Greenock, Argyle St and what Celtic Movement is all about


We are only two days away from the 9 in a row CQN Open, which again takes place at Aberdour Golf Club in Fife.  This year our guest of honour is Lisbon Lion, Willie Wallace.  We have already raised over £2000 from a shirt auction and raffle (thank you very much to all who participated) but we have a quick opportunity for you to win a signed Celtic strip in a raffle, ending on Saturday.

Tickets cost £1, if you can afford £1, get involved here.  Proceeds go towards 1254125, which is a crucial part of orientating the Celtic Movement in the direction of our founding fathers.

Willie Wallace will be at the Celtic Store, Argyle St, for late night shopping, from 5.30-7.30 pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.  Where you can buy a signed copy of his book and have a chat with the man himself.  Bring a camera.

Immediately after leaving the Celtic Store tomorrow Willie and Brogan Rogan (and a pile of books) are heading to the Greenock Celtic Supporters’ Club for a CQN Question and Answer evening.  Entry costs £2 (all of which is going to our charity causes).  DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!

I know many of you have read Brogan Rogan but if you’ve not seen him and Willie Wallace in action, get along tomorrow, it will be another classic Celtic night.  Tickets are available at the door.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise all of these events, more on that later.

Last call today for the special Father’s Day offer for Heart of a Lion.  Order TODAY and we’ll include a Father’s Day card, complete with your own message. See the graphic to the right..

You can choose from two cards, see explanation and choices here, one with Tony Watt after scoring against some Spanish lot, the other with Billy McNeill receiving some trophy or other.

Click on the button below, enter the text you would like to appear in the middle of the card, and Tony will post your book off in time for Father’s Day.

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  1. South Of Tunis



    11:55 on 12 June, 2013



    I thought the young Italian team played very good football against Israel. I thought the Israeli tackling was dreadful and they robbed the tournament of probably its best player.


    However, the National Anthem proved that the young Italians can sing nane!

  2. montreal_bhoy on

    My first ever triple.



    I’d like to thank all who fell asleep at the keyboard, my parents, my son martybhoy and all who have helped me to the top of CQN



    I thank you :}

  3. According to the STV figures Sevco will only


    pick up about £530,000 in prize money by the


    time they get back to the SPL. Celtic will have


    picked up £7,500,000 in that period. Add in no


    European money then they are well and trully



  4. So one league body rather than two. Changes to financial distribution. Play offs introduced but retaining the same league structure as now.



    In other words, exactly what they said could not be done at the time St Mirren and Ross county voted against the previous set of proposals that included moving to three divisions.





    Doing fine,bud-FFM came down for a bitta kulcher in Bath at the weekend.



    We made a bit of a kulcher of things altogether,haha!



    TBM is well worth a get-the-gither if you get a chance,but those islands are well spread out!



    Are you likely to be around for the Brentford game on 20/7? Thinking about a wee trip to the capital and some old haunts.



    Most of them probably had to close when I left,mind….

  6. THT ‏@TheHumanTorpedo 9m


    Latest Private Eye piece on Rangers 1/2 pic.twitter.com/rhwhngw0Jq





    Retweeted by Happy Haggerty





    Congrats,sets you up for a nice day.



    From QWERTYheid….

  8. Hull bid +4 million for Hoops?



    Couple of points, 1 hopefully he is worth a wee bit more than that albeit it will not be long before he can leave for nothing and 2, i hope Hooper’s ambitions stretch beyond 1 season in the EPL followed by a return to the championship and football obscurity.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    celt55 @ 12 10.



    Italian Manager did his nut re the Israeli tackling .. He was really angry that the Referee allowed it . He said he was going to send photos of his players legs and feet to UEFA..



    Insigne is a fabulous player . Looks destined to be a star . As does Marco Verratti.



    I have been very impressed by —–



    Giorgino Wijnaldum [Holland ] —–midfielder -plays for PSV


    Asier Illaramendi [Spain ]——-midfielder —-plays for Real Sociedad ..



    Sicilian bookies have Holland the favorites.

  10. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:03 on 12 June, 2013



    We see again that even at the top of Sevco it is acceptable to use the term FTP in private. We are expected to believe that these peepul want to eradicate bigotry?



    They also fully realise the “Bears” and the level to play things. To suggest that CW would go from “Hero to zero” with Bears if he said FTP and later was more diplomatic.



    It also shows the disdain they have for their fans. Jack Irvine is a cretin.

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Repost from previous blog:



    gherrybhoy57 11:45 on 12 June, 2013



    I see you’re looking for a caddie on Friday. I don’t know the course but I’m an experienced caddie. Whole day sounds like fun. No fee required. Can transport be arranged? Could meet in Ayrshire or Glasgow. If you’re interested, post back and we can sort out details.





    gherrybhoy57, thanks for the kind offer buddy but I was only pulling Blantyre Tim’s leg (pardon the pun as his leg is not so good at the minute).



    I’ll be carrying my bag on Friday. You should try to get along for the apre golf. If you do make it, make yourself known to me as your extremely generous offer has put one on the tap for you already.



    Where do you caddy? My young bro lives in Ayrshire, I’m sure he could provide you with a lift if you wanted.



    Hail Hail




  12. Good article






    The tiresome moans and groans from supporters slating Neil Lennon and the board for daring to sell a couple of our top stars whilst bringing in more unknown, young footballers is something that doesn’t look like dying down any time soon. Celtic must ensure they make as much money as possible from player sales in order to keep up with the rest of Europe, knowing that the Champions League is not guaranteed and the TV deal does not bring in enough alone to compete with the best both on and off the field.



    Although it’s not an impossibility that Celtic may well keep the likes of Victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper for at least another season, the reality suggests we will be searching for replacements whilst selling those two (at least) for tens of millions combined. The reality of our situation at the moment also suggests we will not become weaker with the sale of any player as the scouts will be able to uncover new rising stars to, one again, make the squad as healthy as the bank balance. In fact, this summer could be the perfect window to sell those who are nearing the end of their current contact and don’t look likely to sign an extension. The real gamble will be refusing to sell such players and risk losing them for millions less in a years time.



    The recent confusion for many supporters, however, has been somewhat warranted with the acquisition of another unknown quantity in Amido Baldé for a reported €2,000,000 instead of coughing up £750,000 for Johnny Russell. This, as ever, is all down to the personal opinion of each individual but the fact remains that Celtic were never interested in the Dundee United striker. It could also be argued that Baldé is a bigger gamble than usual as more pressure will be placed on the young Portuguese international to success after the failings of Miku, Lassad, Bangura and so on, which is where trusting the scouts come in to play.



    On various fan forums two or three seasons ago, scepticism was rife when reports came flying through that Celtic had signed Emilio Izaguirre, Beram Kayal, Fraser Forster, Joe Ledley and Gary Hooper. There was also the signings of Cha Du-Ri, Daryl Murphy, Efráin Juárez along with the bemusing saga of Oliver Kapo – but they can be discussed at a later date. Using this ‘policy’, we have to expect some duds as well as superstars in the making. Let’s just be thankful there has been more of the latter to date. The point remains the same that it is too easy to criticise a footballer without having seen them in action as we all know YouTube clips can make the worst seem like world beaters (although it is slightly worrying when some still look average in their ‘best bits’ compilation).



    Frequently buying and selling is something we supporters have to quickly adjust and get used to. In order to be successful and limit the gap between the likes of ourselves and Benfica, Ajax and even teams such as Galatasaray along with the free spending English clubs, the method of buying cheap and selling on for a large profit is the only sustainable way of doing so. On the topic of Amido Baldé, he is two years younger than Johnny Russell. Age is everything when using this model and that two year age gap may have been the difference between signing and not signing Russell due to the possibility that Baldé will have more of a resale value in two or three years time.



    If Neil Lennon is to be believed, contrary to reports in the media, Celtic haven’t spent more than £2,000,000 on any one player during his reign at the club. Whether that be on initial fees (not including extras based on appearances, title success etc) or not, we don’t know. Even if the figures haven’t be disclosed it’s fair to say that Celtic have spent relatively large sums on less than average players. Take Mo Bangura for example, who reportedly cost us around the £2,000,000 mark. Being possibly the biggest failure under Lennon, most supporters believe we should simply cut our loses and sell the striker. However, it isn’t unreasonable to suggest Celtic could have recouped almost all of the transfer fee paid for Bangura in the form of loan fees. In that respect, loaning him out until his contract runs done may not be the worst idea – similar to Daryl Murphy and Efráin Juárez’s situations.



    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. These gambles could have easily worked out differently, for better or for worse. Scouting our own league for young, talented players could have seen us land Steven Fletcher and James McCarthy but it also landed us with Willo Flood and Derek Riordan. Instead, Victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper took Celtic by storm a couple of seasons later. It wasn’t so long ago that some supporters wanted Zander Diamond to be our next captain and Mark McGhee to be our next manager. Stand outs for Aberdeen or Dundee United doesn’t guarantee they’ll be a stand out for Celtic. I suppose the same could be said for buying from foreign teams. Celtic’s current situation means money is more important than ever – that includes a player’s potential resale value.



    I’ll site back to when Lennon first secured his job permanently. Excitement arose when players like David James, Sol Campbell, Jimmy Bullard and George Boateng all travelled to Celtic Park and were close to signing for the club. It’s hard to believe, I know. According to some they ‘would’ve did a job in the SPL’. Thankfully our aspirations are beyond simply performing in the SPL. If it was solely up to supporters, including myself, these type of players would’ve been picking up a considerable wage for a year or two before they retired. Instead, our scouting team stepped in and sounded out youngsters like Wanyama, Emilio, Hooper, Forster and Matthews. To say we dodged a bullet would be a massive understatement.



    For now, we must put our trust in the excellent scouting team and understand the need to sell our best players to keep up with the rest of Europe. Until Celtic manage to rake in millions from TV money like those in the English Premier League, this model is the only way forward…and I don’t think anyone can complain about that.




  13. THE Administrator of Ukio Bankas says he


    has “no reason or desire to harm Hearts”


    after a court in Lithuania upheld a decision


    to liquidate the bank.


    The company – formerly controlled by


    Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov – is set


    to go bust following the decision by


    judges in Kaunas at the Court of Appeal


    of Lithuania.


    Hearts owe the bank around £15million,


    leading to fears that club assets such as


    T ynecastle could be sold off to repay


    the debt.


    But Gintaras Adomonis of accountancy


    firm UAB Valnetas has today insisted he


    intends to keep Hearts running as a


    going concern before selling it on.


    In a statement he said: “Ukio Bankas has


    now to deal with lots of debts and return


    the funds to its creditors.


    “In the ongoing processes we must at all


    times consider the best interest of the


    creditors of Ukio Bankas.


    “Hearts of Midlothian Plc is one of the


    companies indebted to the bank. There


    are several possible alternatives to


    dealing with this case but our initial


    assessment indicates that most likely to


    get the most extensive return for Ukio


    Bankas creditors may be achieved by


    keeping the club operating.


    “For now we have no reason or desire to


    harm Hearts so our primary initiative,


    having solved the regulatory and other


    issues, is contemplated to be the sale of




    Ukio Bankas holds 29.9 per cent of club


    shares, with UBIG, the investment group


    in which Romanov still has a


    controlling interest, owning 50 per cent.


    Winding up order


    Adomonis’ statement will come as a


    welcome boost to the troubled Edinburgh


    club, which still has the threat of a


    winding-up order hanging over its head


    after Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs


    threatened action over an unpaid


    £100,000 tax bill.


    The tax concerns are the latest in a long


    line of financial sagas to have hit the


    club and left supporters fearing the




    The Gorgie side were only able to stave


    off a separate winding-up order


    launched by the taxman last December


    over a £450,000 tax bill thanks to the


    generosity of their fans.


    Hearts chiefs bosses, meanwhile, were


    also forced to agree a repayment plan


    for a separate tax bill of more than £1.5


    million following a dispute over loan


    deals for players from FBK Kaunas.


    The picture is not helped by the


    increasingly complex issue surrounding


    the state of the club’s owners.


    Hearts owe £25 million in debt, £10


    million of which is due to their parent


    company UBIG – who have claimed


    insolvency – as well as the £15 million


    due to Ukio Bankas.


    The Scottish Premier League, however,


    ruled last month they were not satisfied


    UBIG had suffered an ‘’insolvency event’’


    during the season just gone, saving


    Hearts from a potential points deduction.

  14. Afternoon bhoys, it’s my birthday today and my good lady bought me a Celtic onesie, best present ever :-))))

  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    googybhoy ♥ Celtic



    Who is Jack Irvine?



    Pretty poor conversation between him and Whyte.

  16. Am I right in saying that ALL Scottish clubs (including Ersatz Fc) benefitted financially through Celtic’s European windfall?

  17. Ghordybhoy, very happy birthday.



    Saw ACGR, in a Celtic onesie, done him a world of good



    This sunbathing and CQN is the biz for me



    Hail Hail

  18. The Boy Jinky on

    Happy birthday gordybhoy



    Bet you look dashing in your hooped onesy … did you get a copy of willie wallace book too;)

  19. South Of Tunis on

    googybhoy.@ 12 27 .



    The use of FTP indicates that they know that there is money to be made from numb nut bigots .. They will pander to bigots .



    A school teacher pal of mine recently told me a tale of a 14 year old writing an essay which included comment that going to a Ibrox was great because you could safely shout things that would get you arrested on the street.

  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Paul67, would be so kind as to pass my details onto gherrybhoy57.



    gherrybhoy57, once you get my details please email me or give me a call on my moby.

  21. Paul67


    this Celtic Movement you refer to, does it include lateral movement or is that still frowned upon?

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