Imperious champions like Celtic are commercially and competitively beneficial


There are five games between Celtic and a third successive Scottish Cup win, a run of success achieved only by Rangers (in the 60s) and Aberdeen (in the 80s).  Brendan Rodgers’ priority for the remainder of the season will be to win the league title, but with the embarrassment of trebles and seven-in-a-row leagues, matching the successive wins record in the Scottish Cup is a significant and worthy target.

Retaining the Cup also denies pretenders the opportunity to put a stake in the ground, a bit like we did against the other Airdrieonians (who perished when they were unable to pay David Murray’s bill) in the 1995 Final.

There’s a notion that Celtic playing Monopoly with Scottish football is a bad thing from a competitive or commercial sense, but I suspect the opposite is true.  On any given season the Cup would be sacrificed for the league, but everyone else wants to win a trophy, any trophy – this trophy.  Every competition is a chance to deny historically imperious champions.  So let’s just win it.

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  1. Pleb – an ordinary person especially one from the lower social classes.





    Aye, that fits me!

  2. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 17TH JANUARY 2019 2:25 PM










    S.O.T. were you a Wigan Casino season ticket holder? I like my music but I really don’t know how you’re even aware of half of the tunes you post.

  3. BHOYLO83



    There’s an article on his fitness about 12″ up and to the right on this page.



    Hope this helps.




  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The league is obviously the priority. I would put a good run in Europe ahead of a cup win.


    Having said that it’s always good seeing the pained look on Strong Rangers McRae’s face when we lift the cup!

  5. South Of Tunis on




    I went to the Wigan Casino but I went to the Twisted Wheel / The Golden Torch much more often .



    Being aware is easy when you bought them and still have them . Rule of the game is never posting anything I don’t have on vinyl.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I see johnjamessite gives a lot more dig than p67 on the cheating refs and hes no even a tim ffs.



    So the SFA have called all managers for a meeting tonight to browbeat then on supporting refs, I doubt very much BR will make a fuss or defend his players right to play football without refs encouraging assault.



    Rather I suspect this is arranged to replace Celtics demand for a meeting, I’d hope Celtic make a statement advising they will not be attending as they expect the meeting to be honoured and that cheating refs are no longer acceptable. I suggest that Celtic can now accuse the refs of cheating since they admitted to seeing Celtic players being assaulted and refused to apply the rules, that is cheating in any interpretation of what happened.

  7. Canalamar- the Board cannot accept this watered down ‘summit ‘,our complaint is a stand alone issue,a diluted meeting with Gerrard sitting at the same table smirking, is a pure cop out.Totally unacceptable, IF this is their way of dealing with the statement from last week.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    its a stage managed farce, however if BR does attend then I hope he has the balls to stand up for his players health and well being, a statement that the refs are not fit for purpose and p67s pal Fleming is not fit for office is the the least he can do. Diplomacy has failed, time to break the mould.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    should be accusing them of bringing the game into disrepute at least

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Any tims in that area tonight should be at the stadium letting the cheats and liars know they should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. Typical dirty move by the SFA to call managers such as Brendan Rodgers to a meeting.



    Much like the Edinburgh summit it’s Celtic’s lawyers that should attend as the issues are


    nothing to do with football, merely its rules and how they are consistently time and again





    Sadly, don’t think Celtic have sufficient legal representation a mere rookie lawyer, could destroy the blazored bigots with one replay of the mibbery video from the last Sevco game at Ibrokes. The evidence of their chicanery is there, Brendan Rodgers is the last man that should be in a meeting that will deflect,to ‘one’s as bad as the other’ with Sevco and Celtic just like they did when it was Rainjurz, that were Scotland’s shame.



    We want answers to the relevant questions that the game produced, answers from Celtic and why our players were treated differently?



    And Cheated Differently CSC

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    BSR the object is to browbeat clubs into justifying and support cheating officials, nothing else. this is not a discussion on how the SFA can improve standards, its the opposite in fact, its how can they force support to maintain and retain sub-standard officiating.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and I don’t rate our legal team, they spend that much time playing devils advocate they have become the devils advocate. Every reason for no action and not a single suggestion or idea on any action.

  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Scott Allan to Hibs,well he can flash his league winners medal,personally I would not have made it possible.



    Well said.


    Our club are either really naive or complicit in this latest SFA furthering of cheating.

  16. Plebs, the lowest of low in Islamic class society. Something I discovered in the basement of a castle in Lorca, Spain. I always thought it was a Scottish word! :)) por cierto

  17. glendalystonsils on

    As others have already posted , I sincerely hope this ‘meeting’ is not a replacement for the meeting we have requested. While we need other clubs to come in with us on the question of SFA reforms , this smacks of some kind of deflect / divide and conquer ruse.


    We can’t let these scheming cheats shunt us into a siding.

  18. We should look for the positives after the SFA complete their ref whitewash with Celtic in attendance like the fact that our ever-growing pile of powder will remain dry.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I have to say I cant blame the club on this, this is a bolt from the blue at one of our most hectic times, mid transfer window, then again had we a PR department worth a wage then I’d expect them to be looking for a counter strategy but I suggest the best counter strategy to this is the harsh truth which is why either a club statement questioning the SFA’s motives for failing to properly sanctioning officials who cheated while expecting clubs to support the cheating or that BR is told to let loose and then make a statement after the charade so that he is in control of the narrative.

  20. Canam



    Foul Foul Foul Foul!!!!!!! – is the reason they should be having a meeting, and we all know including Celtic and Brendan Rodgers why its just another phoney baloney summit, about behaviour, this time in Perth.



    The meeting will act as admonishment to Celtic not to complain in public about referee’s decisions.



    Celtic fans want to know what Celtic FC say about the video, and what possible reason there could have been for ignoring the evidence presented to the compliance officer?

  21. BR has said full time refs would improve things, I think he is extremely naive when the problem is Celtic is refereed differently from other clubs due to the referees lack of or over officiating, they get away with it , the supervisors probably have a good laugh about it, the media ignore it and this it continues, this is a sham tonight in Perth and should never be allowed to be the SFA’s response to our letters post Ibrox.

  22. Scott Allan leaves in the summer with our best wishes.


    I am glad for the player. It seems that we are easier than Hibs to do business with.



    I feel this should draw a line in the sand about future signing policy. We have enough projects, No more.




  23. glendalystonsils on

    I think we must keep the focus on one particular set of incidents in one particular game and how they were dealt with by SFA procedures. Treating this as a test case is our best (only?) chance of undermining their corrupt foundations. All those PL managers sitting round swapping anecdotes of how similar things have happened to their teams will dilute the issue rather than reinforce it IMO. Refs are only human ,mistakes are part and parcel of the game , blah , blah , blah.

  24. Scott McTominay



    Really surprised by this. Or maybe I shouldn’t be.


    But come on Celtic. Come on Brendan.


    What is this fixation with stock-piling midfielders ? Seriously




    It does nothing other than serve to congest things, and over complicate things.



    Which tbh, the more I witness of Brendan, the more I see a guy that loves to over complicate things

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I suspect BR is thinking about his career post Celtic, don’t make waves or be labelled a troublemaker, conform with authority dictats and life will be easier, its only the players and support who suffer and they are all temporary stakeholders for managers, hope I’m wrong but to date we’ve watched some serious assault on our players without a squeak from the manager.

  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh wait tell a lie, our manager does squeak he comes out in support of the refs and how hard their job is, while our players receive medical treatment and reduced career prospects.

  27. Stevie Clarke said he is busy tonight, and won’t attend the meeting, as he only got the invite on Tuesday, well done to him,i think he can see right through the SFA,and their charades.

  28. Canamalar


    And at times he has given referees support Collum at Ibrox, he said I can see why Willie gave it, and at Perth when Beaton sent off Boyata he claimed Beaton tried not to give another yellow, I don’t know what his game is but he looks soft and passive when he players are getting booted off the park.

  29. glendalystonsils on




    A fee? Petrie and Dempster wouldn’t give Celtic the steam off their tea.

  30. My friends in Celtic,



    We have all witnessed numerous players in certain teams taking it in turn to have a go at KT.


    Yes without doubt, he should get greater protection from the officials. He should also expect greater “co-operation”and action from his team mates. Somtimes ” putting the boot in” can be the preferred option. Ask Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Bertie, the silent assassin etc etc.



    And my friends, Its no use slagging certain individuals then forward a few years, going to listen to their after dinner speeches. Imo of course.