Football cannot look the other way on brain disease


The SFA’s impending ban on under-12s heading the ball in training is European football’s first step in reacting to the research into brain disease and death toll of former footballers from dementia.  The most comprehensive study into the subject, conducted at Glasgow University, found footballers more than three times more likely to die from degenerative brain disease than the rest of the population.

The problem for the game’s administrators is that it will take decades for the consequences of what is happening now in the game to be measurable.  Footballs are lighter than they were 40 years ago.  This may reduce the incidence of brain disease, but we will not know anytime soon.

The decision to exclude under-12s is arbitrary; there is no evidence that children under-12 are any more vulnerable than older children.  Conversely, we know they cannot fire the ball into the air with the same force.  It therefore seems unlikely this decision will have any impact on the health of football players, more it is an acceptance that, faced with scientific evidence, football needs to do something.

The game will change before this matter is finished.  Balls may become lighter or rules on heading could become complicated.  Research suggests that the genetic makeup of some people make them more prone to suffer degenerative brain disease following head trauma than others.  We could soon be able to find out which players have a genetic profile that makes them vulnerable from heading the ball.

There is plenty for the administrators, clubs and players’ unions to do in this area.  We have lost too many heroes to look the other way.

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  1. Would you rely on Arzani, Shved, Kouassi, Bayo, Okoflex , with your neck on the line?



    Unfortunately Sid there was someone called Sid (from Southampton 😉) writing the exact same thing about Fraser Forster and Mohamed Elyounoussi 6 months ago.


    I personally won’t be writing off players who do not get regular football and a chance to establish themselves.


    You don’t get experience unless someone takes a chance on you. It’s the old night club scenario – “Sorry you can’t come in, you’re not a regular.”


    We’ve had experienced, established players with pedigree on loan many times in the past and the only thing they guarantee is a diminution of your bank account.


    If it weren’t for a twist of fate in last year’s League Cup semi against the Jambo’s Ryan Christie would probably be playing his trade elsewhere.

  2. Timaloy



    Ok your not getting it and relying on a one line from Lenny.



    I’ll try another way, how many 1st team starts in the league do you think either will get?



    You may be happy to rely on these guys, I’m not, proof will be how much game time they get, want to make a prediction on League starts for either?

  3. Glad that FtSFA are now interested in head injuries



    How about dealing with the following players who want to inflict head injuries as a minimum on Celtic fans


    Ryan Kent, who wants to shot Celtic fans in the head, what’s your thoughts FtSFA




    Morales, wanting to cut fans head of, by slitting their throats, how about that FtSFA

  4. BSR













    Striker , starts with B, Brozak?



    Give up😎

  5. Pog



    I’m judging them from what I’ve seen, my personal opinion is you’ll get next to nothing out them combined in at least the next 5 months.



    Where as someone who is experienced and out of favour, maybe dispute, not managers style, would have much better chance of coming in on loan and producing immediately. I’m not meaning a Ljunberg or Cole, who were obviously finished anyway, just someone you know can play at our level which is lower than what their used too, not higher level with the examples i gave.



    I’m sure if someone in that mould was brought in you wouldn’t be on here posting it was a bad thing, this place would be in agreement, like it was for Elyounoussi or Forster.

  6. There was a French guy who’s did was from Poland



    That’s right; a French Polisher….

  7. Sid – agree on Arzani, no real 1st team experience, even in Australia




    Shved- he player of season at his previous club, and ha a bit of first team experience


    He could definitely have an impact given a chance ??

  8. Sid, I would be hoping almost expecting a couple of Loans of the type of player you are talking about.


    After that sentiment goes out the window, let the best horse jump the ditch.


    I will trust Lenny to put out the eleven we need to take the points.

  9. Celtic still have a better squad than them



    Interesting comments from McAuley today that Gerrard brought professionalism across the club



    That clearly has helped but only puts them on a level playing field structurally



    Our squad should be a benefit even if that is true

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    NorrieM – Lol.



    The SFA are without shame.



    Re Paul’s leader ….



    Glasgow Uni’s neuropathology function is renowned. A genuine world leader.



    SFA HQ is less than 4 miles away.



    PFA Scotland are even closer, less than a mile.



    World class resources are a 15 minute drive away for one, a 15 minute walk for the other.



    Who commissioned the University’s research?



    The FA and the PFA (England).



    Our SFA do SFA.



    They follow while pretending to lead.

  11. Corkcelt



    Agree with every word of that.





    I had high hopes for Shved, was universal on here, the goal he took in Estonia was class, rumours about work rate in training, if standards are set at training and he’s not meeting them, to then play him regardless gives a subliminal message to the others. If he’s meeting standards he definitely deserves his chance.

  12. Sid,


    I’d be happy as you to see a couple of experienced pros, not old and greedy, on loan but we still need to give our players like Shved a chance. I’m not interested in advancing Arzani as he is not our player, though I’m sure Peter Lawwell would want him played to keep his connections at Man City sweet.

  13. Aye and the SFA dont follow the English FA in implementing Financial Fair Play, this should not be optional, in fact UEFA should ban associations who refuse or dont to implement it, it suits only 1 club not to do this.

  14. Agree Pog



    My doubt about Shved is his physical stature, likewise with new bhoy Patryk, Scotland definitely asks questions of you physically if not so much technically. If Christie can do it, i always wonder why these players don’t undergo, strength programs, deadlifts and Squats and eating slightly above calorie maintenance will add strength and lean muscle. I’ve done it myself added the muscle just the lean is the hard part 😊

  15. We’ve a lot of very important games over the next 5-8 weeks. Partick Thistle represents a good opportunity to keep key players fresh.



    We may be back from the break but this is the last rest our core players will get this season.



    Lenny should be playing Griff or Polish Paddy on Saturday. Play Shved, Rogic and Bitton as well.

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CORKCELT on 16TH JANUARY 2020 7:46 PM



    A bit embarrassing of NL to talk about how well they trained- to me it sounds like managing expectations in the transfer market.



    Shved has not been injured for the last 6 months, the fact he has had barely a sniff with a guy like LM in front of him has to be an indication of something. LM was sold for £300k. I suspect the issue with Shved is not one of talent- maybe application, maybe his face doesnt fit, but how we are talking about giving a guy a chance, when he could have played in any number of games in the last 6 months, is beyond me.



    Look at Frimpong. Arrived on 2nd September, no pre-season with the club, no experience of 1st team football and yet made his debut 25 September and has gone from strength to strength. He is also competing against Bauer who has played in the EPL, Russia and has caps for Austria.



    Then there is Arzani. Arrived 17 August and made his debut 2 and a half months later on 31 October. That’s also an indication of something. Now we expect him to have a meaningful impact for the run in, after suffering a horrific knee injury, when he couldn’t manage that in the first instance? Also, the pressure is far greater now than it was then.



    Finally, people seem to forget that both SS and Morgan were ahead of Shved and Arzani in the pecking order. We have moved them on and promoted those further down the pecking order. Hardly gives much confidences for the run in.

  17. Highly unlikely Lenny is managing expectations regarding this window. His job and indeed his career will be determined by the next 5 months of football. If he’s not happy about the squad, he’ll be getting it sorted.

  18. Big Jimmy: best wishes after your operation. Look forward to a beer (or seven) with you in March if you are up for it.

  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 16TH JANUARY 2020 5:50 PM



    “They have no money. We do. We have huge amounts of it and are completely mismanaging it.”



    That’s a contradiction in terms.






    How so? I tend to agree with option 3 that the BB put forward the other day. We have a lot of money in the bank and our directors don’t know what to do with it.

  20. Coming back this week,or in a week or two,




    Not really used too much,BAUER,TAYLOR.New signings,KYMALA,SORO.


    In anyone’s thoughts,this added to what we have got,is far,far superior to the squad across the city.


    If we lose this league,which I do not think will happen,it will be down to the management staff.No one else.


    Can anyone remember a stronger squad.

  21. An Dun,


    If Lenny is not happy with this squad at his disposal,he is either not up to the task,or at the wrong club.



    Arzani, might not live with “Pressure”of the SPL.The boy played at the World Cup.

  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TURKEYBHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2020 9:19 PM



    Ahh yes, Australia were one of the tournament favourites- big expectations on the team to bring the trophy home. Lots of pressure…



    He made two substitute appearances, one of which came in the 84th minute.