Hate, an odd hill to fight on


I’m no fan of the new Hate Crime Law (clearly, I’m against hate crime, that’s not the point), but I have no intention to break its terms at a football game, nor do I have any fears that thousands of Celtic fans would do so.  After announcing he and 48,000 others would break the law at Ibrox on Sunday, Ally McCoist has today decided it wise not to attend the game.  Police may be inclined to borrow an inflammatory phrase from McCoist, “I want to know who these people are?”

McCoist is known for his cheeky chappie routine (very effective), not his wisdom (seldom evident).  It really doesn’t matter if you would like to say that men should not enter women’s only spaces, it is very unwise to use that hill to fight for your right to spread hate against anyone.  In this case, I can only presume Ally has racial or religious targets in mind.  McCoist has energised a sentiment he should be discouraging.

God save us from idiots with a platform, be it a radio interview or political power.

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  1. Tom McLaughlin on



    Tom mc


    Maybe someone should put Coisty over their knee and thrash him


    I’m pretty sure he enjoys that sort of punishment fairly regularly.

  2. Tom McLaughlin on



    Good idea…especially with a copy of The Celtic View ( Christmas Edition)



    Brilliant 😂😂😂

  3. Memo to PoliceScotland



    Its good news week


    Only 47,999 likely to breach new Hate Crime Legislation on Sunday

  4. GLENOWEN on 3RD APRIL 2024 11:02 AM


    It was good of mccoist to confirm the bigotry and hatred, from the sevco fans, is pre meditated and intentional and in no way spontaneous or due to ‘being caught up in the atmosphere’ or alcohol or any other excuse.


    My own opinion is that the hate crime bill remains a flawed piece of legislation and will be repealed in due course.



    GLENOWEN, repealed AND not applied to Snake Mountain attendees on Sunday, of course.



    Ave Ave

  5. BET365….



    For KYOGO to score TWO Goals or more on Sunday, the odds are 9/1.


    For KYOGO to score THREE Goals or more on Sunday , the odds are 40/1.



    I have already backed BOTH Bets.


    However with regards to KYOGO scoring THREE Goals ( or more) on Sunday, the Wee Man will NEED to score within the first 60 Minutes or so, as I feel that Brendan will take him off, IF he has already scored Two Goals ?



    I also have a wee feeling that NICOLAS KUHN MAY well Terrorise the Huns, and possibly score a Goal or Two ?


    The Huns havent been against him yet….so he comes along as an unknown ?



    If NICOLAS can turn the Huns Right Back inside oot, time after time……OH Happy Days…methinks ?






  6. BIG JIMMY on 3RD APRIL 2024 2:29 PM




    OOPS…The above Post in relation to Nicolas Kuhn SHOULD read…i hope that Nicolas can turn the Huns LEFT BACK inside oot ?



    Ach who cares, just as long as he turns the whole Huns defence inside oot throughout the game ?






  7. BET UPDATE with BET365..


    KYOGO is now 10/1 to score at least TWO Goals on Sunday.


    KYOGO is now 50/1 to SCORE at least THREE Goals on Sunday.



    I have also taken those HIGHER Odds in Two Bets.



    MON the Wee Man….Just DAZZLE Der Hun.




  8. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 3RD APRIL 2024 12:24 PM


    “a group of touring Americans who contacted Livingston in advance for access to view “a Scottish soccer game”. It seems panic ensued when some of the tourists turned up in Celtic colours.



    They were allowed to take up their seats in the home stand only on condition that they remove their Celtic colours. Presumably the local supporters could not be trusted to treat their overseas guests with decorum.



    So much for Scotland and its so-called family clubs.”



    I think this says more for the individual stewards perhaps than the clubs or the country as a whole.



    I once took my son and his best pal to the St J v Celtic match (Dembele comeback, 5-2, Lustig rabona goal of the season game) via some complimentary tickets from a grade 1 ref I know. First time getting comp tickets we all turned up in colours to find out they were in the home end, middle of the main stand. We were let in no problem and had no issues with any of the home fans. My son got more stick when some Celtic fans saw him posing for a pic with the ref who gifted the tickets on the way out, though it was entirely good natured banter.




  9. Two Irish basketball teams have been ordered to replay the final 0.3 seconds of a quarter-final match.



    Limerick Sport Eagles beat Portlaoise Panthers 80-78 on 23 March.



    But the second-tier game finished in controversial fashion, with the Eagles’ winning points coming from free throws awarded on the final buzzer.



    Portlaoise appealed on the grounds the free throws should not have been allowed as the clock had expired at the same time the foul was called.



    They were initially told by the National League Committee (NLC) that the result would stand as a referee’s decision cannot be retrospectively overturned.



    However, they were given the option to appeal to the National Appeals Committee (NAC).



    The NAC ruled the match should be replayed in its entirety, but Basketball Ireland has since said the option to appeal was “granted in error”.



    The NLC then ruled the fixture would not be replayed in full, but that the remaining 0.3 seconds should be played.



    Basketball Ireland said that should happen this week and it would be “in liaison with the clubs to determine when”.



    The controversy came after Jason Killeen was adjudged to have been fouled in the act of shooting as the final buzzer sounded. The former Ireland captain landed the two resulting free throws to edge the Eagles ahead.



    Those points stand, so they will lead 80-78 when the final 0.3 seconds of the match begin.



    The winners of the tie will face MOY Tolka Rovers in the semi-finals.

  10. Hot Smoked



    It certainly is – or used to be


    It’s in Derry. Stanley Walk if memory serves

  11. garygillespieshamstring on




    Stevie Chalmers on left, Bobby Lennox furthest away from the keeper.

  12. celt55 on 3rd April 2024 3:23 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 3RD APRIL 2024 3:12 PM



    Third Lanark’s last match?





    Correct, but who scored?

  13. garygillespieshamstring on 3rd April 2024 3:35 pm






    Stevie Chalmers on left, Bobby Lennox furthest away from the keeper.






    Scorer? GG

  14. Who said,



    “You know what? I would just want it to be known that I was a Celtic man.”

  15. garygillespieshamstring on 3rd April 2024 3:38 pm



    I’ll guess Stevie








    Fallon; Young, Gemmell; Murdoch, McNeill, Clark; Chalmers, Gallagher, Hughes, Lennox, Auld


    Scorers: MacKay og(81)



    Third Lanark:


    Williams; D MacKay, May; Connell, Little, A MacKay; McGuire, Jackson, Murray, Fyfe, Kirk.





    Referee: W Syme (Glasgow)


    Attendance: 12,000

  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    Evan Williams in goal and was DMcKay at right back Dunky?



    Was Jackson of thirds Mike Jackson?

  17. 418 on 3RD APRIL 2024 1:40 PM


    “In case you thought government trying to force home sales for “asylum seekers” was a myth, this is already happening in Britain!”






    Any evidence to support this claim?


    I mean real evidence and not just selected points for a `sensational` article.

  18. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Gary @ 4:03


    Re Mike Jackson.Yes same Mike (Celtic) went to Dublin and played for Drumcondra.


    ● Q1 ) Former Celt managed Third Lanark?


    ● Q2) Former Celt played in last Third Lanark line up?

  19. I`ve just had a wee look on Follow Follow.



    The general view seems to be one of nervousness BUT if they can overcome that, they will win. Not really too much different from our fans.


    This one comment made me smile:




    “My feelings?


    I hate them more than I did 5 minutes ago.”






    PS They also feel they have to worry about the Officials favouring the opposition !!

  20. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 3RD APRIL 2024 4:17 PM


    Gary @ 4:03



    Bobby Evans and Bobby Craig



    Thirds lost 5-1 at Boagheid with local Vale lad Drew Busby of future jambos fame scoring their only goal while that thug shearer who had kicked lumps out of John Higgins only for Sean Fallon to run across the park and humph him ontae the sidelines was their manager

  21. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    CELT 55 @ 4:22


    Good attempt….right era.


    TONTINE TIM @ 4:25


    Yes..correct.Good add- on. My era 50s and 60s.

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