Five cautions without a single bad challenge


The Curse of Easter Road strikes again.  This time, Celtic played well, made lots of chances and have little reason for regret.  Hibs were poor, seldom threatened but benefited from a ricochet from a cross which was never leading to a genuine chance.

That aside, Hibs players in general and Scott Allan in particular spent a great deal of the game on their bums.  Physical contact became a reason for theatrical innovation.  We succumbed to their limited game plan.  Wiser heads would have left Edinburgh with fewer than five cautions without making a single bad challenge.

Hooking Odsonne Edouard for Bayo was curious but Edouard has a bigger game to prepare for this week and I thought this was the best we have seen of Bayo, despite not scoring.  He linked up well, showed composure under pressure and is beginning to look comfortable in the Celtic shirt.

Credit too to Boli Bolingoli.  He did not have any defending to do but was always available and coped with the best of our intricate passing.

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  1. Not sure I agree Paul



    We lacked guile and our shooting was abysmal. The game was there to ne won. OE had one of those days when he just looks like he would rather be anywhere else.

  2. this is for DD ayear ago you called ellie a belter introducing my girls to mr cinnamon (they love him) ….now ellie is our diamond in the mud pictured here with past and present family boxers (all brindle) sorry to the offended ‘non dug posters’ (not)……https://scontent.fman1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/70868021_704009190116550_2536234491014283264_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_oc=AQlnxujrsmUDP3DVmXdjGTGyfeOsGQ5ALw5oNYEhMMacNZEyHal3LZ5WcEJwRb14AFQ&_nc_ht=scontent.fman1-2.fna&oh=ed56656fb4092d0910dad75ddbc10b85&oe=5E3D1381

  3. i never think that celtic should just turn up and win any game, this is sport. BUT to not mention the effect the ref had on the game seems very remiss to me.



    The refereeing issues are intensifying and will cause celtic to lose the league. it is now seems inevitable to me.



    Apart from that every team now can leave the boot in without fear of censure, even partick thistle last week had a go.



    Add to that the constant undermining of anything celtic related by the smsm , which obviously includes the national broadcaster BBC



    To be honest celtic will get what they (the plc) deserve, because of the acceptance that this is just the way it is.




    If by some miracle we win the league, then this anti celtic agenda will intensify again, and again and again until we lose. Rangers will not go bust in the meantime, because everybody will turn a blind eye


    to all their chicanery and eventually they will gain the extra money from europe.



    i wish i wasnt so, but if you dont stick up for yourself, hell mend you.



    Either stop them now (a statement of intent from the board) or lie down and die.

  4. notthebus on 30th September 2019 12:50 pm




    OE always looks like he would rather be somewhere else until that joyous smile of his accompanies a net bulge.

  5. in the only game we have lost the team was selected to accommodate ON , the same happened against hibs only this time 2 points dropped , JF wide left c’mon , RC wide right c’mon , no surprise both were poor and had little influence on the game , common denominator yes you guessed ON and the positional changes for the starting 11.

  6. I thought I read on here that the Sevco v Mike Ashley court thingy was to have been soreted by now.


    What is the current (!) situation?

  7. With all due respect Paul, Is when you balloon the ball ten yards over from ten yards out now classified as composure?



    Had Bayo shown composure when that chance came his way most of the discussions in the post-mortem would have been different.

  8. Norriem



    From previous article.


    I have only seen Calvin Millar once ( v Arbroath) and I formed a very low opinion of his performance.

  9. We’da won THAT game converting one or possibly two of the penalties we were denied.



    The League Table would look a lot nicer for Tims and perhaps some pressure would be applied to the Huns and their “manager”.



    How many dodgy results/ decision so far???????

  10. Rangers may well go bust but there will no matter to the SFA as the 2 company set up will ensure they get away without sanctions. 2nd time, not for these companies. The old club/new club switcheroo.



    Celtic were behind the replacement of Regan with Maxwell and the election of the “modernisers” to a majority on the Board. What an error, it turns out Maxwell is another Mason and an incompetent one at that. Several months ago I heard Maxwell tying himself in knots on BBC shortbread taking about the child abuse accusations. I haven’t heard him since.



    Next time we need to ensure that the people we back are at least competent. The Compliance officer seems to incompetent as well as Maxwell

  11. Vale Bhoy


    Without a doubt there was a lack of composure in that effort but, overall, is Paul`s comment not valid?.

  12. Hot Smoked



    I was also under the impression that Justice Percy was giving his judgement on Friday past…jelly and ice-cream will just have to wait a bit longer…I’m a patient man ;-))






    Ps..dunno how I missed it…congratulation to the Jobo Clan on their new addition

  13. Paul,



    Generally, I agree with your post. No complaints about the Bauer card though.



    We were at the stage of the game where we needed to take risks and that meant some professional fouls.

  14. Hot Smoked


    It was a wee dig at the media portraying a mass exodus at Celtic next summer


    I have quoted the players we will have out of contract


    Nir Bitton and Jonny Hayes, only 2 we should be looking to keep ??



    Wonder if any other teams will experience a mass exodus ( headline on the report I picked up – new now)



    Hail Hail

  15. I think it was a poor point to lose but to be fair, Hibs defended very well in the last 25 mins to keep us out. We have won a lot of games late on in the last couple of years and you can’t expect to keep doing that. Need a higher tempo earlier in games.



    I agree that we will draw some of these games and we shouldn’t panic; my concern is the lack of points being dropped by sevco.



    they were very lucky at a Killie and at at St Mirren and could be much further behind. Since then, they are putting teams away in the league. They would have panelled Hibs with their style



    They play a style which is very effective against inferior teams – press high across the midfield, RB crosses from deep so a much earlier ball in ; forwards attack the box with energy and hope to get fouled if they don’t get a shot away.



    Bully boy tactics which work well until they meet a team who can retain the ball and break quickly e.g . us at Ibrox



    In contrast, our more measured tactics involve us in tighter games against the minnows away from home. The upside is that we usually beat the top 3 or 4 teams well when they go toe to toe



    In summary;


    we will probably need to beat them across the 4 games between us but it looks like we probably will.



    I just want to see them drop points soon to ease my mind!

  16. CONEYBHOY on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2019 2:24 PM



    I think they will drop points on the road. They haven’t had a tough away tie yet.



    St Mirren & St Johnstone aren’t the toughest away fixtures and Kilmarnock seem an easier nut to crack without Steve Clark.



    They scraped through two of those. They have 2 trips to the likes of Tynecastle, Fir Park & Pittodrie to contend with.

  17. Social Media’s a dawdle…………there’s as many blogs and bhlogs as there are opinions………..



    Embdy with 5 or 6 “pals” and a WhatsApp account could start one……………they often do.



    There are few ones as good as this Dear Green Place imo……..its seen some greats come and go, but more flashes -in-the pan…….. and shown remarkable tolerance for some bad behaviours – no doubt aware that Lifes social problems – drunkeness and drug dependency wil occasionallyl intrude on usually harmonious stimulating Tim-Talk.



    Lest we forget tho’ running a blog that sustains itself is more challenging than organising a piss-up in a brewery…..the blogs only obvious rules would seem to be no swearin’ no personal abuse?



    Even these two wee constraints seem, as we have seen, to be too much for some big mooths who feel an unwarranted entitlement to explicitly abuse posters. That’s that straightened oot. They might not like to be reminded of the truth but the evidence is there.



    If the bhlog is to be regarded well it’s as result of the articles and accompanying comments and contributions. I know nowt about football but those that do and some that think they know better were always gonna think they had better ideas. Just like when a beery bully waddles into your favourite pub, it’s just a matter of time before they revert to type.



    The issue remains theirs.


    Tic toc…………..




  18. Sevco would have seen the fear in the eyes of the Aberdeen players on Saturday before a ball was kicked, I don’t often use the term ‘bottled it’ but very appropriate for ‘the dons’ on Saturday. Ran on to the pitch waving a white flag. How many other teams will run out at Ibrox waving a white flag I wonder, for sure the dons’ wont be the last. For that reason Saturday was a bad day for us, if we don’t take care of our own business then it will cost us as we are very much on our own this season, and possibly next but only if we win the title this season.

  19. What did the silly old football commentator have in common with the silly old policeman?



    I don’t recall the ‘Kafflik Schools’ question during the rampant Rainjurrz EBT years, and don’t consider we need an open bold debate, whatever that is. ‘They’ don’t know what faith schools are in Scotland,they just know Kafflik and its the word that makes them riot.



    What Scotland needs is a strong Rainjurrz, and by the living God, we’re going to get one by hook, and by crook. The closer we inch, point by point to the ten, and all this nauseating perpetual dominance, the louder a Kafflik school debate becomes. NFL and Celtic will need to summon all our powers, to succeed in a world where ‘fouling in the box’ is ignored, by those of any, or no, religious persuasion.



    May your God bless Glasgow Celtic CSC.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Of course Sevco will drop points and not just to us . I’m sure the day is not too far away when they will be denied two absolute stonewall penalties with their score tied at 1-1 . No?

  21. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    THE SPFL have announced a number of Premiership fixture amendments between now and the end of 2019, including the rearranged date for Celtic’s match against Hearts, which was postponed from November 2nd due to the League Cup semi-final.



    Sunday December 1, 2019


    Ross County v Celtic


    KO: 12noon



    Sunday December 8, 2019


    St Johnstone v Celtic


    KO: 12.15pm


    (Subject to potential participation of Celtic in the Betfred Cup final)



    Wednesday December 18, 2019


    Heart of Midlothian v Celtic


    KO: 7.45pm


    (Rearranged from Sat, Nov 2 due to Betfred Cup semi-finals)



    Sunday December 29, 2019


    Celtic v Rangers


    KO: 12.30pm

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