Finding a keeper should be the easy part of the week


I think we all got that sinking feeling when we heard it was a knee injury, which kept Craig Gordon from appearing in the second half on Saturday. So news today that the player hopes to be back this season is a great relief. It still, however, mean we need to make moves to secure a replacement.

Dorus de Vries did well on Saturday, in particular with his distribution from feet, but we cannot play have a season with only a 37-year-old keeper. This will be causing some stress at Celtic Park right now but it should not be too difficult a position to fill. Fraser Forster was fifth choice at Newcastle when we loaned him.

There are plenty of clubs with three or more good keepers. My preference would be to get someone with the profile of Fraser; someone we could mould with an eye on a future permanent move, but I suspect this is likely to be a risk-averse appointment and we’ll get someone the manager is confident can do the job.

Resisting the temptation to talk about Charly for now. There’s lots to say on the subject, but let’s wait for things to formalize.


Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Frank McGarvey at The Penalty Spot in Glasgow.


Frank discusses his time at Liverpool, signing for Celtic, his admiration for Jock Stein, his partnership with Charlie Nicholas, the 1985 Scottish Cup final, why this was his final appearance in the hoops, and Love Street 1986.


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  1. Gutted for Gordon, but thrilled he should be back. He’s had more than his fair share of injury troubles and worked his backside off to get back playing.


    Meanwhile, here are two new pieces…



    One about finally getting a journalist to report on the singing of The Billy Boys… https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/calling-out-the-billy-boys/



    And one about a big very problem with Celtic Park… https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/01/27/the-great-celtic-park-conspiracy/

  2. Threesy…



    What was the rest of the words you had to that song? I’m sure the first time I read it you had 1 if not 2 verses…?



    Very catchy ha



    Hail Hail





    I understand you did,in fact,contact a BBC reporter about it-and he said he was too busy watching the game to notice any dodgy singing.



    I assume he missed the pitch invasion because he was too busy celebrating the goal.




    That’s all very well, but why do we not be told the truth about that night. Let us not forget, it is us, Celtic and in particular Lennon who once more have come out the bad guys. All we ever see is Neil snarling at Swally. The peepul have come away from it all unscathed. As I said, something stinks big time.




  5. Just on tenterhooks awaiting formalization of our No10… would be a great bit of business… oh and a GK of course…



    New Article By Auldheid on TSFM, it was very Interesting, got me thinking as his pieces often do but one thing stuck out for me…



    Surely Regan’s time in charge of Scottish Football, whenever it ends, will be looked upon as a reign of abject failure.



    So why the longevity? We all know. The thing he did best is the thing he can’t put on his CV or boast about, he’s pretty much got away with it, they all have.



    Initially, as the SMSM began to call for his head my thoughts were he has to stay. For a start, whose going to replace him? Any better? And he must face the music of the Res12 enquiry.



    Reading through Auldheid’s Article I’ve changed my mind, he has to go now. The Chap is so conflicted over Res12, he simply has to effect another fudge.



    As is often the case with these things, the cover up is more damaging than the initial wrongdoing.



    Yet, as we’ve often been told, Res12 is so much more than Rangers being given a European Licence.



    Now of course why did the SFA in the wake of the Court cases and specifically the Craig White trial, refuse a review, yet put Res12 to the Compliance Officer?



    Well there could be a number of factors but it’s strange to think, after what they’ve brass necked, they would cave in on Res12.



    My feeling is this, the Res12 bhoys managed to get this issue to other platforms, out with Scottish Football. It is now a matter of Corporate Governance at Celtic PLC and was a probing and exacting query to the UEFA, Licence Officers.



    My feeling is, whether formally or informally the SFA was told to deal with this…



    This process reminds me of my wee brother eating his Brussel Sprouts, you know the two he had to eat before he was getting his pudding.



    Instead of just putting them in his mouth and dealing with them in short shrift, he used to chew and chew and chew….. they must have been disgusting.



    It’s been a while since the Compliance Officer started chewing over aul Res12… he’s not making it less palatable.



    I believe the reason could be highlighted in Auldheid’s piece. It’s not so much the overdue Tax, it’s where the Tax was from…



    Can they really agree that the WTC was an overdue payable, meaning it should have been disclosed during the Licence application? Rangers (erroneously) maintained this was in dispute.



    Now if the decision is taken, as it clearly should, that it was a verified payable, then we have to look at where it came from. The DOS scheme, which was a system where Rangers paid players unlawfully through a secret “adjunct” to their contracts.



    Now, the DOS issue and the players contracts and the WTC were never looked into, they simply can’t say it’s been dealt with, like they did with the EBTs etc. Rangers knew they had ran an unlawful scheme and never admitted it. Campbell Ogilvie, the ex-SFA President knew all about it.



    Maybe this is why the SFA are still chowing down on the bitter fare…



    So as far as Im concerned Regan must go, his position was untenable many a year ago but the fact is, he’s heavily conflicted in an action lodged with the Compliance Officer that needs to be investigated thoroughly, without “fear or favour”



    Hail Hail



    What about Joe Hart?





    Not for all the tea in Yorkshire.

  7. Chairbhoy 12.10



    You remember the party game as kids something was hidden in a room and others had to find it?



    If they were far away they were told the were freezing. The nearer they got to the hidden item the warmer they told they were.



    You are pretty near roasting.



    BRTH spotted it years back and it was made public but significance ignored.



    It no longer can be, but as it opens the whole can of worms the guys in charge might try to.



    There is a contingency ready if they do.





    IMO,Regan will eventually resign,with a huge payoff and an NDA.



    No further action necessary for the good of the game.

  9. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (the celebration of a goal in Sevcoland….)



    Nimiety [ni-mahy-i-tee]



    noun, plural nimieties.


    1. excess; overabundance


    2. an instance of this.



    Word Origin and History for nimietyExpand




    “excess, redundancy,” from Latin nimietas “excessiveness,” from nimius”beyond measure, excessive,” from nimis (adv.) “too much, beyond measure, excessively.”




  10. AULDHEID on 29TH JANUARY 2018 12:28 PM


    Chairbhoy 12.10







    You remember the party game as kids something was hidden in a room and others had to find it?






    Will he start against Hearts?.The thought of Broony,Musonda,Ntcham,Sinclair,Dembele,Roberts,KT,when all fit and firing is a mouth watering one.


    I still would like a right back.I know we have Ralston,but not sure if he is ready.Could be next season,but we need one now.Its finding one.


    Problem solved if we start with 3 at the back,and bring in Eboue to play in front of them with Broony.





    Simunovic Commperjer KT.



    Broony Eboue.



    Roberts Musonda Ntcham Sinclair.






    Griff Forrest Ajer Mc Gregor Keeper.

  12. Turkeybhoy on 29th January 2018 12:38 pm



    Wouldn’t be surprised if we signed a Right Back before Wednesday with Lutsig now joining Ralston on the injured list. Gamboa even made the bench on Saturday.


    Ajer will be a first pick with Simunovic away and Hendry his replacement as back up IMO.


    I recall in 82,as I was converting my lifetime best pal from a Weefree Kilmarnock fan to the Celtic.



    I realised,one day in The Jungle,that some of our repertoire was inappropriate in the circumstances.



    But I will still sing my songs from the armed struggle of 800 years,songs of celebration and remembrance of every single person who made their dream come true.



    There’s no way I’ll accept a pasteurised version of Celtic,or of Celtic supporters. I won’t sing songs of hatred-that stopped for me in 1982. But I won’t forget what I hold in my heart. Nor refuse to celebrate it in song.



    KEVJ’s post this morning was an articulate argument against the above. I hesitated to post this,as it could easily be seen as-aye,you would say that,etc. I congratulate him on his post,but I disagree with it.

  14. Big Fraser seems to be out of favour at Southampton at the moment. I wonder if he could be tempted back on loan for half a season with a promise of regular action, and a chance to beat the SPL clean sheet record…



    As for strengthening other areas, don’t we also need to think about what happens at LB should KT get a serious injury? …and let’s face it, he seems to be targeted by the hammer throwers on a fairly regular basis.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    The absurdities of modern life –



    Buy a second 45 from a seller in Eindhoven on 3 /1 18 . Pay for it to be shipped International Tracked And Signed Post . Track it as it travelled from Eindhoven to the Italian Distribution Centre In Milan ( 9 1 18 ) Track it disappearing into the void . Contact Customer Services -3 times -no response . Then get a postcard from Italian Customs (24 1 ) stating that they had removed the packet from the postal service and had checked the contents ( a suspicious Package ! ) but were now happy and I could collect it from my Regional Customs Office on Monday 29 1 . Went and collected it this morning — standard 7″ choon mailer – asked the Question “-What was Suspicious ?”-Answer -” It’s from Holland -might have contained drugs ” –.



    I got it , left and headed for an espresso – walking past 2 Albanians selling Albanian Herb on a corner on my way to a bar . . This is the choon –



  16. AULDHEID @ 12:28 PM,



    Well that’s good to know. BRT&H is one sharp chap. It did help you laid it out in DIDDY terms:) Good to know you have a contingency…



    BMCUW @ 12:29 PM,



    Well, thats what I envisaged. SR bides his time, the chickens come home to roost, Stewart says thanks it’s been emotional, leaves the building (with cash and copy of NDA in pocket) and there is a chorus of let’s move on…



    However SR’s incompetence over his day job may well see his (premature) end.



    No one to oversee the whitewash, well maybe a few dozen, but no-one with so much skin in the game.



    If we can get a clear out at the top and a new executive that doesn’t want to be embroiled in the sins of the past.



    Play-off, NDA, Don’t care, I’d like him gone and if the new Chief Executive is willing to start his tenure overseeing a serious whitewash, woe betide him…



    Hail Hail

  17. one charliebhoy there’s only one charliebhoy… one charliebhoy. there’s only one charliebhoy (repeat to fade)





    not according to spellchecker though Grrrrrr

  18. If Regan leaves with a decent Non Disclosure Agreement, we can depend on Scotland’s journalists to get to the truth of the matter.



    Oh yes.



    What’s that sound? It is Bob Crampsey, turning in his grave.

  19. Through A Green Glass Brightly on




    “But I will still sing my songs from the armed struggle of 800 years,songs of celebration and remembrance of every single person who made their dream come true.”




    Why stop at 800 years, is the armed struggle against the Vikings not worthy of celebration and remembrance also, and a tad further back were the Neolitihics not quite partial to a square go with their clubs an aw and are worthy of song or two too? :o)

  20. playfusbal4dguilders on

    BARNEY67 on 29TH JANUARY 2018 12:16 PM






    What about Joe Hart?






    Not for all the tea in Yorkshire.



    Was just a thought< I'd rather have Craig Gordon than him, but he's experienced and available. no great but available.




  21. BIGCHIPSUK – 10 IN A ROW (2001-2010) on 29TH JANUARY 2018 12:54 PM


    As for strengthening other areas, don’t we also need to think about what happens at LB should KT get a serious injury? …and let’s face it, he seems to be targeted by the hammer throwers on a fairly regular basis.






    Yep, I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses tomorrow’s game as he was limping about on Saturday. Might force us into a back 3.



    Can’t see Brendan being interested in Fraser.


    He is a great showstopper but from my less than reliable memory his kicking was not great.

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