Incompetent start for VAR


3-4 wins at Tynecastle are the stuff of legends, games when champions show their credentials.  The excitement, however, took second place to our inaugural appearance in domestic football with a Video Assistant Referee.

After taking an early lead, Celtic lost their way in the first half as Hearts pushed for an equaliser.  A minute before the break Cammy Devlin knocked the ball forward an instant before Cameron Carter-Vickers made contact with the Hearts player’s foot.  Referee Nick Walsh missed the contact, which was clear on first viewing of the replay, but the VAR seemed caught in the headlights and took several minutes to advise the ref to take a look at the video monitor.

It was all downhill from there.  Within seconds, James Forrest drove inside the Hearts box but was stopped in his path when Michael Smith’s extended arm stopped the ball inside the box.  This was the classic scenario VAR was supposed to address, a stonewaller by any measure, but fresh from his panic a few moments earlier, the VAR declined to intervene.

Anthony Ralston then scored an excellent headed goal but before the ball crossed the line, Nick Walsh blew for an apparent infringement.  That early whistle meant VAR was unable to act.  It is beyond doubt the referee made a mistake in blowing early, for my take, the goal should have stood.

Now we get to the bizarre episode.  At both Hearts penalties, Hearts and Celtic players encroached into the box before the kick was taken.  At the first, the goal stood, at the second, Joe Hart saved and Hearts scored an offside goal in the follow up.

The second penalty was retaken in line with the rules (a retake is the correct decision if players from both sides encroach).  The fist penalty, which results in a Hearts goal, was allowed to stand by the same VAR.  Either both should have been retaken, or as neither affected the outcome, both should have been allowed to stand.

Late in the game, Liel Abada scored what looked to be a good goal, but the assistant referee flagged for offside, confirmed by VAR.  I am not convinced, and broadcaster Sky did viewers a disservice by declining to apply the cross-field lines they used for other decisions during the game.

It was an incompetent start with the new technology that did not reflect well on the SFA or referees.

I don’t want to put ideas in your head, so fee free to choose any one of the 5 million Slovaks, but which of them does Reo Hatate most remind you of?

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  1. Morning all from another mild Louisville Monday. Thankfully VAR arrived with minimum fuss, right? What does VAR stand for? Certainly not assistant when it comes to us it seems.

















    Well said Ange though. “If that’s the type of drama you want, there’s probably a good movie playing tomorrow at the cinema. You can get your popcorn and watch it. I like to watch football.”



    The world will never be the same. Speaking of UCL. Who is missing for Wednesday, just Starfelt?

  2. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 24TH OCTOBER 2022 11:45 AM


    ‘Isn’t it astonishing how ERNIE LYNCH manages to turn virtually every topic or problem raised in CQN into an anti-Scottish trope?’







    Try engaging with the substance of the argument rather than indulging in your predictable ad hominem abuse.

  3. MELBOURNE MICK on 24TH OCTOBER 2022 9:55 AM


    What about a list for those not on the list 😜









    H H. Mick






    I think this list is better.



    Obviously the handsome list.



    D :)

  4. Turnbull and Starfelt reported to be in Training with the Celtic squad this morning…


    meanwhile…JOTS Training AWAY from the main Celtic squad.



  5. BIG JIMMY on 24TH OCTOBER 2022 12:06 PM


    Turnbull and Starfelt reported to be in Training with the Celtic squad this morning…



    meanwhile…JOTS Training AWAY from the main Celtic squad.









    Cheers Big Jimmy

  6. Not buying ‘incompetent ‘ or ‘teething troubles ‘ with VAR, it’s blatant cheating, and if Walsh and McLean, dont get demoted to the Championship for a few weeks ,their masters are delighted with their work.

  7. Dermot on Sky Ref watch going through hoops, pardon the pun not to be over critical of the handball decision saying on numerous occasions that it would have been a Pen in England

  8. Abadas offside goal



    Lets start with that Celtic board



    How hard is it to ask for the “lines”



    Get it done and start here

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “at the second, Joe Hart saved and Hearts scored an offside goal in the follow up.”




    Goal was rightly disallowed but it wasn’t offside – the player was behind the ball.


    There is a shot of Abada’s “goal” with the line drawn and he is off.


    More concerned about the number of goals we have been conceding lately.

  10. It wasn’t incompetence. It was cheating.


    Var will be used to disadvantage celtic.


    It gives officials a second chance to hurt us and help sevco.


    They are still in the title race at this point of the season due to the cheating.

  11. MODERATOR1888 on 24TH OCTOBER 2022 12:29 PM


    Abadas offside goal




    Lets start with that Celtic board




    How hard is it to ask for the “lines”




    Get it done and start here






    Very much so. No need for public statements or press conferences. Get on the phone and tell Crawford we want to see the VAR analysis.

  12. An Dun



    Defo do it publicly



    All the fanfare and lights



    Get it into the public domain



    Ask all the questions and start creating trouble



    The board have a duty to the shareholders to do this

  13. We now have 4 cheats instead of 3. Re the penalty situaton, I think the rules should be changed to no rebounds. Kick it, it’s either a goal or it’s dead. No rebounds in a penalty shoot out. The rebound thing is just another thing for people to get wrong. The Hertz player is offside at the second penalty. The ball goes forward and he is ahead of the passer. Watch the upgrade yellow to red on Moreorless. No contact whatsoever from the swinging leg, he catches him with his standing foot. Never a red but the bar has been set.

  14. bournesouprecipe on




    For incompetence see competence




    A day in the life of a Celtic supporter



    Stone wall penalty claim ignored by two referees


    Two penalties given against us


    A missed penalty allowed to be retaken


    2 Celtic goals being disallowed.



    The only incompetence in town is from the Celtic board

  15. There is a shot of Abada’s “goal” with the line drawn and he is off.






    I’ve seems shots of the goal with lines drawn that show him on.



    The fact is we need to see how the VAR official decided it was off, not going on what we see online.

  16. Moderator1888


    Spot on. Should have been a presser today with footage on show and ” Is this what we can expect from VAR?”


    Say nothing and they get away with it. Are we part of the problem or the solution?

  17. MODERATOR1888



    I’d keep it low key to start with. Low key but determined.



    Go public once the questions are ignored or wrong doing is found.



    But certainly we absolutely have to be on to the SFA today.

  18. I thought the first pen took an age as it could have been considered a FK to us as the hearts player went in straight leg studs showing as he stretched for contact. As it was open to interpretation I wonder if VAR was pondering if it was clear and obvious.




  19. ERNIE LYNCH on 24TH OCTOBER 2022 11:23 AM



    To my: ‘The core problem is that officials with particular team allegiances can get appointed as arbiters and refs.’



    You added


    “It’s more deep seated and systemic than that…


    We know from experience that referees from ‘Celtic minded’ backgrounds are as susceptible to pro hun, anti Celtic officiating as any of the rest of them. Home grown commentators and pundits are similarly afflicted.”



    It’s a valid point I’d neglected to note Ernie. Yet doesn’t entirely diminish my view that there’s bias – or agenda (ingratiation/career progression) – against us, by those with hands on the big levers. Often TRFC groupies.



    I’m glad anytime any fella points out the sleekits’ moves against us; the more distant from our roots the better. Said it weeks back; weird that none of our international ex-luminaries – Crosas; Graveson; Naka; Vega or others – haven’t called out the bias (mibby Graveson’s Truss-like spell with us meant he didnt encounter any!!)

  20. Glasstwothridsfull


    Can you share this photo with me of Abada’s disallowed goal with lines drawn?

  21. I hope someone (within CFC not Celtic By Numbers) is tracking the incidents and the VAR staff for each as only when the same VAR applies similar incidents like the handball pen differently for different teams can we truly question it.




  22. Secrets and backhand deals are not something this board should be involved with



    Get it in the public domain, show the supporters that you care



    Look after your shareholders

  23. Ange will be doing a presser shortly for tomorrow’s game, would be good to plant a few seeds from Saturday for future reference….



    I doubt it though

  24. QUADROPHENIAN on 24TH OCTOBER 2022 12:46 PM



    Pretty sure Di Canio said after he left that the refs were Protestant and he was a Catholic so they gave him a hard time



    Perhaps not they guy we want speaking for us……….




    Goal was rightly disallowed but it wasn’t offside – the player was behind the ball.



    He was offside because it was played forward and there was no other Celtic player between him and the goalie.

  26. Just bring in foreign refs, even if only for VAR, it’d also negate any old pals act in the secret communications between them.

  27. if Gordon had held the cross at Forrest’s gaol, would VAR have flagged a pen for the blatant push by Cochrane on Ralston?

  28. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    Have a look at the top story.






    At risk of conflating two disconnected issues ….



    How about the rebels in the GB section organise rallies outside Pacific Quay or the SFA’s VAR “Command Centre” …. fully bedecked in Celtic colours?



    As one who is routinely irked by them getting the club fined for posturing behaviour relating to pyros, illicit banners or illicit chants ….



    …. I’d happily contribute to a crowd fund for any fines issued for very minor breaches of the peace or low level disorder at such rallies.

  29. If there was no encroachment at the 2nd penalty, Ginnelli wasn’t offside when he tapped it in. Abada was offside. If you watch the Cinch, SPFL highlights on youtube, they insert the VAR lines. We were denied a stonewaller and the ref made a mistake (or cheated) with the foul call for Ralston’s goal. He should have let it play out then called VAR in.

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