Fog of stress begins to lift from Lennon


A line has hopefully been drawn under the stress Neil Lennon has lived under during the last two years with the conviction of two men found guilty of sending bombs in the post.  In a statement, Neil said: This has been a very stressful and difficult time for myself and my family and clearly I am glad that it is over”, before adding, “I will forever be thankful to the Police for the way in which they have handled this matter.”

Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell, added: “No one could imagine the pressure [Neil Lennon] has been under during the past two years.  He has coped with this particular episode, last year’s assault and the, at times, seemingly unrelenting attacks from many quarters.

“In my opinion, no-one in Scottish footballing history has had to contend with this level of pressure whilst trying to do their job.  Neil Lennon is someone who has shown tremendous character and resilience, and we will continue to support Neil in any way we can.”

This month has been made all the more difficult for Neil Lennon by the sudden death of Paul McBride, also a target of the bombing campaign.  Neil Lennon said, “Finally, I would like to mention my good friend Paul McBride.   His sad passing remains very raw to those close to him, we continue to miss him dearly and my thoughts remain very much with Paul’s family.”

The SFA have written to Neil Lennon three times since the start of the trial earlier this month to capitalise on perceived transgressions by the Celtic manager while yesterday a former referee used his newspaper column to undermine Neil’s position at Celtic.

These people really do need to get a grip.

Within minutes of the verdict being announced yesterday news of Stilian Petrov’s serious illness was made public.  Stilian will received the very best medical attention and all our prayers.

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  1. Paul Murray, from the BBC link



    “But the administrators believe there are legal mechanisms to get the shares from Craig Whyte. What I’d say is, why didn’t they start that legal action seven weeks ago, rather than now? The last thing Rangers need is more protracted legal battles.”





  2. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    Might get some stick for this but I really think the big man Higdon would be a good addition to our squad. I can imagine our strikers and midfield playing off him on certain pitches etc. Plus we need someone that can get on the end of crosses.

  3. Neil Lennon is ainm dom (nohunlover) on

    blantyretim on 31 March, 2012 at 12:57 said:



    Thought that mate, just wanted to revel in the glory of my podium!!!

  4. Snake Plissken on

    So let’s get this clear:



    Anthony Stokes brought down from behind when he has dummied the keeper who is on the deck and he is about to put the ball in the net is a debatable call



    Aluko touched but claims he was hit in the thigh and rolls 4 times for effect and gets booked for diving when he was never getting the ball and there was no chance of a goal is a stonewaller.



    Filthy country.

  5. Hope you are right about the fog of stress lifting and his tweets about Kenny Clark would suggest his mood is good.




    Has it take an English newspaper all of this time to publish what has always been in the public domain; the fact that McKenzie was a Rangers shareholder?


    From the Guardian: “McKenzie, who later told police he had been brought up in a partly-Catholic household to “live and let live”, had a token shareholding of two shares in Rangers FC.”



    Perhaps McKenzie’s counsel could have used this fact to back-up the central plank of the defence case that the accused were too stupid to pose a threat to the lives of others.



    Now who was McKenzie’s counsel again? I seem to recall that he defended Peter Tobin and said that if the jury convicted Tobin they would be guilty of a catastrophic miscarriage of justice. His name is on the tip of my tongue, a funny looking chap with mutton chop whiskers.

  6. Green Oak Tree on

    Any gamblers on here…



    Get your dough on rangers for a penalty…Certainty…

  7. Magnificentseven on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 31 March, 2012 at 13:03 said:


    MIbs gave thems everything last week. Not giving thems much today?




    you are forgetting that today means nothing….last week they had to stop us winning the league at Ibrokes

  8. Aluko once again just before ko for the 2nd half, pointing to his inner thigh and saying to Brines that’s where contact was made



    I can’t see Well holding out for the 2nd half but we all knew that 4 points will see us Champions, so nothing has really changed

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 31 March, 2012 at 13:03 said:


    MIbs gave thems everything last week. Not giving thems much today?




    Indeed, more like the roles are reversed. However, some replays at half-time in the refs room may see decisions swing the other way.




  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    So, they’re using sound now … LOL

  11. Vmhan Supporting Lenny! on 31 March, 2012 at 12:59 said:





    I hate the sight of him but the booking of Lasley was a joke, Brines must go to same optician as wee willie golum


    and if aluoko wasnt such a diving git he may just have got a pen.



    Brines is saving that for later tho,


    im sure on the ESPN camera he was seen dancing up the tunnel like the old italian in the Ladbrokes advert…”Draw at 45 Meenots”

  12. leftclicktic on 31 March, 2012 at 13:04 said:


    Top Corner 11.29


    Liked this response to the hurting Orcs on tour link.


    2nd Yellow, A football blog focussed on the ugly side of the world’s most popular sport.Collapse



    A couple of thoughts at this point: judging by the comments from Rangers fans here, too many are happy to dismiss this entire story as Celtic propaganda. This despite it being reported, with accompanying documented evidence, by the chief correspondent no less of an English mainstream media organisation.



    HMRC did not investigate Rangers because they overheard some Celtic propaganda. Rather, any Celtic propaganda in circulation (and I’m not so stupid as


    to think it doesn’t exist) is as a result of that investigation.



    If I were a Rangers fan, I would wondering what if this is all true? And then asking a lot more questions. This may be happening – and if you are a Rangers fan doing this, feel free to enlighten us – but for those who prefer to stick with the Celtic conspiracy theories, I would urge this:



    Think. Consider the possible ramifications if this is true – it would mean that for years the Rangers board abused a tax scheme. For years the directors of your club will have put its future in jeopardy with their cavalier approach to finances and tax.



    Whilst it may be far more comfortable to assume this is just a smear campaign by people with axes to grind, you would do well to be asking difficult questions of the people responsible. If it turns out to be all lies, you’ll have lost nothing as a result. But if you don’t and it turns out to be true, you’ll realise you missed your chance to collectively have done something about it before it was too late.



    And that would be just about the saddest element to the entire story.




  13. Green Oak Tree on 31 March, 2012 at 13:05 said:


    “Any gamblers on here…”



    thats like asking the rangers board….”any tax dodgers in here”

  14. ESPN doing a CSI with their microphones


    in order to back up the fat one’s super hearing ability

  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Naw am no!! That was my very point!!!!! Glad you spotted it.

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