Football cannot look the other way on brain disease


The SFA’s impending ban on under-12s heading the ball in training is European football’s first step in reacting to the research into brain disease and death toll of former footballers from dementia.  The most comprehensive study into the subject, conducted at Glasgow University, found footballers more than three times more likely to die from degenerative brain disease than the rest of the population.

The problem for the game’s administrators is that it will take decades for the consequences of what is happening now in the game to be measurable.  Footballs are lighter than they were 40 years ago.  This may reduce the incidence of brain disease, but we will not know anytime soon.

The decision to exclude under-12s is arbitrary; there is no evidence that children under-12 are any more vulnerable than older children.  Conversely, we know they cannot fire the ball into the air with the same force.  It therefore seems unlikely this decision will have any impact on the health of football players, more it is an acceptance that, faced with scientific evidence, football needs to do something.

The game will change before this matter is finished.  Balls may become lighter or rules on heading could become complicated.  Research suggests that the genetic makeup of some people make them more prone to suffer degenerative brain disease following head trauma than others.  We could soon be able to find out which players have a genetic profile that makes them vulnerable from heading the ball.

There is plenty for the administrators, clubs and players’ unions to do in this area.  We have lost too many heroes to look the other way.

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  1. Hi Bhoys



    The sun article does say sevco say that should be the end of the matter (morelos) not the ftsfa.


    Although I thought they were one and the same.




  2. !BADA BING!! on 16TH JANUARY 2020 10:41 PM


    Alfredo Morelos was booked by referee Kevin Clancy for his ‘game over’ gesture to Celtic fans,booked after a red card? So no suspension? These fkrs are making up new rules every week to protect this mob



    Morelos was Red carded on the 29/12/19 so what you are saying that its been reduced to a


    yellow & he has not been suspended that is plain cheating & totally ridiculous the SFA are


    doing everything to try & stop us doing 9 in a row nah this cheating should be taken up


    with UEFA & FIFA its bringing fair & hones football matches in Coldland into disrepute


    blatent cheating also we can show them in the same match that wee dirty cheating


    diver stamping not once but twice on Christopher Jullien’s foot right in front of the 4th


    Official with no after match report or action being taken

  3. Yeah & also the Ryan Christie so called incident with Morelos which the SFA


    are now saying RC was suspended due to dirty looks no right that’s bullshit


    & rubbish FTSFA are not fit for purpose & should be sacked & honest &


    Fair & not bias Football Association should be appointed asap

  4. BSR



    “SunSport can reveal the Colombian striker was handed the equivalent of a post-match yellow card inside Celtic Park on December 29.”



    Probably explains it. They don’t keep records of equivalent cards.

  5. AKBW- No,he was given a yellow card after his red card,never heard anything like it,making rules up as they go along. The SFA can say iit’s been dealt with…..

  6. Celtic has eight SPL fixtures still to come @ CP that’s five between now &


    the so called split then three CP fixtures after the split this Season & that’s


    a fact there are 10 SPL away fixtures still to play out of the ten away


    domestic fixtures one of them was against St Johnstone which was a


    re-aranged fixture due to the League Cup Final Weekend so its still all


    to play for the amount of posters who come on here & predict doom


    & gloom even before how the Season fully pans out is a joke time


    will tell along with God how this Season pans out in other words


    what’s for one will not go past one in life that’s the law of Karma


    As for oh NFL should be tinned tact if we fail to win the SPL this


    Season is OTT so a Manager who has not been in the post for


    One Year should be fired yeah so who do you suggest that we


    replace NFL with? Name please? yeah cat bit your tounge?

  7. !BADA BING!! on 16TH JANUARY 2020 11:45 PM


    AKBW- No,he was given a yellow card after his red card,never heard anything like it,making rules up as they go along. The SFA can say iit’s been dealt with…



    Kevin Clancy gave Morelos a Red Card for Simulation & trying to get a Penalty in


    other words Cheating & he left the field of play they (FTSFA) are now trying to


    change & make up their own Rules a Yellow card was not displayed by Clancy


    if so then Morelos would have still been on the Park this matter seriously has


    to be taken up with UEFA & FIFA its blatent cheating if the FTSFA think that


    they can get away with this they are not on

  8. No,they are saying the additional yellow card was after the game for the throat slitting gesture.

  9. Bada Bing


    No,they are saying the additional yellow card was after the game for the throat slitting gesture.



    Morelos should have got another red card for that gesture for trying to instigate a


    riot not a yellow could you imagine one of our players doing that @ Ibrox the


    Zombies would go mad & would want the FTSFA to throw the book @ our


    player if he did that no doubt wee dirty-diving & cheating Morelos would


    say in his defence that he was making this gesture to the Sevco Bench (Dugout)

  10. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    CorkCelt on 16th January 2020 4:45PM



    Another on the long-term injured list, Kerr McInroy remains out. No imminent return expected from anything I’ve read recently.



    Being put out of the game for a year is a bit of an occupational hazard for Celtic teenagers.

  11. As regards to Morelos been showen the door (rubber duck time) in said match


    after been shown red card he was stating that his time on the pitch was finished


    however his course of action/gesture was stupid & should be pointed out to


    him that his stupid gesture was inappropriate



    CorkCelt on 16th January 2020 4:45PM


    Another on the long-term injured list, Kerr McInroy remains out. No imminent return expected from anything I’ve read recently.


    Being put out of the game for a year is a bit of an occupational hazard for Celtic teenagers.



    When did this happen? & against who? (Which Team) & how did this injury come about?


    did he fall awkwardly? was it via a tackle he made? or via a tackle on said player?

  13. Is Embra Mike around ?


    Does anyone know the disciplinary process ?



    1st offence ( or 5th with Morelas) gets a yellow.


    2nd offence gets another yellow & subsequent red .


    The 3rd offence ?


    Precedent in Scotland ?



    Why is this only made public 18 days after the game ?



    Paranoid CSC .




    “Given the action taken by the official, Gers believe that is the end of the matter.”



    I think this tells you where the story originates.

  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    AndrewKerinsBrotherWalfrid1888 on 17th January 2020 12:11AM



    The injury happened at Forthbank, a grass pitch I believe, against Motherwell during April last year. Not a game I watched.

  16. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Why would Charlie Cokeheid get another suspension for his third yellow, he automatically got a suspension for his 2nd yellow (red) on the day.



    I understand the whatabouterry, but I’m not following the train of thought, on a seperate suspension.



    29/12/2019460665 – Charlie Cokeheid – Suspension: 1SPFL FIRST TEAM LEAGUE MATCH IMMEDIATE AND 1SPFL FIRST TEAM LEAGUE MATCH FROM 12/01/2020




  17. So the SFA are bending over backwards to accommodate the Huns.


    Again, and yet again and yet again.


    I don’t think it will matter a jot to either the MSM or the other lackies who make up the SPFL..


    I sincerely hope the Celtic Park PR machine grinds into action and fights back.


    Excuse me my tongue was stuck between my cheeks writing that.


    The boardroom cleaning lady will release the crickets from the cupboard, and they will freeze before they clear the Celtic Way.


    That’s the Celtic Way.


    There used to be a morning jock here whose favorite phrase was




    Bend over here it come again.

  18. On the assumption that Christie, Calmac and Broonie play when fit, does Soro signal sorrow for N’tcham? Or Rogic? I expected bids for N’tcham this month, our preferred set up just doesn’t suit him and he is being wasted on the bench.

  19. See Kenny Miller defending the disgrace to football that is Alfredo Morelos, thinks he gets a raw deal from refs and the media in Scotland. Yes he’s a changed man this season says the bold Kenny.



    Only thing that’s changed is how he’s been refereed (think that’s a word), they’re going easy on him.



    This is a player whose repeatedly dived, kicked (once he got Broony in the haw maws), stamped (once on Ralstons’ haw maws) and generally acted abysmally in terms of sportsmanship his whole time in Scotland. Sent off five times last season and twice in three games this season. Imagine for a moment a Celtic player acting like this, there would be national uproar and the player would be hounded out of Scottish football.



    If he does get off with the throat slit gestures (I haven’t actually seen that reported but may have missed it) it would rank alongside Nimmos’ verdict of ‘no sporting advantage’ and be an absolute disgrace to the game imo.



    On the other hand it is entirely in keeping with the machinations of the sfa in the urine soaked hell hole that is Scottish football, to benefit one club whilst undermining an other club at any opportunity.



    Scunnered with these bams.



    Ps Kenny Miller- you need to take a good look at yourself son, but wear sunglasses as the glow aff your bright orange trump like coupon might hurt your eyes, pwick!







    From what I’ve saw/read I think Soro is more of a DM than a playmaker, don’t think his signing will impact on ON or big Tam.




  21. Good Friday morning CQN from a very cold Garngad



    Hopefully get Sorro deal over the line by Monday 20/1/20, I would still try and get a couple of experienced loan deals in to close off our January transfer business and yes I still want Wanyama and know it won’t happen 😒



    Regarding SFA, Sevco and smsm why are we surprised???? We have a spineless and gutless set of custodians guiding our club, willing to let everyone and anyone ride roughshod all over us, probably the worst set of directors our club has ever had for sticking up for fans, players and good name of our club. The worst.


    That is what happens when you put business men in charge all over our board and they only care about money in the bank, which is good but ffs do they even know what goes on at our club outside of being called to a board meeting, I would guess not.






    D. :)

  22. DBHOY – so he’s another one for the future on the assumption that he is not replacing Calmac or Broonie? Whenever Broonie, Christie or Calmac get taken off N’tcham normally comes on, Maybe Rogic if he is fit.


    Great to have him here, but if he is to get a game he needs to displace someone, on the park or on the bench.




    At 21. He’s played less than 60 senior games at an average level, can’t see him displacing anyone in our current midfield anytime soon.




  24. With regard to the latest news that Morelos was yellow carded after being sent off


    dont you think Slippy Gerrard and the other ibrox excuse merchants would have


    already told everyone that he had been yellow carded instead of all their other


    excuses they used to cover up his actions e.g. common practice in Columbia


    for signalling end of match.



    I thought the SFA couldnt get any more corrupt but I am wrong



    Clancy now part of the cover up

  25. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a dry but chilly East KIlbride. Time to hoof it to work. Ho hum…

  26. Do clubs get a copy of the reserve’s report? This would include the third yellow card. Just asking.

  27. fergusslayedtheblues on



    Sending-Off Offences


    A1 Serious foul play


    A2 Violent conduct


    A3 Spitting at an opponent or any other person


    A4 Denying the opposing team or an opponent a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity as defined


    by law 12


    A5 Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures


    A6 Receiving a second caution in the same match




    Cautionable Offences


    B1 Unsporting Behaviour


    There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour which include, but


    are not limited to, when a player:


    a) Impedes an opponent with contact


    b) Recklessly trips or attempts to trip an opponent


    c) Recklessly tackles or challenges an opponent


    d) Recklessly kicks or attempts to kick an opponent


    e) Denies an opponent an obvious goal scoring opportunity as defined by Law 12


    f) Holds or pushes an opponent


    g) Commits an offence which interferes with or stops a promising attack outwith the penalty area


    h) Excessively celebrates the scoring of a goal as defined by Law 12


    i) Handles the ball deliberately


    j) Shows a lack of respect for the game


    k) Commits an act of simulation


    l) Commits any other offence(s) deemed by a match official to be unsporting behaviour


    B2 Dissent by Word or Action


    B3 Persistently offending against Laws of the Game


    B4 Delaying the restart of play


    B5 Failing to respect the required distance at restart of play


    B6 Entering or re-entering or deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission



    if these are the rules then gestures is a red card offence ,a corrupt body knowing this would look to play down the gesture by probably saying a throat cut gesture really means game over .



    For me though there is no sanction in the yellow card rules for gesturing .Something STANK in the SFA silence following this ,all the while leaving the MSM to set the victim agenda and it now looks like we have the answer as to why .



    do I expect our gutless custodians to say anything about it ,NO I don’t



    David66 HH

  28. Ferguslayedtheblues – great post



    By that post and the rules, I reckon The Rat Moreloss broke quite a few rules and should have had another Red.






    D. :)

  29. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I expect they might still be surprised,


    Probably they’ll be more surprised at complaining supporters who still don’t know their place is at the back of the bus.