Football bubble, the app and key takeaway to look for tomorrow


With two St Mirren players, Jak Alnwick and an unnamed other, now confirmed Covid cases, it is highly probable the disease was transmitted within the St Mirren bubble.  Despite this, their game with Hibs goes ahead tomorrow.

While I regularly criticise the Scottish Government for following the Westminster Government’s idiotic pandemic polices, including allowing fans to congregate indoors at pubs, but not in easily policed, socially distanced, outdoor arenas – which ALL the scientific evidence suggests is safer, I don’t think the Government have good options here.

With players’ kids now at school, it is impossible for them to live with their immediate family and keep all interactions within the football bubble.  Infection will happen, we have to hope that the twice-weekly testing procedures keep contagion low.  Where testing and responsible actions are taken, normal business practices should continue.

On this subject, download and use the Protect Scotland app.  If we all used this, we would be living normal lives very soon.  No personal data is harvested, you will protect those close to you and play your part in the wellbeing and economic recovery of the country.  This is not a partisan SNP thing (although they have thankfully not followed Westminster on this occasion), it is a clear ethical imperative.

Get the app, save a life/save a job/just do the decent thing.

Onto even more important subjects, Celtic play their first competitive game in front of paying spectators in six months tomorrow.  Ross County are fifth in the table, an impressive five points clear of the playoff place, but this flatters them.  County opened the season with wins against Motherwell and at Hamilton, the league’s bottom two clubs, but they have collected only two points in their four games since losing to Dundee United and Livingston.

They have scored a single goal in every game, apart from against Kilmarnock, when a late penalty saw them score twice.  Considering they have yet to face a team higher than sixth in the current table, I don’t think we can expect them to do much attacking tomorrow.

The major takeaway from this game will be whether Celtic improve their conversion of possession into chances and goals.  For me, this issue has anchored more on our shape, than personnel, this season.

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  1. MM


    Sorry, you haven’t a clue about me, who I am, or what I want.


    Unless you are someone who has been in my company or knows me personally.


    Is that the case MM?


    Do you know me?

  2. Fine weather again today inside the M25. Attending my 4th competitive Non League match in last two weeks as spectators allowed, 300 limit I believe. FA Cup qualifying round tomorrow. Will rely on mobile for score/action updates from Dingwall and elsewhere.



    Not a politician in sight.




    That’s a great way to watch real, “not about the money”, football, por cierto

  4. On politics; we will all know it is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US today but Jeremy Corbyn had a great piece on FB today as it is also the anniversary of socialist President Allende in Chile. Died in the Pinochet coup. Crying shame what happened there





    Rolls Royce East Kilbride Trade Unionists blacklisted the engines in for overhaul by the Chile air force back then in the early 70s.



    A young Chilean film maker did a documentary about it 2 years ago. Full film is on YouTube but the trailer is below. Nae Pasaran. Apologies if most of you have seen this before




  5. Thought I would join the Cricket Quick News while the going was good!


    Did you know that there are only 10 ways of getting out in cricket?


    Can you name them?


    Please don’t google it and come on with all the answers to show how


    clever you are!


    I once played the game (very badly!), and am a member of a cricket club,


    but didn’t know all the answers!


    Hail! Hail!



  6. JAMES FORREST on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:10 PM



    When did this place turn into Brit Nat Quick News?



    Not asking for a friend either. Asking for me. Honestly baffled.



    – oh don’t be James,if you miss out the lad doing o grade modern studies,who makes up shite and tantrums when corrected.then you’ll be ok.the rest of discourse is fun.watching noo/auld laeburr suggest policy.it suit their eunuch title:-)







  7. DD @ 3.49



    I only know you from what you write on here.


    You gave out a cheap shot to KS and I only responded in kind.



    We seem to agree on JS but have then diverged somewhat from 1994.



    I am still looking out for the next round of progressive politics and social progress — very tough gig at the moment — while you are looking out for division based on geography and political friction.



    So you are right — I don’t know you per se.


    But I have a very good idea of the political road you want to travel through your own words.




    LBW, Caught, Run Out, Caught & Bowled?, Off the Glove, Hit the other guys stumps when he is out of his box with your shot, Batsman knocks off the bales, 6 and don’t know if so of them are right :))) por cierto

  9. CB @ 4.03



    Interesting timing.



    2001 — the exact date is part of the description so it is always up front.


    1973 — remember the event but the exact timing is news to me.



    The film is on my list to see — if ever I can get onto Netflix in my own house.


    Only made it to 4th in the house because the goldfish popped its clogs.

  10. Cricket quandary — I take it the batsman is called a batsman for a reason?



    He always has to face the bowler holding a bat?


    He couldn’t throw it down and protect his stumps with his gloves / catch the ball?



    Asking for a friend.

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    Hit the other guys stumps when he is out of his box with your shot




    you cant be out for that can u?



    Hit the other guys stumps when he is out of his box with your shot



    Yes, I think so, but waiting on TEERYMAC to confirm :)) por cierto

  13. MM


    Fair enough.


    It seemed to me that you were making assumptions about me, or knew me through my political activism.


    I realise now, it is the former.


    What is it they say about the word ASSUME?


    We are much closer to each other politically than you assume.


    If you met me, you would instantly recognise that.


    Saor Alba


    Bon Accord


    Tiochfaidh ar la.



    “MADMITCH on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:20 PM


    Cricket quandary — I take it the batsman is called a batsman for a reason?


    He always has to face the bowler holding a bat


    He couldn’t throw it down and protect his stumps with his gloves / catch the ball?”



    Now I know why you comment about politics mostly :)))))))))))) por cierto

  15. CONEYBHOY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:27 PM


    The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey



    That’s Leg before wicket :)) por cierto

  16. Miss sturgeon was excellent today. Thank you for the information and guidance first minister.



    Please also bring back that deputy medical officer.

  17. Bowled








    Run out


    Hit wicket


    Interference with fielder


    Handled the ball

  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    TerryMac on 11th September 2020 4:06 PM



    I saw Por Cierto’s list before the log-in went weird. Think clean bowled to be added and there’s one about hitting the ball on throw back from a fielder to stop it hitting the stumps.



    Punching the umpire must be one, you’d say to your kids.

  19. Terrymac


    That’s a great question – I played for the school (which wasn’t yesterday) and I can’t get near ten reasons









    Run out


    Playing ball twice


    Hitting the ball onto stumps (at either end)


    Disqualified for whatever reason


    Being in the last pair when your partner is out



    I was guessing after ‘run out’ but i refuse to Google – ‘simply not Cricket, old Bhoy’ 😀

  20. GENE on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:30 PM



    Interference with fielder



    Handled the ball





    interesting juxtaposition😀

  21. Bucket list for tomorrow…



    Clean sheet…



    Regulation 5-0 score to the good ghuys..



    No injuries…



    Players played in their best positions…



    2 up front – pair from Eddie / Ajeti and Eddie / Kilmala…



    A wee nosy at Turnball…



    Broonie off the bench…



    Crowd experiment a success…




  22. Forgot timed out – the new batsman has a specific time to get to the wicket after the previous dismisal



    And I was an umpire – doh

  23. DD @ 4.26



    No assumptions made / needed — just perceptions based on what you write on here and how you write it.


    The Gaelic stuff at the end is a bit of a give away.



    I know you are a face painter.


    Not sure if you are currently using a sleeping bag and touring bridges at the moment …

  24. PC @ 4.28



    I used to post about amortisation but P67 took the huff.


    Currently at a loose end because TR is not getting a game.



    So cricket it will have to be — like a lot of things I was very active in the 80’s and 90’s but now not so much.

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