Great talent deserve a stage, even if its owner is not worthy


I see former Celtic youth prodigy Islam Feruz has been talking to the media. He has taken the Liam Miller football career path, hyped beyond belief at Celtic, disappear into anonymity at an English club, before pitching up at Hibs.

Feruz, who turns 20 tomorrow, is three years younger than Miller was when he left Celtic, so the Somali-born Scotland-eligible player has time on his side, but apart from a bank account which few leaving their 20s could scarcely imagine, and no doubt plenty of life experiences of living as a young footballer in London, the script thus far could have been so much better for the player.

I watched him at youth level and it was clear he had more ability than any of his peer group, but turning a school leaver into a great talent takes more than inherited gifts. It requires work, sacrifice and a willingness to learn. Scottish football’s folklore is full of tales of unfulfilled potential.

There’s no love lost with Feruz. He took what was on offer from Celtic and left the moment he was able to sign for an English club, but I hope he makes it, both at Hibs this season and thereafter as a great player. Great talents deserve a stage, even if its owner is not always worthy.


Thanks to everyone who got the ball rolling yesterday with our Walfrid and Directors’ Box hospitality auction for the Foundation, and special thanks to club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing, who provided the prize.  It’s a money-can’t-buy experience for three people to enjoy, so eat, drink and enjoy – but you’ll need to bid here first.

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  1. I think pop-up davidmurray gremlins are back opening windows everywhere on this blog lol,bit window pingingtastic.:-)



    Islam Feruz


    i am with the 2nd chancers.one of 33 players put out on loan by Chelsea.Its down to him.He already has had some journey to get here, i wish him well.i am sure we all could have handled his wage at 19.(eh maybe no).Its up to him to make his name now,



    have a good night Celts


    hail hail

  2. Hrvatski Jim on 9th September 2015 3:37 pm



    While the 14yr old is obviously a tool. I’m not sure I agree with the police being involved unless it was threatening behaviour.



    Can’t imagine what would have happened to me if as a teenager the internet was available to me.

  3. glendalystonsils on










    Wee Jamesie is deceptive like Billy Whizz, the faster he runs, the smaller he gets.












    Wee Jamesie is deceptive like Billy Whizz, the faster he runs, the smaller he gets.



    Zat no because he’s getting further away?



    Fr. DougalMaguire CSC

  4. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Feruz ? Not for me, had his chance, more of a chance that many would have had , told us to feck off when he had a better offer. Celtic, and TB in particular done a lot for him and his family, Had his chance with us and good luck to him in the championship




  5. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Just logged on on way back from golf ( nett 67 BTW best score in years) and I see the which is the orangest locality in Ayrshire. It matters not a jot AYRSHIRE TIMS DONT SIT AT THE BACK OF THE BUS,!!

  6. Nauseous article by Lindsay in The Herald re McCoist. How sad that this paper has stooped so low to employ “journalists” like Lindsay to pamper The Sevconians that all in their world is beautiful and to get McCoist re- accepted into their “all is wonderful” world. Gushing sick bag praise and no mention of liquidation- well Matthew (and any lurking Huns) – let me remind you, as of today your club has reached the ripe old age of 3 years and 12 days old, and counting !! Lindsay and his fellow (follow follow) cohorts remind me of the tail end of a Sandie Shaw chart hit (There’s always something there to remind me)…. I was born to love you, and I never will be free… When there is always something there to remind me.. Always something there to remind me.. Always something there to remind me.. Well Matthew, that something is me, and all my worldwide family of Celtic supporters. We will ALWAYS remind you of your previous clubs’ sordid 140 years history (thankfully now confined to the dustbin) and we will currently remind you of your new clubs’ chaotic and equally sordid 3 year and 12 days history.. Now remember these lyrics again ” when there is always always something there to remind me !!

  7. Shifting gears, away from the Feruz debate….



    Of greater importance, will be Ronny’s back 4 selection on Saturday.



    It’s a long shot that he will gamble on the fitness of Lustig.



    However, all being well I would preferably like to see a back 4 of :



    Lustig, Boyata, Jozo Simo. Izzy or Mulgrew



    I look forward to seeing the talents of Tyler Blackett in time, however I think we need to get as many known faces into the defence set-up, in what will be a tough fixture.



    Thoughts ?

  8. more likely back 4 will be :



    Jancko. Boyata. Jozo. Izzy



    Which doesn’t fill me with confidence.


    No slant on the individuals, just would strike me as an inexperienced Backline.

  9. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Tough one for Saturday, definitely think we should start with Izzy. Don’t think Lustig will play, we need to get it sorted out at the back. I agree that it’s not the right time to introduce Blackett but we’re a bit short for options




  10. ruggygman



    I think you’ll see Charlie M in front of the back four if Broony doesn’t make it..



    Izzy will play as the most experienced member of the back four I guess. Boyata is a pick for sure so that leaves Efe or Jozo at centre and probably Janko at RB, no matter what way you slice it our back four is low on experience that being said I expect us to shear the Sheep:))

  11. Team for Saturday







    M.Lustig. D.Boyata. Jozo Simo. Mulgrew



    ————–Brown. Bitton —————–



    —Forrest. T.Rogic Armstrong—-






    With Commons and GMS having a role to play as impact subs.

  12. Starry – Some sense at last . The lad was a kid at the time who made a choice and should not be judged on that. Sure , it was handled wrong and came across as if he didn’t appreciate what Tommy Burns had done for him, maybe he was poorly advised and maybe he will reflect differently on those days.



    If he makes it , it will be at the expense of hard work and his openness to learn – this should be acknowledged with this undoubted ability if indeed he matures.



    Without the fans football is nothing , without decent football , there are no fans!! take note celtic board as once again you have left a “nearly” team on the park and been doing this for years and getting away with it.



    Strikers , Left backs , Center backs when we most needed them!

  13. lennon's passion on



    Interesting notions on Feruz. I was suggesting to my mate earlier in the summer that maybe, just maybe, our manager could sort him out






    Sort him out DEILA the Dud can’t sort out the players we have.

  14. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Not buying that ‘young kid’ stuff. He was afforded a great opportunity with us, and then with Chelsea (his choice) and now he finds himself at Hibs. As I said earlier, good luck to him




  15. I watched a bit of a young Mr Feruz and, in my opinion, Paul is correct in that he was superior to his peers, the only other player I can think of who shone like him when playing in his own age group is Jamsie Forrest who is obviously 3/4 years older.


    However there was always a niggle that Islam had matured much quicker than boys his own age. His power and pace was miles ahead of the rest. A bit like a 2 year old horse who is the champion of his age group, but is never a champion again because the rest catch up when they mature a bit late. If he applies himself he should certainly have a career in professional football but I don’t think it will be as high a level as Celtic, I wish him well.

  16. Talking about Drongan about 50 yrs ago my brother and 5 of his friends all were miners


    at that time it was a miners new town Drongan,they had to travel toAyr for mass on Sunday


    Cut a long story short they build a shed and mass was held every sunday,from that there


    is brick build chapel there called ST CLAIR Drongan,My brother and the 5 friends


    are all buried there with there wife/s R. I.P. SORRY about the long post

  17. lennon's passion on




    You can disagree all you want mate. But you won’t be hearing anymore champions league music at paradise. As DEILA the Dud couldn’t sort the team out in Malmo.

  18. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Well done to your brother, quite a legacy he left behind




  19. Could any of the tech savvy guys on here tell me how to use the kodi box? I have one and it is the latest version, I’m told, but I’m not very good at these things. How do I access sky/bt sports streaming? It’s all very confusing to an old(ish) duffer like me. Thanks in advance.


    By the way I have been a very infrequent poster on here for last few years but have never been called a hun, why not?

  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Click on sports then click on Phoenix


    UK sports come up of live events


    Even I can use it

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    You should be rightly proud of your father and his friends

  22. Smootiemad,


    Don’t have kodi but reading on here most have sussed it using utube video tutorials

  23. I’m really buzzing re the Aberdeen game. Jozo must start. Too many vital games coming up for a normal bedding in period. It’s got to be in at the deep end and let’s hope he’s a brammer.


    Lustig if he is fit or else Janko, Izzy and Boyata. However they need protection, so maybe Charlie sitting in front of them in midfield. Bring it on.

  24. Evening Timland from a very warm hun free mountain valley.


    I would rather have Efe sitting in front of the defence, CM has been well out of sorts lately, and Efe has pace to burn compared to Charlie.


    But if Broonie doesn’t make it, RD will put Jo in there I would think, as long as that allows SA to play in the mid of the three, fine by me.