Fostering partnerships


Last week we discussed the benefits consistency of selection to allow partnerships in defence to form.  Injuries have made this impossible since.  I am far from sure pairing Odsonne Edouard and Leigh Griffiths will be our turnaround tactic, but establishing partnerships in advanced positions is almost as important as defence.

We scored eight goals against Hearts, Ross County and Hamilton in the three games we paired Griffiths and Edouard, this is not a return we should base any conclusions on, but this Celtic team needs consistency of selection more than any I can remember.  Neil Lennon will have to balance the need to foster a working partnership with concerns about Leigh, in particular, playing two games a week.  Giving him 60 minutes tomorrow might be the call.

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  1. There are free be lines between success and failure.


    I believe we will beat Dundee United and Sevco and that will really spook a lot of people. My great regret from the last couple of days is that Hibs did not get the draw I had hoped for . Now that result ( a 1-1 draw ) and us winning at Ibrox would have blown the script apart.


    Now Neil Lennon is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea( first prize to me for understatement ) but you can bet the house that Neil will have our team that takes the field at Ibrox 100% focused on winning that game. His career and our 10-in- a- row almost certainly depend on it.


    We know we have the players capable of winning it’s just about picking the right shape and getting that winning mentality on to the pitch.


    First it’s Dundee United -3 points.


    Then it’s Sevco- 3 points.


    Game on. If that transpires my money is on Celtic winning ths league.


    What a day that will be!!! 🍀

  2. I agree with comments about Christie.



    I am looking for 5-1 against Utd. No pressure.



    After that if we attack the Huns in a controlled fashion then they can be got at and beaten.






    D :)

  3. Garcia Lorca ,Well going with his tactics in the last derby game ,not one shot on target,not one shot on target,I Don’t share your optimism,

  4. Really pivotal few days coming up guy’s nothing less than 2 wins needed imo.


    Lets destroy any talk of invincible, the biggest positive for me is going there with no crowd. I’ve seen really good Celtic players wilt at ibrox over the years, it’s down to the player’s on the field if we have anything resembling a fair referee. We’ll certainly know where we stand as a team when the final whistle blows.



    As for Dundee Utd im always interested in keeping an eye on our next opponent’s.


    Dundee Utd were absolutely battered by a very average Motherwell on Saturday.


    Motherwell had 7 shots on target with a whopping 23 shots at goal.


    This is an opportunity to eat into the goal difference and boost confidence.


    We just need to be at it finishing wise as they do have a very decent goalkeeper.

  5. If Christie joins his team mates in not tackling then he wont be giving away fouls , if he stops shooting then he wont get critised for missing and if he shirks the responsibility of set pieces then he wont be pulled up for that either , trouble is his team will lose the game , I guess he must be third in Jobos poll for his bedside manner eh ?

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Just watched the manager’s presser ahead of tomorrow’s game.



    Anyone hoping a calvary of reinforcements is about to ride over the hill is liable to be disappointed.

  7. Far to many people looking towards Saturday and dismissing the Arabs .



    Keep in mind both ourselves and the Stinky’s. Just edged past them in games .



    Unless we get an early goal. It could be a stamina and mental energy sapping day .



    And while I believe we will give the rotten more of a game this time. Unless we have have developed a game plan. They have shown they can’t out think this current coaching team with ease in the last year .



    To many people far to confident. That beating Dundee and the Stinky’s. Is all pretty much a box tiling exercise.



    I don’t see anything in our play that suggests this is the case.



    I am in the we should beat Dundee camp and I hope we can beat them .

  8. Is it still the case that over 70% of matches have to be completed before the league is called.?


    Season may be halted, and resumed in the Spring. A long way to go.

  9. TOSB- Thanks for reply, another issue could be the league getting suspended, the huns will want it called asap…..we need to win every game IMO, St Mirren are playing as well as anyone, so could make it difficult tomorrow.

  10. Bob



    If a very average Motherwell side can have 23 shots at goal at Tannadice then this is an opportunity for a Celtic side who regularly have over 20 shots at goal at Celtic Park.



    Yes they will park the bus, sit in deep,try to frustrate and have a decent goalkeeper, its still an opportunity for at least 3 goals playing with 2 strikers imo.

  11. Quite easily they could have dropped 4 points recently at Dundee Utd Morelos should have been sent off, they won 2 .1 with 11 men,he was banned for 2 games after the event, Hibs should have had the opportunity to equalise through at least 1 penalty if Collum hadnt shown his weakness as a referee and as a person in doing the right thing when faced with a situation, 4 points less than what they have would have had them worried going to Paisley, Jim Goodwin’s team is well capable of getting something if reffed properly and fairly.


    All we can do is keep the pressure on, our form has given them the advantage, too many draws we need to win every game, if we do so with a goal difference of 1 better than theirs we wipe the goal difference advantage.


    I would rather be playing at home tomorrow than going to Paisley.

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  13. I think it goes without saying we have to take care of Utd first.


    Anyone who says that there is no OF though should read back on here 😉




    Yet our club gave the impression that in the ” January difficult window ” major rebuilding of the squad was taking place.



    Some of us were very sceptical at the time.



    Looks like Sevco are not the only one to indulge in Squirrel PR when the heat is on.

  15. TIMBHOY2 on 29TH DECEMBER 2020 4:20 PM



    Garcia Lorca ,Well going with his tactics in the last derby game ,not one shot on target,not one shot on target,I Don’t share your optimism



    *look at the covid hit side we had out that day while Robert Johnson Crossroads FC were at full strength.



    It all hinges on tea time the morra night, while I fully expect them tae win and win with ease should we cuff the Arabs there’s a good chance they may play the covid card and ask for a postponement.

  16. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 29TH DECEMBER 2020 12:29 PM



    Four reasons why Christie needs dropping:




    @@@@@@Not forgetting a fifth.that of every hun in the country hoping he is out too.@@@@@@



    1. Poor in the collective press – never seems to know when to stop and hold the line, too eager to chase the ball leaving others in MF to get dragged out of position to cover his space.



    @@@ he is the only one not pressing,pretty light reason if i may say.@@@@@



    2. Gives away too many free kicks in opposition attacking third, further exposing our weaknesses at set pieces.



    1 noteable one recently cant think of him doing any more.





    3. Pot shots galore! Probably at NL’s instruction as NL has said he wants his team to take more shots. But likely success rate of goal is very low – somewhere between 2-5%. Instead this breaks up fluidity in our possession and build up play.



    @@@@=it may well be under NLs instruction


    By your figures(2-5% ryan has a 1 in 50 to 1 in 20 chance of scoring- what is your source ?


    How do you measure fluidity?- can you explain any assumption behind what you define as fluidity@@@@@@




    4. His delivery at set pieces has been very poor this season in particular



    @@@-easily remedied.put turnbull or leigh on them.




    Time to drop Christie for Wed/Saturday



    @@@ There is no real logic in what you are proposing.it would go down well on hunmeeja of fraudoh fraudoh.Ryan will be in the team for united as that is our immediate priority.@@@




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  18. Fair dues to Jim Goodwin, calling out the MIBS on their refusal to award penalties against the Huns.


    He should be supported by all right minded people involved in Scottish Football.

  19. From someone who used to argue that including Henrik.I still thought lambert was £ for £ our best buy.But my god he can talk some shite 😉

  20. FB



    Henrik 600k was some buy.



    Well that’s it for Jim Goodwin with another team in Scotland unless somewhere at Celtic, i doubt our board would be honest enough to hire someone who spoke out against “rangers”

  21. TIMHORTON-I get that.I just thought that during wim Jansen’s time at Celtic,that Lambert was the final link in that midfield. I know Henrik is the king.But sometimes it’s what’s happening further down the chain 🤔

  22. Alan Muir is the referee tomorrow for Sevco —- SFA and Crawford Allan talking no chances with this one by putting the Garrowhill sevconian in charge.



    If there is a league table for penalties to Sevco Alan Muir would be runner up to Dallas Jnr. Like Dallas he will not give anything to the opposition.



    Jim Goodwin has called it out as he knows Alan Muirs reputation ; will be a serious contender for Sevco MoM.

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