Hate, an odd hill to fight on


I’m no fan of the new Hate Crime Law (clearly, I’m against hate crime, that’s not the point), but I have no intention to break its terms at a football game, nor do I have any fears that thousands of Celtic fans would do so.  After announcing he and 48,000 others would break the law at Ibrox on Sunday, Ally McCoist has today decided it wise not to attend the game.  Police may be inclined to borrow an inflammatory phrase from McCoist, “I want to know who these people are?”

McCoist is known for his cheeky chappie routine (very effective), not his wisdom (seldom evident).  It really doesn’t matter if you would like to say that men should not enter women’s only spaces, it is very unwise to use that hill to fight for your right to spread hate against anyone.  In this case, I can only presume Ally has racial or religious targets in mind.  McCoist has energised a sentiment he should be discouraging.

God save us from idiots with a platform, be it a radio interview or political power.

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  1. Bhoyjoebelfast on 3rd April 2024 10:38 pm








    yes Liverpool.Ronnie Simson with Lawler lliverpool.






    Was about to go but just saw that answer – fabulous.

  2. Majestic Hartson on

    Enjoy Croatia Scullybhoy. If you are near Split Viduka runs a cafe in the hills out.



    You could watch the game with him 😅

  3. The player 10:38



    Fullname: James Sharkey


    aka: Jim Sharkey, Snake Hips Sharkey, Old Snake Hips Sharkey


    Born: 12 February 1934


    Died: 19 Oct 2014


    Birthplace: Glasgow


    Signed: April 1954; 1 Dec 1954 (full)


    Left: 8 Nov 1957 (to Airdrie)


    Position: Forward


    Debut: Celtic 2-0 Raith Rovers, League, 1 Oct 1955


    Internationals: none

  4. Majestic Hartson on 3rd April 2024 10:50 pm



    Enjoy Croatia Scullybhoy. If you are near Split Viduka runs a cafe in the hills out.



    You could watch the game with him 😅





    We will be in Cavatat. I was at Ibrock when Viduka spat at D. Utd player (I think) he was a talented prick?

  5. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Enjoy Croatia.My brother in law and his wife are heading there on Monday.

  6. I wonder if any Irish Cqns know anything about this poor Irish family and the antics of this “dodgy” Doctor?



    PS This scenario is widespread but if you are media watcher then you wont know a thing about it sadly. 👀️



    Nearly 500 comments after this tragedy kudos to Elon Musk for allowing both sides of each narrative and chasing the woke cancel culture witch hunting penal colony return seekers to their new empty blog thingy Mastodon.




    Jacqui Deevoy




    An Irish journalist sent me this today. Unbelievable treatment of this poor family, whose father is lying dead in the bed next to them. This doctor is behaving is a most unprofessional manner and appears to be hyperventilating behind his ridiculous mask. This type of behaviour amongst so-called medical professionals is being observed regularly in Ireland and the UK. They’re euthanising our loved ones, then getting defensive and aggressive when the families want to ask questions. It’s despicable and needs to stop NOW.
































  7. Tontine,


    Sorry,my misread.I heard that story too about the team being changed just before KO by Bob Kelly.


    My Da and his mates went on about that Board all the time,non stop.Think that’s why I never to this day, paid any attention to them.They come ,they go.Mostly unnoticed into obscurity.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on 3rd April 2024 11:19 pm



    Shuggie Edvaldsonn





    When they read the roll of honour – Joe and GG (and celt55)

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Looks like Dumbarton so Dryborough Cup tie at CP.


    Shuggie signed in summer of 1975 so I’d guess 75 -76 season as Celtic wearing yellow change strip.

  10. Good morning all from a chilly 5 degree but dry at the moment Garngad



    A nice wee read back there.



    3 more sleeps to go.



    What shoite will the smsm come up with over the next couple of days to run us down and put huns on a pedestal.



    Last day of work for another long weekend.






    D. :)

  11. Man City v Aston Villa last night.



    I placed a wee Bet on Phil Foden to Score at least TWO Goals at odds of 13/2.


    The lad scored Three, which was probably around 50/1 ? i wish that Celtic could afford him, hes an excellent Fitba player.



    I started to watch the game, but when I heard that CHUMP McCoist, I switched off and watched a Movie.


    I am seriously considering making a complaint to TNT Sports for having McCoist as co commentator last night….DESPITE his earlier ” GUARNANTEE” that he PLANNED to Break the Law at Ibrox this Sunday ? Yet again, he REPEATED almost everything at LEAST Two or Three times. He just loves the sound of his own voice…..HE would get FLATTENED in a Pub !



    I also backed the IRISH Grand National winner on Monday…” INTENSE RAFFLES” Won at odds of 13/2. I had the winner on a couple of Bookie lines, likewise Phil Foden last night.






    Good morning all from Cairnryan. Life on the ocean wave…




    Hello Sailor…..





    Have a great trip mate.




  13. My MAIN Bet for the Grand National a week on Saturday is ” Corach Rambler”, and it Won the Race last year. Its available at odds of 5/1 and 9/2 Favourite.



    But I have ALSO placed a wee Each Way Bet on ” MR INCREDIBLE” at odds of 16/1 and 20/1, depending on which Bookie that you use ?



    I will also do BOTH Horses in a ” REVERSE FORECAST” Bet nearer the time. Just in case.





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