International break gives Brendan valuable scouting opportunity


Remember when Celtic couldn’t keep a clean sheet? Saturday’s 3-0 win against Inverness was our sixth domestic shut out since Craig Gordon returned to the team after Dorus de Vries injured himself attempting to stop that incredible goal Kilmarnock scored on 24 September.

To put that into some kind of perspective, it took the 20 domestic games before that run started to collate six clean sheets, stretching back to Morton’s visit on 6 March. The longest domestic clean sheet run we achieved last season was three games. Say what you like about the goals from Moussa and Scott Sinclair – and we’ve been spectacularly impressive in attack – but this is a runaway championship because of Celtic’s defensive record.

And what a runaway it is. Remember when we were told we needed the competition we’d see this season? Aberdeen started with a poor five games and we discover there’s not competition at all. There is no competition worthy of the name, just scintillating football, and the stands are fuller than they’ve been in years. We’ll take a look at the rest of the league later in the week.

Brendan Rodgers will spend the international break scouting footballers, his team isn’t finished by a long shot. Usual caveats apply, January is a difficult month, etc., no guarantees targets will want to come, or be available, in January or the summer, but a lot of plans are underway right now for next season’s Champions League.  There are absolutely no detectable plans for dealing with the domestic challenge.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in November, winter is upon us and for many, a time of crisis looms. Watch this message from Brendan and the players – they are speaking to you and me.

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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on 7th November 2016 8:41 pm..


    Thanks for your acknowledgement Mhate.. Yea, We’ve got a lot to be proud about.. but we’ve always had.


    One thing remains a constant.. The Supporters!! Good times or bad times on the playing field, the bias in the media or from officials, and the constant attacks on those on the terraces.. But, we fight it when we can and protest, usually in vain.. But in all my 60 plus years, I can honestly say, I’ve never felt anything but pride from supporting my Team and my Club, and days like Saturday reinforce that!!.


    So lets All celebrate what the Club have achieved and what WE as Supporters have done.. This Christmas, local Families will get a parcel that WE provided.. I think were all just Fantastic!!

  2. Raymond Shannon61 on

    Hi Bhoys on the Alan Rough Question he is a Celtic Supporter. My Mate John Marr who played with him at Partick Thistle and was the Youngest Captain in SPL History at 18 is also a Big Celtic Man. HH.

  3. Totally heartbroken when Kenny left us, idolised him as a celt and huge fan as he went on to bigger things in a better league. However after reading his liverpool book (autographed by the man himself) I admit to being dissapointed in his almost dismissive attitude about his time in the hoops jersey. Also had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife years ago when we were playing Liverpool in the cancer charity match. Couldn’t have been nicer . I’m over Keny now …..but for me he was the most talented Celtic player I have seen in the flesh and always gave 100%…and bhoy he enjoyed scoring for us ……greatest celtic player ?…….maybe..?……….greatest celt….no

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Unforgettable supporter comments .



    ” See you Dalglish . Yourrrre rrrubbish . ”




  5. TIMALOY29 on 7TH NOVEMBER 2016 3:08 PM


    If we sneak into the Europa league we should be offering Stevie Gerrard a 6 month deal



    *why?, last night I watched a Patrick Vieira led NYCFC with David Villa, Pirlo, and Lampard getting royally humphed 5-0 by TFC in Yankee Stadium, all 3 were pale shadows of their former self and the latter looked as if he didnae want to be there. In fact he was tripped in the penalty area in the closing minutes and didnae even appeal, unlike his Chelski and Man City days when he would be all over the ref.



    I would stay away from MLS geriatrics.

  6. Kenny dalglish was a great player for us and I don’t think later developments should erase that.


    If I remember correctly a few months after his move to Liverpool Gordon McQueen moved from Leeds to man u for around £500 thousand.


    I couldn’t believe that the cost more than dalglish,scandalous.



    My top 5, bobby murdoch, Joe McBride, Steve Chalmers, Kubo and David hay.


    Some of that 5 could change if I was asked again next week but bobby Murdoch will always be number one .

  7. The hand of God on

    Kenny Dalglish was my first hero as a young Celtic supporter i was devastated when he left.People forget that he was at Celtic for 10 years and gave everything on the park.Liverpool were the best team in Europe when he joined them to replace the legend that was Kevin Keegan and Kenny quickly surpassed Keegan as a legendary Liverpool figure.I always have a chuckle when fans go on about loyalty to a club…in your working life would you leave your place of work to go to a much better working environment for 5 times the amount of money you earn…i think so.I also believe if you asked any fan of a certain age with a decent level of knowledge of European football who was Celtic’s greatest ever player the name of Kenny Dalglish would probably be at the forefront of most replies.

  8. I’m ambivalent about Dalglish.


    Loved him playing for us.


    I remember a chat with Peter Thomson after he came down from the TV gantry above the Jungle after a game. He raved about what a great player he was going to be.


    Saw him as a traitor when he left.


    Was sceptical about his return as Director of Football, whatever that was.


    I admire his charity work though but I’m wary about his ties with Murray.


    As I said. Ambivalent.

  9. The Hand of God


    Dalglish had nowhere near the ability of Bobby Murdoch, or Jinky or KoK.


    In fact I rate Hay, McGrain and Connolly before Kenny.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BABASONICOS71 on 8TH NOVEMBER 2016 1:46 AM



    In the face of doom…………







  11. Murdoch.Johnstone.Connelly.Auld and Larsson are my top 5 Celtic players


    Murdoch for his vision and passing.


    Jinky for skill and bravery.


    Connelly for his ability and excellence.


    Auld for his gallus swagger and toughness.


    And Larsson for restoring our pride and goals.


    All are Celtic legends to me.

  12. Best Celtic players I have seen . Danny , Henrik, Maestro, Kenny Dalglish, Billy McNeill . Four of them gave Celtic their prime years. One did not. I am not knocking KD for that, but being a great Celt is for me different from being a great player, if that makes sense?





    Normal service will be resumed on Friday morning.

  14. I’m confused.


    My memory is of Dalglish’s scoring a debut penalty for us in a 2-0 win at IBROX. 71-72 season.


    However the Celtic site has the League Cup game at home.


    I remember we pummeled them first half and failed to score.


    But 2 goals early in the second half saw us win comfortably.


    We were shocked that KD was taking the penalty.


    However, I could be wrong and the official site could be making me into a forgetful old codger.



  15. aburntoutcase on 8th November 2016 3:57 am



    Frightening thought. He was a ‘ proper footballer’. Comfortable on either foot, skilful and could see a pass and score a goal. Not too shabby at all.

  16. Stayin..


    I was at the 5-1 game He didnae realise what he had just done. Loved him from that day till now.

  17. Wee question fur yees…


    Has anyone ever seen Macjay and BMCUWP in the same room? Think about it.


    Nytol and keep safe. x

  18. Loved Kenny D as a Celtic player. One of the very best. Brian McClair too for that matter.



    Used to deliver Alan Rough’s papers in Cumbernauld. Don’t know if he was a Celtic fan but he was always nice to me and generous with the tips :)





    IIRC,we played our home League Cup match at ibrox due to our new stand not yet being finished.



    I think we beat them three times inside a month,all at ibrox.



    Happy days…

  20. ADI DASLER. Apologies my friend to you and everyone. When I posted about that cheating lying Hun Holt, I meant to say Ross County, not Caley …doh !


    In my defence, I am much older than Sevco’s Jason Holt and therefore I am entitled to temporary memory loss on occasions ?


    Also, I didn’t feckin take a dive !



  21. Re Dalglish.


    I watched Kenny throughout his whole first team career at Celtic, he was superb !


    A few weeks ago on here I posted that ( if memory serves me correctly ?), in relation to the aftermath of the 1974 World Cup in West Germany, Dalglish was actually booed by some sections of the Jungle at the start of the following season, due to his poor form during that World Cup, when most Scotland players, especially Danny MacGrain and David Hay were fantastic.


    On hearing the minority of Celtic fans booing Dalglish ( I was around 19 years old), I vividly remember being shocked by it. Thankfully, the vast majority of Celtic fans largely drowned out the tiny minority very quickly. I suspect one or two hecklers may have been given short shrift ?


    Bobby Murdoch,
























    Big Billy,


    The list as they say is endless regarding the great football players that I have seen wearing the green.


    I will add another name ( solely based on his fantastic football ability)…Di Canio.


    When it comes down to skill alone ( and nothing ekse), he was one if the best that I saw.


    I still think of Andy Thom, maybe not a great footballer, but a great team player who loved the Hoops.


    Joe McBride ?…such a shame that he was denied becoming an absolute God due to serious injury.


    Around season 1961/62 when my dad first took me ( I was about 6 years old), my very first Celtic heroes were Johnny Divers and Willie O’Neill. In much later life Willie became well known to me, and he would often ask me to tell folk who my first two Celtic heroes were !


    Willie loved the very idea that a young Celtic Bhoy saw him as a hero, bless him.


    Willie O’Neill RIP. He was a Celtic man through and through, and never let Celtic down IMO.



  22. Morning all from a cold (-2),snowy Goteborg. Drove in from airport yesterday past the now revamped Ullevi stadium. Looks like a nice city, done my gym stuff already, they start early here!


    Watching sports news on tv and football comes third in story rankings behind ice hockey and basketball. The complex I am staying at is used by IFK Goteborg to run their youth academy. Two massive indoor pitches, spots science, spa and gym facilities which would shame any UK venue.


    Have a good day. HH

  23. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    Word of The Day (Inspired by helping my Grandson with English homework …………..)




    Hendecasyllable /ˈhɛndɛkəˌsɪləbəl/




    1. (prosody) a verse line of 11 syllables



    Derived Forms


    hendecasyllabic (hɛnˌdɛkəsɪˈlæbɪk) adjective



    Word Origin


    C18: via Latin from Greek hendekasullabos





  24. The hand of God on

    Good morning GG just read back and noticed your thoughts on my post….i think to say that Kenny Dalglish had “nowhere near the ability” of these fantastic players you mention is harsh to say the least.All about opinions of course and everyone is entitled to theirs.

  25. Goooooood morning CQN



    So does King Kenny get into a top 5 or not :-)



    D. McGrain


    P. McStay


    J. Johnstone


    H. Larsson


    R. Lennox



    Can’t believe the list of players not making this :-)



    Hail Hail





    After we placed that New Club ad in the Sunday Herald Dalglish referred to us as psychopaths!




    He was correct!


    Ah mean, a ‘statement’ into an anti-Celtic paper that naebdy reads ??????


    Wtf was that all about ??????


    Apart from a nice wee page for the brown-shirted-clique to rip oot the paper then, stick it on to they’re fridge doors….what other purpose did it have ??????


    Ah mean, Cellic PLC who are in control of the club, coz yooz don’t have the cojones to oust them, refer to the huns as – Rangers FC.


    Ah mean, what is it that yooz refuse to come to terms with ?????


    Is it the ‘fact’ that….Cellic PLC will betray the Cellic supporters before they’ll come out and refer to the huns as a ‘new’ club ?????


    Or, is it the ‘fact’ that Cellic FC have played Rangers FC 4 times since, Rangers FC apparently died ?????


    Show me where it says that – Rangers FC have died.


    Get the bit of official documentation oot the masonic safe at Hundump, that’s loaked away from paranoid Timmy eyes that says – Rangers FC are died.


    Show me it !!!!!


    What a pile of clusterfeckin bunkum.


    Know what…..?


    Rangers FC will ‘NEVER’ die.


    Know why…..?????


    Coz, there isny a Cellic board with the rebellious Junglists gun at they’re heids….making the Cellic board hammer the stake through the cheating Rangers FC’s heart !!!!!


    The Jungle is gone.


    The rebels have gone.


    Res:12…..with the greatest respect is being driven by 4 men !!!!


    The establishment know that they’ll ‘NEVER’ face a legal challenge from a rebellious Cellic board coz,…..there isny a rebellious Cellic board.


    Who’s fault is that ?????


    Re-writers of history, on these pages are making cheap and, inaccurate charges at King Kenny Dalglish. one of the Cellic supports greatest ‘EVER’ heroes, that he’s a traitor etc…..blah. blah.


    Every blogger is entitled to his / her opinion, that’s as it should be in an all inclusive, brown- shirted-clique free Jungle…imho.


    Well then, as a few folk find it easy to turn on Kenny Dalglish coz he went to Liverpool, what I fail to get is that these same throwers of stones at Kenny, can’t see that, another hero(in some fans eyes)….Fergus McCann, is probably the biggest traitor in Cellic FC’s history.


    Ye see, Fergus sat back for 5 years watching Cellic teams on the pitch being mibberied all the while….he knew that the game was rigged and, he had the evidence to prove it.


    Ye see, when Fergus became the largest shareholder of the club, he wanted us to play at Celtic Park whilst it was being rebuilt, rather than hire Hampden and give the SFA a big chunk of Celtic supporters money….he was correct…imho.


    But,….but, but, but….when Farry told Fergus that the only way that Celtic would be playing at Celtic Park in season 1994/95 would be, if the club played Gealic football, Farry was effectively putting Celtic FC out of football so, why didn’t Fergus call his bluff and, at the same time, open up the can of worms that was Scottish football back then – same as it is now – same as it ‘EVER’ was, and ‘EVER’ will be….imho….but, but, but,…..why did Fergus in effect, kowtow to Farry ????


    Was it because he was scared of Farry ?????


    Was it because he was afraid for Celtic FC and it’s supporters ?????


    Was it because his investment in the club was more important than the, integrity of the game ?????


    I’d say that it was the last bit.


    So in effect,…..Fergus, the wee warrior hero….sold us down the river or, bent us over.


    Ye see, imho….wee Fergus was theeeeee biggest traitor ‘EVER’ to darken the doors of Celtic Park.


    Rebel ma erchie.


    Aye,….everybody has a price right enough.


    It’s like this,….when the Jungle was flattened….the rebels were gone…forever.


    Ye see, these days you’ve got so-called Cellic supporters who’ll, grass up they’re fellow Cellic supporters at the drop of a hat and then,….they’ll congregate to pay tribute to rebel heroes who were victims of an establishment that couldn’t function without…..grasses !!!!!


    It’s enough to make yer heart breed like a blood stained poppy.