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  1. LIONROARS67 on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 11:25 AM



    That’s the view of the Cork born billionaire who controls Celtic so I’m not sure why anyone is shocked or surprised,



    Celtic are up to their necks in the whole ridiculous charade.



    None of this is news.



    It’s up to fans whether they are prepared to go along with it or not.



    Most are, because the alternative involves an element of inconvenience and self denial.



    Which camp are you in?

  2. Just reading back from Wed night post, IMHO, what a cracking post









    LIONROARS67 on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 7:25 AM


    Good morning CQN







    2pts behind after the first round of 11 games I am pleasantly surprised preseason I feared our fate however, our antipodean-greek manager deserves much credit, his fortitude, gravitas, leadership qualities, belief- trust in his footballing ethos have all shone through the contrast from the bomb site in the management dugout last season is visible from outer space, clearly, the coaching team are also buying into Ange ball they were successful under Rodgers they were much-maligned last season, the good ship Celtica has a captain who knows where he is headed







    Rogic and Ralston are reborn under Ange, we all knew Rogic had a beautiful touch plus his vision and footballing brain is unrivalled at paradise, he was unplayable in the first half last night players need a manager who believes in them, at this point, Ralston is the best RB at the club to think last season he was available and played understudy to John Joe Kenny is footballing idiocy we paid Everton a loan fee ?







    When Dermot and PL decided that the cost of pursuing res12 was financially too great a burden for both Celtic and Scottish football to bear, they showed weakness and cowardice to the SFA and the new regime at Sevco we continually have been punished them for that weakness, I’m afraid the current ongoing in my lifetime referee bias will continue for Angeball is what we must trust in, Res12 was the winning poker hand Celtic fans have dreamed about for over a century and more, we folded the best hand we were even given for an IOU promisary note, oh how they must have laughed







    Ange and the squad have momentum now the second 11 round robin can’t come soon enough







    As for the MSM and its bias, ignore it, don’t watch it, don’t buy it, and don’t give it oxygen starve them, plenty of Celtic websites podcasts, Celtic social media is huge