Is it 1 or 12 in a row tomorrow?


So what’s this, one in a row?  It’s been almost four years since that night in Dundee but when the questions concerning ineligible players are eventually answered, who knows, it could be 12 in a row or more.  We’ll find out soon enough.

The margin of supremacy Celtic have this season means that when the inevitable comes, whether it is two weeks or more after the earliest date the league could be won, the celebrations will not be as acute as they were in 2008 or even in 2001, when we finally knew our long period underfoot was finished, however, this will be recorded as one of the most important season’s in our history.

The methods which were used to combat Celtic’s re-emergence under Martin O’Neill and then Gordon Strachan have been laid bare.  The “crash and burn” predictions that so many of us spent years talking about, while Celtic ‘lost’ trophies but paid their bills have come true.

Tomorrow will be a special day.  Enjoy it.

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  1. Hi Serge,


    My good friend and neighbour here in Cyprus is from Jordan.


    Some time ago I gave him a schooling on all things Celtic,particularly our outstanding record in helping deserving causes and people.He was blown away when I recently told him of your exploits in spreading the joy in his native land with the strips for the kids etc.


    Well done and hope you have a great title winning day in the sunshine





  2. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Is it right, at my advanced age, to be almost sick with butterflies in the stomach?


    I can’t wait.


    Are we there yet?


    Has Santa been?


    Let’s do it to-day bhoys.


    Have a great day everyone.


    Hail hail

  3. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts from the 09:31 football special to Waterloo



    Payl67 A special day indeed. Trying to remember when we last won the league on a bank hol weekend.



    What brings me here is a rake of beer, the wummin and the craic …










  4. Hoping that the Bhoys raise their game today and give us the right result. Come on the Celts!

  5. Today is the BIG day.



    Tommy Burns – A supporter who got lucky.



    After all the cheating that has exposed what Murray has been all about, I can’t help but think back to the Legend who was denied his place in Celtic Managerial folkore.



    Carpe Diem.



    True Love is hard to find.



    We are all Blessed being Celtic fans.

  6. Estadio,



    did you really throw a Huron in the river, very Daniel Day Lewis of you.



    keep it lit.

  7. Off to Ayrshire shortly, tight bumpy pitch at Killie, so we need the option of George for the more direct route.



    Width also needed from full back positions, so Adam and surprise Izzy for me today.



    After a few scares 3-0 to the tic.




  8. A Whisper in Paradise



    Your whisper enticing, as clouds leave the skies


    Your warmth so inviting, is calling me home


    I turn to avoid you, but you won’t let me roam,


    Your heart pulls me closer to my Paradise






    El Paradiso, yes our Holy Ground,


    When life has deserted it’s there will be found


    My ashes upon the green grass in bliss


    A breeze soft caressing, a heavenly kiss.



    The days when you held me in your welcoming arms


    Those nights of great drama when we dared to dream


    Of hopes and of pride in Celtic our team


    No one can replace your spirit or charms!






    A choir calls softly then starts to resound


    Of Walfrid’s great passion to feed starving souls


    Those seeds he sowed then have flourished in shoals


    By St Andrew’s waters, on St Patrick’s ground.






    Big Jock is awaiting with Jinky to greet


    With Bobby and Ronnie a welcoming smile


    Till then I’ll just wait at this stage for a while


    Where magic was conjured from magical feet!






    El Paradiso, yes our Holy Ground,


    When life has deserted it’s there will be found


    My ashes upon the green grass in bliss


    A breeze soft caressing, a heavenly kiss.



    Off now…



    Hail hail



    and for God’s sake can we just for one week talk about CELTIC.




  9. Good morning Saltires in Sevilla! Say hello to London Hoops for me! Yes’ll all be delighted to know I got a ticket and am just setting off for Kilmarnock now :)

  10. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on

    Gooooooood morning and a hearty Hail Hail to all and sundry.



    Unashamed to say I will be blubbing happy tears if (hey, I dont wanna tempt fate) we wrap it up today.



    Long time comin’, enjoy it everybody!

  11. let the festivities begin……


    adious amigos….



    cmon you bhoys in green….

  12. scottishleaf on 7 April, 2012 at 08:28 said:


    My son has been away all week staying at the mother-in-laws in Moffat. I’ve missed him like crazy but he came home last night. We’ll be leaving for Kilmarnock in about an hour it’s his first away game (he’s 5) and he is very excited about Celtic winning the league. He told my brother in law that Ally McCoist is a puffer head – the worst insult imaginable in Conor’s mind – last night.





    Puffer Heid.






    thats getting used from now on.





    FPLG is a Puffa Heid

  13. To all CELTS everywhere.


    Today’s THE day.


    Enjoy it and relax


    I reckon St Mirren will win as well for a “double celebration”



    Hail Hail




  14. Oh dear, all getting a bit tense here in darkest Worcestershire. In-laws to be chatted to, kids to be bathed, pubs to be sought.



    Wife and daughter now joining the trip to town – I’m not sure either have ever seen me cry outwith watching a disney movie.



    I’d rather just get into town NOW and get the venue sorted but too much ‘getting ready’ still to do.




  15. Medtim



    Keep in touch mate, you can get me at serge78@hotmail.co.uk & I will forward photos for you to show him. I am in the Town of Al Mazra’ah. The locals have been very welcoming so its the least i can do for them.



    Same to yourself, HH

  16. enmac, a bampot stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    Packed in the trail like sardines! Takes me back to terracing. Electric! HIp hail all. Enjoy the game wherever you are

  17. saltires en sevilla on

    Marcasog on 7 April, 2012 at 10:11 said:



    Superb Shout enough for two!



    Don’t leave your wrangler jacket on the bus some wee bassa will nick it… Remember Firhill?



    Tell Neil and the rest of the troops HH from me

  18. midfield maestro on

    Still in airport, with SNS pics owner, getting filled in on a few whytey/jabba/steadman stories.

  19. Neil Lennon is a craggy island gaa All-Star \o/ on

    Good Morning to you all on this lovely Easter Saturday!



    I’ll be watching at home today with Mrs craggy and the craggy twins to cheer Celtic onto the title. The wee fella has just learned the words to The Celtic Song, only 4yo so I’m really chuffed!



    Have having to say this next bit but be careful any Bhoys or Ghirls out and about after the game. There will be a few folk who will not be able to restrain themselves so please stay safe.



    I hope to God that we don’t have to live like this for very much longer.



    As my wee lad would say




    one day soon, son, one day soon.



    craggy island gaa

  20. A wee memory of Martin O’Neil




    I will do what’s in my gift


    I’ll do what’s in my power


    To bring some glory to our club


    Cometh the man when cometh the hour.



    Remember night-time’s shadows fleeing from the light,


    Remember worn and hooded eyes given back their sight,


    Remember hearts that craved a time of dreams that might come true,


    Remember when our MON arrived and spoke to me and you.



    Remember Petta seeing off Fernando’s flailing kicks,


    Remember Sutton’s piercing strikes and Petrov’s box of tricks,


    Remember Henrik’s goals of gold and vanquished foreign foes,


    Remember Thommo, Hartson too as they dealt their stinging blows.



    Remember Basle’s ashes from which our Phoenix flew,


    Remember Blackburn, Vigo, and Stuttgart holding true,


    Remember down in Scouseland when glory fed our soul,


    Remember Boavista and that startling winning goal!



    But most of all remember, a man of iron will


    A man who gave us with our team that vision called Seville,


    A man who bent for no-one, who raised our name in lights,


    Our man, our Mon, our manager, with you we scaled the heights!



    I will do what’s in my gift


    I’ll do what’s in my power


    To bring some glory to our club


    Cometh the man when cometh the hour.



    Hail hail



    Estadio (Still pished and likely to get more so very shortly)

  21. Estadio, not that I’ve got any authority or knowledge, but if I may be so bold, for any ambulance-chasers looking in, my client (ahem) did not admit to throwing the wee Huron-heid into the Clyde. He merely observed that the guy can swim and that his Huron needs some work today.



    For the avoidance of doubt, he never done nothing.

  22. Che



    your multitasking quip just caused me laugh out loud on the train



    got some strange looks ….



    If they think that’s strange heaven knows what they’ll make of me on the way back




    Feasting drinking … Cannae beat it



    Enjoy the day with yer auld man . . … May he many more days like today




  23. saltires en sevilla on

    Saint Stivs on 7 April, 2012 at 10:14 said:



    Have a great day SH



    Wish I was there







  24. Neil Lennon is a craggy island gaa All-Star \o/ on

    Damn this predictive text!


    HATE having to say…

  25. Good luck to Lenny and the bhoys . If anyone deserves a league title,its our man Neil. Go on bring it home today.


    Hail Hail

  26. Serge



    Had a look at the photos again there , stunning!



    I am out on the Solitaire heading for the Shetlands with no chance of seeing the game , I am too old for this I need ma Celtic fix especially today of all days.



    Please keep the updates coming Bhoys and every Tim out there enjoy and stay safe.




  27. scotlands shame on

    here is my current problem with rangers fans. They are normally hiding on occasions like this but today they are in your face telling all how tainted this title is. How does them cheating make anything we do tainted. Anything they have won this century is tainted. Thye have cheated for 10-20 years and so far only been punished for one yet they seem to think this is unfair and they have been hard done by.


    We will end up winning this lge by around 24 points, they have only been deducted 10 so how is it tainted.


    The only 1st team regular they have lost is a guy they still havent paid for, a guy they couldnt afford who they stole from another team and whose goals cheated them to last years title, yet they sold him and kept money without paying what they were due to rapid.


    Hell mend them!#Rant over, needed that out my system to enjoy the jelly and ice cream.


    I hear thunder! say hello to 12 in a row (minimum!)

  28. CQN Saturday Naps Competition



    Lads, for those who are in the CQN Saturday Naps competition, please go back and post your selection on the previous article :


    (“Social and economic pain for years of neglect”)



    Alternatively, if you cannot access the previous article for any reason, then you can send me an email message with your selection to : fleagle1888 at yahoo.co.uk



    All the best, fleagle1888

  29. Wee bit excited but in no doubt we will do it today.Its no more than Lenny deserves, even with all the usual shite flung at him this season he has faced them and beat them.Well done Neil Francis Lennon a true minded Celtic man. 3-0 to the Champions Hail Hail

  30. Hail ! Hail ! to you all from a sleepy Dorset town…..today’s the day…kit on…telly on….my gaff’s green & white!


    Whoever you are,wherever you are,have a brilliant day as we regain The Championship!


    Celtic ! Celtic !

  31. Ohits



    Hi mate, Will get some more sent later. I was meant to go to the baptism site yesterday but the traffic was insane so headed south to the port of Aqaba instead. Thats a nightmare for you, Im lucky im going to lock the office door and stream it. My oldest Bro is up that way at the moment working for BP. Looking into it myself for end of the year my days working away are over this year. Thought you would be missing africa and back there by now haha. HH

  32. A wee memory of my first every night in Sydney…..and wee Bazza




    G’day Cobbers



    Just approaching 9.00 am here in Sydney and happy as a pig in the proverbial I may be, but two disasters have hit me this morning.



    Firstly it’s raining and secondly…..well you see, on my first night lying awake through jet-lag, my eyes and ears were distracted by the seemingly aimless scurrying of a cockroach!



    I watched it with ever more admiring interest, playing a guessing game with myself on where it would go next.



    Its path seemed totally random and meaningless, just like the way that Barry Ferguson playes for them



    So on the basis that it was doing a lot and going nowhere I christened it Bazza!



    Here is our story!





    Ma mate Bazza



    He scuttles here, he scuttles there, beneath the fridge, beneath the chair


    His little legs no time for rest, his scratching on the tiles’ a pest,


    From left and right he makes his claim, each bit of floor to cross his aim


    He stops and checks for sign of foes, then off again he tos and fros



    “This space is mine, no welcome’s here”, wae wee man’s guts, nae sign o’ fear,


    He checks the gap beneath the door, and starts a final sweep one more.


    Beneath the bin, the bookshelves too, from living room to shower and loo


    No height too high, no depth too low, avoiding every stamp and blow!



    I sit and watch, reprieved him now, cos after all we must allow


    With shape that though we disagree, was made by God for all to see


    A beastie till I wandered in, was lord of all that lay within


    This room where he played out his life, and all I’d brought unwelcome strife.



    It’s just that like the keystone cops, he runs and runs and never stops,


    It’s round and round like Benny Hill, no time to lose, no time to kill


    No time for sleep, no pain no gain, every inch is his domain


    Perhaps he’s got his sights set on the ugly bug triathalon!



    We’re settled now, in fact we’re mates, we stay in nights nae time for dates


    A laugh an’ joke, each wae oor dreams, like two big kids frae different schemes,


    Bows an’arras, cowboys tae, building’ dens tae while away,


    The sunny days, play hide an’ seek, try an’dae the biggest keek.



    Alas alack, for time does fly and all things change although we try


    To keep a hold on youth and past, when we were captains o’ the mast


    So when the day came to depart, my mate was hiding, broken heart?


    I wiped a tear and dimmed the light, a sudden crunch, …..oh Bazza!!!!… Shite!



    Hail Hail




  33. Rogne a doubt for today – would mean Loovens and either K Wilson or Izaguirre coming in. Hope it’s Izzy – always brilliant at Rugby Park. Whoever it is, their every kick will be cheered by the greatest support in the world bar none.



    Let the people sing. Let justice be done. Bring the trophy home.