Imperious champions like Celtic are commercially and competitively beneficial


There are five games between Celtic and a third successive Scottish Cup win, a run of success achieved only by Rangers (in the 60s) and Aberdeen (in the 80s).  Brendan Rodgers’ priority for the remainder of the season will be to win the league title, but with the embarrassment of trebles and seven-in-a-row leagues, matching the successive wins record in the Scottish Cup is a significant and worthy target.

Retaining the Cup also denies pretenders the opportunity to put a stake in the ground, a bit like we did against the other Airdrieonians (who perished when they were unable to pay David Murray’s bill) in the 1995 Final.

There’s a notion that Celtic playing Monopoly with Scottish football is a bad thing from a competitive or commercial sense, but I suspect the opposite is true.  On any given season the Cup would be sacrificed for the league, but everyone else wants to win a trophy, any trophy – this trophy.  Every competition is a chance to deny historically imperious champions.  So let’s just win it.

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  1. I wonder why Neil Lennon was chosen as a spokesperson for the managers, he seems keen to be it, I wonder if the minutes will ever see the light of day, I’m sure we are all pleased they had a laugh at the performance of beaton on the 29th what needed clarifying from that , shameful, and a solution is paying them more for the same corrupt outcomes ,what is it with football managers here that when they get the chance to push for change they bottle it, I’m sure we can all sleep soundly that Clare whyte is impressive whatever that means.

  2. Are Ref’s match reports written or verbal?



    The sfa said they were waiting on Beaton’s report before commenting.



    Once they read/heard his report they said they could do nowt as ref had seen “incidents”.



    If they are written, why would he mention something he thought was a non -event?



    Surely he sticks to points that are noteworthy? Otherwise it would be an awfy long report.

  3. Theres no prohibition against Catholics holding any elected office in the uk.



    Theres provisions in place for how cof e issues would be dealt with by a catholic pm.



    If anyone is any doubt they should have a search for the answer to the parliamentary question on the issue by rosie cunninghame some years ago.

  4. AT- hope you are well, why ,as the biggest club in the country, do we sit back and don’t contest the bollox daily, in the rags and BBC Scotland’s anti Celtic agenda? Maybe someone has too much to lose personally, if they speak out? HH

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I ask again,



    To whom do Celtic contest the “daily bollox”?



    Edit from earlier,







    In the clamour for Celtic to “out” the SFA et al, can anyone suggest to whom Celtic direct theis “out”?







    The Record?










    UEFA ? FIFA ?







    I don’t know either.







    For any protest to work, people have to vote with their feet.







    If our local pub started to water the beer or short change us, what would we do?







    Go back in tomorrow and ask for a pint of their watered down Heavy,,,,and keep the change?







    Celtic supporters have voted with their feet as has been noted within the corridors of power and Boardrooms all over the country and beyond.







    Those feet head directly to Hampden and Ibrox.







    So, spare us the faux anger about what Celtic should do. We are Celtic, or so I read regularly.







    Ask not…..

  6. Ernie



    Don’t you think that the only remaining anti Catholic legislation still in place ( The Act of Settlement ) has had an influence on history to date that no Roman Catholic has held higher office in the UK?

  7. AT- hope you are well, why ,as the biggest club in the country, do we sit back and don’t contest the bollox daily, in the rags and BBC Scotland’s anti Celtic agenda? Maybe someone has too much to lose personally, if they speak out? HH



    Bada Bing


    Its incessant,continuous,and it always will be.


    The CIA in US caledl it low intensity conflict


    Its the kinda the menace and violence used by gangs to control their patch.in Scotland it is directed towards Celtic fans.


    ‘re the bbc- doing what any state broadcaster does when an arm(in emotional and control terms) of the same state(thro the britherhood) self harms and does something wrong- it attempts to rewrite history by issuing its to be deemed as a continuous element myth shite,a fuckin telly company telling me david murray did not inspire the worldwide shite out of the cheating hun….it can gtf.


    We are the biggest club,in financial terms only.never will we be in emotional terms,til 2012 I would voice that we were good for the wee guy,turns out a lot of the wee guys went to the same lluj and crossed knuckles with the deid hun.


    Doin good bb,lookin forward to deadline day been over as am sure you are too lol


    Keep the updates coming



  8. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    FRED C DOBBS: Said exact same to the Sevcoites in the golf club.Not one had an answer.It was/is illogical.


    Do we have to have a poppy ad so early in the year?And that ‘You’ve won a prize ‘ is doing ma nut!

  9. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Jamesgang:Thanks for the comment?.Akudo from yourself is praise indeed!


    Akudo must be some foreign thing!

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 18TH JANUARY 2019 6:22 AM



    VAR , if implemented , will make it much more difficult to cheat.



    Not perfect , but a distinct improvement .

  11. Macjay1- they will just put a cheat in front of the VAR machine, or the Ref will look at it and still make the cheat call.


    I understand where you are coming from though, and I do live in eternal hope for a cheat free, pure game of football.






    D. :)

  12. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims….



    Var in theory should be a welcome addition, however for the most part people will look at a re-run of an incident looking for something to back up what they initially thought.



    Ie …. there was minimal contact so technically a pen, or aye a wee touch of the ball there so no penalty….



    What I’m going at (slowly ) is if lets just say a Aberdeen fan was the VAR official he would be leaning towards whatever suits his team on the day, if in his own mind he can justify something to his teams benefit he will, its human nature.



    So we would need a completely neutral VAR official and until all officials stand up and declare a team Var is only going to be of benefit to Scotland’s newest team.





    YOU can’t be the prime minister if you are a CATHOLIC.




    YOU can’t get a job looking at VAR if you are a catholic.




    MICHAEL STEWART AND WILLIE MILLER won’t be allowed near it . Step forward billy dodds,kris boyd,mcculloch andrae.

  14. So


    Did Celtic get a response and viewing of Beatons report on the recent game, where he seen and thought acceptable, several physical assaults on Celtic players ?


    Yes ?


    No ? If Not, Why did Brendan represent Celtic at a meeting to deflect from real concerns, on how Celtic are officiated and rules applied differently when Celtic play ???




  15. As an aside


    Saturday game, which I will not attend and reason why I am not In the Home ticket scheme.


    Will have an attendance of around 24-28k, due to home cup scheme


    Whereby gate receipts ( after costs deducted) will be shared with Clydebank/ Airdrie


    FtSFA – not another penny towards them or their member clubs


    This club whose ex Director played a huge part in the cluster f— of shoe horning a new club with all its baggage into Scottish football, and we’ve to forget this ?


    Not me



    FtSFA, and this team we meet on Saturday

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 18TH JANUARY 2019 7:34 AM


    Macjay1- they will just put a cheat in front of the VAR machine, or the Ref will look at it and still make the cheat call.





    I understand where you are coming from though, and I do live in eternal hope for a cheat free, pure game of football.











    D. :)








    However we , including commentators , will all be able to see the vision on which they make their decisions.



    This will immeasurably increase their accountability .



    Course , the refs will still be able to refuse a request / demand for a VAR review , which is what they will probably do .


    Which in turn means that players will be encouraged to crowd round the ref.and demand a review.



    I still figure that it will be a step in the right direction.

  17. Reading this morning,and Brendan has said out loud what I have been saying for weeks on the CH position.If we want to bring in any CHs of the quality we need,they will not sit on the bench.While he has them,he will play Boyatta and Benkovitch.Its not rocket science.


    I think his thinking is all about the RB position.,this window.We will get the usual guff from the usual suspects,but it would be madness to run with 6 CHs on our books.If we are stuck with Comperr,7.Would not be surprised,if we were not looking for a loan deal,at the moment for a LB,to cover for KT,if his injury needs further treatment.

  18. Turkeybhoy,



    You are 100% correct in what you are saying. We don’t need another CH in this window.



    A first choice RB and back up LB is what we need. We were linked with the Iranian LB who plays in Russia a while ago. He seems a good player and is available on a pre contract. Maybe 1.5m might tempt the Russian team to sell early. Castagne would be the perfect RB signing…..but will be very hard to get across the line.



    In the summer I would sell Ntcham and use the money to buy a replacement CM and first choice CH.




    Which one of those would you play against ,say,Valencia.


    I think ,think,we might be looking at a loan deal at present to cover KT.





    If we did bring in another CH,where would he play?If Boyatta went in this window,by all means,but cant see it.

  20. BIG PACKY,


    Only to cover for KT.We have no chance of getting a top class LB to sit on our bench,but might be able to get a good one meantime.

  21. BADA,



    You are bang on about Ray Donovan.Wow,just wow.Watching Frontier at the moment.Very good.A couple of great sweary Scots in it.

  22. traditionalist88 on

    GREENPINATA on 17TH JANUARY 2019 4:58 PM


    Scott Allan leaves in the summer with our best wishes.



    I am glad for the player. It seems that we are easier than Hibs to do business with.



    I feel this should draw a line in the sand about future signing policy. We have enough projects, No more.





    Well, he’s signed a pre-contract, we are powerless to stop him exercising that right, other than getting him to sign a new deal. Likewise Boyata.



    But absolutely agree with your other points. One of the problems is that some of these ‘projects’ are over 20/21 years of age. At that age they are signed as squad players/projects and they inevitably get game time due to injuries and suspensions, often in important matches. But the project label essentially tells us these guys are not good enough for Celtic right now.



    Projects should be 17-20 years old and a distinct line should be drawn between ‘projects’ and ‘squad players’. We need to a)raise the bar for squad players because the likes of Johnny Hayes are nowhere near the standard required and b) make sure we don’t blur the lines between project and squad players because you just end up with guys who don’t meet Celtic requirements but end up being your go to guys as soon as there is a couple of injuries.




  23. Directed to the head of referee’s, I would of produced print out / copies of John Beaton head to toe in Stone Island gear, drinking in a Rangers Supporters Bar in Bellshill, post match.




    I would then make the comment, that such flaunting is un-professional, demonstrates zero impartiality and as such, we will not cooperate until said Beaton is suspended long terms, or dismissed from duty.




    And that, would be the only positive result to be had from last nights get together.

  24. Valencia don’t seem a free-scoring forward line – their lead goalscorer has only nabbed 8 this season.


    Brendan may even choose a back 3 with Mika, Dedryck and Filip.


    Despite BR’s recent huff with Emilio, he’s wise enough to play European ties.

  25. I’d be disappointed to say the least if we didn’t bring in another decent CB this window. We’re going to be scrambling to fill a very big hole in the summer with Benkovic and Boyata leaving (for nothing). Any purchase of two new CBs in the summer will cost extra with the virtual sale of what we never got for Boyata. Put ourselves in an impossible position with our first choice CB picks being a loanee and a wannabe somewhere else. I’m ok going with what we have at CB for the last six months if we’re accepting the financial loss of Boyata. Full back areas are a must fix now.

  26. Ziggydoc1



    You are exactly correct.



    Can debate the C.B situation all night long. i.e in terms of allowing Boyata to run his contract down, and missing out on upwards of 5 million.


    But in terms of numbers… 2 from 4, of Boyata, Benckovic, Jozo, Ajer… is sufficient to see us through til end of May.



    Right back however is our weak spot. Fail to address it, and we could ultimately be punished… punished further, more than already. As a stack of goals have been caused down this side of our defence.

  27. traditionalist88 on

    And further to above posts, guys like Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen were playing first team football at 16 and 17 because, essentially, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.



    Karamoko is 15 and has a short/medium term path to the first team mapped out because he has the technical ability.



    If we’re signing 21-23 year olds they have to have a base level of technical ability before we should even consider signing them.



    Thats not to say players in this age bracket can’t improve but by that age the development phase is drawing to a close and they will find their level in the game. If they don’t have that base level of ability, it won’t be at Celtic, with the best will in the world.



    We need to raise the bar across the board, pretty much, and separate the projects from the squad fillers.




  28. So a 97 year old driver pulls out from a minor road onto the main A149 and is involved in a RTA. Thankfully no one seriously injured.


    So the council may reduce the speed limit and introduce average speed cameras.






    There were 40 accidents, five of which were fatal, on the A149, which is the main route to the Norfolk coast, in the six years from 2012-2018



    Must have been someone famous