Hearts v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. Celtic Champs Elect on

    awesome from the mighty green and white machine se soir neg anon donegal leprachaun et all where ru HIDING I BET and u have the cheek to call your selfs cetic supporters you couldnae spell it shame on you.

  2. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    Simply sublime tonight – 4 going on 7. Defensively very good, Charlie great going forward with some superb crosses. Broonie outstanding, Sammy powerful, Hoops didnt stop running. Too late for some jelly and ice cream?




  3. Lomas much to my surprise was very balanced and fair



    Crocker the commy is still an eejit



    we utterly stuff them and all he can chunter on about is the non goal



    for any MIB to give that as a goal they would have to be guessing

  4. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Papa John



    Defending from the front. I like it, so did Stein.



    Great performance on Saturday and tonight.



    Pick the right team, give them the correct tactics, fire up their must-win engines, and let them loose.






  5. TNT


    Thanks. I asked because, with some players, it is obvious right away if they have or have not got “something”. Mostly, however, we have to wait and see.




  6. glendalystonsils on

    Couldn’t really say too much about the new striker when he came on ,except that maybe he was trying a bit too hard. Need to see a bit more of him.

  7. Brilliant performance. Players are full of confidence and Neil is learning fast.


    Will take a good team to beat us now this season.


    Celticbob very happy.

  8. Can we get Gerald Butler in a Celtic strip doing the Leōnidas speech but rather than Sparta say Celtic? How cool would that be

  9. Maybe I’m getting forgetful, but I can never remember a refereeing decision in the 1st minute of a game, having so much influence over the next 89 minutes, in my life. (if you had listened to radio scotland tonight you would understand)



    Chick young’s beelingness (if that’s a word) is totally outrageous, and bordering on the thin line between acceptable observation and blatant. . . . . . . . (and all on a national radio station)



    Anyhow, now that’s off my chest



    Great result, well done Neil and the team.



    Onwards and upwards.







  10. JJ



    I can say with absolute certainty that the fella Marvin/Cellik who came on for the threadbears at the weekend looked absolutely dire. Seriously bad. Yeeha

  11. As I said earlier…



    Can’t understand the predictions of a 4-0 or 5-0 win. I’ve seen nothing lately that would suggest better than 2-0. 1-0 will be just fine.



    mea culpa!

  12. When he [Samaras] is pressing high up the pitch, when he’s mentally tuned in, he’s a top player, and that feeds into the rest of the team. Craig Levein



    Samaras’s contribution has been shamefully overlooked. Celtic Player of the Year.

  13. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    Eyes Wide Open, How did you think the defence got on tonight for yet another clean sheet?



    I know you think they are all “back up” players but recently they have all been superb.




  14. tommytwiststommyturns on

    I’m quite clear in my mind that was a Hertz goal tonight, as was the Huns at CP in December, but they were early enough in both games that we would have come back and won both games anyway. I have no qualms about us getting a bit of luck in a couple of big games for a change…..and as big DJ always says “these things even themselves out over the season”.


    Amen, brother!




  15. FF extracts..enjoy




    Celtic have ruined Scottish football


    With their referee crusade last year.



    Are the officials now too terrified to give a big decision against them for fear of themselves and their families being targeted by the filth?



    Or is instruction coming from up above not to upset regan’s pals for fear of another fiasco?



    Make no mistake about it they have got what they set out to achieve.




    are celtic too confident


    does anyone else think celtic are too confident for there own good??? they might be on a good run at the moment but they are ONLY 4 points clear. i personally dont think even with there massive squad they have been great. i think they have been consistant but lucky in games which i think will turn again and they will drop points.


    the only position i think they are stronger than us is up top but if we can get big lafferty back and get a consistant team and formation(maybe a 4-5-1) and go on a wee run ourselves then i think its game on.


    with all the doom and gloom off the park what we need to do is get behind the team but also the team needs to show us the fans that they are up for the fight aswell. do this and i still think we can do it this season.




    Re: Let’s face it Rangers


    They will drop points, of course they will.



    This was a Hearts side missing key players. Even with a full team they’d struggle to get anything so they were always going to struggle with a few key absentee




    If TBB was to be belted out on Saturday, would you join in?


    I know the board is often split on this issue, but to be honest I think enough is enough. They continue to have IRAokes and chant their anti-British bile and people on here always say ‘lets wait and see if they get any action taken against them’. They never do and they never will.



    As I said in another thread, I honestly think it is now time to bring back The Billy Boys, even for just one game. It will either be allowed, or if there is any action taken against us then it will show this pathetic country up for what it has become. Plod will not do anything at the games if it is sung by the entire support.



    I understand that our support has cleaned its act up superbly whilst they are getting worse, but I honestly dont think the authorities could have the brass neck to punish us for it after the shit they continue to get away with week in, week out.





    Rangers v Kilmarnock Sat 18 Feb 15:01 – The whole ground to stand as one singing no surrender, for at least one minute we will be united.



    Defiance, anger, support, just an excuse to let it all out.




    will there be an 8 page spread on the Record and Sun tomorow ?


    Over Celtics unusual amount of benefits of the doubts from the Refs this season ?



    Or does this only apply to Rangers ??

  16. Gary Cooper just scored the 4th goal for Celtic on the BBC news……..another inspired signing by Lenny lol!

  17. Celtic performance tonight ,summed up in three words,Brown,Sammi & Wanyama.Oh I nearly forgot Lenny Slan

  18. Just back from the boozer……….delighted for the Club


    Delighted for Neil, and the Bhoys.




    How will the astroturfers lay this one out?




    Look out!

  19. Ps anyone noticed the lack of orc tops in view since DEC 28th, Imagine being ashamed of the shame.


    Its a good time to be a Tim Thank you Neil and the bhoys. I was one of the Scott Brown doubters but as Kojo says a change in circumstances can lead to a change of opinion and now i love the player he has grown into. A leader and the player i always prayed we had bought LETS ALL DO THE BROONIE \o/ \o/ \o/.The sky is the limit for this team.



  20. OK BHOYS









    got in a cheeky wee 2nd though….

  21. up_over_goal says:



    Agree Sammi has been emmense of late. Our own hoplite crushing all barbarians ( i know i am on a Greek trip – Sparta – Hoplites etc)

  22. Re the baw over the line shenanigans……



    Taking into account account parallax error, operator error, non assignable errors and throw in the fact that if the linesman or ref seen the ball and the line together they would have given a goal , they never did (they were both un- sighted) nae goal.



    I’d defo take goal line technology though as it limits the chance of operator error by the MIB, the less decisions they make the better IMO.






  23. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!! Tick Tock !! on

    That was wonderful…….every man showed astounding determination……how right was NEIL about Forster and Brown…..!!!



    And our fans……….You’ve never lived ‘tll you’re sitting beside shall we say a non-Celtic supporter watching the game and the fans belt out “THERE WILL BE NO HUNS IN SCOTLAND” …….I’m sitting there just managing and no more to keep my face straight………it’s no easy, honest………thought a wis gonnae burst oot laffing ……LOL



    That was THE important game, and we passed the test with flying colours……..I no longer listen to the radio during games, but I’ll bet they MAJORED on ‘the goal that never was’……looks like were starting to get fairness (probably because they know we’re the only hope for Scottish Football) …..the linesman couldn’t see the ball, and therefore correctly couldn’t give a goal…….be in no doubt, he would have last season, or the previous 2 seasons….



    Hail Hail to the best Club in the World………Manager, Fans, Board EVERYBODY connected to Celtic………GREAT NIGHT

  24. Isnt football a funny funny funny game!!



    We have had nearly 4 years of despair at watching that huns win 3iar.


    We have watched injustices


    Had rows with the mrs because she just seemed to perfect the nack of saying something foolish at the wrong time, like ‘sure its only a game’


    Had rows with eachother


    Celtic has brought on more frustration and heartache for most of us, than anyone else in that time period.



    Then all of a sudden the last week is sprung on us.



    For the guys lucky enough to have been part of and helped create the carnival atmospheres that those of us lucky enough to have been watching on TV or listening to the radio have experienced – those 3+ years of pain have been worthwhile.



    Not only with the unique atmosphere and songs the notorious Celtic fans have created – but also in the knowledge of just how much salt is being rubbed into the wounds of the worst people in our societies.



    Karma can be a wonderful thing.



    ‘no huns in scotland’ topped off what I thought had already had 3 or 4 ‘toppings’ off!!!!!



    Il always harbour back to Martin O’Neills teams because they gave me my first ever sustained period of success as a Celtic supporter and your 1st love always keeps a special place in your heart.



    However its time to accept there is a new team in town, a new team who starting to smash the domestic records that MONs teams broke.



    I for one – as one who has been very weather beaten in the last nearly 4 years (and plus) has started to see the light.



    Il only go as far back as ICT because we were poor vs Falkirk (I know I know it will take me time!!) however this new swagger the bhoys have – the mental strength and confidence which saw half our team physically beat men far stronger than them in countless challenges all over the park today is all I have ever wanted from a Celtic team.



    11 men who play as I would out on that pitch.



    Im a happy man tonight.



    Tonight we emptied Tynecastle after 30 minutes.



    THAT is history in the making.








  26. Magnificent Celtic-radio scotland trying to overemphasise the hertz effort


    -shining jobbies again-craig L-tepid comments-HH

  27. Re the baw over the line shenanigans……



    1. “These things even themselves out over the course of a season”



    2. I don’t actually care – seen enough given against us



    3. See (1) above



    J&I CSC

  28. That was a real TEAM performance.



    Sure, we got out of jail with the Heart’s goal which was not allowed, correctly actually. With the post and all the bodies in the way there was no way the linseman could have seen it unless he was off the pitch behind the goal line, where he shouldn’t be.



    A goalkeeper in the six yard box.



    Two CB’s in the penalty area, both of whom knew how to clear their lines.



    The other eight? They were everywhere, all over the place, but in a very supportive and disciplined way. Defending from the front all evening, attacking from the rear and midfielders who covered the entire pitch. No headless chickens, for everyone who moved into a “strange” position there was always a colleague anticipating and filling in.



    Sammi and Hoops ran them ragged and created so many opportunities for the excellent support which was always there.



    Best of all, this seems to be a well-knit, disciplined, team who are really enjoying themselves and in total harmony.



    What’s not to enjoy?



    I know the next defeat, whenever that comes, shall be viewed as disaster as usual. That won’t matter if it comes in August!



    I know I am a funny combination of realist (through experience) and optimist (by nature re. Celtic), but I have great belief in the outcome of this and the coming seasons and that has nothing to do with that other lot. If we can keep the nucleus of this group together for the next 2/3 years we can achieve success, they can enjoy themselves, win medals, win adoration and increase their sell-on value.



    They enhance their careers, we make some serious money on our investments and they have Celtic in their hearts for the rest of their lives.







  29. Excellence in Movement!



    The Story o’ How …We Won..and Herts Loast..



    Herts 0 Celtic 4




    Luverly Brilliant Play!



    Every Celtic player wuz a Hero, at Tynecastle …oan this day.!



    Broonie, pleased Me greatly,



    And Sammi, he did To.



    Victor, Played a Blinkin’ Stoater..



    Whilst Jamey’s Stature Grew!



    Hoop, who led the forward line,


    was a Leader , Brave and True,



    And Charley wiz the Lynch Pin,


    that braced this Celtic Crew!





    With Proud Elan and Sweet Finesse,


    we took those Herts ,apart,



    And racked up,a Stunning Victory


    worthy o’ Bonaparte!




    Whita Thrashin’ Herts , by us, wur served,


    As Celtic took ’em straight tae School..



    We gave them a Lesson,


    they’ll no forget,



    And made thur Manager,


    feel a Fool!






    Happy as Larry.



    G’nite ,Lads!

  30. Marrakesh Express on



    I couldnt watch the game for laughing. The Lennon and McCartneys of the Green Brigade are doing us proud.