended the christenings,communionns etc cannon Mcginn (jacks brother) was real old school blood and thunderso their was no way of convincing him that a bird cant sin


    on my youngests communion day a few years after my dads passing (and quite a few sherbets into the party) one of my guests asked considering their long history don’t you think it would have been nice to ask cannon McGinn over to sit with your mum I told the guest about casper and some of the rants African grey parrots are capable off now this is happening in the kitchen with no females present “i’ll tell you one tale” says I ” lizann got up one morning, i’m still in bed, when I hear casper as clear as you like say “hello lizann” to which Lizann replies “Hello Casper” Casper quickly retorts “Yer a w**ker” after much guffawing and laughter we all moved on mixing as you do at family events


    now both my parents were T-total and at any previous family do the always left fairly early and everyone respected that but on this occasion my mother was staying over, so the party continued on and there was a brief silence in the conversation to which my mother interjected “Charles” “yes mum” I kinda slurred out “whats a wa&&er?”………….to this day I curse that bloody parrot

  27. Dj67YNWA, iki and anyone else who took the hump.



    My post about absent trolls and huns was made in JEST.



    Apologies if any innocent Celtic supporter was offended.

  28. philbhoy



    14:35 on 13 November, 2014


    Dj67YNWA, iki and anyone else who took the hump.




    No hump has been taken by me.


    I did not think that my response needed a smiley to show that it was made in JEST.



  29. Mibbe we should ask John Gregg to come on CQN.



    Does anyone know if he can type?



    Feck, does anyone know if he can READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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