Gladbach season hits crunch week


Borussia Monchengladbach slipped to exactly mid-table in the Bundesliga on Saturday after giving 10-man Hamburg their second point of the season. On Wednesday we are still going to face a team vastly superior to anyone we will face in domestic football this season, but the visitors will not be as confident travelling to Glasgow as they were when the draw was made back in August.

Like Celtic, Borussia would not have fancied their chances of progressing to the knock out stage after their opening group game, but they now have to concern themselves more with becoming competitive against in Germany. That prospect isn’t about to get any easier, as after Celtic on Wednesday they travel to face Bayern Munich on Saturday.

All of this will feed into how Borussia approach the game. A point would allow them to take their head-to-head competition with Celtic back to Germany with hopes of finishing at least in the Europa League spot.

Celtic were not at their most fluid against Motherwell on Saturday (a significant sign when a 2-0 win can be described in that manner), but Brendan Rodgers will be clear in his game plan for Wednesday – press high, as we did against Manchester City last month.

It’s going to be a night which will require every ounce of strength from a packed Celtic Park. I’ve spoken to several Celtic managers and players about the impact the crowd can have in European nights. If we’re up for it, this one is there for us.

There’s a Family Fanzone at George Square from 13:00 on Wednesday afternoon.  Players will appear at 14:00 with club legends there at 16:00 and activities throughout the afternoon.  With the October break it’s an excellent opportunity to get into town and get into the mood early.


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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Zlatan challenged some Inter Ultras to join him on the pitch after a game, in which they hurled abuse at him.




    His crime was his intention of leaving the club at the end of the season.



    Prior to that, he was their hero.




    A few Ultras gained access to the tunnel are to continue the abuse, but when invited out to the field to sort it out, they disappeared.




    Zlatan 1v 0 Ultras.

  2. So how about Wednesday? What are our prospects? I’d like to see the following team:





    Lustig Simunovic Toure Tierney


    Bitton Brown


    Forrest Griffiths Sinclair





    I think the Manager will play Sviatchenko and Rogic though in place of Simunovic and Griffiths.



    I just feel that with Griffiths in behind Dembele and able to move across in a free role we would open them up more. They like to play with 2 wing backs and 3 central defenders; with Forrest and Sinclair (and KT) keeping them busy in wide areas Griffiths and Dembele would terrorise their middle 3.



    I also think Simunovic has more pace than Sviatchenko and likes to step into midfield with the ball in the same way Van Dijk used to do. I think there will be space for him to do that.



    Roberts and Rogic coming on later in the game when Gladbach are tiring would be very effective and allow us to kill them off late on if we haven’t done so already. We also have the likes of Christie, McGregor, Henderson and Armstrong who can feature from the bench.



    If we start like we did against Man City I can see us being in a reasonably comfortable position by half-time.



    I fancy us 3-0 or 3-1.




    FAC the Act




  3. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::Craig Gordon::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

















  4. VFR



    That’s the starting 11 I’d go with on Wednesday night. Fast tempo, pressing their back 4 in unison, like we did against Man City.

  5. HT, nip in to see Brendan if you are close by on Trust business and tell him the 2 master tacticians concur! He cannae fail to see the sense in that! :>)




    FAC the Act




  6. Good afternoon. Only 7 days to go if you haven’t completed the consultation survey on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act please click this link and complete it now.



    If long forms daunt you, just give your contact details and then complete the 5 questions on Sections 1-5 showing you are in favour of repeal- that is just 5 ticks- then just scroll through to the end and press SUBMIT. It can be done in less than a minute.



    If you are unsure about what to write for the full questionnaire, this crib sheet will help. Remember you are agreeing that the act should be repealed. Also remember to click Complete Survey at the end or your views won’t be included!



    Every submission counts!



    FAC the Act




  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I’m confused.



    Stealing water could lead to liquidation?



    Second Rankers have cash flow problems?



    Just what is the current situation?

  8. Orville: I wish I could fly way up to the sky but I can’t,



    Keith: You can,



    Orville: I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t!



    Orville: I wish I could see what folks see in me but I can’t,



    Keith: You can,



    Orville: I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t!

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    The ole Celtic Euro Nights




    I was there 26/05/67





    No you weren’t.


    I didn’t see you!

  10. DALLAS DALLAS -last thread .



    Poor man is heart broken re the state of Inter on and off the park . He is astounded of forehead that Icardi is still there and was even made Captain . .Outraged that 23 yr old Icardi has just published his autobiography in which he bigs up himself and bad mouths Inter . . Maradona mouthed off re Icardi last week -partly about Icardi allegedly refusing to play in the Pope’s Match For Peace but mostly about Icardi having an affair with Maxi Lopez’s wife . Maradona called Icardi a ” filthy traitor ” .



    De Boer looked shell shocked after the loss to Cagliari , his mood probably not helped by media film showing Mancini laughing at Inter while watching an Inter game in a bar in Taormina ..

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on







    The superstore has started selling remakes of the ole Lisbon skinny tie.




    I hope you kept your original?









    Did I not give it to you?

  12. BSR


    Obviously an evocative photograph but, if there are any young ones on here, I suspect in their later years they will be talking of the present time in the most glowing terms possible about how wonderful Champions League nights were at Celtic Park……and they will be correct. In terms of atmosphere and sense of occasion, the current era of CL games ( I mean for the past nine years in my case) outshines anything I can remember from the past.


    As I quoted the other day:


    These are the good old days;


    Just you wait and see.


    Carl Sagan.






    PS As a matter of interest, when was the first game from which grew our reputation for CL being so special at Celtic Park?

  13. Do they put water in the Loving cup?Ding dong bell(Jimmy) no water in the well


    Here come Scottish water!lawyers by their side


    Pay your bill’they roared and cried


    We don’t exist! four year ago we died


    Just a bit of fun to brighten up a Monday,looks like rain on the way.


    Hose that team they call the rainjurs


    Penny cascade….

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    South of Tunis, they look completely shambolic with poor results and the ongoing farce off it.



    It must be breaking the old guy’s heart.



    It’s tragic how a club of Inter’s stature can become such a laughing stock.



    Icardi sounds as big a chancer and wee runt as Novo is.



    I get the feeling if Maradona has turned on him then some of the Argentinian people will do the same.



    It takes some doing and stupidity to be as unpopular as Icardi is.

  15. I said earlier that our desire for the tales of woe concerning Ibrox to be accurate might affect our objectivity in assessing the likelihood of the stories having a solid base. One thing that COULD suggest there is something in them is the lack of scorn poured on us by the MSSM for circulating these rumours. If the Water, VAT and roof repairs stories are all nonsense, wouldn`t Level 5/MSSM be ridiculing them?




  16. I watched a couple of BMG games,their 4-0 defeat to Shalke,and the game at the weekend against Hamburg.A wee word about their two penalties against Hamburg,two blatant dives.Have to be careful there.Hamburg down to 10 men after 25 mins.They look a typical German team,but in these games very average.Both these teams at the bottom of the Bundesliga.Nothing special,but missing their star players,who are struggling to be fit for Wednesday.


    All being well,I cant see us losing if we perform.

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Indeed you did my great friend.








    Most of my old ties usually end up binding unused duvets and dump in the attic.



    In answer to Hot Smoked,



    I think the Vojvodina night was the first that I recall as being special.



    It had the nervous tension of realising that we were up against a very good team, heading for a replay in a neutral venue and concern as to us prevailing.



    However, the team had no notion of a third game and kept pressing for the winner, roared on by the packed stadium.



    The explosion of joy/relief when Big Billy did the business was seismic.



    Notwithstanding that the semi still had to be played, many of us felt that, We Were on Our Way to Lisbon…..and we wouldn’t be moved.

  18. Hot Smoked



    I concur .



    Our ‘ancient ground replaced by a house of steel?’



    When we were at 3-3 against Manchester City I’d swear the Celtic support made the ball go towards the Jock Stein end, and the new stadium and it’s now famous atmosphere is a testament to the Lions.



    The Celtic support are the constant.





    A fair few stick in my memory before that,including Real and Ajax.



    The one which particularly sticks is personal.



    I’d recently converted my best bud to the one true cause. He got us very quickly,as you do.



    The Sporting Lisbon game cemented his love of The Hoops forever.



    Meeting him on 29/10 again in deepest darkest Essex. He’s the only Tim in the village,apart from his die-hard son.



    Job well done,methinks..,

  20. The latest rumour about Ibrox is just plain wrong. Someone thought they heard them say they needed ‘water’ when really what they said was ‘WALTER’.

  21. Sorry chaps. I did not ask my question very clearly! I wasn`t asking about individual games where the atmosphere was special. My question was to do with the fact that nearly every CL game at Celtic Park is amazing. When did that start? Was it the MON UEFA run ( not CL, I know but same ingredients apply).


    Sorry again for my lack of clarity.




  22. I tried to watch the ICT v TRFC game on Friday using a Kodi stream.



    I had to give up after two minutes when water started pouring out my TV?



    Any plumbers/electricians reading who can advise?

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Hot Smoked,



    My post above was my opinion on when the special atmosphere kicked in.



    It was night that we first believed.

  24. Lol, that Celtic trust just love patting themselves on the back, they are right into how brilliant they are, and how happy they are about the wage structure at Celtic park, and it was them that done it so it was, that vanguard statement they made was cringeworthy, honestly who do they think they are?



    I’m sure you all know where I stand with these attention seeking left wing socialist uni mob, it’s like the Huns and the way level5 operates, if there’s a Celtic story get us attached to it don’t miss the opportunity to swing on they’re coat tails, embarrassing IMO .



    No doubt the brown shirts will be deleting this post, when the clique start circling the wagons and put pressure on the blog, but! It’s my opinion and I stand by it, I’ve no time for the way they operate, it could be ran better, with a little more class, notice again no one has a name to the message? It’s like a letter from a cabal, very strange indeed.



    HH lurking Huns GIRFUYs