Hate, an odd hill to fight on


I’m no fan of the new Hate Crime Law (clearly, I’m against hate crime, that’s not the point), but I have no intention to break its terms at a football game, nor do I have any fears that thousands of Celtic fans would do so.  After announcing he and 48,000 others would break the law at Ibrox on Sunday, Ally McCoist has today decided it wise not to attend the game.  Police may be inclined to borrow an inflammatory phrase from McCoist, “I want to know who these people are?”

McCoist is known for his cheeky chappie routine (very effective), not his wisdom (seldom evident).  It really doesn’t matter if you would like to say that men should not enter women’s only spaces, it is very unwise to use that hill to fight for your right to spread hate against anyone.  In this case, I can only presume Ally has racial or religious targets in mind.  McCoist has energised a sentiment he should be discouraging.

God save us from idiots with a platform, be it a radio interview or political power.

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    TONTINE TIM @ 4:25





    Yes..correct. Good add- on. My era 50s and 60s.



    *mine tae footloose and fancy free back then

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    TONTINE TIM @ 4:39


    Have a photo (almost certain Sunday Post Jack Harkness day’s.) of Bobby Evans and Frank Haffey outside Cathkin Park.Bobby tried to persuade Frank to sign for Thirds,Frank joined Swindon.Good days back then,reserve and combined leagues.



    “I’m guessing said ref was not Mr Beaton.”



    You could put the house on that; I would have moved jobs if I had to work with that particular ref :)



    HOT SMOKED on 3RD APRIL 2024 4:19 PM


    “I`ve just had a wee look on Follow Follow.


    PS They also feel they have to worry about the Officials favouring the opposition !!”



    Is Willie Collum on VAR?




  4. “QUADBHOY on 3RD APRIL 2024 5:04 PM



    PS They also feel they have to worry about the Officials favouring the opposition !!”


    Is Willie Collum on VAR?”



    Yes, but their comments were more directed towards Officials in general. Hard to believe I know but they think officials favour us !!


    Cheerio for now.

  5. is Mcgregor on the training pitch yet? He hasn’t played in weeks – if he’s not training this week – he will not feature on Sunday.



    “Gollum is 4th official”



    HOT SMOKED on 3RD APRIL 2024 5:19 PM


    “Is Willie Collum on VAR?





    Whichever capacity he is involved in the paranoia is strong amongst them despite the (imaginary) pen he gave them with his eyes in the back of the head. He worries me as much as any ref as he can genuinely ruin any match and he has been neutered more than once by Sevco’s public actions against him and the lack of protected by the ref bosses – compare and contrast with us getting Don R then Beaton so quickly after Hearts.



    STEBHOY on 3RD APRIL 2024 5:22 PM


    “is Mcgregor on the training pitch yet? He hasn’t played in weeks – if he’s not training this week – he will not feature on Sunday.”



    No idea but if he doesn’t make it I’d like to see Matt drop back one and Reo and Bernardo play ahead of him with Iwata coming on when we’re 3-0 up after 60 minutes to give Reo a well earned rest after his goal/assists.




  7. JOE



    Who said,



    “You know what? I would just want it to be known that I was a Celtic man.”

  8. The so-called HATE & Public Order Act is another piece of nonsense legislation which will end up in the SNP waste paper basket to join the Offensive Behaviour Bill, the Child Guardian Bill and the Gender Recognition Bill.



    Examples of illiterate law-making by a one-issue regime, who because it is unable to put forward a coherent economic case for the ‘dead in the water’ pipe dream of Independence, and fails in every aspect of financial management and health care under its control, resorts to tinkering around with virtue-signaling law enactment to give the population an impression that it is actually doing something.



    This latest HATE Act takes things to an altogether new level. It is an all out assault on freedom of speech in order to specifically put the ‘Trans’ point of view and preferences front and centre of social life and interaction in the country. There is no in-built protection for ‘real’ women in any shape, or, form – hence the strong intervention by JK Rowling and the female lobby. I have never met one person in favour of this attack social values – but of course the same could also be said for the other aforementioned ill-thought out rubbish.



    Institutions, schools, universities, churches and clubs are not to be trusted as fit places to conduct debate and will fear the Police. This is not a sign of social advance, but of social failure. A Police state in all but name and of course the SNP have already set up a state Police force under direct government control answerable only to the executive, probably designed for situations like this. We may have, thanks to Branchform, got rid of the Ceaușescu-like husband and wife team of Murrell & Sturgeon, but the vice-like grip of the myopic SNP lives on in Scotland.

  9. A number of past and present CQNrs attended the funeral service in Hamilton today for Eurochamps (Alex). It was good to see the best values of CQN and its “offshoots” (not meant to be disparaging with that term- just can’t think of a better term) represented.



    Eurochamps joins a long list of valued contributors who valued the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow Celts.



    He will be missed.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The huns know that they are under pressure on Sunday with the new Hate Law, SMSM full of crap about it a display at Livingston on Sunday

  11. Tom McLaughlin on



    SMSM full of crap about it a display at Livingston on Sunday



    I have an old family acquaintance who is high up in Livingston FC.



    She told me yesterday that the club had been inundated with complaints from supporters about the tricolour tifo and other banners, all of which were agreed between the board and the Green Brigade before Sunday.



    It is clear that today’s statement is a knee-jerk reaction by the board in the face of supporters complaints.



    There was nothing bigoted or sectarian about the tifo or the banners, so what is the problem?



    We both know the answer to that now, don’t we?

  12. Tried sending this from my laptop. Now I can’t register never mind log in on it.



    What I wanted to say was that STV are letting McCoist off lightly by saying he was only criticising the new Hate law. He actually said he and 48,000 would be breaking it on Sunday.

  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Livingstone inundated with complaints from supporters?



    They’ve only got 500 if they are lucky.

  14. Squirrel story about banners cos mccoist got himself into hot water and he says he won’t be at the game now, cameras scan the crowd you know.

  15. Anyone who can stomach their anti Catholic bile will only need to listen briefly to the game on Sunday to find evidence of this law being broken and they know it.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Tom-Waited 3 days…..the hun machine is working them from the back, the Sky mics will be turned down on Sunday, or the sound effects from the Covid games

  17. boondock saint on

    It doesn’t matter if the mics are turned on , off, not working, whatever. They are allowed to sing to their hearts content. We live in a society that allows them to parade up and down and in front of our Chapels , spouting their bile. They will sing their hearts out on Sunday, and they will be praised for their support of their team.


    I hate it when people that don’t know anything about us when they say we are as bad as each other. I will be supporting my team win, lose or draw. I will not go out in the streets afterwards, targeting someone wearing green. I will be busy getting on with the rest of my day, safe in the knowledge that my heart and head are inthe right place.


    God Bless us all and Hail Hail


    Cmon the Hoops



  18. Just a thought that occurred to me- A few people will know who is leading and challenging in big leagues like the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and maybe, even the English Championship but……… does anyone on here have half a clue as to who is leading in the big money Saudi league.



    “Just a thought that occurred to me- A few people will know who is leading and challenging in big leagues like the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and maybe, even the English Championship but……… does anyone on here have half a clue as to who is leading in the big money Saudi league.”



    I vaguely remember someone saying it was Jota’s team ahead of Ronaldos but cant recall when nor name either team. Zero interest.







  20. Weebobbycollins on

    Cowardly Sunak and despicable Netanyahu, an alliance forged in hell…



    ‘Asked if he backed calls for arms sales to Israel to be suspended, the prime minister told the Sun: “We’ve always had a very careful export licensing regime that we adhere to. There are a set of rules regulations and procedures that we’ll always follow.



    “And I’ve been consistently clear with Prime Minister Netanyahu since the start of this conflict that whilst of course we defend Israel’s right to defend itself and it’s people against attacks from Hamas, they have to do that in accordance with humanitarian law, protect civilian lives, get more aid into Gaza.”



    Arms export licences, which are granted by the business department, cannot be issued if there is a clear risk the weapons could be used in a serious violation of international humanitarian law.’

  21. and i was sitting in the car today thinking –



    if 48,000 or so join in with sectarian singing, a weel up to their knees or rodgers is an fb, or indeed a wee gallows ditty,



    and the only witnesses and complaint raisers are people sitting watching in the tv,



    how do i as an individual identiy the other individuals that so offended me, officer he was wearing a castore blue top and waving a king billy flag,



    and then another thought occured, two in wan day,



    if the polis dont arrest someone at the game, will they do one of their cctv reviews that last longer than var (2 years to get some who rioted at the cup final) publish mugshops on tv, the papers and the interent, do you know this dobber, can you do the other dobbing, and dob him in please..



    the near 4000 complaints broken down so far show 3000+ are OLD , malicious, and not witnessed, they saw it on tv or heard it online. esp on sarwar.



    my own pet hate, a polis is the actually witness to an act of criminality, right in front of him, like under a bridge in the saltmarket, does he make an arrest for the leader singing why dont you go home or does he do a quick step shuffle to get back in time with the march.



    anyways, that is too many thoughts for today.

  22. Be careful what you say around the game on sunday, particularly when we win



    if they sing what they sing and get police involved, they will cast their nets to sites like this



    To even up the score



    I would go as far as to settle some scores too…

  23. Cowardly Sunak



    he was on radio earlier, getting quizzed on latest polls and election, he sounded like he was going to burst out greetin.

  24. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 3RD APRIL 2024 4:50 PM



    Re your posts on Davidson. It was indeed the son of Bobby.



    I played schools football when he was around and seen 1st hand the obvious bias against catholic players then.



    He was a goalie and was picked for Lanarkshire School trials, which could lead to Scottish Schoolboy trials.



    We went to a place called Kerswell College. Place towards carstairs , for a weekend of trials.



    They played him centre half in a game and I had to play left back ( a right footed centre back) for them to remove me from consideration.



    A guy called Watson ( Braidhurst in Motherwell) and McClymont ( think school over Airdrie way).



    Bias at its best.

  25. How ungrateful are livingstone. We fill three stands for them filling there coffers with enough money to buy two Andy hallidays. And they rat on us .

  26. St. Stivs



    Your Saudi table gave me my first idea of most of these teams. Some of them are obviously false



    Al-Raed is an English comedian from the 50’s & 60’s- sadly dead now



    Abha- they won the Eurovision I’m sure and were a mixed gender team



    Al-Ettifaq – something I was shouting every time I saw a pic of Davie Dodds



    Al-Fateh- Morelos



    Damac- a depilator for Dames

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