Improvements clear two weeks on from home Astra game


It’s a bit frustrating being so close to qualification for the knock out stages last night before a momentary lapse cost us late in the game, but there were plenty of positives.  60 minutes into last month’s game at Celtic Park against Astra, taking four points from them looked very ambitious.  We played considerably better last night in the corresponding home game, or in the home game against Dinamo Zagreb.

Celtic are functioning better in midfield, while defensively they’re also looking solid.  We acknowledged some weeks ago that without Guidetti or Commons we would struggle to create and execute chances, and so it proved.

With Anthony Stokes also out the picture, Leigh Griffiths got the nod to replace Stefan Scepovic and instantly brought some drive to the forward line.  He was unfortunate that his ‘goal’ was disallowed for a debatable infringement, but he just brings the kind of purpose inside the box that we didn’t have until his arrival.

We’re now four games unbeaten in this competition, and we’re improving.  The evidence suggests that Salzburg have also improved since we took a point from them on match day one.  Last night’s result in Zagreb was impressive, but Salzburg will face their stiffest test of the group at Celtic Park.

Still fancy our chances of winning the group.

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  1. Think we have few easier games after aberdeen at the weekend



    Hope to god ronnie uses his squad and gives griffiths, biton and henderson some game time.



    Lenny had his favs but ronnie is taking the piss it seems.



    Player i wrote off in summer also deserved a chance .. Kayal. Played really well in few games.



    Ronnie is gonna have his favs tired out by crimbo..



    Has brown had a break since he got back from injury ?

  2. mike in toronto on

    Lat night, I had the pleasure of meeting Hrvatski Jim of this parish … what a nice lad.



    And he brought over some Celtic ‘irn bru flavoured tablet’…. I n=know it may sound a bit odd, but, damn, that stuff is addictive! And yes, the five cups of sugar in each bite probably explains the multiple posts!

  3. At the start of this week, I knew we were approaching 2 tough away games… And by my reckoning I thought 4pts gained would be a satisfactory outcome. We’ve dropped 2 in the Europa League, so 3pts against Aberdeen, will for me be signs of progress… A defeat on Sunday will be signs of bewilderment

  4. mike in toronto / south of tunis



    To cleanse your ears listen to the version by the High Kings (sang by Martin Furey, Finbar Furey’s son). That’s my favourite version.

  5. jamesgang, There is a particular chip van on the way in to the ground that I love to stop at for a batter sausage & chips. For the rest of the year I would never eat a batter sausage but for some reason, I can’t pass this chip van. It does seem a particularly popular van anyway, you would always see guys waiting to be served there even though vans on either side are idle.

  6. mike in toronto on

    bada bing



    I agree… I have been banging that drum for a few years now…. for me, NB would be in the team every game.. I haven’t seen enough of LH to have a real good sense, but what I have seen, I think he could be a good one.



    But, others who see them play/train more than me, seem to disagree…. I like CM and love SB’s passion, but never in a million years are they the sort of midfield generals we need.

  7. Eyes Wide Open on

    mike in toronto


    15:41 on


    7 November, 2014



    A fair argument and well articulated if I do say so.


    I agree with the sentiment, however whilst always trying to look for the positives in Celtic players I tend to look at the physical characteristics of a player which give me a better reflection on what that player might be like AFTER hes settled.



    Pukki for me was never going to succeed in Scotland, not in a hundred years.


    Our scouts and manager should have known better – to be his size you need a yard of pace to get ahead of your man and a low centre of gravity (ie Shaun Maloney who had both) to ‘survive’.



    I use the word ‘survive’ in inverted commas because thats what you must be able to do in the SPHELL first and foremost – once you can do that, the football will flourish (ie guidetti).



    Its the physical characteristics (or lack of them) that concerns me most with Scepovic.



    Lets say he has settled and (adapted) to our play.



    He might have a fantastic ability to put the ball in the back of the net, but I still cant see him winning headers, beating men to the ball, defending from the front and doing most of the things we are going to need our lone striker to do.



    I cant, for the life of me see how he is going to offer anything different, or better than Samaras would have – and believe me when I say I wasnt the big mans biggest fan (on the field – off the field I think the world of him)

  8. proudbhoy-good point,we have a big squad and had a lot of games lately,some fresh legs would help on Sunday.

  9. Corkcelt –



    You are wrong my friend. The Europa League groups are decided on head-to-head where 2 teams are equal on points.



    That is why, before yesterday, when Celtic and Salzburg were on 8 points, all media outlets and UEFA showed Celtic in first spot, despite Salzburg having a superior goal difference.



    Celtic top Salzburg on head-to-head on away goals.

  10. Wasn’t able to watch yesterdays game but on the surface two home wins and two away draws in Europe is very good. Digging a little deeper though and looking at the quality of the opposition, we really should be good enough to wipe the floor with all 3 of these teams.



    I have not seen a complete performance from Celtic since we thrashed Dundee Utd, I thought we were back on track at that point but it seems now that it was a one-off. It’s good that we are not losing games, but like Ronny said earlier this week, I want to destroy opposing teams, not struggle to narrow wins and tight draws. We have resources that dwarf almost every other team’s that we play against, yet we are not showing any dominance.



    I hope we can get some good performances and results against Aberdeen and Dundee before the next Salzburg tie and then teach them a lesson at Parkhead.

  11. I think I’ll bookmark proudbhoys ‘Ronnie doesn’t change his team enough’ post at 1549:-o

  12. Mike in Toronto-When Bitton played a few games in front of the back 4,it was arguably the best football we had played in a long time,Swinecastle and Fir Park come to mind.

  13. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Was it yourself who posted that someone told you Ronny doesn’t rate Henderson?

  14. Yes Tom, I have conceded defeat but I did Google it last night and some bloody site gave a different version. Can’t find it today but I swear I was sober last night.

  15. mike in toronto on




    I dont disagree with a word you say. I think football has passed Britain by for the last 25 years or so … and the game in Scotland is, because of the lack of funding, even worse than that in England.



    I dont see anyone in charge of football in Scotland really addressing the issues ….because Celtic plays in Scotland, we are going to let the game here drag us down, or Celtic is going to have to strike out and make its own way …. getting coaches in who can teach what the continentals and south americans take for granted (ball skills and football intelligence), mix it in with some of that glaswegian gallusness, ….



    if we dont Celtic’s will only progress so far in Europe (and far short of where I want them to be).



    It is difficult to revolutionize things while you are in a neck and neck race to win the league … so, what frustrates me most of the last few years, is we had/have the perfect chance to tear up the book and start a new (while, pretty much being guranteeed to win the league)… but we dont seem to be seizing the opportunity the way I think we should.




    DAvidopolous … cheers! Enjoyed that. Will have to listen to more of them!

  16. Must say I’m glad its head to head, it means if we score over there, they will have to win by two. Hopefully all the business will be done & dusted on 27th Nov and we can have a stress free night in Zagreb.

  17. TR-yes,a pal’s nephew who plays in England,has the same agent as LH,RD doesn’t rate him,possible loan in January.

  18. mike in toronto on

    bada bing … I agree…. the passing game that RD seems to favour requires a middle which is solid (which, presumably is why SB is in there), but also one which can see and make a pass quickly …. unlike most, NB has that arrow in his quiver …..which makes me wonder why the hell he isnt getting a run in the team….just my sense, but I wonder if his personality (he seems pretty laconic) is too laid back for RD (who seems to favour the buzzbomb style of SJ).




  19. FRW & Geordie Munro



    Gentleman, as I said in my post, I appreciate the live updates, especially last night when my internet was down and was relying on info through my phone.



    FRW: regarding Craig Gordon v Henke.



    We expected Henke to score every time he looked at goal, are you saying expect Craig Gordon only to save one time and not AGAIN!!!!


    Never saw game only goals today, don’t think Craig Gordon & Henke together (Henke could do lots of things) could have stopped their goal. Maybe our defenders could have closed them down quicker.


    Anyway still in Europe and chance to qualify for after Christmas.




  20. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Thanks.That baffles me completely regarding Henderson.


    That, and the fact that Griffiths is getting very little game time despite being a proven goalscorer worries me.However, it’s the manager’s decision so we will see.

  21. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    CFC were atrocious in the second half last night



    Improvement … Only if you’re easily pleased



    I saw the same mess in the second half as has blighted Deila’s tenure



    Players out of position, poor substitutions and even poorer non substitutions

  22. Aiden Bhoy, CowieBhoy and any other Stirling based CQN’rs.


    There are still tickets for tomorrow’s Gary Og and Wolfe Tone gig at Corbiewood tomorrow.


    You have to get along to Vinny’s bar in the Raploch to get them.


    If you get them see you there.


    CowieBhoy, I meeting with a few ex St Modans Bhoys, if you fancy coming text me.



    I am going shopping, could someone point the afore mentioned to this post if they are on later.



    Coming Dear:-)




  23. TR-Mike-agree,the back 4 looking solid with Lustig back,a wee bit creativity in MF required,though difficult to do in this league.

  24. Davidopoulos



    14:15 on 7 November, 2014




    You might be interested in this.






    ‘Petitioning Royal British Legion



    Please Apologise for cutting the words of the Poppy Appeal song – the original song condemns the folly of war.’






  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    “McAllister is nowhere near as critical as most of the posters here after a European game where we haven’t won 6-0.”



    I agree but our posters are just ( Celtic) mad but McAllister is SUPPOSED to be neutral and he obviously is not. I really dislike him 0:-)





    We will arrange something nearer the time


    Cheerio for now,



  26. “(he seems pretty laconic) is too laid back for RD (who seems to favour the buzzbomb style of SJ)”




    Mike, I think lenny preferred sj too. Bitton featured less than half a dozen times after his arrival.




  27. The Battered Burnet 14.22



    I had not seen that extensive quote by Regan before but having done so I can pick holes in it based on what is known now.



    For example Regan knows that he and Ogilvie met with CW in December 2011 to discuss the UEFA licence granting in 2011.



    If CO was excluded from any discussions on ebts why was he involved in a discussion on tax overdue on irregular ebts involving undisclosed side letters that CO initiated?



    Then there is Adams claim of irregular payments in the 90s.



    This is hard to prove BUT in talking about ebts and side letters since 2001 the irregular ebts of 2000 to De Boer and Flo WITH side letters are excluded from the discussion. This is crucial because


    a) They were irregular payments.


    b) evidence of their true nature was concealed from the lawyers commissioning LNS meaning incorrect terms of reference for the Commission.


    c) LNS then ruled incorrectly particularly on no sporting advantage gained in his Decision because those early ebts removed from the Commission.


    All of the above is evidence based not some flight of conspiracy fantasy and whilst I have not read the proposed advert I think using the money gathered to get out that very point would be more efficient means of getting the message across that we have had enough of lies and deceit from football authority and smsm to maintain a corrupt industry.


    That the smsm and SFA and SPFL have had the evidence for at least 4 weeks in case of smsm and SFA and SPFL even longer is a matter of record.



    Further evidence of deceit will I’m sure emerge from Res12 and that will be the tipping point.



    This for WC. I suggest that if the newspaper are unwilling to run with advert hold off until SFA have second lot of evidence dumped on them (talk to you know who) and after a couple of weeks place an evidence based advert in an English paper regarding why we want no more football depending on sectarianism to drive commercial rewards as Scottish media are part of problem so cannot be part of solution.



    I think all decent football supporters in Scotland would sign up to it.



    I think though that we should start with getting CSA and CST on board after the AGM to get support and plan strategy.

  28. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Deila doesn’t change his team enough



    Has he played the same team twice ??

  29. The Battered Bunnet on

    MN Celt



    Don’t know where you’ve been digging, but this Celtic team has no right to be wiping the floor with Salzburg. That’s a very good outfit. A win against them in the match at Celtic Park would be a fine accomplishment.

  30. Wouldn’t say atrocious PFayr. We were better in 1st half but we created a hatful of chances in 2nd as well. Scepovic blasted a great chance over, Charlie had one deflected off the post. Griffiths had 3 clear chances, one of which he actually scored a legitimate goal. We did seem to run out of legs after 70 mins but in the end the one we conceded was an effort that only one in a hundred times would have found the top corner.

  31. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Thanks for the tip last night, not a great price but I put enough on to see me through. Are you the next Twist n Turns ?



    Cheers mate and keep them coming !




  32. Good to see John Guidetti disappointing the baying lapdogs ,as he picked up his Player of the Month award.He said he would love to stay,medals are more important than money.We can’t let this bhoy slip through our hands.Make it happen Celtic.

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