Freaky seven goal Europeans

Seven goal scores are remarkably scarce in football but for the second time this month we look ahead to a Champions League opponent who has recently scored that number in a single game.  Helsingborgs went to town on Swedish Allsvenskan side Kalmar yesterday.  Kalmar are struggling in the league this season but were faring better in Europe until Young Boys of Berne overturned a Europa League deficit against them on Thursday.

Form appears to vary widely in the Swedish league, not idea circumstances for placing a bet.

Midweek friendly internationals will not help Neil Lennon’s preparations as Celtic face the third of five games on the road in the Highlands on Saturday before heading to Sweden, especially as the early season injury count rises inexplicably.  I would caution against risking too much on a bet on the Ross County game for this reason.  County’s remarkably year-long run without a league defeat might stretch another week.

The first issue of CQN Magazine of the new season is due to be with you soon.  If you would like to contribute an article to a future edition let me know,  Final shout also for anyone who would like to advertise to the same address.
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  1. cardiffbhoy@1208



    you are correct that the return leg is on sky sports 2 however was just wondering if anyone knew any bars that would def be showing it.

  2. Snake Plissken on

    Given the number of Celtic players who might not play this weekend Ross County might indeed get a result.



    It is not that important – the most important game is Helsingborgs.

  3. Irish War of Independance 



    Witness Statement of John (Jock) Ahern (1 statement.  9 pages)



    Date of statement 10th July 1954



    Lieut. IRA. Newtonsandes Coy. I.V. Co. Kerry 1917 






    a) Newtonsandes Coy. I.V. Co. Kerry 1917



    b) Shooting of D.I. O’Sullivan Listowel, January 1921.






    Witness Statement of Patrick Ahern (1 statement.  23 pages)



    Date of statement 3rd September 1954



    Second Lieut. Fermoy Coy. I.V. 1917


    I.O. Fermoy Battalion Cork II Brigade.



    Subject: Irish Volunteers Fermoy, Co. Cork, 1917 – 1921.






    Wrap The Green Flag Round Me, Boys/a>




  4. Mort,



    (From last article)



    I’ve used the argument about shares with Rangers (ia) fans. One in particular didn’t seem too pleased when I pointed out that by his argument he owned shares in some company and not in a football club.

  5. Paul67



    Posted on last article they have recalled a player who was on loan for the games against us. They are going on an all or nothing gamble to beat us. Any decent result at all in the first game and they will crumble.

  6. polcullen – I’d say your best bet would be an Irish bar, from drink soaked memories of 2003 there were a couple around, including a big one by the cathedral, they usually all have sky sports

  7. traditionalist88 on




    Planning to do the Estadio Nacional at some point myself- whats the best way to get to the vicinity of the ground from Lisbon, train from city centre? Is it much of a walk when you get off the train at Cruz Quebrada and was access to the ground easy enough? Heard mixed reviews on this!







  8. Paul67



    What do you make of the Bedoya interview were he says he will help his clubmates cope with the ‘hatred’ they will experience at Celtic Park.

  9. That’ll be me having a wedge on the hoops then. Nothing like breaking a record to motivate the troops.

  10. How much do we reckon Sevco are out of pocket so far? They had to pay the SFA £500,000 last Thursday.



    I expect their signings have all had decent signing on fees as well and then consider the wages for Goian, Bocanegra etc with one home game that they had to split with East Fife.



    Balance sheet must be taking a pounding…


    Form appears to vary widely in the Swedish league, not idea circumstances for placing a bet



    Brilliant Paul

  12. AsonOfDan, Bedoya interview is not worth comment. He is new to the club and has to settle. I can imagine the questions which were put to him. Should help focus minds nicely in the Celtic dressing room, though.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Asonofdan [TFLT] – thanks for that; I think I would prefer themoney back, rather than a voucher.

  14. polcullen – Go over the main bridge and there’s an Irish bar 100 yards (if that) on the right that shows Celtic games.

  15. Snake Plissken on

    A Son of Dan



    If I were a betting man I’d bet that they’ll get a few quid in for Goian and Bocanegra before September.



    Not a fortune but certainly enough to keep them going a month or two.

  16. Gordon_J



    I know I’d be pretty peeved if the Celtic Plc decided to sell “business and assets” i.e. the club to some different company, leaving me with shares in a company that no longer has a football club. That argument that both are seperate makes no sense.



    Even The Rangers Supporters trust must at one time have believed that The Rangers Football Club Plc (IA) and “football club” were one in the same entity as they encouraged supporters to join them in buying shares in The Rangers Football Club Plc (IA) so that:



    “It is our aim for supporters to own or have significant influence in our club – this is a mechanism that allows fans to stand together and make a greater impact – and importantly it is cost effective and allows fans, no matter their personal circumstances, the chance to be part of the scheme and make a real difference.”



    Wonder how many shares The Rangers Supporters Trust have in The Rangers Football Club Plc (IA)?




  17. philvisreturns on

    Celtic’s magnificent seven




    Motherwell 1-7 Celtic


    Four goals from Henrik Larsson helped Celtic to a resounding 7-1 victory over 10-man Motherwell at Fir Park on Sunday.



    Larsson – Scottish football’s most potent striker – took his tally past the 30-mark in a game the home supporters will want to forget.




    The Swede looked unstoppable against a tired looking Motherwell defence after John Spencer had been sent-off in the opening quarter.



    The home side battled hard during the match to keep up with the champions.



    But, as tiredness set in, the final few minutes proved too much, allowing the visitors free-reign to test Steve Woods’ reflexes to the full.



    The game’s first chance came after a poor back pass from Johan Mjallby.



    Lee McCulloch hit a swerving shot saved superbly by Jonathan Gould who threw himself at the ball to send it spinning over the crossbar.



    Tempers flare



    It was a lively opening – but the match quickly turned sour when Spencer was red-carded on 13 minutes.




    It was a huge blow to Motherwell.



    After a tussle with Jackie McNamara, Spencer swung his left arm across the back of the midfielder’s head in front of the referee – who also booked McNamara for his part in the struggle.



    It was a bad tempered opening with tackles flying in haphazardly from both sides.



    And when Michel Doesburg challenged Stephane Mahe inside the Motherwell area, the referee had clearly had enough.



    Larsson converted to put Celtic ahead but TV replays showed that it was a highly controversial decision.



    With only 10 men and already 1-0 down, Motherwell looked badly shaken. But if the fans expected the home side to fold, Ged Brannan had other ideas.



    Brannan strikes back



    When Eddie May was brought down, Brannan hit a flying free-kick from 30 yards to secure the equaliser and stun the Celtic faithful. It was a fabulous strike, which curled around the white and green wall to leave Gould helpless.



    The home side had fought their way back into the match, but minutes later Brannan turned from hero to villain when he gave away a free-kick just outside the Motherwell area.



    Lubomar Moravcik’s shot, which mimicked Brannan’s earlier strike in terms of power and accuracy, clipped the inside of Woods’ right hand post before hitting the back of the net.



    Snow began to fall during the interval and in the second period Motherwell struggled to make many clear chances for their depleted team.



    Larsson on song



    But in the 65th minute Celtic went further ahead with Larsson’s 29th goal of the season.



    He met a long ball from Vidar Riseth and despite a cluster of four Motherwell defenders, ran through to the area to hit a hard low shot underneath Woods to bring the contest to an end.



    Motherwell began to look tired in the final quarter and Celtic nearly secured a fourth with Larsson involved yet again.



    Crossing from the right of the penalty area he found Harald Brattbakk in the clear. The Norwegian had the goal clearly in his sights but he rushed it, hammering the ball over the cross bar to the disbelief of the visiting crowd.



    But the fourth always looked inevitable and after 75 minutes Craig Burley made his return to the Celtic first team with a neat finish.



    Burley had been brought on for Moravcik, who was stretchered off with a possible hamstring injury.



    McNamara fed a quick ball through to Burley, who hammered from six yards into the Motherwell net.



    The final minutes all went Celtic’s way with Larsson and Burley prompting Woods to make some fine saves.



    Mark Burchill then replaced the hapless Brattbakk and added Celtic’s fifth with his first touch of the match.



    Mjallby thumped a low cross across the face of the goal and Burchill was ideally placed to side-foot it in.



    The traffic was all one-way and Larsson was not finished yet.



    He touched in a long ball from Tom Boyd to make it six for the visitors with only four minutes left, before heading in another to leave Motherwell simply waiting for the whistle.






    Motherwell: Woods, Doesburg, McGowan, Teale, Craigen, May, Brannan, Spencer, Valakari, Coyle, McCulloch. Subs: Bannister, Ross, Ramsey, Nevin, Adams.



    Celtic: Gould, Boyd, Riseth, Mjallby, Mahe, McNamara, Lambert, Moravcik, Blinker, Larsson, Brattbakk. Subs: Kerr, Burley, McKinlay, Healy, Burchill.



    Referee: K Clark (Paisley)




  18. Paul67, you would be suprised at the number of swedes who think they will beat Celtic.


    Hope we are up for it the players must be pig sick of the travelling.



    Glasgow-Helsinki-Helsinki-Glasgow-London-Philidelphia-London-International games/Glasgow-Glasgow-Dingwall. Not bad eh!

  19. The only tenuous link to the past Sevco has is ‘transfer’ of SFA membership. If they wish their existence to be defined by SFA membership then good luck to them! (Not SPL membership, they were booted out, not SFL membership, they have an associate membership until they exist long enough to qualify for full membership, not UEFA licensed, they need to exist and produce accounts for 3 years for that too) No, it’s SFA membership that defines their Club, by default, although I don’t think many have made that link yet, just jumped on a wonky bandwagon.



    4 boys had a dream, ‘let’s start a member of the SFA’ ?



    And of course if the ambition of playing in another league comes to fruition they will sadly at the same time cease to exist in their original format!?



    Oh dear.

  20. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar. on 13 August, 2012 at 12:30 said:



    Ah, shucks. :)



    Hope you’re well big guy.

  21. Is it Santos Laguna we have a partnership with in Mexico ? Just read the 6′ 2″ striker who scored 2 in the Olympic Final ,plays for them and is looking for a move.Oribe Peralta 28 years old,have we missed a trick here ?

  22. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – Some thoughts on the past 17 days of sport in London and elsewhere:



    Gordon, I’m wondering if you’re capable of using the toilet without turning it into a political issue, no doubt because you’re being oppressed by imaginary top-hatted Old Etonians who stole your shea butter infused Andrex?



    Anyway, in answer to your question re: the economic impact of the Olympics, it was a massive bonfire of taxpayers’ cash, as these things always are. But the politically well connected firms and NGO’s have made out like bandits, as they always do. (thumbsup)

  23. Snake Plissken



    I assume the ‘investors’ will only get their money back after a share issue or there is a new Tesco down Govan way…

  24. Get a taxi to Estadio Nacional – the side opposite the main stand. Should be able to simply walk in.

  25. Paul67 et al



    We have played one SPL game and yet already, if reports from Parkhead are to be believed, some of our players, Brown and McCourt were mentioned, are having to receive injections in order to play. Now, Celtic, along with other clubs have been doing this for years, Bobby Murdoch and Johan Mjalby being just two players who were given the “treatment”. If we can play young players against Real Madrid then we can certainly do so against Ross County. Our young players lead a very sheltered, privileged existence compared to those who broke through in the past, time to see how many of them can cut it. Ross County provide a more than decent challenge.

  26. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon –



    Re: Sevco.



    The argument from the Sevconians has two limbs:



    1) Rangers “the club” is, despite what the law of the land would have you believe, separate from Rangers “the company” that is going to be liquidated. Rangers the club IS NOT Rangers the company.



    2) Celtic was founded in 1994 and was originally called Pacific Shelf 595 Limited. In Celtic’s case, the club IS the company. (I know, they’ve misidentified the company in question, but facts aren’t high on their list of priorities).



    Being a hun requires one to believe in six impossible things before breakfast. (thumbsup)

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