International break gives Brendan valuable scouting opportunity


Remember when Celtic couldn’t keep a clean sheet? Saturday’s 3-0 win against Inverness was our sixth domestic shut out since Craig Gordon returned to the team after Dorus de Vries injured himself attempting to stop that incredible goal Kilmarnock scored on 24 September.

To put that into some kind of perspective, it took the 20 domestic games before that run started to collate six clean sheets, stretching back to Morton’s visit on 6 March. The longest domestic clean sheet run we achieved last season was three games. Say what you like about the goals from Moussa and Scott Sinclair – and we’ve been spectacularly impressive in attack – but this is a runaway championship because of Celtic’s defensive record.

And what a runaway it is. Remember when we were told we needed the competition we’d see this season? Aberdeen started with a poor five games and we discover there’s not competition at all. There is no competition worthy of the name, just scintillating football, and the stands are fuller than they’ve been in years. We’ll take a look at the rest of the league later in the week.

Brendan Rodgers will spend the international break scouting footballers, his team isn’t finished by a long shot. Usual caveats apply, January is a difficult month, etc., no guarantees targets will want to come, or be available, in January or the summer, but a lot of plans are underway right now for next season’s Champions League.  There are absolutely no detectable plans for dealing with the domestic challenge.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in November, winter is upon us and for many, a time of crisis looms. Watch this message from Brendan and the players – they are speaking to you and me.

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  1. To those with access to BBC iPlayer I would strongly recommend watching Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis.


    A brilliant documentary on how we’ve arrived at the world we’re in today.It’s brutal at times so not for kids,but if you care about them,be they yours or your grandchildren or just kids,then it’s worth a viewing.


    It’s over 2 hours long but time well spent.If you liked Bitter Lake,his last documentary,then this is for you.


    If anybody has a peek,enjoy,if that’s the right word!?

  2. KD, understand, I guess, views on Kenny, but it would be wrong not to say it was the most disappointing day when I saw the headline ” dalglish to Liverpool £440,000″ . Pretty sick to be honest.



  3. Cowiebhoy



    After we placed that New Club ad in the Sunday Herald Dalglish referred to us as psychopaths!



    Stephen Murray is the author of Kenny of the Celtic. He previously wrote Ten Men Won the League.



    Dalglish knows nothing about this book nor will he benefit from it.



    Stephen has captured the now often overlooked contribution Dalglish made to the Celtic cause over 9 seasons. He was a genuinely world class player who brought a great deal of joy to our support.



    There’s nothing about Liverpool and definitely nothing about his short shift in management at Parkhead.



    We could have dissed the book for our own reasons but I’m glad we didn’t.



    £440,000 was an absolute steal and the impact of the loss of Kenny in 1977-78 season is there for us all to see. Andy Lynch was talking about it last week.



    But Dalglish is a significant player in Celtic’s history and those that saw him in the Hoops surely will have fond memories of Kenny the Celtic player.



    That’s what the book is about.


    Some ill informed nonsense being spouted on here about a great Celtic player.



    So Kenny doesn’t choose to wear a scarf and that somehow means he isn’t a Celtic fan ?



    Didn’t grow up a Celtic supporter, so. There’s been many of that ilk, including the greatest figure in our club’s history.



    Kenny played for Celtic and won 4 championships, 4 Scottish cups and a league cup too. 204 appearances, 40% of his career and nearly half his goals in green and white.


    Not a Celtic supporter……maybe some of you would favour Maurice, an undoubted childhood Celtic supporter.



    He’d have been pushed out the door at the £440,000 on offer, just like Mcgrory Mcclair and whoever next gets us…..



    Be grateful kenny spent much of his career with us. Shame he left but his destination and quality in the Liverpool side was the right choice for him and his career.

  5. Whats happening to the blog? it’s been very slow lately,


    I’ve had time to scroll back and only a couple of new posts,


    ah well think i’ll get the boots on and practise the moves


    for the bhoys training tonight, a couple of new king Kenny’s


    coming shortly ( now where’s my inhaler? :-))


    H.H Mick

  6. mike in toronto on

    BCW …



    … I must have missed the part when KD came back from visitng Anfield and said ‘Somehow Dalglish of Liverpool never sounded as good as Dalglish of Celtic’ ….dont think the comparison holds.



    No one ever said it wasn’t the right move for KD … just discussing his place in the pantheon …. no doubt he was a great player … but I’ll disagree that he was a great Celt. takes more than goals for that.

  7. MIT


    I will forward that to my family based in Canada



    I will add Dalglish scored one of my favourite all time Celtic goals (against Dundee Utd) – but he wouldn’t get in my top 5 players I’ve seen in the hoops – even though I would say he was world class :-)



    Hail Hail

  8. mike in toronto on 7th November 2016 10:17 pm



    for those in or around the Toronto area, the young Canadian actor Jay Baruchel has done a film about his family history and his love of Celtic ….




    You’ll be eagerly awaiting Goon 2 March 27th I think :O)

  9. mike in toronto on

    The Huddle



    I have to admit that I didn’t see Goon 1, but apparently elisha cuthbert is in Goon 2, so it can’t be all bad!




    You’ve started it now.


    my top 5





    Bobby M




    Paul McStay


    Big Billy


    H.H Mick

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Those who saw Kenny in the Hoops have no doubts he was abreast Celt.


    He stayed a year longer than he needed to, owing to Jock’s situation.



    We were heartbroken when he left. A captain who carried the team virtually single handed.



    No player had given us more when wearing the jersey, as you can’t give more than100%.


    Kenny gave us that EVERY time he put on the shirt.



    No one or nothing can sully his reputation as a great Celtic player.

  12. mike in toronto on




    are we talking best players or best Celts?



    For me, TB is not in the top 5 for the former, but tops my list for the latter.



    Paul McStay is in my top 5 for both.




    How could i leave out Tommy,


    COWIEBHOY could we make it top 6?



    H.H Mick

  14. What is the Stars on




    So Kenny was a Celtic Breast



    Thats a BRAve statement to make


    Was he good enough to play for BRAzil maybe

  15. Kenny Dalglish was a great Celtic player. He tainted my memories by getting involved with Murray at a time he knew we were struggling. His time as part time advisor to Barnes and golfer was a joke.


    Great player but I’m not a fan off the park.

  16. mike in toronto on

    The Huddle



    I just had a look at the trailer for Goon … might have to give that a look. Thanks.



    I like Baruchel as an actor. Did you see TheTrotsky? Great little film.

  17. mike in toronto on

    WITS ….groan!!!! That’s like one of those jokes your old grandad would tell …. so cheesy, you cant help laugh!

  18. Goooooodnight CQN


    Will catch up on our best 5 in the morning :-)



    Good to talk Celtic



    Hail Hail

  19. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Just watched the Celtic highlights on Sportscene …. when did Celtic change their name to ‘they’ ?

  20. mike in toronto on 7th November 2016 10:47 pm



    I like Baruchel as an actor. Did you see TheTrotsky? Great little film.




    Yeah I like him as well, though I couldnt get on with Man Seeking Woman so gave up.



    I’ll download The Trotsky, trailer looked interesting.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhot, was that the goal he scored in our 2 1 win at Tannadice about December 1976?



    If it is , what a finish by Kenny . If my memory serves me well, the ball was knocked down to him, he took it on his chest, let it bounce and hit a wonderful swerving half volley for our opener.



    He missed a penalty in that game and never took another for us with Ronnie Glavin taking over penalty duties for the rest of that season until the cup final as he was unfit to play.




    Cliff Clavin CSC

  22. Kenny Dalglish.



    Great player.Great player for Celtic.Great player for Liverpool..He would be in my Best Ever Celtic Team..As would Danny McGrain,George Connelly,Jinky,Bobby Murdoch and Henrik Larsson.

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Try and keep up!



    I corrected the unpredictable predictive text.



    You have to keep agreat of events!,

  24. OK Great Celts



    Daniel Fergus McGrain


    Tommy Burns


    Paul McStay


    Billy McNeil





    H.H Mick

  25. Simple fact – no other player left Celtic and had the impact that KD had. Truly top player. Romantically, Jinky is the top Celt ever, factually KD was indeed the King.

  26. Typical, Cowiebhoy gets off his mark when he knows


    its almost impossible to pick only 5 Celtic greats :-))))))



    H.H Mick

  27. Kenny – I saw it all


    Was in the pitch at Brockville for the 9th


    Kenny – post Celtic – as bad as Andy Walker. No need to court the Hun but he did, took the money for unthinkable when Barnes ballsed up – tainted legacy

  28. I was bereft when he left for Liverpool. He was a great player for us and for them.




    In addition to the factors mentioned by others, there was the way that his son had a favoured place at the club.


    For just an example,one week playing for youth team and the next with the legends.