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  1. JHB on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:03 AM




    MORE Pish…yet again.


    You complained about RES I2 still being an issue in 2021, and SFTB completely ” SHOT YOU DOWN”….Big time a couple of weeks ago on here, as YOU hadnt a clue, what it was/is all about…SFTB put you straight and yet …you have came back with the same Pish…yet again.


    You state ” 99% of the Celtic support know NOTHING of RES 12″ …How do you KNOW this…where is your evidence of the so called ” 99%”….Have YOU SPOKEN to the so called ” 99%”…..I thought not !


    YOU live in Tory Ole England…how many Celtic supporters do you meet with and speak to each day/Week ?



    YOU have previously stated that ” the Huns/SFA/SPL etc should NOT be ” Punished” because the Huns DIED and do not exist anymore…so how can you ” PUNISH” something that is DEAD ” ?



    According to YOUR opinion, the Police and Media should NOT have told the REAL Story of Saville…simply because he was Dead ?


    The same Police Force that ” aided and abetted” Saville when he was ALIVE ?


    One of the so called ” Solicitors” that I was suing thru the Scottsh Courts….Chucked it…and gave up his position in Law…but according to YOU….I should NOT have continued to Dismantle his reputation, and Pursue this Serial LIAR, thru the Courts….because he wasnt a ” Solicitor” any more ?


    IF I ” Beat you up”…and YOU Suffered Criminal Injuries, and then launched a Claim for Criminal Injury Compensation…and soon after I DIED…….Would YOU DROP YOUR Claim for Compensation simply because I was Dead ?


    Heres a ” PERCENTAGE” for you…Your a 100% CHUMP.





  2. A great performance from us last night. Could have been four or five goals to the good at half time. We’ve a keeper that makes big saves and that is making a massive difference.



    Lads in pub last night were laughing at the pen awarded at Ibrox, I’ve seen it this morning and it’s every bit as comical as they were saying it was. The huns are faltering every other game now, when you need Beaton to snatch a draw, you’re in trouble.

  3. he/she/it really loves a %.



    Seems to have lost the 16/17/18 % stats these days, shame I enjoyed those :-)

  4. Can I ask


    What can Celtic do about refereeing in games not involving us ?


    Celtic, should ask about the inconsistency of refereeing with regards Porteous tackling ( there is a picture of Calum McGregor with stud marks on his shin from last nights tackle)


    Or how a hand ball can be given as a goal


    I also noticed Kane played for St Johnstone last night


    So it’s ok to both kick out and grab a Celtic player by the face – did Celtic complain about that ??



    Remember the new Compliance officer is a known Sevco fan – is he still a season ticket holder there ?


    Back to refereeing games not involving us


    I see Glass has commented, the first goal his team lost last night, was a) not a foul & the scorer was offside when the free kick was taken & b) never a penalty,and no other team would even be considered as such


    So will Aberdeen complain ?


    The Hearts manager has just had a 3 game touchline ban for complaining about his player being assaulted by a Sevco player


    Did Hearts complain


    Did Hibs complain about Porteous red card ?? No contact, unlike last nights tackle



    Celtic, need others to complain and not have us dragged into the media agenda ‘we also get unfair decisions’

  5. Well done to The Bhoys last night.


    KYOGO will dismember any defence when he is played thru the middle.


    He could have scored MORE than once last night, but he WILL score Two or more in future games, if he is given the proper service ?


    This Bhoy was BORN to play for Celtic.



  6. Kyogo,



    his missed chances.



    Can you be too fast ? His instinctive get on the end of anything and hit it first time, instantly , reactive, not necessarily in control.



    Sometimes, there is a moment there, he could stop dead, steady amd tuck it away, do it once a game, he would score more.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Of all the signings in the rebuild , Kyogo and Jota have taken the limelight ……but ….. the JOE HART signing has been an absolute masterstroke.


    For al the points Kyogo earns us with his goals , Joe will earn us just as many with his saves .



    He is confidence personified in goals unlike our quivering Greek wreck.

  8. Daily ringer



    Steven Gerrard fears Rangers are suffering an identity crisis as he rues shaky Ibrox form

  9. BIG JIMMY on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 8:29 AM



    Grima wormtongue is best ignored



    A witless worm of a hun troll

  10. I posted last night after everyone had gone to bed….. does anyone agree with my “Unique Angle?”






    THE ONLOOKER on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 12:26 AM


    I don’t wish to be drummed off the site… however the Huns penalty is not so clear cut a MiIB cheat as i first thought.



    David Bates is tugging at Sakala’s jersey , you can just see it for a brief moment, he let’s him go just before he falls.



    I think it is telling that Bates doesn’t even protest.



    So…. in summary….



    …it might actually be a penalty ,



    but we know it is one that we would never be awarded.



    The Onlooker

  11. I just watched the highlights of our game on Hibs TV. Naturally, they showed most of Hibs good moments but their commentary was much fairer than we hear from the `impartial` BBC.



    The Onlooker


    I have watched the `penalty` several times.I would be very hard pushed (unlike the Hun player)) to agree with your conclusion.



    The Hearts manager has just had a 3 game touchline ban for complaining about his player being assaulted by a Sevco player


    Did Hearts complain



    Well clearly the manager did and got a 3 match ban for his trouble.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    NorrieM – good post.



    Tricky one.



    If there is ever going to be change the basis will (IMHO) have to come from a 41 club groundswell.



    With pressure constantly applied based on consistent messaging constantly repeated.



    For me, that consistency of message is crucial, otherwise it is easy to bat away as “frustrated fan thinks we was robbed” or “honest mistakes that even out”.



    With that in mind I’d be happy with constant repetitive regurgitation of 3 FACTS by fans of all clubs.



    1. Scottish referees do NOT show red cards to Sevco players



    2. Sevco get more penalties than any other club



    3. 42 senior clubs in Scotland but the MAJORITY of Grade One officials support ONE club

  14. From Hearts f.c.



    The manager was issued with a Notice of Complaint after receiving two yellow cards, and a subsequent red card, during Hearts’ 1-1 draw with Rangers at Ibrox last Saturday.



    Accepting the offer of a one-match suspension, he will be absent from the dugout for this weekend’s cinch Premiership match against Dundee.



    Due to a suspended two-match ban from last season, Robbie will miss a further two first-team games, taking his total suspension to three consecutive matches.

  15. 11 games into a 38 game marathon, we are well placed right now. We have the momentum and a squad togetherness that has not been evident for some time. No want-a-ways that I can identify anyway.


    As had already been mentioned, having to top class keeper makes a huge difference.



    Watched the highlights of the Ibrox game. Two rank rotten sides with Broony still the biggest personality on the park. Beale does all the shouting and pointing and is the most animated, Gerrard mainly arms folded or hands in pockets. Beale mentioned for the Cardiff job, I see.



    I hope Ange, being the intelligent guy that he is, is keeping his powder dry re Scottish referees.

  16. Fab first half, 2nd half so-so. Could easily have been 5 up at half time. The rejigging of positions after Rogic went off didn’t help. With Turnbull and MacGregor moving around to accommodate NB (who had a decent game and did what he was asked with any mistakes)


    Giakoumakis had enough time to make an impact but he snatched at the chances he had. Hopefully we have still to see him at the top of his game.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    BGFC still to do your Predictor




    Accidentally did WeeBGFC’s instead – realised when I was in the queue outside Easter Road last night!!



    Picked mostly draws too – bet he had a good night :-))






  18. Taking stock after 1st round of fixtures



    Watching the preseason friendlies on the telly from down south and the West Ham friendly , it was genuinely quite scary … a few early season great results but up and down in Europe.



    Fast forward 2 months …



    Does Ange know what he is doing Yes


    Are we still a bit open Yes


    Are we worth watching Yes


    Will we strengthen Yes


    Will we get better with more games Yes


    Will we win a pile of trophies hope so



    Football can and does turn quickly by Dec 2022 we will be absolutely motoring , hopefully we can hover up as many trophies between now and then



    Although Beatons decision was a joke , maddens at Motherwell was even worse … age old incompetence or bias or both argument … if we complain the refs will just crap on us from a height



    Needs the SPL to take this forward and get a flexible arrangement to bring in foreign refs for the top league , as a trial and use this as the thin end of a very quick wedge



    All Directors need to grow a pair as the Masonic club would hurt their businesses




  19. BOGNORBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 9:18 AM


    Daily ringer







    Steven Gerrard fears Rangers are suffering an identity crisis as he rues shaky Ibrox form







    Identify crisis surely happens when they pretend to be the same club.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Stivs – that is a fantastic picture.






    We can often swamp our Celtic thoughts with the here and now.



    Images like this one help remind me that our club is 134 years old (5 or 6 generations worth) and has been fuelled by (and fuelled) fans in their thousands throughout that time.




  21. JIMDOM- good post,Hart has been a great signing, i was a bit sceptical about…..AP will be cute enough to mention penalties soon….

  22. This from St. Anthony on twitter



    Anyone know if Celtic Director Brian Wilson is still on twitter? He’s written an obituary to Walter Smith in the Guardian (no, I don’t know why either) and this pearl of wisdom is in it.


    @CelticFc is this official club view from a Celtic director?



    ‘However, by this time, the club was caught up in a bewildering series of intrigues and takeovers as well as having been punished with demotion, in 2012, for having gone into administration.’



    It would make you weep. I thought we had the greatest business and political minds on our Executive, as we are repeatedly told? How can one in a national newspaper repeat a complete falsehood, they were never demoted for going into administration. They started again at the bottom as they ceased to exist!!!


    I give up!

  23. NorrieM and co – a penalty to Sevco ?



    In first 11 league matches this season, Sevco have amassed 24 points; 10 of these have been gained at least in part, through refereeing decisions. With decent refereeing they would be lucky to be sitting on 14 points !



    27/10/21 v. Aberdeen, awarded on 81 mins (very dubious indeed – a John Beaton special) when Aberdeen winning 2-1 (Sevco 2-2).



    24/10/21 v. St Mirren, awarded in 42 mins (Steven McLean) when STM winning 1-0. (Sevco won 2-1).



    3/10/21 v. Hibernian, Porteous sent off (by Nick Walsh) in 30 mins when H winning 1-0. (Sevco won 2-1).



    11/9/21 v. St Johnstone, awarded in 58 mins (by Willie Collum) when StJ winning 1-0 (Sevco won 2-1).