Great talent deserve a stage, even if its owner is not worthy


I see former Celtic youth prodigy Islam Feruz has been talking to the media. He has taken the Liam Miller football career path, hyped beyond belief at Celtic, disappear into anonymity at an English club, before pitching up at Hibs.

Feruz, who turns 20 tomorrow, is three years younger than Miller was when he left Celtic, so the Somali-born Scotland-eligible player has time on his side, but apart from a bank account which few leaving their 20s could scarcely imagine, and no doubt plenty of life experiences of living as a young footballer in London, the script thus far could have been so much better for the player.

I watched him at youth level and it was clear he had more ability than any of his peer group, but turning a school leaver into a great talent takes more than inherited gifts. It requires work, sacrifice and a willingness to learn. Scottish football’s folklore is full of tales of unfulfilled potential.

There’s no love lost with Feruz. He took what was on offer from Celtic and left the moment he was able to sign for an English club, but I hope he makes it, both at Hibs this season and thereafter as a great player. Great talents deserve a stage, even if its owner is not always worthy.


Thanks to everyone who got the ball rolling yesterday with our Walfrid and Directors’ Box hospitality auction for the Foundation, and special thanks to club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing, who provided the prize.  It’s a money-can’t-buy experience for three people to enjoy, so eat, drink and enjoy – but you’ll need to bid here first.

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  2. Ignore the Sleekits…………..


    it’s just huns, at it………………………………..



    What they can’t stomach, is happy, successful Tims……




  3. lennon's passion on

    BADA BING!! on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015 7:51 PM



    If story’s are true along with Stevie Frail leaving. DEILA the Dud is welding the axe to cover his own mistakes. If you can’t swim don’t go in the water.

  4. lennon’s passion-IMO ,we have to see something in the Europa League,i think that is enough time to make an opinion on RD.HH

  5. If you are world class you can tell the Manager to stuff his diet


    If you can’t last 90 minutes against Malmo – clear out


    I am sick of pre-madonnas

  6. Whitedoghunch & mildouwolf67. Thanks for advice. It was sold to me as fully loaded but I have been told it isn’t. I will check out the link you provided. Thanks again for all the help.


    Hail Hail

  7. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Maybe RD thinks the medical team arnt keeping the players fit






    Bring in the Chelsea doctor ;)




  8. WWW


    One of the things that Lenny told a respected poster from here was concerning James Forrest.


    He said that he wasn’t always injured, but that it was always a condition of one sort or another that he had, he didn’t expand on that, but make of it what you will.



  9. lennon's passion on

    !BADA BING!! on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015 8:08 PM



    Out of curiosity what would this be. Good performances,out of group ?

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 9th September 2015 8:00 am



    Gallardia Rool OK!!


    Steamboats well named: everyone of them pi**ed on a Saturday morning.



    Did you play with Jimmy Mears?





    And many of them now pillars of society.:-)


    Strange you mention that .One of my best games was virtually straight after a bevy session.



    The name does`t ring a bell.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CATHACH on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015 1:47 PM



    I probably, came in around the time they were ending. T. Conroy ran it after them. I ran the team after him. Don’t remember Galardia ( Steamboats used to meet at Glenbervie, not sure before or after game), but Mistrel were one of the top teams and other from East end of Glasgow, AC Milanda, West of Scotland (David Moyes, dad used to run them). Alan Brazil played one game for Steamboats as a school boy. KTF C







    The Dunns,of Clyde fame,started Steamboats and were instrumental in starting the Satuday morning league.


    Sky Blues,Unigers,Sarsfield and Vojva….na.!!!!!!!!!! were our opponents.


    Steamboats have an annual dinner in Glasgow


    Hail Hail



  12. I heard one of the players said his chips were cawl and anither has blisters from runnin too much



    That’s whit ah heard so a did.



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  14. Bundoran Bhoy – TEAM OSCAR FOREVER



    Sorry to rain on your parade my friend…see the shamrock design ,shouldn’t it be a four leaf clover ????? yiv missed a leaf oot.



    I’ll still buy it of you …..canny go they other two chancers :O)

  15. Winning Captains if looking in



    Having big problems with CQN IT ?


    Regularly throwing me out with program reloading message as previous, plus frequently going to a proxy server fault when refreshing screen (usually when trying to move from page to page)


    Oh and I’m IT thick :-)



    Hail Hail

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Captain Beefheart on 9th September 2015 7:48 pm


    Any player not happy with Ronny can do one. Open war should be declared on any fatso, waster or barfly who undermines Ronny in the press.




    The Celtic shirt does not stretch to fit fat b’s.


    TOMMIE20 on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015 5:54 PM


    Talking about Drongan about 50 yrs ago my brother and 5 of his friends all were miners



    at that time it was a miners new town Drongan,they had to travel toAyr for mass on Sunday



    Cut a long story short they build a shed and mass was held every sunday,from that there



    is brick build chapel there called ST CLAIR Drongan,My brother and the 5 friends



    are all buried there with there wife/s R. I.P. SORRY about the long post





    Smashing wee tale,mate. You can be proud of your Dad and his pals. Thankless task being a missionary in that part of the world!

  18. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Winning captains



    I’m having the same problems as cowiebhoy



    Fecking annoying




  19. Feruz? I have never met the young man nor see him play, my only knowledge of him is that Tommy Burns brought him in under his wing. Allegedly TB looked out for both him and his family over and above the call of duty. He maybe didn’t owe Celtic but he sure as hell owed TB. I wish him no harm but in all honesty I won’t be a supporter of his career.

  20. Winning Captains


    Having the same problems as Cowiebhoyand Weet Weet Weet. Almost ready to give up on site.

  21. I’m. Having the same problem as cowrie bhoy and others.


    Really annoying so it is.


    I keep thinking the site is under cyber attack .