Fit squad needed as Valencia return to top half of table


When we stopped for the winter break, I hoped to have Kieran Tierney, Tom Rogic and Odsonne Edouard available for the resumption of league duty tomorrow evening.  Tom remains at the Asian Cup with Australia, where he will face the UAE on Friday, but doubt remains over when we will see Kieran and Odsonne fully fit.  The latter is thought to be over his injury and just needs sharpness, but we had a false dawn on his fitness a month ago.

There are only three weeks before Valencia arrive in Glasgow (game sold out this morning).  The Spaniards have hit form since drawing Celtic in the Europa League and are now only six points off a European spot for next season.

Now in the top half of the table, having dispensed with relegation worries.  Progress against Celtic will be their objective for February.  A place in the last 16 is achievable, but we will need all resources available.

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  1. Given the challenges ahead the lack of squad investment is a bit of a surprise.


    Surely we will not go into this game with the biggest spend in January being PL’s bonus.



    DD will be at it if that is the case.


    Winding up the support to see how far he can get.



    We are probably our own worst enemies.



    EU Last 16 game:



    We sell out at home.


    They ask for 282 tickets.


    City Break CSC invades in full battalion strength.



    DD sits on a beach and counts his money.


    How long will it before we have a special dividend to our hard pressed shareholders.


    Just what is the use of having money in the bank if we starve the squad?

  2. Wed, 23rd Jan St Mirren


    Ladbrokes Premiership


    19:45 H Buy Tickets.


    Sat, 26th Jan Hamilton


    Ladbrokes Premiership


    15:00 H Buy Tickets


    Wed, 30th Jan St Johnstone


    Ladbrokes Premiership


    19:45 H Buy Tickets


    February 2019


    Sun, 3rd Feb St Johnstone


    Ladbrokes Premiership


    12:30 A Get Tickets


    Wed, 6th Feb Hibernian


    Ladbrokes Premiership


    19:45 H




  3. TRADITIONALIST88 on 22ND JANUARY 2019 8:56 AM



    Michael Davitt is often mentioned when it comes to justifying Rebel songs at Parkhead. Well maybe we should remember the whole story.


    His rejection of violence and urging of Irish immigrants to assimilate into British life could be equal justification for renouncing certain rebel songs at Parkhead.



    Additionally I take it you have heard of the Limerick boycott. Michael Davitt found it necessary to interject against the anti semitism that was occurring in Ireland and throughout Europe.


    By your rationale; should we not be visibably outspoken against anti semitism .?




  4. Traditionalist88



    You talkin’ to me?



    Excuses?, or reasons in rational thoughts of a supporter based on Celtic quotes from the manager, and watching Celtic this season, and having ‘suffered’ many a January window.



    Marvin Compper wasn’t mentioned because he’s no chance of playing, most of the others I mentioned will, with the exception of Jack Hendry who we are looking to loan.



    Unless you’ve been on the moon for 30 years its perfectly reasonable to conclude Celtic’s big spend is postponed till summer, personally I deeply hope its not, but as an example it could well be, given we’re already paying £1M per annum to at least one player, that doesn’t even have a professional athletes body.



    As ever CSC

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Valencia will be looking forward to exploiting our full back areas . Or at least , the areas where a full back should be.

  6. Blantyretim.



    I’m coming into the Blane Valley on Friday to meet up with Richie, if yo you fancy it, I’ll be coming in around 3.00 PM

  7. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    “A place in the last 16 is achievable, but we will need all resources available.”



    A place in the last 16 is achievable, but we will need to utilise some of the vast resources available to us.

  8. T88 @ recently



    Militaristic dirges — lets start with the ones exhorting plow-boys to look into a career change and the need to buy a sub-machine gun.



    Burton’s commandos.

  9. SHR @ last night



    1916 — Schemers and dreamers.


    Half baked reactionaries — JC excepted — looking for a fight.

  10. I’m not bothered about València until we play them.



    It’s time for focus on and off the park. The next game is the most important every single time.



    In terms of resources for that game and every other i and struggling to see past my cynicism about the lack of right back and centre back cover arriving.



    The right back position has been needing remedied for two years at least. It’s downright ridiculous that this is still an issue.

  11. How many weeks to the half year results come out — 3 weeks?


    Interesting to see how the number are shaping up.



    How much the CL failure will cost us and how big the wage bill has become.


    Plus the need to fund PL’s long term bonus.

  12. Is this Celtic team good enough to win the EL? Not a chance.



    As such, lets ignore the Valencia game and concenrrate on the more important league and cup matches that come our way prior to and immediately after this match .



    Those are things we can actually win, if we put our minds to it and stop thinking about Europe.

  13. “ And the leader was a leprechaun, Sean South of Garryowen “






    Militaristic Dirges CSC

  14. SAN LUIS on 22ND JANUARY 2019 12:57 PM



    With respect, I couldn’t disagree with you more.



    A sell out for the Valencia game on Valentines day is a mega statement. Most people are skint awaiting payday at the end of January. To disrespect this game is to disrespect the fans.


    It must and will be made a priority. Our paying public should expect no less.



    HH to all.



    PS : Welcome to Celtic Kat Smith. I wonder who scouts and signs our female players ? ?

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    John Anthony at 11.07 on the previous thread .



    That hail hail 67 site is a lot of mince . Its run by a company who have a website called ‘Rangers’ news . Some of the ‘Rangers’ news articles with Celtic in the title , appear on newsnow Celtic.

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Green Pinata



    By my rationale? I think you’ve taken that one and ran a bit far with it, I haven’t mentioned Davitt at all in any of my posts.




  17. MADMITCH on 22ND JANUARY 2019 12:49 PM


    SHR @ last night




    1916 — Schemers and dreamers.



    Half baked reactionaries — JC excepted — looking for a fight






    You are Sir Bob Geldof and I claim my £10!



    HH jg

  18. traditionalist88 on




    You’re entitled to think that about a song, but your opinion matters no more than anyone elses.



    If that was the criteria Scotland wouldnt have a national anthem.



    Need to up your game.




  19. BSR @ 12.59



    SnS — Not a very progressive personality by all accounts.


    Yet the uber hip GB seem to celebrate him in song on a regular basis.


    He seems to be a prototype Nigel Farage with some commando gear.



    A man of strong beliefs by all accounts.


    Although I think that a chorus of a “Totalitarian Irish Christian Corporatist state” didn’t make the final cut.

  20. T88 @ 1.09



    Once the GB start singing O’FoS then we can have that debate.



    After 700 years — send them homewards to think again …


    Probably appropriate.

  21. traditionalist88 on




    I particularly liked the ‘they may be unsuitable but they’re our unsuitables’ line. A new one for the ages. And don’t we know it.




  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I would suggest that the left back is more of an issue at the moment than right back.



    I don’t expect to see much, if any,of Kieran this season.

  23. TRADITIONALIST88 on 22ND JANUARY 2019 1:06 PM



    You reposted in entirety a post mentioning Michael Davitt @ 20.56 hrs last night; and responded with the comment ” excellent post ”


    Surely it is a natural assumption that you agreed with the sentiments expressed. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and as it’s a blog I replied.


    The comparison I gave is still valid, in fact very apt in 2019.



    Cheers and HH.

  24. Our wage bill is high, by all accounts (forgive the pun)



    By I for one can’t buy in to this theory that our wage bill is running away with itself.



    Erik Sievchencko (to lesser extent), Paddy Roberts (again to lesser extent), Stuart Armstrong, and Moussa Dembele, have all been shed from the wage bill.



    Brown on 30k, this will either be massively reduced or chopped from the wage bill completely very soon.


    Lustig on 25k, same scenario as Brown.


    Our wage bill come June 2019, must be largely reduced versus June 2018.



    Or is it just me.

  25. I wonder the situation with Calvin Millar.



    We surely re-called him from Dundee, based upon K.T’s hip concerns.



    Millar has played consistently, all be it in a poor Dundee team. However as a defender that ensures that he has been put under pressure a lot this season already. Great defensive experience for a young lad.



    I would suggest he probably warrants a run in the team ahead of Izzy. Although I suspect Brendan prefers Izzy for his forward going capability.


    However the penalty he conceded at Pittodrie against Niall McGinn suggests Izzy, same as Lustig, no longer has the athleticism to show wide men to the by-line. To win that race to the by-line, and prevent crosses coming in.

  26. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ RUGGYGMAN on 22ND JANUARY 2019 1:42 PM



    You can add Boyata who is also another big earner.



    Each year under BR our wages to income percentage has reduced. This year I expect that to change due to lack of CL football. However, as you note, we shed some decent wage earners in the summer, with a lot more to follow this summer; wages are under control.

  27. Ruggyman 1:47



    Cal Miller is never a left back. At least not for Celtic.



    He looses concentration far too easily and (in a similar fashion to Jack Hendry) seems to overestimate his own abilities …

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