Great talent deserve a stage, even if its owner is not worthy


I see former Celtic youth prodigy Islam Feruz has been talking to the media. He has taken the Liam Miller football career path, hyped beyond belief at Celtic, disappear into anonymity at an English club, before pitching up at Hibs.

Feruz, who turns 20 tomorrow, is three years younger than Miller was when he left Celtic, so the Somali-born Scotland-eligible player has time on his side, but apart from a bank account which few leaving their 20s could scarcely imagine, and no doubt plenty of life experiences of living as a young footballer in London, the script thus far could have been so much better for the player.

I watched him at youth level and it was clear he had more ability than any of his peer group, but turning a school leaver into a great talent takes more than inherited gifts. It requires work, sacrifice and a willingness to learn. Scottish football’s folklore is full of tales of unfulfilled potential.

There’s no love lost with Feruz. He took what was on offer from Celtic and left the moment he was able to sign for an English club, but I hope he makes it, both at Hibs this season and thereafter as a great player. Great talents deserve a stage, even if its owner is not always worthy.


Thanks to everyone who got the ball rolling yesterday with our Walfrid and Directors’ Box hospitality auction for the Foundation, and special thanks to club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing, who provided the prize.  It’s a money-can’t-buy experience for three people to enjoy, so eat, drink and enjoy – but you’ll need to bid here first.

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    Union flag in Ayrshire? Shooooorly not…



    E-TIMS Diary page for today has a mock-up of Kilwinning station. It’s fairly accurate apart from a lack of marching bands.

  2. Captain Beefheart on

    Celtic helped Feruz because of his talent. The boy wasn’t our slave though. He was only 16. The agents probably pushed for the move. Harsh to judge him.

  3. The thing is about Feruz, you have to consider the start he had to life.



    I don’t believe he had a father figure in his life. Add to that the perils of being an asylum seeker in a new country and having a poor education.



    The exact same happened with Berahino.



    If Feruz does well at Hibs I’d consider bringing him back. People deserve second chances and he has had mitigating circumstances.





    I believe PL is looking into the possibility of bringing him back,but finances are still difficult to quantify.



    He’s not sure yet whether he will still fit into a kid’s Celtic kit.

  5. Proudbhoy



    Well it is under consideration and whilst the current custodians may not want to go as far as one man one vote (which is how Malmo operate) time passes folk shuffle on, things change.



    Re your other point about the quality.



    If supporting Celtic financially had a linear relationship to performances then we would become a nun crossing a zebra. Now you see her, now you don’t.



    A scheme which levelled out that now you don’t part makes for sustainability and a sound platform to operate the business of putting quality on the park from.



    A membership scheme even with one man one vote would disintegrate if the link to performances was part of the reasons for being a member. Ie only support when winning. It has to be much greater than that.

  6. Islam Feruz think Nicholas Anelka often badly advised by his family, I can’t see any point in holding any bitterness against the kid.



    Good luck son at Hibs, I’m sure Tommy would have wanted you to do well whether you had chosen badly first time round or not!

  7. BMCUW






    Home to the world-renowned Garyowen CSC.



    Some of my ex-best friends come from there.



    ….and Saltcoats, Stevenston, Kilwinning and Irvine.



    All ex-bampots, but now pillars of the community!




  8. Good Afternoon.



    Here are a couple of new blogs (for those interested…).



    The first one marks the (meaningless statistic of the) Clumpany blog getting its millionth ‘hit’ since it was started in April.






    And the second is about the curious tale of Dave King apparently ‘jetting in’ to resolve the issue of Gardener Ally’s severance settlement. In around a fortnight’s time…






    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  9. Islam Feruz was undoubtedly badly advised, and believed the hype that he could/would be the next big thing.



    I think his father(?) had a lot to do with it.




  10. Proudbhoy



    Just noticed I didn’t say we should ALL pay more. I suggested the cost of providing financial support should be more equitably spread across the support. Big difference.

  11. FourGreenFields on




    Still alive Bhoys :-))



    You two wouldn’t get a start with the Ayrshire Tourist Board :-))

  12. Auldheid



    Sorry for picking you up , I would gladly pay abit more even thou I rarely use it as I get good service for my Celtic TV .



    But I didn’t say paying goes with winning ..but fans need to see abit of ambition or at least most of the transfer fees we receive given back to manager.. This is far from happening.



    Downsizing is pretty obvious , even to the happiest clappers so for fans to give abit more or attend more games etc the board really need to up their game. Quick look at squad – not comparing quality BTW.



    Forster-10m = Gordon -free


    Matthews-1.5m=janko ? 500k


    VVD -13m= new boy 3/4m


    Ledley-1m =Stefan 2m


    Big vic 10m= bitton 900k


    Ki – 5m= ??


    Hooper – 5m = pukki/balde= 3m



    That’s all quick and off top of my head..also Matthews and ledley will have been on higher wage than guys who replaced them.



    It’s frustrating and depressing.. Fans are not asking for 13m of VVD fee to be spent straight away but surely handing ronnie 10m would be fair and then leaves 3m for whatever.



    Anyway bedtime here..keep up the good work and hopefully the board are speaking with guys like yourself who are trying to help us reAch our potential.



    Big parkhead gig be good.. Billy Connolly , Kevin Bridges, rod Stewart etc heaps more that could maybe do something at a decent fee each summer. Could be nice earner for the club.

  13. Captain Beefheart on




    Never knew that Eric Pickles was once a Communist. Had you told me that he had once eaten a live Communist, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

  14. glendalystonsils on



    Islam Feruz is a full five inches shorter,than Wee Jamesie .




    Help me out here. cos arithmetic’s not my strong point and I’ve been trying to work Islam Feruz’ height out from your post.


    What’s 5 feet two inches, take away 5 inches? Ta.

  15. GG on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2015 5:03 AM



     As an IT person going back to 1965, I was pleasantly surprised by Auldheid’s revelTion that he is An IT Manager. Surprised because usually IT Managers are usually not as articulate. :-)



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/lessons-for-celtic-defence-great-auction-for-foundation/comment-page-8/#comments




    How dare you sir? I was inarticulate until Sir Alan Sugar introduced the PCW 8512 and I taught myself how to word process.



    I just let the thoughts become words on the screen in jumbled paras that I could then assemble into a coherent argument thanks to the twin Gods Cut and Paste.



    I grew the IT team from around 8 to nearer 40 transferring jobs from the London HQ after a temporary project I was responsible for ended. I was kept on because I was told “You make things happen”.



    Operations, Help Desk, Software and business development and installing networks overseas came under my remit.



    Canalamar was correct in that my level of technical expertise was not as deep as the techies but it was deep enough to tell me when the buggers were bullshiting me. :)



    Great job and when I retired it let me take my skills into the not for profit sector on a part time basis and as a result I got to know all the methadone services in the Glasgow area and had lunch with the Bishop of Paisley who sat on the SCIAF Board of Governors.



    Did I ever mention me telling the ex Governor of Hong Kong that the new Data General mini computer in a brown and fawn cabinet with flashing lights was a coffee machine?



    I could have had a career in sales too you know. :)

  16. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Starry plough



    Enelka has moved for about £100 million over the years



    Not to shabby.



    I think his brother bought Raith Rovers a few years ago




  17. proudbhoy on 9th September 2015 2:45 pm



    I’m only going to pick up two of those:



    1) How much did we pay for VvD?



    2) If a player of the quality of CG comes along for free are you suggesting we ignore him and pay for another target? I personally think CG is a better keeper than FF. We haven’t downsized that position. Just got a great deal.

  18. Proudbhoy,



    I’m not sure downsizing can be defined by a player being sold for more than he was bought for then replaced with a similar entity at a similar price that the newly sold player was originally bought for.

  19. talking of Ayrshire toons…



    In 2nd year at school in Ayrshire, we did a geography quiz which was pretty easy but just a bit of fun.



    one question was :- Which Ayrshire village has the same name as a major European capital?


    Everyone bar one girl put Moscow



    She put ………Darvel!!



    Her justification was ”but Darvel IS in Ayrshire!”

  20. Oops.



    I’ve just got my fgf and tcr’s muddled up.



    ach still chuffed. lol




  21. Proudfoot



    I get all that, I really do but I’m looking to escape the vicious cycle that keeps us in that downsizing trough.



    That cycle is the consequence of the business model. The business model is a consequence of our environment.



    If we cannot escape it physically let’s do it virtually.



    If Celtic are more than a club then we must have something to take out there that is more than the football.



    My Vision would be a Membership of 100,000 all paying each month a sum that reflected how they wanted to be a Celtic supporter with different levels of membership but the core offering would have to contain the ability to watch the game live and that would be the most expensive but shared across say half the Membership. Other tiers of Membership would cost less and offer less but even a £5 a month Membership card to announce to the world you were a card carrying Celtic supporter might be enough to sign up those who are Celtic inclined but not actual attendees.

  22. Vicious circle. Not cycle. I knew that did not sound right.



    I had a vicious cycle once. Threw me over the handlebars it did.

  23. From BBC Scotland News Site



    Teenager arrested over social media post about Celtic supporter Jay Beatty


    Posted at 15:23


    A 14-year-old boy has been arrested over an alleged offensive post on social media about a young Celtic fan with Down’s Syndrome.



    Jay Beatty, 11, of Lurgan, County Armagh, is an official ambassador of the club charity, Celtic FC Foundation.



    It is alleged that he was the subject of an abusive post on social media on Friday 4 September.



    Police Scotland said a 14-year-old boy had reported to the Children’s Reporter in connection with the incident.

  24. Glendalys



    Wee Jamesie is deceptive like Billy Whizz, the faster he runs, the smaller he gets.



    Islam Feruz has a book in him, I want it to be called ‘From Somalia to Castlemilk’



    BestSellers csc

  25. In other news:



    ive no long passed the Turk/Bulgarski border………………………………………………………..that’s some fence that they’re erecting.