Hate, an odd hill to fight on


I’m no fan of the new Hate Crime Law (clearly, I’m against hate crime, that’s not the point), but I have no intention to break its terms at a football game, nor do I have any fears that thousands of Celtic fans would do so.  After announcing he and 48,000 others would break the law at Ibrox on Sunday, Ally McCoist has today decided it wise not to attend the game.  Police may be inclined to borrow an inflammatory phrase from McCoist, “I want to know who these people are?”

McCoist is known for his cheeky chappie routine (very effective), not his wisdom (seldom evident).  It really doesn’t matter if you would like to say that men should not enter women’s only spaces, it is very unwise to use that hill to fight for your right to spread hate against anyone.  In this case, I can only presume Ally has racial or religious targets in mind.  McCoist has energised a sentiment he should be discouraging.

God save us from idiots with a platform, be it a radio interview or political power.

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  1. In the TV series ” MINDER”, the bold Arthur Daley was in Court and was asked to confirm his Date Of Birth…..Arthur replied…The 12th of JULY !



    I know how Arthur Daley Died………He fell aff the back of a Lorry !





    In a TV Interview several years after ” Minder” had finished the great actor GEORGE COLE who played ” Arthur Daley” claimed that he was AMAZED how any of the TV viewers could ever like ” Arthur Daley” ?….as he found ” Arthur Daley to be a very ” Orrible Man” ?



    George Cole was a brilliant actor…even as ” FLASH HARRY”, the SPIV in The Trinians Films.


    FLASH HARRY was also a ” Dodgy” Geezer.





  2. Interesting wee snippet from my morning reads.



    It appears according to one minister that the estimated 48,000 Sevco fans that would be breaking the law at the weekend according to the cheeky chappie may not be breaking any laws if they are hating on a specific group as a whole rather than an individual:



    Scotland’s community safety minister Siobhian Brown said: “Somebody at these games would have to be inciting hatred, they would have to be threatening and abusive, with the intention of stirring up hatred to AN INDIVIDUAL at one of these games, that the individual is in fear and in alarm.”




  3. glendalystonsils on




    Oh , I see . So it’s perfectly fine for the Zionists to hate the Palistinians and wreak violence on them because it’s directed at a group rather than an individual .



    Total feckin CHUMP (as big Jimmy would say).




    Bit of a difference between slaughtering thousands of innocents in their homes and stupid people singing `traditional` songs at a football match..



    “Total feckin CHUMP (as big Jimmy would say).”



    Sorry who is?


    The Cheeky Chappie? The minister? The law itself? Me?




  6. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Siobhian Brown has already been criticised for misunderstanding the contents of the bill, so anything coming out her mouth should be treated with a pinch of salt!




    The manner in which the Media presented the bill would have led to a lot of misunderstanding. Intentionally so?


    Even so, Siobhan Brown should have known better.

  8. I think Siobhian Brown would have been better served remaining silent.


    If you shout “ya black b*stards” at a passing crowd or “fenian” or “p00fy”, I’m not sure you wouldn’t fall foul of the law despite not having identified an individual.


    Perhaps she should have familiarised herself with the legislation before voting for it?

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Perhaps the SNP should be given some credit for their equalities agenda?



    Why should Scottish political discourse be dominated by irretrievably stupid men?



    Give irretrievably stupid woman a chance too.




  10. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    ”If you hate the ##@@??g hate bill clap your hands”……..could be a goer.

  11. HOT SMOKED on 4TH APRIL 2024 10:30 AM


    “The manner in which the Media presented the bill would have led to a lot of misunderstanding. Intentionally so?”



    The Daily Mails and GB News’ of this world are doing just that.


    I kind of expected a Gov Minister to know better. I’ve not read up on it much myself; I have my own moral compass and don’t need laws to tell me right from wrong in what I say. If I fall foul of a law from ignorance then that is on me.



    “Even so, Siobhan Brown should have known better.”



    If she was wrong and the law applies to groups being targeted as well as individuals (as I had thought prior to reading that comment this morning, hence my post) then does she not know the law she worked/voted on (worrying) or if this more fake news to pre-explain why nothing will happen when 1000’s in a stadium break the new law openly?



    Given Sevco fans have been breaking existing laws openly with no comeback (other than from Eufa) for years neither would be a surprise sadly.




  12. Government minister or not, Siobhan Brown is told what to vote for and what to support. Independent thinking. Logic or common sense is not part of her remit



    Of course, this act is totally flawed and will erode trust in our justice system. But I told you that ages ago on here.

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Correct it’s called collective responsibility, if you don’t like it resign from the cabinet.

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Miss/Ms/Mr/Mrs Brown might do better if she followed the old adage “it is often better to say nothing and appear ignorant than to say something and dispel any doubt”.



    Don’t want to be accused of misgenderiing or even mistergendering.



    I think I’ve created a new word!

  15. glendalystonsils on



    Sorry , CHUMP was referring to the minister .





    Of course there’s a world of difference . I was opining on the fact that the minister only deems the expression of hatred towards an individual to be a crime but not if it’s directed toward a larger group.



    Maybe not the perfect comparison.



    “Sorry , CHUMP was referring to the minister .”



    I thought so but better to check in case you read this as my views too!



  17. If you’ve experienced sectarianism


    If you’ve experienced sectarianism, there is advice and information for different age groups from Action on Sectarianism. You can check what is available on the Action on Sectarianism website.

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