Is it 1 or 12 in a row tomorrow?


So what’s this, one in a row?  It’s been almost four years since that night in Dundee but when the questions concerning ineligible players are eventually answered, who knows, it could be 12 in a row or more.  We’ll find out soon enough.

The margin of supremacy Celtic have this season means that when the inevitable comes, whether it is two weeks or more after the earliest date the league could be won, the celebrations will not be as acute as they were in 2008 or even in 2001, when we finally knew our long period underfoot was finished, however, this will be recorded as one of the most important season’s in our history.

The methods which were used to combat Celtic’s re-emergence under Martin O’Neill and then Gordon Strachan have been laid bare.  The “crash and burn” predictions that so many of us spent years talking about, while Celtic ‘lost’ trophies but paid their bills have come true.

Tomorrow will be a special day.  Enjoy it.

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  1. Estadio Nacional on




    Yip, wee day off, going to the Dubai CSC for the second time, look forward to it.




  2. Good morning friends from a damp and drizzly East Kilbride.



    This is the day that The Lord has made. We WILL rejoice and be glad in it.



    Only another 284 minutes until our (hopefully) title winning game kicks off.



    But first breakfast, a scroll back over the night shift and a Parkrun….




  3. midfield maestro on

    Hope the battery on this iphone lasts till i get to Chambery airport, cannot think of journey home with no cqn.

  4. Green Oak Tree on

    Serge on 7 April, 2012 at 06:56 said:


    Not yet checked yesterdays play as i was lingering by the Israeli border all day,



    Did Rory have a good day? HH








    Rory is three off the leader…Steady day and looking good..

  5. Estadio Nacional on

    PFayr 07:17



    I need to stick it on. But deleted all the emails, whats the teams?





  6. Morning everyone from a drizzly but expectant g69.



    Hope everyone going today does themselves and celtic proud.



    Enjoy and be safe

  7. EN



    AWATR Stoke @ 4/7


    En Southampton @ 1/2


    BT Birmingham @ 1/2


    GL2 Sheff Utd @ 4/6


    PF Torquay @ 8/13


    JOBO Morton @ 11/10


    LB Ross County @ 6/5


    TTT Stranraer @ 8/11

  8. James Edward McGrory 408 goals in 408 league games on

    Work, home and dare I say it, CQN, have been locations I have avoided for reasons of maintaining sanity this week.



    Thats not to say your musings have been ignored though Paul :)



    Today is the day, 12 in a row (what a line, awesome)



    championees :)



    Getting bored of this….. them in admin guff now, I was bored 2 weeks ago, who gives a feck. Whatever happens to them we will always be the better club and people. I love you all my fellow bhoys



    Yip, just came home home from a rather wild wedding reception, off to bed for 4 hrs drunk as a skunk and set the music system to play this at 11:30 as i know the missus hates it and will get up :)




    Jesus this was hard to write lol



    Take it away Neil




  9. GreenOakTree / Serge –



    If I may be so bold, Rory is just 1 behind the joint leaders (Couples and Dufner who are both on 5 under).



    Right, back to page 10…




  10. Estadio Nacional on

    Blantyretim 07:28



    Gracias, if it doesnt come up ye owe me £2…





  11. Morning,



    Today is Armageddon for the huns when Neil Francis Lennon wins the SPL with Celtic.



    This is the day of days.




  12. MWD –



    Just read your post at 23:42 and glad you came to your senses, even if I didn’t get a mention. ;-)



    NoParkrun today?




  13. Green Oak Tree on

    Jobo Baldie on 7 April, 2012 at 07:29 said:



    Ach…Too early in the morning for me…Apologies

  14. Good morning to one and all from a slightly drizzly Germany. Happy birthday to fellow members of Sparkleghirl’s Birthday Club I hope we will be having a double celebration today. So far had a good start to mine, breakfast brought to me in bed.


    Serge, are you still looking for Celtic tops, as I dug a pile out for you yesterday? I am willing to send them to any address on the planet.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH. blowingoutcandlescsc

  15. A misty, murky and, well, manky morning here in North Ayrshire.



    The Bhoys will brighten things up later.



    Come on,Celtic. 2011 – 2012 SPL Champions!

  16. Goooooood morning CQN who fancys a league title today :-)



    My son still thinks its funny to wake me up at 6am today I can forgive him. Breakfast a couple of hours work and train to killie bring it on!

  17. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Best wishes to Mini BT!



    I hope you both have a great day!

  18. Hi all,


    Moving house today so will miss the party.



    Hail, Hail Celtic and Neil Lennon!!!!

  19. Here’s a wee 90 seconds to cheer you up, posted originally on page 11.



    Art of War on 7 April, 2012 at 00:18 said:


    I knew i had this gem hidden in my favourites.


    Seems appropriate to post it again.



    John the caller, god bless you mate!










    Highlights from page 12 and later when I get them!




  20. .



    Has everyone Seen the 10 Pound Note photo will Neil Lennon on it..Sent it to My Dad in Portugal told him l sent Sterling as He wont be in Europe for a Few Year..:O(




  21. Bobby,where’s Max –



    Good to see you posting. I have the Vigil gig at 8.00pm tonight so it’ll be an effort to restrain my celebrations until after then!




  22. What’s the chances of CQN site coping with all the partying today? Really hope it hasn’t crashed when I find time to log on later.

  23. Good Morning Celts where ever you are in the world, today we stand at the shoulder of Neil Lennon and the Bhoys ready to celebrate the return of the title.



    Enjoy it Bhoys and Ghirls and minis and Mrs’s, this title is unique in so many ways, I for one am counting it as one of the greatest ever.



    We have overcome and will be crowned Champions.



    This will also be my first CQN championship so looking forward to the celebrations on here too.



    I want to thank Paul 67 for the wonderful Celtic venue he has provided here and to the many many great posters on here, it’s been a rollercoaster of a season both on and off the park and now our day has come.



    I am looking forward to see Ruby Park rocking today with our magnificent support who have really been there all season home and away to push the Bhoys on.



    This is our day let’s enjoy it in the Spirit of Celtic in which it was created!!



    A mighty Hail Hail from the Valley…




  24. BT


    A very happy birthday to Mini from the Lenzie Celtic Supporters Club (known membership 3) a small but very loud Group, and forecast to be louder later today!



    I will have the distinct pleasure of watching the game down the Calton in my oul fellas house, as ive posted before he is possibly the oldest Green Brigader in the Calton at 82…..the living room is already bedecked in green and white, his attire for the day has been selected,ironed, hung up and was re ironed when I was in yesterday, I think he is now ready, maybe…today is for many many people and the troubles they have had over the past while, especially Lenny whose strength and courage is unquenching, today is for the Celtic Support, for their support of the Club and of course for their ability to pay taxes,


    selfishly on my part,


    today is for my wee Da and others like him


    Get the kettle on Geordie, today’s the day the flag comes home.



    Enjoy your day comrades wherever and whomever you share it with



    Youll Never Walk Alone