Great talent deserve a stage, even if its owner is not worthy


I see former Celtic youth prodigy Islam Feruz has been talking to the media. He has taken the Liam Miller football career path, hyped beyond belief at Celtic, disappear into anonymity at an English club, before pitching up at Hibs.

Feruz, who turns 20 tomorrow, is three years younger than Miller was when he left Celtic, so the Somali-born Scotland-eligible player has time on his side, but apart from a bank account which few leaving their 20s could scarcely imagine, and no doubt plenty of life experiences of living as a young footballer in London, the script thus far could have been so much better for the player.

I watched him at youth level and it was clear he had more ability than any of his peer group, but turning a school leaver into a great talent takes more than inherited gifts. It requires work, sacrifice and a willingness to learn. Scottish football’s folklore is full of tales of unfulfilled potential.

There’s no love lost with Feruz. He took what was on offer from Celtic and left the moment he was able to sign for an English club, but I hope he makes it, both at Hibs this season and thereafter as a great player. Great talents deserve a stage, even if its owner is not always worthy.


Thanks to everyone who got the ball rolling yesterday with our Walfrid and Directors’ Box hospitality auction for the Foundation, and special thanks to club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing, who provided the prize.  It’s a money-can’t-buy experience for three people to enjoy, so eat, drink and enjoy – but you’ll need to bid here first.

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  2. Maybe we should take our lead on Islam Feruz from Tommy Burns.



    He not only signed him for Celtic, but successfully fought to have Islam, and his


    family remain in Scotland having fled from Somalia.



    When he left Celtic the first man to exonerate him, was none other than Tommy Burns.

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    Bundoran Bhoy – TEAM OSCAR FOREVER



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  9. bournesouprecipie, Not calling you out pal but making a statement that Tommy Burns was first man to exonerate Islam Feruz when Islam left Celtic is a powerful way to win an arguement but it’s simply not possible. Unless I’m very much mistaken, Tommy God Bless him died in 2008, Feruz left for Chelsea in 2011.

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  13. No surprise that these ‘rumours’ surface again after an international break. An international break where the players where stuck in an airport for 3 hours eating burger kings with journalists.



    So, what Celtic players were in the Scotland squad and what journalist who was there would want to leak an off the record conversation?



    Aye, 2 plus 2 equals 5 indeed.

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    Easy mistake to make, obviously I can’t speak for either of those ghuys but IMVHO – the sentiment would be the same.






    Remember when Davie Hay went to Chelsea – a far inferior team to Glasgow Celtic in those days, of course they did pay better.



    How do poeple look at Mr Hay?



    Maybe if he was an immigrant that Celtic helped out, he would have owed us – big time – yet Davie was welcomed back as Manager years later.



    16 years of age, making decisions that can secure your Families future.



    After all they have been through.



    Ask not what Tommy Burns would have wanted, ask what Feruz Mum, after all she’d been through, would have wanted.



    And tell me Tommy wouldn’t have wanted the same.



    Hail Hail

  17. Not been on the blog since Sunday, Philbhoy absolutely brilliant news the other day, I was over the moon when I read it, all the very best, Clogher missed your post at weekend cheers for keeping me in mind…….



    My wee post tonight (and it’s because I can’t sleep) I have wee days holiday from work the morra as its Miss GFTB’s 7th birthday, all the best to Islam Ferouz, I am glad Tommy Burns helped him and his family, if it didn’t suit him or maybe his family to stay here, probably their loss for all things Celtic, all the best to him, but my post is about sort of Cqn and a real Celtic hero….


    as well as Mr Ferouz, and Miss GFTB, it’s also wee Oscars birthday tomorrow a true Celtic legend, it was through him I was introduced to this great site, to watch the videos and read the stories, I certainly hope any of the Knox family or friends are not annoyed at me mentioning this, but I realised a few years ago reading one of the posts that Oscar was going to the hospital on his birthday, it was then I realised he not only shared the same birthday but born on the same day as the most important person in my life…..Cqn is far more important than football, from the kids in Malawi to any other charity than we all contribute to, and anybody that reads my posts I am always a half full glass type of guy especially about Celtic, but trust me there are far more important things in life but Celtic give us that wee release, anyway what I am trying to type, Cqn is far wider than the length of a football park, and as for the wee man he touched the hearts of many and will always be remembered in this household



    Cqn take care & Hail Hail

  18. Great quote on Newsnight from Matthew Syed, reporting on cheats in athletics.



    “The meaning of Sport is contingent upon its believability”



    Doesn’t apply to Scottish Football, of course.

  19. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Josh played well tonight in a 2 all draw. Helped set up EKs second goal to get a well deserved draw.

  20. ElDiegoBhoy on 9th September 2015 9:03 pm




    Tontine Tim







    Are you lurking my friend?



    *am now, was in TO all day.

  21. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Tes I think so. Nice well run club is East Kilbride FC Crackin wee stadium too.

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Time for some Celtic sweet dreams Bhoys.



    Night all H H




    Happy Birthday wee Oscar my hero..

  23. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    It’s a beautiful day.


    It’s a Celtic day.


    We are the CHAMPIONS!