Football cannot look the other way on brain disease


The SFA’s impending ban on under-12s heading the ball in training is European football’s first step in reacting to the research into brain disease and death toll of former footballers from dementia.  The most comprehensive study into the subject, conducted at Glasgow University, found footballers more than three times more likely to die from degenerative brain disease than the rest of the population.

The problem for the game’s administrators is that it will take decades for the consequences of what is happening now in the game to be measurable.  Footballs are lighter than they were 40 years ago.  This may reduce the incidence of brain disease, but we will not know anytime soon.

The decision to exclude under-12s is arbitrary; there is no evidence that children under-12 are any more vulnerable than older children.  Conversely, we know they cannot fire the ball into the air with the same force.  It therefore seems unlikely this decision will have any impact on the health of football players, more it is an acceptance that, faced with scientific evidence, football needs to do something.

The game will change before this matter is finished.  Balls may become lighter or rules on heading could become complicated.  Research suggests that the genetic makeup of some people make them more prone to suffer degenerative brain disease following head trauma than others.  We could soon be able to find out which players have a genetic profile that makes them vulnerable from heading the ball.

There is plenty for the administrators, clubs and players’ unions to do in this area.  We have lost too many heroes to look the other way.

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  3. IF Morelos DID get a THIRD Yellow Card then surely it is in the Referees Report….and therefore its safe to assume that Celtic have received a copy of that Report ?



    Where did this “story” appear about the THIRD Yellow Card ?



  4. My belief ???


    EmbraMike, is the mhan to confirm



    You cannot get a 3rd yellow card in a game



    You should receive a 2nd red card.

  5. weebobbycollins on

    “Alfredo Morelos received a third booking for his inflammatory ‘game over’ gesture after his dismissal at Celtic Park and Rangers believe that is the end of the matter.”


    If rangers believe it then who are the sfa to contradict them…case concluded!

  6. weebobbycollins on

    I’ll repeat a question I asked a few days ago…has anyone ever seen alfreako morelos shake hands with an opponent after a game?”

  7. From _lippylipez_



    @scotsunsport So this out of control thug threatens to slit the throats of opposition fans and instead of doi g the right thing the corrupt Celtic haters @ScottishFA leak this utter garbage to one of their poodles. Come on @CelticFC do not be taken for fools again here.




    No, can’t say I have but I believe it’s a cultural thing in Colombia..:)




  9. From @celticstarmag




    Alfredo Morelos’ Third Yellowgate – Clarity, Honesty and Courage needed


    By EDITOR 17 January, 2020


    No Comments




    So The match referee Kevin Clancy, booked “el gruffalo” for the throat cutting gesture made towards the Celtic supporters when leaving the field of play on 29 December?



    Are we seriously expected to believe it’s taken almost 3 weeks for this piece of information to be disclosed or leaked to the succulent media?




    Does anyone truly believe that rather than face the wrath of the world’s press, a clamour from Celtic supporters and wholesale condemnation that we’re only been made aware of this now?



    The whole sorry things smacks of a con job.





    If the Rangers were aware of this you can bet your bottom dollar and the three points that were at stake that to protect the image of their most sellable asset they would have been shouting from the rooftops that “the referee had taken appropriate action” and that the matter had been dealt, case closed.



    It smacks of a cover up… Nothing more, and anyone with semblance of common sense can see this for what it is.



    Over the last few days footage has emerged of “el gruffalo” kicking out at Ryan Christie with no call for retrospective action, despite the disparity of the justice meted out to Ryan Christie for an identical incident involving “el gruffalo” with no action taken.



    We’ve seen the Rangers propaganda machine supported by the succulent media here in this “fair” old Isle portray him as a beacon of virtue, an almost Mother Theresa like figure in Colombia in an attempt to polish up a tarnished image, almost unsellable, at best at a vastly reduced transfer fee.



    In the past I have called on the directors of Celtic FC to do the right thing and stand up for the club and most importantly it’s paying customers. (To them that’s what we are – customers).



    It has now become impossible to second guess our club’s response.



    It seems that despite our success both financially and on the field of play, Celtic is happy to play the role of second class citizens, a troublesome neighbour.




    This is a club who are grasping at straws hoping for some escape from the impending judgment in the Sports Direct case because they’re well aware it could be what tips them over the edge and once again into the abyss and the one thing that may rescue them is the money from “el gruffalo’s” transfer fee.



    Common sense and fair play has to prevail here.



    David Early






    LATE last night I was chatting online to the editor of Caught Offside, one of the biggest football websites covering the English Premiership. I put this one to him for his thoughts.



    “Player receives a second yellow card. On his way off the park he threatens rival fans by doing a throat slitting gesture. Is it believable, even possible that the referee can issue him with a third yellow card for this action? ie in English or European football could this happen?”




    His response. “Never heard of such a thing…The referee should submit a witness statement about the gesture in his usual match report, but a third card takes us into Mickey Mouse territory.”



    Continue reading this article below…



    ‘A third card takes us into Mickey Mouse territory,’ Caught Offside Editor…see HERE.

  10. it’s taken them this long to leak that the throat-slitter-gesturer got a yellow card for his horrific gesture ? ? ?



    I know it’s the transfer window and THE Rangers need to sell him given their financial situation, but a yellow card for a murderous gesture witnessed by a “record” tv audience.



    What do the sponsors of scottish football think of this when knife crime is on the rise ?



    If I made a slit throat gesture to The Rangers players as they left Celtic Park I would be arrested. Why no police action on this disgrace of a footballer ?



    And Stu Robertsons comments were frankly desperate (and an embarrassment). And why did he comment if a yellow card had been given ?



    So who witnessed the card in the tunnel for the throat slitting gesture…………………………………… ?

  11. Shouldn’t other clubs in Scotland be kickin’ up a stink as well as us?



    The cheating affects every club.

  12. From @liamjaytic



    So let’s get this right.



    If Morelos can’t get punished for his throat slitting gesture because he got yellow carded then how did Ryan Christie get a ban when he got yellow carded for bawgate pt 2

  13. From @tomtheleedstim



    Jan 5th – SFA compliance officer Clare Whyte has not ruled out filing a notice of complaint against Morelos.


    Jan 16th – actually we’ve just found out that the ref booked him after the game so it’s all done and dusted.


    Ladies and gents the @ScottishFA – same as it ever was.

  14. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    HENRIK1967 on 17TH JANUARY 2020 9:40 AM


    From @tomtheleedstim



    Jan 5th – SFA compliance officer Clare Whyte has not ruled out filing a notice of complaint against Morelos.





    Skimming over posts in work and thought that said ‘SFA Compliance Officer Craig Whyte’



    Excitedly scrolled back but joy was short lived :)




  15. From @rhebelrhebel



    You always know when the @ScottishFA are at it again, when they have to pay @Frame_Group for the services of @DarrylBroadfoot to spin for them in the media.



    Follow the money!


    Not Fit For Purpose



    From @whohimthetim



    @videocelts If he got issued with a 3rd yellow then why did we have all the excuses being pushed. I mean if it really had been dealt with why have we had to listen to the pish excuses. On another point has anyone ever received 3 yellow cards before. https://twitter.com/hoohimthetim/status/1218105995446099968/photo/1




    From @coybig6721



    Looks like we have another ‘Dougie Dougie’ gate on our hands. How weak must you be that even Kevin Clancy knows he can shite all over you without any reprisals.Well done Peter Lawwell, your shitebaggery has bitten you on the arse.







    3 yellow cards 😂


    Do they think folk are buttoned up the back!!🤣

  16. How many people would be involved in this cheating?



    The referee, 2 assistant referees, fourth official, plus how many people in the SFA?



    Too many to keep it all a secret?



    I really hope Celtic respond strongly.



    No astonishment, surprise or bewilderment, statements.



    ACTION please Celtic, not meaningless words.

  17. The only report of Morelos’s “equivalent” yellow card is a story in the Sun which also includes a comment from Sevco saying the matter us now finished



    No statement from the SFA or the SPFL, no 3rd yellow on the SPFL website match stats page. No record of “equivalent” yellow cards even existing



    I don’t think even our governing bodies would be so stupid as to invent a new punishment in order to avoid a further suspension for Morelos



    Sevco are desperate

  18. RIP Paul.



    I think it’s the appropriate time to post this again.



    The Scottish FA are the laughing stock of world football.



    Ladies and gentlemen this was 8 years ago and we are still no further forward with these charlatans in 2020.



    I hope NoToNewco is still kicking about so I can run a few questions by him or her so we can tackle this complicit organisation. If anyone knows them personally can you get in touch with him or her please.








  20. This ‘news’ about the ‘equivalent’ of a yellow card for Morelos post-match, and the rumours circulating about the source of the Ryan Christie injury, raise the question: What happened in the Tunnel after the match?

  21. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    The third card for the thug was just a ‘Mellow Yellow’ – you couldn’t make up the corruption – bet a penny Carmel we do nothing.


    Donavan Csc

  22. Garngad to Croy on

    Third Yellow card, new rule made up to favour the establishment team. It is in plain sight, they really don’t care. (they know ,we know)

  23. weebobbycollins on

    I think we need to march en masse to hampden and protest this cheating…(but not on a saturday) :-)

  24. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    This whole SFA Debacle reminds me of Animal Farm, everytime something is done by the Pigs the rules on the wall are added to, or altered, to justify the Pigs’ misdemeanours.




  25. weebobbycollins on

    Apparently, referees have been told that when the game is over they will indicate this by performing a throat slashing gesture rather than blow their whistle…and why not? Makes sense to me…

  26. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    It would not surprise me if Paragraph X, subsection Y suddenly appears as a precedent for the ‘equivalent of a yellow’ – perhaps the combing of the rules for a compliant interpretation is what took three weeks.

  27. weebobbycollins on

    Jinkyredstar…”perhaps the combing of the rules for a compliant interpretation is what took three weeks.”


    Aye! And were they using Bobby Madden’s comb?

  28. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    This “equivalent of a yellow card”. Would that be a combination of a red and a yellow, i.e. an Orange card?



    So yet again the SFA are playing the Orange card.



    I think we need to march en masse to hampden and protest this cheating…(but not on a saturday) :-)





    FFS, Glasgow has had enough of marches. The shoe shops and cobblers are working mega overtime to meet demand. 😀

  30. 3 rd card is impossible to believe. If you commit offence after red card it is another red. Anytime I have seen this in person. In my team a guy got 5 after being sent off! Celtic board will do nothing about this. If there had been a 3rd card then they would have said this straight after game not 19 days after. Police will do nothing despite the number of Celtic fans who get stabbed after these games. ANd the young Celtic fan who had throat slashed at Brigton cross ..

  31. I shake my head at this whole saga…..Mr Lawwell if you read this please for godsake man grow a pair. You claim to be a Celtic fan fine, you’ve made plenty out of the job, your a wealthy man……..for once show some integrity and stand up to this!.



    I wont hold my breath.